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Bigg Boss 15 15th October 2021

Day 13
4:15 PM
Jay says our machine is not working. Ishaan says this machine is useless, Bigg Boss might have done it deliberately. Vishal’s machine is so fast. Afsana says we have been asking Bigg Boss to repair it.

Vishal asks Akasa to take Donal’s shaker also, I will tell her.

Afsana says I will put my hand in the machine. Karan says don’t be crazy. Afsan says they are being partial with us, I will give my hand in the machine. I can go crazy if they do all this. I want Vishal’s machine. Pratik says you can take it. Afsana says Shamita is fighting with us. I promise to put my hand in the machine and see who can stop me.

4:30 PM
Akasa tells Afsana that I am angry with you right now. You were grabbing me. Afsana says I didn’t do much. Akasa says you can attack us all but why me only? Donal says we are with you. Afsana says I don’t need anyone with me, I am playing alone. Donal says we are playing with Akasa’s team, they are making us win. Akasa says we gave our juice to you so Afsana’s team could win. Afsana says you all did it because of your own gain. My team is a fool to trust you all. The referee is with Vishal’s team so we can never win.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you all must have understood that it’s not easy to use the machine to get the juice. We had sent the correct machine and they were performing in the start but you people used it wrong so now machines are not 100% performing. We have written to not touch parts of the machine but you all tempered with the machines. At this time, we can end the task right now but this task is important for you all so we are leaving the decision on you. Should we end the task here or play 2 more rounds? You all mutually tell us the decision. Pratik says you should play. Miesha says we will do the task, she tells Karan that we will fight. Karan says why? There is no need. Miesha says I want to do it till the end. Karan says we don’t need to. It’s not our task. Miesha backs down. Vidhi says I won’t play as there is no fair play. Pratik asks who wants to continue the task? 8 people want to do the task. Karan’s team and Afsana don’t want to do the task. Nishant says you all have to mutually decide. Shamita says Bigg Boss the majority wants to continue the task. Miesha says they want to prove that they made us lose all the rounds. Let’s do it then, you all are playing in a herd. Bigg Boss says you all want to continue the task so the task start will start with the buzzer.

7:30 PM
Vishal tells Afsana that I want you to win this round also. Afsana says I don’t need your favor. Vishal says don’t talk rudely to me, I won’t talk to you anymore. Afsana says Shamita doesn’t listen to me at all. Vishal says this woman keeps blabbering rubbish. Akasa says block her out.

The buzzer plays and Shamita gives equal cane sticks to the teams. They all start taking out the juice. Karan is using the machine to take out the juice. Afsana takes the cane sticks and gives them to Karan’s team. Ishaan steals from Miesha. Afsana says don’t worry, I am with Karan. Karan is working hard. Akasa says Afsana stole all the cane sticks. Simba tries to get involved in the task but blocks Afsana. She says Simba is not part of the task. She shouts Shamita can’t see all this? She doesn’t deserve to be the referee. Nishant also supports Karan. Afsana takes a bottle for Karan but Shamita says it’s not allowed. Shamita asks Ishaan to be careful with his hand. Ishaan hurts his hand. Miesha tries to hug him but he says let’s do our task first. Miesha goes and helps Karan in her team. Afsana is helping Karan’s team. Afsana goes into the corner and hides Karan’s juice bucket. Ishaan attacks Karan’s team. He hurts his head and it bleeds. Karan asks him to run away. Nishant asks Vidhi to protect Afsana, she has your juice. Ishaan attacks Karan and Vidhi. Vidhi says don’t pull on my hair. Ishaan says Umar started all this. Vidhi says he is not part of the task anymore. The gong plays and the round ends. Afsana fills Karan’s bucket with the juice she hid.

Shamita is checking Ishaan and Karan’s juice buckets. All clap for Karan’s team. Shamita says Ishaan’s team won this round. Donal takes the poison and kills Karan in the task.

7:45 PM
Miesha goes and hugs Ishaan. Ishaan says don’t do this drama now. I got hurt and I was bleeding but you didn’t care at all. Don’t talk to me anymore. You think I am a player and faking my love for you? Miesha says talk to me. Ishaan says you have shown your love today. I look like a fool that I announced my love on TV for you and you are doing all this. You just care about the task.

