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Bigg Boss 15 21st January 2022

Day 111
6:30 PM
Rakhi tells Rajiv that you are my love and life. Rajiv says I am not playing against anyone, I don’t think Abhijeet deserves to be a finalist. I think all three girls are deserving. I will prioritize who the audience wants.

The next round starts, Rajiv asks Abhijeet if he doesn’t want to play? He says I am coming. Rajiv says Pratik likes Abhijeet as a contestant because he is sleeping all the time? He is still in bed and Pratik likes that? Pratik says you can’t judge him on that basis. Rajiv says he doesn’t care about the task while all others are working hard. Pratik asks Rajiv to be clear, don’t taunt or judge me. I don’t care if he is sleeping or dying here. Don’t question me. He says sorry to Abhijeet for his words. Rajiv gives the chance to Rashami, Devo and Tejasswi. They decorate their mannequins. The round ends. Shamita gives her autograph to Shamita. Karan and Nishant give it to Tejasswi. Nishant says I am blind so I am giving the autograph to Tejasswi. Rakhi says Tejasswi’s mannequin is just about a party. Rashami tells Rakhi to not misbehave with my mannequin otherwise she won’t spare her. Rakhi says I am scared. Rakhi gives her autograph to Devo.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss says this will be the last round. Rajiv says I will do what I want to. He chooses Rashami, Tejasswi and Abhijeet for the last round.

Rakhi tells Karan that I will give my vote Abhijeet as Tejasswi is already winning.

Shamita tells Rajiv that I would have given more chances to Abhijeet and Devo but you do what you think is right.

Rakhi tells Karan and Nishant that I don’t want Rashami to be the second lead so I will give my vote to Abhijeet. I might give it to Rashami? Rashami says Devo will change her mind. Devo tells Rakhi to give her vote to Abhijeet.

Rakhi tells Karan that I will give my vote to Abhijeet and can’t give it to Rashami. Rashami comes there and says you keep flipping on me, everyone is watching this. You are just listening to Devo and not doing what you want to. Rakhi asks her to not cry, I will do what I want to.

Rashami tells Karan to not talk to Rakhi anymore, she keeps changing her stance because you said she should do what she wants to.

Devo tells Rakhi that they want Tejasswi to win that’s why they are asking you to vote for her. Rakhi says I will give my vote to Rashami. She goes to Rashami and says I will flip and give my vote to you. You can convince Karan and Nishant to vote for you and tell them I am not on your side.

8 PM
The last round starts, Shamita gives her autograph to Rashami. Nishant gives his autograph to Tejasswi. Rakhi says I will go in the last. Nishant asks Pratik to not be silent now. Pratik gives his autograph to Abhijeet. Karan gives his autograph to Tejasswi. Rashami asks Rakhi to not flip on her. Devo asks to remain on Karan’s side. Rashami asks Rakhi to not flip on her now, you promised me so don’t listen to Devo now. Rashami tells Rakhi to stop listening to Devo, she is not letting you take a stand for anyone. Devo says you ditched Rakhi before. Rashami tells Rakhi that I have worked hard for everyone in the tasks, I even supported Devo but she is still playing against me. Rashami gets emotional and shouts that I will never ask for any favor from now. Devo is scared of nominations that’s why she is playing a dirty game, she has used Rakhi in her game. Devo shouts that you are also scared of nominations, this is your true face, get lost. Rashami says look at your language, you are cheap. Devo asks her to get lost. Rashami is about to attack her but Rajiv pulls her back. He asks Rashami to calm down and says Rakhi never does anything on her own. Nishant asks Rakhi to just give her autograph to Tejasswi and end it. Rashami shouts really Rakhi? You are a coward. Devo shouts at Rashami that you can’t play on your own? Rashami tells Rakhi that you will be wrong if you don’t give me an autograph. Rakhi is about to give her to Tejasswi but Rashami says you are wrong. Devo says Rashami has always been against Rakhi. Rakhi gives her autograph to Tejasswi. Rashami cries and says this Devo is a liar. Rajiv consoles her. Rashami says Rakhi has proved that she can’t use her mind.

8:15 PM
Bigg Boss says the last task for the ticket to finale. Rajiv will check and tell who has the most number of autographs. Rajiv counts that Tejasswi has 10, Abhijeet has 2, Rashami and Devo have 4. He says Tejasswi won this task. Big Boss says Tejasswi becomes the last contestant to win the ticket to finale. He says Abhijeet, Devo and Rashami are nominated. The audience will decide about their future. Tejasswi thanks everyone for supporting her. Karan thanks Rajiv. Rashami leaves from there. Karan hugs Tejasswi.

