Bigg Boss 15 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 15 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 15 16th October 2021

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says Vishal, Akasa, Jay and Tejasswi entered the house this week. I didn’t like their physical fights, it’s not entertainment at all. I will have to tackle them now.

Salman connects the call to the house. Salman asks everyone to gather in the living area. They all greet him but Salman is serious. Salman says it’s Dusera today but did you people enjoy it? It’s our 3rd meeting. Last time, I told Pratik to not behave like this and he listened but did you all not understand what I said to him? The way you are showing yourself on TV is good? The aggression shows your personality. Do you think your family would like to see fighting like this? Do you get a script that says to behave like this? He asks Umar what did he study? Umar says I am a general physician. Salman says you think you can continue practicing after showing all this? Do you want to make a career in acting without learning anything? Salman says you are going wrong. Umar says people say mean things in the house but I will be careful. Salman says you all got aggressive to enter the main house but if you enter the house then will you stop fighting? Do you think this is a wrestling show? You all know showing physical aggression is not allowed, you can’t damage the property, you can’t hurt yourself in the house. Salman says if you really want to show aggression then let’s do it. He asks Pratik and Nishant to bring items from storeroom. They do and these are all weapons like boxing gloves, a chopper, an axe and a hammer. All inmates are ashamed. Salman asks who got hurt? They all raise their hands. Salman says you people keep pushing the glass door like it won’t break? If you get hurt by the glass then a minimum of 100 stitches are required. You people are showing aggression because you are not using your mind. You people think you will be seen on TV if you show aggression. You people fought for the puzzle pieces but we don’t need this type of content, nobody wants it. You all were fighting in the morning and then telling each other well-played in the evening? Then some inmates were saying they gave content for the day like we all need this type of content? You people even take off mics. This show is about showing your personality, not to show off your strength. Salman asks if the task was about aggression? Simba says no, it was a mental game but no one made a good strategy. It’s our fault, we won’t repeat it next time, we have decided to not be physical with each other. Salman says you all were clueless about the task. This show is about using the mind and not physical fights. We could have brought wrestlers for that. He says you people are playing rugby matches.
Salman asks Afsana what she means by entertainment? Afsana says I always want to entertain people but people play in groups here. We are part of the show also, I try to have fun, I have left my family to be here. Salman says everyone left their families to be here.
Salman tells the inmates that our audience doesn’t like fake aggression. This show is about making relationships. People have continued friendships and enemies even after the show. People who made genuine relationships in the show won people’s hearts. But in this season, you all are looking fake and fraud. He tells Jay that your wife is watching you, your daughter will see all this so would you like that? Jay says I am not like this at all. Salman says you have these situations in life too but you are showing a character in the house which isn’t looking nice. You can have a difference of opinion but if you lose patience then it’s wrong. You think you can fool the audience? Our audience is smart and can see through you all. Salman asks Ishaan why is everything so physical with him? We warned you in the task to be careful about your hand, to not be aggressive but then you got hurt. Have you thought about how you are looking? He tells Miesha that if you are comfortable with all this then it’s fine, if you are comfortable with showing your affection on the show then it’s fine but these clips will there lifelong. Just imagine if you both get married to someone else then what about these clips? Just be careful. Ishaan says we will be. Salman says it’s a big responsibility for you both. Salman asks Miesha if she keeps her house dirty like this? It feels like you thinks rules of the house don’t apply to you. Your boyfriend Ishaan doesn’t stop you also. You talk in English all the time. Miesha says I am trying to talk in hindi only. Salman says you are seen smoking in the bathroom area and where not. You took off your mic because you wanted Indian clothes to be sent for you. Don’t do all this. Salman asks Jay why do you keep abusing others? Vidhi says Pratik understood and calmed down after last weekend but he still instigates others. I didn’t like Jay cursing him. Salman says you people didn’t like Jay cursing Pratik but nobody stopped Miesha when she was cursing Donal. Nobody said anything to her, are you people okay with her cursing you all? Ishaan says I tried to stop her. Salman says most of the inmates are ignoring rules in the house. Just informing you that you all will be punished for this. Salman says I was talking about useless inmates till now. Let’s talk about the star of the show. Salman says I will show Afsana’s footage now. He ends the call.

