Bigg Boss 15 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 15 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 15 13th November 2021

Salman and Ranveer come on the stage. They are coming from Ranveer’s show. Salman says you did a good show today. Ranveer says you did well on the show. Ranveer wishes him for the show and thanks him for coming to his show. Ranveer leaves from there. Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says there was a VIP zone launched this week, there are 5 members in it right now. This zone divided the house into halves. Afsana had to leave the show also. He says we wanted to ask the inmates if they know who is a useless inmate, just talks and does nothing. See what happened.

In the House:
Pratik: He says Umar just talks and does nothing. This show is about personality. Umar says I don’t talk rubbish like you. Pratik says you are a cheap man. You are dirt. Umar says you are useless. Pratik says he doesn’t have any point to talk about. Umar says you are a *****.
Shamita: She says Umar talks nonsense, he keeps fighting with 2-3 inmates only. He doesn’t open his mouth to others. Umar says you should leave the bedroom once so you know what’s happening in the house. Shamita says Umar is aggressive and he becomes very mean. Umar says I don’t care about what you think.
Umar: He says Pratik is furniture in this house, his thought process is weak. He doesn’t know how to even talk to his friends, his opinions are useless. He is a zero.
Simba: He says Umar is useless, he doesn’t listen and passes personal comments. Umar says you pass personal remarks the most. Nishant asks him to let Simba talk. Simba says he doesn’t have an opinion, he keeps following Karan. Umar says you saying the same words as Shamita so you are a follower. Pratik says he is a ****. Umar says your jokes are of 4th standard.
Tejasswi: She says Pratik keeps interfering in others’ matters and he shows his class by doing that. He gives his opinions where it’s not needed.
Nishant: He says I will give this tag to Vishal, he promises to a lot of people but he does nothing in the show. He is not able to make a genuine relationship. I don’t trust him. His friendships couldn’t survive also.
Rajiv: He says my name is Vishal. His opinions are not clear, I don’t know how he is playing the game. Vishal says I am playing for myself.
Karan: He says I want to take Jay’s name, he looks confused about the game. I don’t understand what his game is, his principles are shaky also. Jay says I am not here to give explanations. Karan says you look confused about the game.
Neha: She takes Umar’s name and says he is not doing what he can. He is just following someone else. I don’t understand his issues. I thought he had low confidence but now he keeps talking without any reason. Umar says you were not here before, we had been fighting on these matters. Neha says you were not even a good captain. You were just being aggressive, you could have been firm as a captain but you were just fighting with everyone.
Vishal: He says I see potential in Pratik but he keeps talking where it’s not required. He can let go of things but he keeps fighting for no reason.
Jay: He says I can play the game solo, I want to tell that to Karan. I think the useless inmate is Vishal, he is silent all week and just talks in weekend episodes. He acts like my friend but then attacks me on weekends. He says I want to take Pratik’s name also as he gets aggressive for no reason. He has to enter in every fight. Shamita says you have to take one name also. Jay says let’s mutually decide on a single name.

Pratik says 4 people voted for Umar. Tejasswi says Pratik has 3 votes. Jay says I am voting for Pratik also. Karan says I am taking Pratik’s name also. Umar asks Rajiv to think. Rajiv says I am not changing my mind. You get aggressive in the tasks. Nishant says this is not about tasks. Neha says you just want to save Umar. Nishant says it’s not like that. Shamita says let’s choose Umar and end it. Pratik says they keep forcing Rajiv to not take Umar’s name. Neha says Nishant is favoring Umar. Nishant says don’t say that. He says Umar has been chosen.

Shamita tells Rajiv that if you have an opinion then don’t get pressurized by others. Don’t be intimidated by others. Umar is not just aggressive in the tasks, he is aggressive overall.
Shamita tells Rajiv that we don’t know about elimination but these people are playing in a group. We have to stay together to fight them. We have Neha, Pratik, Simba, you and me in this group. That group has a majority. don’t play from both sides. You have to choose our side, you don’t have to be nice to everyone.

Karan tells Vishal that we need a majority. We should bring Simba on our side. Vishal says I understand that.

