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Bigg Boss 15 12th October 2021

Day 11
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song Big Picture. They all dance. Vishal tells the camera that I like Ranveer so thank you for playing his song. Tejasswi tells Vidhi that till when I will keep wearing others’ clothes? I am getting upset now. This Bigg Boss baby doesn’t listen to me.

8:15 AM
Vishal talks to the camera and says it’s a special day for me. I want to wish Amitabh Bachan a very happy birthday. I used to watch your movies and dream about becoming an actor. I planned to become an actor after watching your movie Deewar. He mimics Amitabh’s dialogues and says thank you so much for inspiring me, you are my God. He gets emotional and says thank you so much for everything. Happy birthday to you, God bless you.

9 AM
BigG enters the house and leaves a letter there. Vishal asks him to dance. BigG dances with them. Simba reads the letter which says you can do anything in the jungle and win against others.

9:30 AM
Tejasswi says good morning to Donal but she ignores them. Jay tells Tejasswi that Donal is not making breakfast. It’s always late. Tejasswi says it’s not about making food, it’s about persistence and do it daily. You have to work all day to cook. It’s not about being a good cook.
Donal asks Karan who should I talk to about kitchen duty? Vishal says you should discuss this with the kitchen team. Karan says you all get late in cooking, we get lunch at the dinner time. Vidhi comes there and asks Donal to help them. We all need to be there to make breakfast. Donal says I am doing it daily. Vidhi says we are doing it daily too. We don’t even take a break. We have to be quick. I don’t know how to cook an omelet that’s why I am asking you. Donal talks to Shamita and says we need more help in the kitchen. Vidhi asks Donal to come and help Tejasswi, she is making breakfast alone. Donal says give me some time.

9:45 AM
Karan asks Donal that when Vidhi and Tejasswi are cooking, they give food on time. Donal says we make food on time also. Karan says Tejasswi is never late with her food. Donal says I can start cooking after waking up only. Jay tells Donal that she has to sacrifice a bit when she is doing kitchen duty. Karan says we are not questioning your hard work, we are not ungrateful. We are not complaining but it’s just about timing. Donal says at least you got the food. Karan says I don’t like this behavior. Donal says Miesha and I were cooking alone so it takes time. Karan says Tejasswi and Vidhi are two people also but they are always on time. Donal says I am sorry, we will work better. Karan says okay.

10:30 AM
Afsana tells Karan that you were closest to me but now you are ignoring me. Karan says you taunt people and belittle Vishal about his status which I don’t like. You tell Shamita that she doesn’t have work that’s why she is here. I don’t like all these things. I just want you to promise to not say wrong things like these again. Afsana says I will taunt anyone’s career, family, or hurt their hearts. I promise you. But if someone taunts me then will you take a stand for me? Karan says I will.

1 PM
Donal is inside the house. Vidhi tells Jay that Donal is close to Nishant and Pratik. Jay says she can’t go inside the house like this, she is doing yoga inside. Vidhi says she is breaking the rule for no reason. Jay says I never went in the house for no reason.

2:45 PM
Shamita reads the task to the inmates. She reads that jungle inmates are living a difficult life while 3 OTT members have all amenities. One of the main amenities is the mattress. If Jungle inmates want to become housemates then they have to get puzzle pieces and make a pathway to the house. Today’s task is ‘thief’s rule’. The housemates will be against jungle inmates in this task. If the jungle inmates win this task then they will have 30 more puzzle pieces but if housemates win this task then jungle inmates will have to give their existing puzzle pieces. In this task, Vishal will lead the gang that has overtaken the house. Tejasswi will be Vishal’s wife as a thief, she will take care of Vishal. Jay and Karan will be right and left-hand men of Vishal as chiefs. They will guide Vishal. Akasa, Miesha, Afsana, and Donal will be cook for the gang. They will keep stirring the food. Simba, Ishaan, Umar and Vidhi will be guards of the game. She reads that Shamita, Pratik and Nishant will have to kill the gang members. They will kill from level up, first guards then cook then chiefs and then Vishal. Bigg Boss says only Shamita, Pratik and Nishant will know the ways to kill the jungle inmates.

Shamita reads to Pratik and Nishant that if they want to kill the jungle inmate then they have some options. They can kill by:
– taking their photo
– take their trimmer
– take their luggage bag
– dip their shoe in the paint
– take their photo when they are angry and show it to Bigg Boss
– paste ‘killed’ sticker on their back.

If they need paint, a camera or a sticker then they can take it from the store room.

Shamita tells Nishant that we can rile up Ishaan. Nishant says we can take Afsana’s shoes.

Umar tells Karan that we can close the door and not let them come on this side. Jay says let’s do it.

Pratik goes to the storeroom to take items.