Miesha is crying. Pratik tells her that he is bringing her on the right path. Just don’t curse people. Miesha says I never curse people, I have destroyed Ishaan’s game and image also. Pratik says he will understand.

Vidhi tells Jay that Afsana was enjoying when you were getting scolded by Salman.

On the Stage:
Salman says let’s see what Afsana has been doing. The clip shows Afsana telling the inmates that if someone kicks me then I will kick them back. Akasa says you tore my shirt and ran away. Then you said that I roam around with buttons open all the time and I have shown my **** to everyone. Afsana says I accept that I have torn your shirt and I am sorry for using those words. Akasa says you could have apologized to me alone. Afsana says everyone is cursing here and nobody cares. I am alone in this house because all are biased with me. She starts crying, Shamita says you don’t want to accept your mistake. Afsana asks her to shut up. Shamita says you are a liar, you can’t accept your mistake. Afsana says you have no capabilities that I would apologize to you. Shamita says who are you? I will show your on weekend Ka Vaar. Afsana says you can follow me but you are useless. You can just blabber for no reason, you are so fake. Shamita says keep arguing with me. Jay tells Simba that I don’t like Afsana’s personality. Afsana argues with Shamita and says you call people like dogs. Shamita says Afsana is a liar, we are tired of hearing her. Nishant shouts at Shamita to not insult Shamita’s career like this. Afsana shouts how can that cheap woman say all that to me? I will die here. She starts beating herself up. All try to calm her down. Vishal screams at Afsana that you have no guts to raise hands. Afsana hits herself in anger. She says I will die in this show. She charges at Shamita. Umar tries to calm her down. Umara takes Afsana away. Karan pleads with her to calm down. Shamita tells Afsana that you are the biggest liar and I won’t put myself down by cursing you. Afsana says if you are so high level then sit at home. What are you doing here? Vishal says this woman is a liar. Afsana says your face is like a woman, you are a cheap man so get lost. You are gay. Karan shouts at Afsana to end it, you have said a lot so just shut up. I kept telling you to shut up, end it now. Afsana says you people don’t let me talk. Karan shouts at her to shut up now. Afsana says I won’t even if I have to die today. Karan says I am pleading with you to shut up. Jay says Afsana wants to hide her wrongs by shouting at others. Afsana says they are all scared of Afsana who hasn’t done wrong with anyone. Vishal laughs. Afsana says don’t laugh. Afsana says I pray that he dies. Vidhi says don’t say that. Shamita charges at her and says shut up.. shut up. She starts screaming so Pratik calms her down. Vishal hugs Shamita. Afsana cries and goes hysteric. Afsana says I promise that all my family members die. You all have cheated me, my brother Vishal is dead to me. She goes from there. The clip ends.

Salman says this drama continued. Another clip shows Afsana beating herself up in the house. Miesha and Pratik try to calm her down. Afsana cries and says I don’t want to be in the show anymore. I want all my people to die. She starts breaking things around. Nishant grabs her and asks her to calm down. Miesha hugs her tightly and says we are with you. Afsana falls down.
Vishal tells Tejasswi that I was calm but I am not a saint, I didn’t want to fight her. Tejasswi hugs him and says calm down.

Afsana is in the medical room. The doctor tries to treat her but Afsana keeps hitting herself. Bigg Boss asks her to let the doctor check her. Afsana falls down and says I am not like that, they have all made me a liar. The doctor tries to check her.

Shamita asks Jay what’s with Afsana? Jay says people have loved her, I am a fan of her songs but she has become arrogant.
Pratik tells Miesha that Shamita-Vishal starts poking Afsana when she was trying to apologize to Akasa.
Shamita says to Jay that she has so much arrogance, other than her voice, I don’t like her. She is a terrible person. She is purposefully hurting everyone.
Pratik tells Nishant and Miesha that there should be humanity at least. We are not here to kill people mentally or physically. Shamita and Vishal charged at Afsana.