Pratik tells Neha that I don’t pass personal remarks but they all pass personal remarks on me. Why? Neha says because you show a reaction. Pratik says I am an open book. Neha says you should back off a bit.
Rajiv tells Karan that I had an opinion about Umar. Karan says don’t justify it, you can’t go against Shamita. Rajiv says she didn’t say anything to me. It was my opinion. Karan says Shamita controls you so much, you are a smart person but you have become her puppy here. Tejasswi says you don’t need to get pressurized by her. Rajiv says it’s not like that.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. Salman asks what’s going on? They all say fun. Salman says we gave you a task and the majority of you thought Umar and Pratik are useless talkers. He asks Neha if Umar talks useless and he doesn’t have a story? Neha says Umar has a story but he starts talking nonsense in fights, he loses his story in the fights. Salman asks Shamita. She says I have an issue with his aggression, I saw his different side today, he was aggressive even outside the tasks. I don’t understand his story. His aggression is on a different level. Salman tells Umar that everyone can show aggression, don’t force me to show my aggression. I am pleading with you to not make me aggressive. Umar says okay sir. Salman says you are doing good in the show, we don’t think you showed any aggression in the last 2 weeks. Umar says I am trying my best. Salman says you are doing very well. Salman tells the inmates that they were wrong about the task. The audience thinks the useless talker is the one who said he is a lion in the launch episode. Salman asks Simba who is it? Simba says it’s Jay. Salman says you are right, Jay is still looking lost. He tells Jay that we gave you so many hints. Jay says I am talking more, I am getting involved more. Salman asks who doesn’t agree with me? They all agree with me. Jay asks where am I going wrong? Salman asks who will remember the show with Jay’s name? No one. He tells Jay that you are just talking but you have no opinion. You are not being impactful on others, this show is about relationships but no one cares about you in the show. He tells Jay that he can shine by showing his character. Right now you look you are doing nothing in the show. He tells Jay that you start shouting in every matter which is fine but you don’t follow your own words. So it looks like you are talking nonsense. You act self-righteous man but no one goes to ask for suggestions. If there is a kitchen matter, people go to Nishant-Tejasswi. Pratik-Nishant’s friendship can be seen. Karan-Umar’s friendship can be seen. We can see Vishal trying everything. Neha-Shamita-Rajiv’s bond can be seen. Even Simba who doesn’t talk much has very good relationships with others. He has become an important person in the house because of those relationships. We don’t see Simba talking much but still, he is relevant to the show. Simba’s fan following has increased so much because of his personality. You people don’t have to show aggression to become a hit. Jay’s fights don’t look real, he said he keeps grudges but then he goes to Pratik and Vishal in every task to negotiate. Jay says I just talk to them in the tasks. Salman asks Shamita if she will ever negotiate with Umar in the task? She says never. Salman asks Jay if he gets the point? when you talk to people who you have grudges against and negotiate with them then you look like a useless talker. He tells Jay that no one cares if you are in the show or not. He says you are responsible for all this. Salman tells Jay that people are not relating with you, your contribution to the show is not a lot. Everyone is questioning your personality, we were not expecting this Jay, we had a lot of hopes from you. I know you from before and you can win hearts easily but you have difficulty in the house in winning hearts. Jay says friendships change here as per the task. Neha says I have spent time with Jay but he doesn’t sound genuine, he can become friends by ignoring some mistakes of others. You take a stand for yourself and don’t even think about your friends. Salman says Jay knows all this, he is not showing his real personality in the house. Salman asks Jay if anyone has a close bond with Jay? Neha says half/half, I feel he keeps a barrier, he is caught up in his own self. Salman asks Jay to up his game, be himself, he can win hearts. Jay says when Gautam came, he said things which made me go on backfoot, I don’t want to come across as an angry man. Salman says you are not making connections, you need to connect with others. Why are you stopping yourself? Jay says I wanted to play a solo game but they have made groups. I am in the middle. Salman says Jay should have made teams, I am shocked you couldn’t make a team. You could have been a team leader but no one is considering you in their team right now. Salman asks Jay to get his point, it’s about bonding. You can change things easily, just be yourself, don’t be afraid of showing that. Jay gets emotional and says I don’t cheat anyone here. Salman says it’s not about cheating, you are getting confused with things.

