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Bigg Boss 15 1st December 2021

Day 60
5 PM
Tejasswi takes first place for the first game. Devo says you are disqualified. You all cheated and got physical in the game. Rakhi says my husband won’t spare them. Devo says they can never do a task without beating others. Tejasswi says everyone is watching, if we are wrong then Bigg Boss would have stopped us. Pratik tells Devo that they are pushing us also. Shamita tells Ritesh that you people are disqualifying Umar but it’s allowed to steal from each other. Ritesh says he can’t steal. Rakhi says they want to beat my husband but I won’t let them.

Bigg Boss asks the referees about the winners of the game. Shamita says I think our team won as we were playing by the rules. Devo says they had to protect the coins but they started getting physical in the game. They used to power over us. I don’t agree with them. Bigg Boss says both the referees have to come to the same conclusion. Devo tells Umar that you got physical and cheated on the task. Shamita tells Karan that Devo won’t agree, she is not in her sense. Karan says I agree. Shamita tells Devo that Umar just stole the coins but Ritesh started attacking him. Devo says he didn’t need to steal. He can’t steal. Shamita says it’s written that they have to protect which means others can steal. Devo says I won’t allow cheating.

5:30 PM
Shamita tells Abhijeet that Devo is not hearing us at all. Abhijeet says you took the box from Umar which was not allowed. Shamita says you don’t understand the task.
Umar tells Rashami that I even offered coins to Ritesh but he started attacking me. Shamita says we can’t come to a conclusion, let’s tell Bigg Boss. Devo says yes. Tejasswi asks them to talk to each other as mature people.

5:45 PM
Umar and Nishant steal from the VIP room while Rajiv protects them.

Bigg Boss asks everyone to stand in the garden. He asks about their decision. Shamita says my team worked so hard but Devo just wants to make her team win. We can’t come to a conclusion. Bigg Boss says so you both lose 5 lacs. We will deduct 5 lacs from VIPs’ amount. Their prize money is 45 lacs. Pratik tells Devo is she happy now?

Karan tells Rashami that we should try to get money in the non-VIP box. He asks Devo to not trust Ritesh blindly.

Abhijeet tells Rakhi that Devo played foolishly. Shamita was trying to put the coins back in the swimming pool but Devo stopped her. If Shamita had put the coins then we would have won.

6 PM
Nishant tells Rakhi to play from their side and then we will support you later on. Just take a stand for us.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that time for today’s task has ended.

Karan tells Rakhi that Devo was not playing fairly. Rakhi says Ritesh was beaten, I got scared that I might lose my husband. Karan laughs.

7:30 PM
Nishant tells Tejasswi that I have a problem with Pratik as he is questioning me for some new inmates? I don’t care about him then. Tejasswi says Pratik is making tea 3-4 times for VIPs. Karan says this is not Pratik, he is just buttering them up.

8 PM
Vishwa Sundari calls Abhijeet. She talks to him and asks how is he feeling to be here? Abhijeet says I am trying to understand everyone. She asks him to praise her. Abhijeet says you can make me the winner. She asks him to sing. Abhijeet sings a song for her.

9:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that I am scared of Abhijeet, he is misogynistic and homophobic. I try to stay away from Ritesh and Abhijeet. Pratik told me if I feel uncomfortable then tell him. Karan asks was he coming near you? Tejasswi says he was just standing coming near me.

Day 61
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song. They all dance.

8:45 AM
Tejasswi tells Rashami that you were so confident in the pool that I thought you are a good swimmer so I worked hard on the task. Ritesh says Umar started getting physical and went wrong about it. Tejasswi says I trust the audience. Rashami says we also trust the audience. We are all trying. Tejasswi says I am getting bored now, she leaves.

9 AM
Abhijeet tells Devo that they played the song for us. Rakhi asks him to stop flirting with the girls, my husband is calling you. Devo says Abhijeet thinks they played the song for Abhijeet and I. Ritesh says you both would make a good couple. Abhijeet laughs and says don’t say that, I am married.

9:15 AM
Tejasswi tells Pratik that we have to win at any cost. Pratik says we have to make sure that at least one team wins every round.

Rashami tells Karan that I think Tejasswi doesn’t like me. Karan says it’s not like that, you both know each other. Rashami says but she gives me the vibe that she doesn’t like me.

10:45 AM
Pratik tells Tejasswi that I am hurt with Nishant’s words also. I won’t even talk to him right now. Tejasswi says but you shouldn’t have said that he is taking everything on his ego. Pratik says he can give me opinions but he started having arguments.