Miesha goes to Ishaan and hugs him. She cries and says I am sorry. Ishaan says you have to keep tasks and our personal lives separate. Calm down now. Miesha hugs him and shows affection. Miesha says after this task, it will be just you and me.

8 PM
The last round starts. Shamita gives cane sticks to all the teams. All teams start working. Afsana is running the machine for Karan’s team. Vidhi is helping her. Umar goes and pours water in their juice bucket to increase the volume of the juice. The gong plays and the round ends. All clap for each other.
Shamita checks Ishaan and Karan’s bucket. Karan has more juice but Akasa brings the last juice bottle. Shamita says the clear winners are Ishaan’s team. Pratik tells Shamita that they have mixed water in them. Look at the color. Shamita says it doesn’t matter. Pratik says you are being unfair. Shamita says I am not cheating. They have more volume. Ishaan kills Vidhi from Karan’s team. Only Miesha is alive in Karan’s team.

Bigg Boss says the task has ended and the tiger team was alive till the end so they won the task. Jay hugs Vishal.

8:30 PM
Karan tells Afsana that we did a mistake by making Shamita the captain. I wanted to make Nishant the captain. Shamita is looking for her own safety. Afsana says I am doing the right thing by fighting Shamita? Karan says you are totally correct. You take her down and it’s funny. Just don’t be weak in front of them. Afsana says Shamita runs away from me.

9:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the upgrade. The jungle inmates who will enter the house are Jay, Tejasswi, Vishal, and Akasa. All clap for them. Bigg Boss says they will not be jungle inmates anymore but will be part of the main house. They will have rights to all the amenities and powers of the house. Bigg Boss says you people will get some luxury items also from the cave. You all can go one by one and take two items from the shelf. Jay goes into the cave and takes coffee. Akasa takes ghee and coffee.

10:15 PM
Vishal and the team start entering the house. Shamita does their aarti as per Nishant’s idea. Nishant makes them eat yogurt. Shamita hugs Akasa and Tejasswi. Nishant says congrats, you will have responsibilities too so we will play, fight and have unity together. Tejasswi says yes. Bigg Boss says we welcome these 4 in the main house. They all cheer. Vishal says I just want to say that I have completely accepted the house. Tejasswi says I am going to miss sleeping next to Vidhi. Jay tells the jungle inmates to come inside soon.

10:45 PM
Umar tells Afsana that Vishal is playing a double game. He made a pact with Shamita. Afsana says Shamita is smart. Umar says we should have made Nishant the captain.

11:45 PM
Shamita asks Vishal and Jay if they know where the map is? Vishal says we knew it but then the game started yesterday so the jungle inmates changed the place of the map. They didn’t tell us where they have hidden it. Vishal says they will make the map at night time only. They only have 60 puzzle pieces and they need 220 pieces so they are far away so don’t panic. Nishant says they will come inside eventually. Shamita says can we try to find the puzzle pieces? Jay says they are hiding the pieces in the bags. Vishal says I used to hide it under my bed. Nishant says only Ishaan runs to take the puzzle pieces from the cave so we can stop him. We have more manpower now on this side.

12 AM
Vishal and Tejasswi talk to the camera. Vishal says I feel the jungle is our real house, I feel bad to come on this side but I am happy also. Tejasswi says yes. Vishal says, good night everyone.

1 AM
Nishant asks Tejasswi and Vishal when you said you won’t let them make the map yesterday then what were you thinking? Tejasswi says we knew where the map was but now they have changed the location. Jay says they all understood the game yesterday so they took away all the pieces from us. Shamita says why did you give it to them? Jay says I was hiding it in my bag and Ishaan knew my code so he took it from my bag. Vishal says we still know how they will make the map so we can stop them. Tejasswi says you have to trust us that we will stop them from making the map. Nishant says but you all promised us that you won’t allow them to make the map but now you are saying you gave the pieces to them? You people are making sure that your alliance on the jungle side remains intact. If you people want to play separately then tell us right now. Shamita, Nishant and Pratik go from there. Vishal talks to his team, Vishal tells Tejasswi to not give them too many tips, our loyalty is with the jungle team. Jay says I have promised the jungle team so we can’t tell Shamita and Nishant that they are stitching the puzzle pieces. Tejasswi says fine but we have to make up a lie so Nishant and Shamita can trust us. Vishal says we don’t have to. Nishant, Pratik and Shamita come to them. Pratik tells Vishal’s team that if you have some loyalty with them then honestly tell us so we can play separately. Vishal says we will tell you how they are going to make the map. Vishal says they are practicing how to make the map so we can make it in 60 seconds. I used to practice with Tejasswi, Jay and others. We did marking and used to practice every night so we could make the map in 60 seconds when the time comes. Shamita laughs and says wow, Pratik says they are like in a race movie. Vishal says I used to remain awake every night to practice it but now I am not on that side so these biscuit boys can’t do it. They can’t remain awake.