Salman says let’s move one and talk about the captain. He tells Umar that he doesn’t look like a captain. Pratik looks like the captain more. Salman asks Pratik what is captain’s duty? Pratik says the captain has to make sure that everyone does their duty, stop them from breaking rules. Salman asks him if Umar gave wrong duties? Pratik says it’s not like that, we would do duties but he didn’t give a reason for taking a duty from me. He should have been fair. Salman asks Pratik if he was taking out personal anger on Umar? Pratik says I want to be the captain of the house. When Umar became the captain, he took rationing duty from me. He went personal with me but I was angry about the duty only. Salman says Pratik got angry in the rationing task on Umar for crossing the line but they all lost ration because of Shamita-Afsana then Pratik was the one saying don’t blame them. Pratik says I didn’t want them to be cornered. Salman says wow, you got so angry on Umar when he just cross the task line but then you lost ration and didn’t care at all? You became a saint then? Pratik says I just didn’t want Umar to break rules. Salman tells Pratik if you don’t like Umar being a captain then say it, don’t sugarcoat things by saying you are fair, righteous and being a saint. Don’t fake it. Salman asks Pratik since how long does he know Rajiv? Pratik says for 2 years. Salman asks if you behave the same way with Rajiv outside? Pratik says we don’t talk much. Salman says you all joke with Rajiv, it’s a boy talk which is fine but there has to be a limit to it. He tells Pratik that you keep crossing the line with Rajiv. You kept calling Ishaan as Rajiv’s biscuit boy. Pratik says I just meant Ishaan is his friend. Vishal says Pratik didn’t have a bad intention. Nishant says Rajiv took it in a fun way. Salman says it was not fun for Rajiv. Umar says Rajiv said he didn’t like that joke. Salman tells Pratik if I **** do that with you then you will start crying. Don’t go below the belt, you have no right to say those things to Rajiv. What if I joke with you like that? You will start crying in 2 seconds. You said you don’t cross THAT line. What does that mean? Pratik says I don’t pass personal comments, I don’t cross the line. Salman says Rajiv told you to not cross the line which means you were crossing the line. Salman asks Vishal what did Pratik mean when he said he doesn’t want to cross THAT line? Vishal is silent. Tejasswi says Rajiv talked to me, he shared some things with me. Rajiv told me that some things make him uncomfortable, he said that Pratik is crossing the line with him. I told Rajiv to speak up as this is harassment. Even today, Rajiv wanted to take Pratik’s name when we had to choose a useless talker. Salman says Pratik kept bullying Rajiv, he says Rajiv didn’t want to talk about that topic but Pratik keeps bringing it up. Salman tells Pratik if I was in the house then you would cry to leave the house. He tells Pratik that you don’t know the line. Pratik says I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I am really sorry. Salman says Rajiv is handling it all with dignity. Pratik says I didn’t mean it in that way at all. Shamita tells Rajiv why didn’t he talk to her? Pratik says I am really sorry. Vishal says Rajiv is making everyone smile. Salman says everyone was present there but no one stopped Pratik. Shamita says I didn’t see that situation. I always stop Pratik. I don’t understand why Rajiv talked to Tejasswi and didn’t talk to me, I am his sister but he went to Tejasswi. Tejasswi says that’s not the point. Salman says Rajiv must have just gone to her in a trance. Salman tells the inmates that everyone was present when Pratik was bullying Rajiv except Tejasswi. The self-righteous man Jay was silent, Rajiv’s sister Shamita was silent also. Shamita says I have asked Pratik to not joke with Rajiv. Salman says you were laughing with Raqesh when Pratik was bullying Rajiv. Shamita says Rajiv is always laughing at Pratik’s jokes so I am not sure what Rajiv thinks about his jokes. Salman says Rajiv kept saying that he was not comfortable but you didn’t stop Pratik. Shamita says they keep joking with Rajiv but he doesn’t speak up. I don’t know what’s wrong with him or not. Salman tells Shamita that this is convenient, if he doesn’t like something then it’s a choice. Salman asks Rajiv why he doesn’t take a stand for himself? We don’t see Simba shouting but he takes a stand for himself so why not you? Rajiv says you are right. Salman says just voice out if you don’t like something. Salman says even Jay was silent when it happened. Jay says I have asked Rajiv to clarify when he doesn’t like these jokes. Rajiv laughs at some jokes so we don’t know when he is uncomfortable. They keep joking about his weight also. Salman says you can joke with others. He tells Rajiv to take a stand for himself and Pratik shouldn’t cross the line. Pratik says it was not my intention. Salman says you think this is comedy? Pratik says it won’t happen ever again. Salman says if Rajiv was your brother then what would you do? Pratik says I would have broken their face. Salman says you think you are a fighter? Pratik says it’s not like that. I promise it won’t happen again.
Salman asks Neha what’s Pratik’s pattern? Neha says he tries to intimidate others from the first week. Then he gets angry and keeps saying sorry. Salman says you talked about his pattern in the shows also. Neha says Miesha talked about it before, Pratik thinks he doesn’t need emotional support but he looks for it. I see convenience, it doesn’t matter if it’s a male or female but he uses emotional support. Salman says Miesha and you said that Pratik goes to a show, makes a relationship with a female whether it’s love or hate but then he uses that in the next show. It happened with Divya in OTT and happened with Miesha here. He asks Neha why is she becoming Miesha or Divya for Pratik here? Neha says I am taking this feedback. He asks Shamita. Shamita says Neha and Pratik were close friends in OTT, they are trying to be civil here but they keep crossing the line. Salman tells Neha that you keep talking about OTT, you keep making comparisons but you entered this show as a friend of Shamita and Pratik. Neha says it’s not like that. Salman says we are not able to see Neha Bhasin, we just see a friend to Shamita and Pratik. Salman asks Nishant if Neha looks lost? Nishant says Neha has a unique personality, she is entertaining but she is trying to understand equations. I think she will work on the feedback. Salman asks Neha if Nishant gives his strong opinions like he did in OTT? Neha says no. Shamita says no, Nishant is not playing strongly. Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Umar tells Rajiv to speak up if you don’t find some things right. Rajiv says I know that. Vishal hugs Rajiv.
Jay tells Nishant that I knew it would come on me. Nishant says you have requested so much to others in the game. Jay says Vishal negotiates with others too.
Pratik hugs Rajiv and says I am really sorry. Rajiv says just don’t cross the line.
Tejasswi tells Umar that if Rajiv opened up to me then why Shamita got angry? Umar says she is so controlling. Tejasswi says 4-5 people follow her so she thinks she is a boss. Karan says she didn’t care about the actual issue but she was worried about Rajiv talking to me.