11:15 AM
Umar tells Tejasswi that we don’t have enough breakfast left. He asks her to give portions to everyone. Tejasswi says I can make eggs if you want. Umar says it’s your duty to give equal portions to everyone. Tejasswi says you can remove me from the kitchen team if you have so many issues. Pratik says we are not questioning you. Rakhi says just make sure everyone gets equal food portions. Nishant says I will make my own food now, this is not a restaurant for me. Pratik says don’t taunt me,

11:45 AM
The buzzer plays and the game starts. Tejasswi reads the second game ‘polo’. The winning prize is 10 lacs. There will be two inmates from each other, one will be a horse and other will sit on his back and play polo. Karan-Tejasswi, Rakhi-Ritesh will play the game. They have to play with a ball and make sure to have more goals. Shamita and Devo are referees. Rakhi and Tejasswi will try to goal while sitting on their partner’s backs.

12:45 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that keep your hand locked on my back.

1 PM
Shamita tells Devo that these are not real horses so don’t expect the perfect posture. Devo says that’s fine.

The buzzer plays and the game starts.

1:30 PM
Both the teams start playing polo. All are cheering for them. Shamita asks Ritesh to not use his hands, he can’t hit Karan. She asks Devo to stop him. Umar says Devo is a cheater. Devo shouts at them. Shamita says we have to stay out of the court. Nishant shouts that Devo can’t stand in the court. The game starts again, Ritesh cheats so Shamita stops him. Shamita says you can’t cheat. He shouts at her. Shamita says they are brainless. The game starts again and Karan mistakenly hits Ritesh on the hand. Tejasswi says I got hurt but I didn’t make an issue. Devo says everyone didn’t play KKK like you, you don’t have to brag. Tejasswi says I am not a crybaby. The game starts again, Ritesh pushes Karan so Pratik shouts at him. The game starts again, Rakhi shouts that Tejasswi is hitting on my face. Rashami says she is not. Pratik tries to protect her but Rakhi pushes him away.

1:45 PM
The polo game starts again and Rakhi goals for the first time. Their team cheers for them. Tejasswi goals for her team, they all cheer for her. Tejasswi does another goal. Ritesh says the ball was not in the middle, they cheated. Devo says Shamita cheated. Pratik says you all are cheating. The game starts again, the buzzer plays and the task ends. Shamita says we won but Devo won’t agree. Devo says it was a tie.

2 PM
Rajiv tells Rakhi to play fairly, we did two goals.
Tejasswi tells Shamita that I performed so well in both the tasks but they keep rejecting our performance. Shamita says we can’t win any task like this. Tejasswi says it’s frustrating. Shamita says Devo is on a different trip, she knows she is doing wrong but she is still doing it.

2:15 PM
Rakhi says we are no less. Pratik says you can just cheat.

Devo tells Abhijeet that it was a tie. Karan tells Devo that we didn’t cheat in the game.
Nishant asks Shamita to ask Bigg Boss about the situation. Bigg Boss asks Devo and Shamita. Devo says it was a tie. Shamita says I think Tejasswi did 2 goals. Devo says I allowed their first goal but I can’t allow their 2nd goal. Bigg Boss asks them to come to a conclusion. Shamita talks to her team and says it was an unfair game, do we care about money or self-respect? Karan says we care about money but we will stop doing any household work. Pratik says I don’t agree with this. Karan says then we will get this task rejected, I didn’t cheat. I played fairly so I won’t compromise on everything. If they want this game to be tied then we will stop working in the house otherwise get this task rejected. Nishant says he is right. Karan says they can win the game but we will stop working in the house. Pratik tells Shamita that we can’t lose this money. Shamita says I have to listen to the one who played this game. Pratik says we have to show humanity.
Devo tells Ritesh that you all played well in the task.
Pratik asks Shamita to agree for tying the game.

Bigg Boss asks Devo and Shamita about their decision. Devo says we agreed that this game was a tie. Shamita says they are playing unfairly, I don’t agree but I don’t want to lose this money that’s why I am agreeing with Devo. This is a tie. Umar shouts at Devo that you are unfair. Bigg Boss says this game was a draw. We are ending this task and non-VIPs didn’t win any money. VIPs still have 45 lacs in their briefcase. The BB vault is open from now on. Shamita cries and says they were unfair.

2:45 PM
Tejasswi tells Pratik that we won’t deny them food but we don’t have to go as per their menu. We will give them basic food. Pratik says I agree with that. Umar says they are playing unfairly. Tejasswi asks Pratik to not make tea for them. Pratik says I can’t say no to them for food. I will make it.
Nishant tells Karan that they can cook for them but we have to go against these VIPs, we don’t need approvals from everyone. I know what Pratik is doing but I respect it. Pratik didn’t want to wash his dishes last week but now he has to show humanity and cook them? He is flipping but let him try buttering them up, who cares. Karan says he won’t gain anything.

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