Umar and Donal start stitching the puzzle pieces.

Jay tells Shamita and Nishant that we should block them when they get the puzzle pieces from the cave. Tejasswi says it’s very difficult to fight Ishaan and Umar.

Day 14
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song Kajra re. They all dance. Tejasswi dances with Nishant.

Vishal talks to the camera and says I like waking up in the house. I slept on a good mattress so it was good.

9:30 AM
Nishant tells Karan that Vishal is very smart. Tejasswi is nice. Karan says I am happy that Vishal and Jay are gone from this side. Nishant says they think they can lie to me and I would be a fool? Karan says they are nice to their own people but you and I are not part of their team.

9:45 AM
BigG enters the house. He leaves the letter. Ishaan reads that they all want to run inside but who will eventually go in?

10 AM
Karan tells Simba, Ishaan and Umar to hide bags inside their jackets. They do and hide in the washroom. Karan gives them a knife so they can cut pieces. Karan tells Miesha and Vidhi to not tell anything to Simba, and Afsana as they can spit it out to others.

11:30 AM
Ishaan tells Karan that I know your trust in me must be shaken. Karan says I don’t have an option, we are in a survival mode so we all have to trust each other. Ishaan says I know you must be doubting my intentions after the task. Karan says it’s fine. The buzzer plays so Vidhi, Ishaan and Karan run to the cave. They take the puzzle pieces. Afsana grabs Akasa and her shirt tears. Akasa says what are you doing? You opened my shirt. Shamita closes her button and says she is mad. Karan and Ishaan come out of the cave and run away. Vidhi hides from everyone and runs with the pieces. Vishal and Akasa are attacking Ishaan. Jay attacks him too. Afsana is trying to protect Ishaan. Simba and Umar get into the fight also. Karan grabs Nishant’s leg and pushes him away. He pushes Karan away from Ishaan. Karan pulls Vishal away from Ishaan. Afsana grabs Akasa’s shirt again. Shamita says don’t open her shirt’s buttons. Afsana asks her to get lost. Shamita says you are so insulting. All are grabbing Ishaan. Miesha is grabbing Tejasswi but Pratik gets Tejasswi free from her. Umar asks them all to stop it. They are all attacking Ishaan to get the puzzle pieces. Umar asks Jay to not hit him. Donal tries to grab Tejasswi. Shamita tries to protect Tejasswi and falls down. All are grabbing each other. Jay fights with Simba. All are still trying to take the piece from Ishaan. Shamita tries to take it from Umar. Pratik takes the piece from Umar and runs away. Ishaan runs away with Miesha with the puzzle pieces and hides in the washroom. Pratik hides the piece in his bag. Others are still fighting for the remaining puzzle pieces. Vishal is grabbing a piece but Ishaan snatches it from him and runs away. Tejasswi grabs him. Vidhi attacks her. Shamita hides the piece on her bedside table. She tries to give the scissor to Jay but they all say it’s dangerous so they keep it away. Akasa cries and says Miesha-Afsana are playing dirty. Miesha opened my shirt buttons. Akasa says everything is in one bag. I have marked it.

12 PM
Akasa cries and tells Afsana that you tore my top, you are so shameless. Afsana also said that I like showing off my br*asts. Afsana says Akasa keeps roaming around with her shirt’s buttons open all the time. Tejasswi shouts at Afsana that it’s her choice if she wants to open her buttons but who are you to tear her shirt? I will not spare you if you touch her top again. I will break your face if you do this again. Shamita says Afsana is shameless. Akasa cries in the corner and tells Vidhi that she tore my shirt, I was protecting Miesha and Donal and she did this with me? Vidhi asks Akasa to change her top.

12:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Akasa that I lost it when she said that Akasa keeps roaming around with her buttons open so what? That gives her the right to tear Akasa’s shirt? Akasa has the choice to keep her shirt’s button open or not but Afsana has no right to tear her shirt. Afsana comes to Akasa and says I didn’t mean to tear shirt. I said your buttons are loose, I didn’t say that you roam around with the shirt’s buttons open shamelessly. Akasa says I don’t want to talk to you. Shamita asks her to go away. Afsana says nobody knows you Shamita. If you want to talk to me then come alone and fight. Shamita says to start learning to respect people. I will talk to you tomorrow. Afsana says Jay took off my top but then no one cared? Jay says she is saying rubbish things. Shamita asks her to get lost. Afsana says she is an oldie woman. Afsana tells Tejasswi that you are good for nothing, you can just make food like a servant.
Nishant tells Shamita that we should burn the puzzle pieces that we stole from them, Shamita says I will.

Afsana says I can say sorry to Akasa if I am wrong but I want that cheap woman Shamita out of the house.

1 PM
Karan tells Afsana that Akasa is very aggressive. She is in the house after cheating but still fighting with us.

Pratik asks Akasa to calm down, we have a lot of power. Akasa says I got to know they are hiding it in Vidhi’s bag.
Afsana tells Karan that I will talk about Tejasswi’s personal life now. She can just smoke but I can break her face. Karan says don’t say all that, it’s wrong.

Jay tells Vishal that Afsana is saying so much rubbish, I can’t bear it anymore.

2 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that no one is working on their 100% capacity right now. If you keep showing physical aggression then someone will get hurt and won’t be a part of the finale. We keep giving you warnings but your physical aggression keeps going up. The way you all were trying to snatch the puzzle pieces from each other today was totally wrong and we condemn it. If you repeat it then we will punish you in a way that will make you all regret all this. The inmates all say sorry to Bigg Boss. Nishant says you can you use your mind instead of your muscle.

2:30 PM
Jay tells Afsana that you kept kicking me for no reason. Afsana says I kicked him once only. Karan says I mistakenly kicked Donal also, he hugs her and says sorry. Afsana says they are all shit in front of me.
Jay tells Nishant and Pratik that we don’t have much time to get the map pieces from them so how will we use our minds? We have to block them right away.
Vishal tells Shamita and others that we have to make sure that Afsana doesn’t come in the house soon, she will make our lives hell.

3 PM
Donal tells Jay that we are just defending it but you people are attacking us for no reason, Shamita was giving scissors to you which was so dangerous. Jay says we didn’t use any scissors.

Karan tells Miesha that Jay doesn’t like Donal boring him. Miesha calls Jay there and says I know you didn’t want to listen to Dona’s rant. Donal comes there and says don’t say all that. Miesha says I am just offering him food.

Donal tells Karan that I keep giving respect to Miesha but she makes fun of me every time. I don’t insult her like she does. Karan says she was just joking.

3:30 PM
Tejasswi asks Afsana if I got angry on you then you think it’s about me being in another team? Afsana says I didn’t talk about Akasa roaming around with her shirt’s buttons open. I just said that her buttons are already loose. Tejasswi says I heard it that way. Afsana says I just don’t like Shamita, I have nothing against others but I don’t like her at all. I don’t want to win the show, if I am truthful then people will like me. I have no grudge against you. Tejasswi says me also, they hug each other.

3:45 PM
Jay and Shamita cut their puzzle pieces in small pieces to flush it in the toilet.

Shamita tells Afsana that you are a liar. Afsana says I will never say sorry to you. You have done nothing in life.

Vishal tells Karan that Shamita, Pratik and Nishant kept asking us about your strategy for the map but we didn’t tell them that you people are stitching it. Nobody has told them this secret so don’t worry. Just be careful, Afsana can tell Nishant when he instigates her. If Nishant and Pratik know about the stitching thing then it will become difficult for you to make it. I am vouching for you and the jungle team so don’t worry about. Tejasswi and Jay won’t tell it to Nishant and Pratik.

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