Simba tells Rajiv that you can talk to anyone about issues here. Rajiv says Shamita got angry that I talked to Tejasswi. I was eating and Tejasswi was there so I talked to her.

Shamita tells Karan that I was questioned by the host as a sister but I was not aware of it. Karan says that the topic was about Rajiv and not about this. Shamita says I was questioned so it upset me. Karan says I would have shown care to Rajiv at that point. Shamita says you will teach me how to treat Rajiv? Karan says you don’t have to go on an ego trip. You shouldn’t care if Rajiv went to Tejasswi, the point is what the issue was. Shamita says I am his sister, he should have come to me. Karan says you are showing anger to him so he would be scared. Shamita says he accepts me the way I am, Rajiv should have come to me. Karan says the issue was with Rajiv, he should be comforted. Shamita says it makes me feel bad that I was not there for my brother. Karan says you should have comforted Rajiv at that point. Shamita says Rajiv can come to me anytime he wants. I feel stupid as a sister that he didn’t come to me. Rajiv says Tejasswi was there so I talked to her. Shamita says you should have come to me. Rajiv says I know you would take a stand for me. Karan says I would give benefit of doubt to Pratik as you both keep joking with each other. Rajiv says I don’t care about small jokes, when he crosses the line then I tell him to stop it. Shamita says you should speak up for yourself. Pratik says I am sorry if I have hurt you. Shamita asks Rajiv to tell her if someone is hurting him. Rajiv says no one.
Tejasswi tells Karan that Shamita is being territorial. She tells Karan that you don’t need to correct Shamita’s personality. Why do you care and tell her that she shouldn’t have reacted that way? Karan says I went to her because of Rajiv. I just told her to not be angry with Rajiv and give comfort to Rajiv. Tejasswi says don’t correct Shamita’s personality, she doesn’t need it. Karan says I wanted my dad to console me at some point in life. I just wanted Shamita to comfort Rajiv. Tejasswi says Rajiv came to me for comfort because he has seen my heart. Karan says if Rajiv wants comfort from her then I can help them a little bit. Umar tells Karan that Shamita was not even listening to you, look at her attitude. Karan says I didn’t talk to Shamita for the game. I wish someone had talked to me nicely in childhood when I needed comfort. I didn’t go to her to do her personality correction. He gets emotional. Tejasswi says don’t do it, I am comforting Rajiv. Tejasswi hugs Karan and says I am sorry. You should understand me. Karan says give me some time, he goes from there.
Shamita asks Rajiv what did he learn? Rajiv says that I should stand up for myself.
Karan tells Nishant and Tejasswi that when you are a child, you do things to make your parents proud but if you don’t get their attention then you react badly, you beat people and whatnot. A child needs comfort and love at that point. When I see someone reacting wrongly then I remember that I just needed love and comfort. That’s why I try to get that comfort for people.

