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Bigg Boss 15 22nd January 2022

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says 30th Jan will be the grand finale, we will wait to see who will win the show. The next weekend will be the announcement. He says we asked the inmates which inmates didn’t the finale on their own. Let’s see what happened.

In the House:
Pratik: He says Tejasswi reached the finale because of Karan’s support. He says Devo supported Rakhi to become the finale.
Nishant: He takes Pratik and Rakhi’s names.
Nishant: He takes Rakhi and Tejasswi’s names.
Shamita: She takes Rakhi’s name. She also takes Tejasswi’s name.
Devo: She takes Rakhi’s name.
Tejasswi: She takes Nishant always tried to prove his friends right, he always kept himself behind and supported his friends. She takes Pratik and Shamita’s for reaching the finale because of Nishant.
Rakhi: She takes Pratik’s name.
Abhijeet: He takes Shamita’s name as she reached because of Nishant. He takes Tejasswi’s name also.

On the Stage:
Salman says most of the inmates thought Pratik and Tejasswi reached the finale because of others. He connects the call to the house. He says are you all prepared for the finale? They all nod. Rakhi says I have dressed up as a Hollywood actress. All laugh. Salman says Marilyn must be dying again after seeing you. Salman asks Pratik and Tejasswi why they think you reached the finale because of others? Pratik says I have played individually. Salman asks Tejasswi if she thinks Shamita and Pratik don’t have an individual game? Tejasswi says Pratik doesn’t have logic when he creates fights for no reason. Salman asks Shamita? Shamita says I don’t agree with her, we all three have strong points of view. We reached the finale on our own. Salman says the inmates think Rakhi reached the finale because of others? Rakhi fakes crying and says I am sad to hear that. Salman laughs. Rakhi says they made me a VIP but I worked hard in the show. Salman says the audience will show support now. He asks them to give their best shot in this last week. Salman ends the call.

On the Stage:
Mithun Chakraborty enters the stage and dances with Salman. He welcomes Mithun to BB. Mithun says I am happy to see you. Salman says I did a movie Veer with him and he had to ride a horse but it was difficult for him. Salman says I came to call you to joke about that scene. Mithun says that’s why I didn’t come here, he says I love him as he is a gentleman. Salman says he has done more than 300 movies. Mithun says even I can’t watch more than 200 movies of my own. Salman says Mithun will be judging a show on Colors. He promotes his show. Salman welcomes Harsh and Bharti on the stage. Salman says I find them everywhere. Bharti says you are jealous of us but we are jealous of your cheque. Harsh says Salman should become a judge in a show too. Salman says I just stand in front of a judge in the court. Mithun laughs. Bharti says the hosts have to keep standing in the show while the judges are always sitting down so we should get more money. Salman says I agree.

Harsh plays a game with Salman and Mithun. They have to give an expression and have to maintain. Salman and Mithun give expressions. Bharti jokes with them. Bharti plays the headphones game with them, they have to guess the song while wearing headphones and dance to it. Salman does hook steps and Mithun guesses the song. Salman promotes their show. Harsh and Bharti leave.

Salman connects the call to the house and introduces Mithun to them. All inmates are excited to see him. Salman says Abhijeet’s talent is to dream of becoming a PM. Salman introduces all inmates to him. Rakhi dances for Mithun. Salman says they all think they are winners. The inmates do a dance performance for Mithun. They dance to Jimmy song. Abhijeet dances with everyone. Mithun claps for them and says thank you for giving me respect. Mithun leaves the stage.

Salman signs off from the episode.

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