Afsana tells Donal that everything is finished for me. She tears her family photos. Donal says don’t be like this. Afsana says I took you all as a family. Karan says do you have any respect for us? You looked wrong but we were still standing with you. You don’t listen to us. Afsana says why did Vishal start shouting at me? Karan says I don’t care, I was telling you to calm down as we care about you. Afsana says they were teasing me. Ishaan says you have said such bad things to them. Karan says you cursed him and called him gay.
Vishal tells Jay that we are here to work hard and earn money. I am not here to get cursed by her like this. He gets emotional.

Afsana is crying so Donal consoles her. Akasa brings food for Afsana and tries to cheer her up. Karan shows her partner’s photo to cheer her up. The clip ends.

On the Stage:
Salman talks to the inmates and says I called Afsana superstar of the season as she thinks so. She thinks Karan did a music video with her that’s why he got this show. Jay says yes, Karan has done nothing in life but just did Afsana’s video. He is here just because of that video and not because of his hard work in life. Afsana says I didn’t say that. Salman says we all know what you have said. He asks if she called Shamita an oldie and cheap. Afsana says yes I have said that. Salman says you have a mom? She says yes, Salman says so you call her an oldie? Afsana says no. Salman asks if she calls her sisters an oldie? Afsana says no. Salman says you said that Shamita has polio hands? Afsana says I was angry so I said that. Salman says you told Shamita that she should sit at home and she is a cheap woman? Salman asks Afsana if she will decide who is cheap and who is not? You called Shamita an old woman? Afsana says I was angry so.. Salman says I am an old man also. I am just telling you about your mistakes, you told me that you have an issue of anger so I am telling you with niceness so just listen to me. Salman says you called Vishal gay and nalla (useless). Do you understand the implication of that? Afsana says no. Salman asks her to say sorry. Afsana says I want to say sorry to Salman. Salman says you didn’t understand the meaning so say sorry to the community. Afsana says I want to say sorry to everyone. Tejasswi says you used the word like a curse so say sorry for that. Afsana says I am sorry for that. Salman says you kept calling Vishal like a woman. Afsana says he enters my fights with women that’s why I called him a woman. Salman says you used the word woman like a curse. You also said that you can curse people and I want people who hurt me to die. Afsana says yes, I said that. I won’t repeat it. Salman says you also use your hands like your tongue. If it was my choice then I would have eliminated you today for your own safety because you have thrown things around, you have tried to hurt yourself and lost control. You were not calm even in front of the doctor. Have you done this at your house also? Afsana says no, I am a fun-loving person. Salman says you have proved yourself wrong, you are not fun at all. Afsana says they don’t laugh so it’s not my issue. Salman says if my movie is a flop then I should start cursing my audience for not liking it? You have a good voice but if your song doesn’t become a hit then you will hurt yourself? Salman says you talked about Shamita’s career. Shamita has worked hard in the industry for 25 years, she is fighting bravely but if you have this behavior then you won’t last 25 days in the industry. You are showing your real self, if someone doesn’t like your joke then you become angry. Do you want everything to work your way otherwise you will go crazy? Salman says then Afsana commented on a girl’s clothes, you commented on her shirt’s button. Afsana says I am accepting these words. Salman says we are not lying, you have said all these words. Then you went to deny it. Salman tells Afsana that you have a set pattern. Jay says so true. Salman asks Jay to tell everyone. Jay says her pattern is to do a mistake then she tries to hide by doing another mistake. Afsana wanted to talk to Akasa about her button comment but then she went off. We should have been talking about the button issue but Afsana created another issue so we won’t be talking about that matter anymore. How can she pray for Vishal to die? Vishal says she realizes about her mistake and then she does another mistake to cover it up. Jay says she starts hurting herself to gain sympathy. Shamita says she starts hitting herself so all have compassion for her. Afsana