8:30 PM
Rashami cries so Shamita consoles her. Rakhi says I am sorry, Rashami says you promised to take a stand for me but you just follow Devo blindly. You have been used by Devo. Rakhi says Devo has always supported me, Rashami says she has always used you. Rakhi says I can’t understand the game like you people but I still love you. Rashami says if you can’t support me then what would I do about your love? Rakhi hugs her but Rashami says I am upset. Rakhi says I still love you.

9:30 PM
A magician enters the house from another show. He tells the inmates that I will show you magic. He does a card trick and says I want an assistant Rakhi for the next trick. Rakhi chooses a card and he guesses it right. He asks Rakhi to choose five inmates, he says there are 5 bags and one bag will have a nail. Each of you will go and smash the bag one by one. He asks Rakhi to change the order of the bags. Rakhi chooses Shamita, Nishant, Karan, Rajiv, and Rashami. Karan smashes a bag and it’s empty. Shamita smashes her bag next. Nishant smashes the bag next. Rashami and Rajiv are left. He asks Rashami to go next, she smashes her bag. Rajiv says only I am left. I am scared. Rajiv smashes the bag and it’s empty. Rakhi checks the last bag and it has the nail. All clap for him. He leaves the house.

10:30 PM
Karan tells Rashami that you will become a great person if you forgive us. Rashami says I should punish you all. Shamita says even if Rashami had gotten an autograph from Karan, Tejasswi would have won anyway. He could have shown some support to Rashami. Rashami says I didn’t ask Karan because I wanted to see if he would show support to me. Karan says I was convincing Rakhi to vote for you. Rashami says if I am against Devo then you people wouldn’t support me. Tejasswi says it’s not that.

12:30 AM
Rashami tells Karan that I am proud of Tejasswi that at least she played her task. Tejasswi laughs and says I earned Nishant’s trust myself, I earned Rajiv’s trust also. I won this on my own. Karan says I used my mind to make you a winner. Tejasswi says you shouldn’t discredit me. Karan says I am just joking, you have a big ego. Tejasswi says it’s hurtful. Karan says she is still crying even after winning.

Day 112
8 AM
Some singers enter the house and sing dil haara. All inmates dance and clap for them. The singers leave.

9:30 AM
Rajiv tells Rashami that Rakhi is cute, don’t be angry with her. She got confused. Rashami says I wanted to see if Karan would support me at all that’s why I didn’t ask him anything. He has just used me.

11:45 AM
Rakhi dresses up as an evil ghost. Karan says this is a dangerous look. Rakhi starts dancing like a ghost. Nishant sings for her.

12 PM
Nishant asks Rashami why do you look sad? Rashami says I am not. Nishant says you can’t stop laughing even if you try not to? Your mannequin was good. Rajiv says then why didn’t you vote for her? Rashami laughs. Nishant says nobody is fair here. I can be unfair if I want to. Rashami says Rajiv played well and he did a lot for me. Nishant says if I was in Rajiv’s place then I would have given chances to everyone equally. Rajiv says you always support your friends, you keep saying that you play a fair game but you never do. Nishant says this task was about supporting our favorites. Rashami says I asked you many times to vote for me but you never did. Nishant says I have played a lot for you in other tasks but don’t blame me now. He says they can’t do calculations in the tasks and then blame others.

2:00 PM
Abhijeet tells Devo that if you call for me anytime then I will come running to you. We are friends forever. Devo ignores him.

Rajiv tells Rakhi that Abhijeet played a sporting game yesterday, he should have done it since the start. I think Nishant is least deserving in the finale week list. Rakhi says I agree.

Nishant tells Tejasswi that Rashami has always supported Umar, Rajiv and Karan but she never did for me so why does she want me to take a stand for her? Tejasswi says I agree.

3 PM
Abhijeet comes to Devo and says I will make food for you. Come on. Devo shouts at him to leave her alone, her foot is hurting. Go and make tea for me. Abhijeet says what will I get from you? Devo says I will make you drink poison. Abhijeet says from your lips? Devo says I will beat you.

3:45 PM
Tejasswi reads a race task. Two pairs will do a race around the obstacles. The couples will be Karan-Tejasswi, Nishant-Rakhi. They will do teamwork to cross the obstacle course, they will have to do push-ups with females on their back. Shamita will announce a winner after the race.

4 PM
The task starts, Nishant and Karan start the task. They start doing push-ups with Tejasswi and Rakhi on their backs. They apply mud on their faces and try to find the keys from the mud. Rakhi washes Nishant’s face. Tejasswi washes Karan’s face. Shamita says Karan washed his first. She announces Karan-Tejasswi as winners.

9:15 PM
Devo sits alone and cries. She says I want a hug, I really need it. I am tired emotionally, mentally and physically. I need someone to talk to, I am irritated that’s why I am getting angry. Who should I talk to? What should I say? People can make fun of anything here, I don’t understand intentions here.

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