Kartik Aryan enters the show. He looks inside the house through the windows. He goes to the control room and shows 250 cameras of the house.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes Kartik Aryan on the stage. He hugs Kartik. Kartik says it’s good to see you. Kartik promotes his movie. He goes into the house.

In the House:
Kartik enters the house. Karan says so good to see you. Kartik says the same here. Kartik says I will play a game, who is increasing the TRPs and who is decreasing the TRP.
Nishant: He says Jay is decreasing TRP and Karan is increasing TRP. He says I am spending more time with Karan and I like the way he is playing his game. Nishant adds TRP to Rajiv and says he has changed the dynamic of the show. Rajiv laughs.
Umar: He says Jay is decreasing TRP as he looks confused. He says I am increasing the TRP of the show, I have grown in the game.
Pratik: He says Umar is decreasing TRP as he doesn’t have his opinion. Karan says he is boring us so much. Pratik says I am bored with you playing on backs. Pratik increases his TRP and says I have done mistakes but I accept them and move on.
Neha: She takes TRP from Tejasswi’s board and says she can be a strong voice, I know she has opinions but she doesn’t take a stand. She plays behind her back using Karan. She didn’t take a stand against Afsana, she was laughing when Rajiv was being bullied. Tejasswi says I lose my energy when I want to. Neha says she didn’t care if Afsana was using a knife. Tejasswi says she is not even letting me talk. Neha says that’s not true. Tejasswi says she is hyper so I won’t poke her, Afsana was not well so I didn’t want to shout at her. I was just trying to calm Afsana down. Neha says she left Afsana alone when he was having a difficult time. She then blamed others for instigating Afsana. Tejasswi says I couldn’t control her when she was restless. Neha says that was when Afsana had taken the knife, Tejasswi could have controlled her before that. Tejasswi was just snickering in a corner, she never talked to Afsana. She just left her to shout at others. Then Tejasswi blamed us for instigating her. Neha gives TRP to Simba and says he speaks his mind in just one line, he has a unique personality which adds to the show.
Tejasswi: She says Jay is decreasing TRP, he looks confused and needs time to contemplate things. Jay says I am clear about what to do in life. She says Karan is increasing TRP because of his opinions, he has an emotional side to him also. Kartik says Karan is blushing. Karan laughs.
Karan: He says I am emotional today. He says I want to end one matter with Jay. He has his ethics but I didn’t like one thing. He knows Tejasswi’s importance for me but he went to her and talked bad about me. Neha asks him to come to the point. Karan says if you stop blabbering only then I can talk. Karan says Jay told Tejasswi that I am influencing her. Jay says I don’t see you supporting Tejasswi in the game. I don’t want to create a rift between you both. I just told her that he doesn’t support her game. Karan says it’s not about the game, it’s about friendships. Karan says I want to increase TRP for Tejasswi, she has been very good. He takes TRP from Vishal’s block and says when someone is hurt then he tries to play even then. He should have some shame. He gives TRP to Tejasswi’s block.
Jay: He tells Karan that we will clarify things. He says I am decreasing TRP from my block because I trust Salman. He says I want to increase TRP for Nishant as he is a complete package, he is an entertaining, good player.
Shamita: She decreases Jay’s TRP and says he looks lost. She adds it to Vishal’s block as he is back in the game.
Vishal: He takes the block from Karan’s strip and says he should play from the front. He shouldn’t play behind my back. I am very hurt. He gives the TRP to Tejasswi and says she is on the face. I like her. Karan says I will say clearly. I trusted him but he keeps doing the same thing. He says sorry to Kartik. Nishant says we will talk on a different forum. Pratik says he can talk if he wants. Karan says it’s an emotional issue which you won’t understand. Nishant tells Karan to clarify with Vishal separately.
Simba: He says Vishal is decreasing TRP as he is always manipulating others. He can make his own team lose for his game. He increases Nishant’s TRP as he is a complete package.
Rajiv: He decreases Jay’s TRP and gives it to Simba, he doesn’t need to be aggressive.

Kartik says Simba is increasing the TRP most. Simba says some poetry, all clap for him. Kartik wishes them and leaves the house.

In the House:
Vishal tells Umar what is Karan talking about? He should talk to me openly.
Karan tells Jay that I am possessive about Tejasswi, I didn’t like when you were talking about me. Jay says I didn’t think about you, I don’t want to bring a rift between you both. Karan says I don’t even have a problem with you Jay.

On the Stage:
Salman says tomorrow will be a drama-filled episode. The clip shows Pratik-Umar fighting. Karan-Neha fight. Shamita-Nishant arguing. Salman signs off from the episode.

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