3:30 PM
Karan says we have to guess how they will kill us. The buzzer plays and the task starts. All jungle inmates guard their side of the house. Nishant asks the inmates to let them come on their side.

Shamita and Pratik take boys’ trimmers. Bigg Boss calls Shamita, Pratik and Nishant in the confession room.

In the confession room, Bigg Boss says you have to announce who you are going to kill and how then you will try to kill them. You can’t try to kill 2-3 inmates together. You have to announce one name and try to kill that person first.
Karan comes into the house and takes the camera from there. Pratik, Nishant and Shamita come into the house. Pratik says did he take the camera? Shamita says I left it on the sofa.
Karan shows the camera to his team and says they were trying to take our photos.
Pratik tells Shamita that she should have hidden the camera. Shamita says we have other ways to kill. Nishant asks Karan to open the door. Karan says tell me your plan first. He comes into the house. Shamita tries to stop him by grabbing him.

Shamita whispers to Nishant that I will take Simba’s trimmer. Karan tries to hear their talk. Nishant goes to Pratik so Karan follows them.
Nishant announces on the camera that we will kill Simba first by taking his trimmer. Shamita goes and takes Simba’s trimmer.
Karan tells his team that we have to make sure that they are not able to communicate with each other. I need my team in the house. He asks Miesha to keep following Nishant around and don’t let him talk to Shamita and Pratik. Nishant says it’s not like that. Miesha goes to Shamita and says I want to give you company. Nishant tries to talk to Shamita but Karan grabs him. Karan covers Nishant’s face with a hat. He laughs. Karan covers him with a blanket. Nishant says I can’t even breathe. Karan laughs.
Pratik tries to whisper to Shamita but Miesha is holding Shamita. Pratik says leave her alone. Miesha says let us play our game.
Shamita comes to Nishant but Karan asks Miesha to control her. Pratik tries to separate Nishant from Karan and Jay. Karan says don’t let them talk to each other. Pratik says leave him alone. Nishant says my underwear is going down. Karan laughs. Vidhi says Nishant does it with fun while Pratik gets angry. Shamita tells Karan to not use physical power. Nishant says let us do the task. Pratik tries to push Jay from Nishant. Nishant shouts to stop it. Shamita says I can’t play like this. Pratik says they are all scared of us. Shamita says my body is hurting now, this is too much. Miesha comes out of the house and sends Afsana inside. She asks Afsana to keep hold of Shamita.

Shamita tells Pratik that I can’t get physical like this, this is wrong. Pratik says they are using the power which is wrong. Nishant says you people don’t use brains. Shamita whispers to Pratik to hold Afsana away from her. Afsana drinks from their bottle and spits it. Pratik says it was oil in it. Shamita laughs. Jay is keeping Nishant away from his team. Karan takes their desert and gives it to his team. Akasa goes into the house to keep an eye on the housemates. She finds a trimmer with Pratik and says don’t do anything stupid. Pratik puts Simba’s trimmer in the storeroom while Akasa is following him.
Nishant says my nail is bleeding, I am getting irritated now.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the housemates were able to kill Simba so Ishaan, Umar and Vidhi are out of the task as they are on level one. All jungle inmates are confused. Pratik laughs at them and says keep using power now.

4:00 PM
Akasa tells her team that Pratik took Simba’s trimmer but he already had it when I saw him.

Shamita is trying to go on the jungle side. All inmates charge at her. Bigg Boss says anyone can get hurt so move away. Karan says Shamita will get hurt. Shamita is being pushed by the guys. She shouts at them to leave and send girls in. Pratik shouts at the jungle inmates that they are fools. Pratik is trying to open the jungle door but all jungles inmates are fighting him. Shamita tells Nishant that I will take Akasa’s slipper as she is in the cooking team which is next.
Ishaan goes to the luggage area and takes Miesha’s make-up pouch.
Tejasswi tells Donal to let her go inside the house.

Shamita goes into the luggage area and takes Akasa’s slipper
Nishant goes to the camera that we will kill Akasa in the second level by taking her slipper and paint it.

Bigg Boss asks the inmates to stop the task till some instructions are given.

Shamita goes to the storeroom and puts Akasa’s slipper in the bucket. She comes out. Vidhi tells Karan that Shamita took Akasa’s slipper. She runs to the storeroom and takes Akasa’s slipper from Shamita. Bigg Boss asks them to stop the task. Vidhi gives Akasa’s slipper to her team.