says I am not like this, they have made me like this in this show. Salman says why is Simba not like this in the show then? Afsana says I will listen to my mistakes. Salman says your pattern is to make brothers and sisters and then you insult them. You made Jay and Vishal your brothers and then you did this with them. So let’s see what you do with Karan. Salman says Afsana never apologizes to anyone on her own, someone has to tell her that she is going wrong. Nishant says Afsana doesn’t listen at all when she is going off, she says things that are hurtful. Salman says Afsana said that she doesn’t want to win the show. Afsana says yes. Salman says every inmate appeals for votes but you can appeal for people to not vote for you at all. If someone is in the top 5 of the show then they have won the hearts of the audience but you don’t want to win so tell your fans to not vote for you. You don’t care about your fans voting for you so just say no to them. Afsana says it was my dream to be in this show. It’s not my dream to win the show, I just wanted to be a part of the show. It was my dream. Salman says but your dream is becoming a nightmare for others. Afsana says Vishal has made fun of me. Vishal says I just said if she doesn’t want to win the show then fans should vote for us as we are working hard. Afsana says I don’t deserve to win, I don’t have those qualities to win Bigg Boss. Salman asks what do you want to gain from Bigg Boss? Do you want to earn the love or hate of the audience? Do want fame, respect, or anything else from the show? The way you are going won’t bring fame or respect at all. Just change your ways and show your fun side. If you came here to entertain people then you shouldn’t care about the game or who is making groups. You can fun with people. Afsana says I respect people. Shamita says she wants respect but she doesn’t respect anyone. Afsana says I respected you. Shamita says you never did.Salman tells Afsana that you are doing all this for your own self. Afsana says Vishal called me *****, it’s a curse in our language. Vishal says we are all same here. Salman says it feels like Afsana didn’t understand anything I said. Salman asks Simba. Simba says she doesn’t respect people, she is egoistic. Umar says I kept trying to make her listen but she doesn’t. Pratik says she is fun but her language is so wrong. Nishant says she can make people laugh, she is talented but her words are damaging to herself only. Karan says she is very stubborn, I have tried everything with her, I have tried to control her but she doesn’t listen. Akasa says I don’t support her but she says things she doesn’t mean. She thinks people are against her. Salman tells Afsana that there is no need to bring caste here, we are all Indians here. You have a lot of responsibilities so be careful. You know right? Afsana gets emotional. Salman says you have to be careful, you can’t tarnish your name like this. Afsana cries so Salman asks her to sing a sad song. Karan says you can sing the song which made my career, all laugh. Afsana says I want to sing my pre-wedding song. Salman laughs and says this wedding might be pre-wedding only after what you have shown here. Salman asks if her partner is strong enough to control her? Afsana says he is handsome and I love him. Salman says you loved everyone in the house and then what did you do? All laugh. Afsana sings the song. All clap for her. Salman asks Afsana to use her voice to sing only. Salman asks them to put the weapons back in the storeroom. Simba says can I keep the boxing gloves? Salman says first you come out of the box. All laugh.

Salman says Afsana, Akasa, Vidhi, Vishal and Donal are nominated. He says I will tell you in a bit. He ends the call.

In the House:
Afsana hugs Shamita and kisses her cheek. She says I am sorry. She hugs Akasa and says I am sorry. Afsana goes to Vishal, she says don’t make me cry again. Vishal hugs her tightly. Afsana says I am really sorry.
Karan tells Umar that if insult makes you come on the right path then it’s for her. We tried everything with her, we tried to talk to her calmly but she didn’t listen at all. I can’t control her, only Salman can control Afsana. She was listening silently today because she is scared of Salman.

Jay hugs Afsana and says don’t do all this. I am not against you. Afsana says I won’t do it again now.

On the Stage:
Salman says we will have fun tomorrow with Farah Khan. We will know about elimination also. He signs off from the episode.

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