4:45 PM
Shamita calls Pratik and says I can’t play like this. I am getting hurt. Pratik tells jungle inmates that this is not right, you all are fools. Ishaan says you are a fool. Pratik asks him to shut up. Bigg Boss asks them to gather indoors. Pratik says they keep using power. Shamita got hurt. Jay shouts at him to shut up. Pratik screams at him. Jay says you are a ******, Pratik says don’t curse me. I would beat you up if you were outside. Jay shouts to hit him if he has guts. Shamita asks Pratik to calm down. Pratik says you all have hurt Shamita badly. Jay says I didn’t hurt her, Shamita was charging at me. You are a puppy. Jay asks him to get lost. Pratik says you have no brains. Vidhi asks Jay to not be instigated. Shamita asks Pratik to calm down, I want people to see a different Pratik. Nishant shouts at Jay to not curse him, he is not cursing you. Jay says he is instigating us for no reason. Nishant says I know what he is doing. Pratik cries in the corner and tells Shamita that I don’t like it when he curses my mother. He called me *****, how can he do that? Vishal asks him to calm down. He takes him from there. Pratik cries and says why does he always curse my mother?
Shamita shouts at Jay you can’t curse his mother like that. Jay says what about the way he is talking to me? You are taking his side because he is in your team now? I don’t like the way he talks to me. Nishant says you can talk to him in the same way but you can’t curse him like that. You can fight with him but don’t curse him. Don’t abuse for no reason.
Pratik cries and tells Karan that he keeps cursing my mother, if I do something then I am being scolded but he can curse my mother? He slaps himself. Shamita stops him and says don’t do that. Vishal asks him to calm down. Pratik says I can’t hear my mother being cursed. I will walk out of the show if my mother is being cursed like this. Salman sir please eliminate me if this is going to happen. Afsana says we are all with you.
Tejasswi asks Jay to not get instigated by him. Jay says don’t come near me when I am angry. Tejasswi goes away.
Afsana hugs Pratik and says your sister is with you. Don’t worry at all. We all saw who is wrong.
Jay tells Ishaan that I don’t like his behavior. Simba says but you shouldn’t curse him like that. Jay says I didn’t curse his mother. Vidhi says Salman Sir cursed him also for breaking my washroom door. Why didn’t Pratik react like this then?

5 PM
Shamita tells Vishal that 10 people are attacking us together. Pratik is trying to not be physical. Vishal says you should stop when all are attacking you. Karan says Pratik also does the same. Shamita says so you want us to not play the game? Nishant says I was having fun with Jay and Karan but this is a mind game. Tejasswi says then why were you fighting with us if it’s a mental task? Nishant says it’s our strategy. Tejasswi says so you got hurt because of yourself only? Nishant says but you can’t grab us like that. Tejasswi says you people were dying to come on the jungle side so don’t make an issue now. If it’s a mental game then why were you fighting to break the door? Pratik asks Nishant to not argue with them. Nishant says we were not fighting physically. Tejasswi says but why were you trying to come on the jungle side? Shamita says if you people can come inside the house then why can’t we go in the jungle area? 2 people are grabbing Nishant so you think that is right? Tejasswi says it’s not our fault that we have more manpower. Nishant says it’s not about the physical fight but how smart you can play.

Jay tells Ishaan that Shamita was grabbing my leg so I can cry that she was hurting me also.
Shamita tells Tejasswi that they were hurting me. Tejasswi says you were grabbing Jay’s foot too. Shamita says because two people were over Nishant so I had to save him. Tejasswi says but Nishant is not cribbing about it. Shamita asks Nishant if he liked 2 people over-powering him? Nishant says not at all. Tejasswi says he can’t enjoy it, we know that. Jay asks Shamita if he grabbed her once? You grabbed my foot so don’t complain now that you got hurt. We got hurt also. Shamita says really? Vidhi shows her bruises and says we got hurt too. Tejasswi says I know my guys, they were not trying to hurt Shamita. Nishant says if you people want to play this game then let’s hurt each other. Tejasswi says fine with us.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we told you all that only Shamita, Nishant and Pratik can cross the photo of the inmate after killing them. After one kill, they have to wait for another buzzer for the next kill. He tells them to not block the glass door anymore as if it breaks then you can get hurt. From now on, you can’t block anyone using the glass door. Only Simba got killed as the task got stopped before Shamita could kill Akasa. The buzzer will play and the task will resume.

5:30 PM
Karan asks Pratik to not go near Jay as he will do something stupid again. Pratik says did I do anything wrong today? Karan says no. Pratik says then talk to him and tell him to not curse at me again.
Karan tells Ishaan that they are keeping things in the storeroom.
Shamita tells Nishant that we will coordinate with Pratik so let him remain outside. Nishant says it will be a draw if we can’t kill Vishal and Tejasswi. Shamita laughs and says then it won’t be a draw, it will be their victory.

6 PM
The buzzer plays. Shamita whispers to Nishant to announce in the camera silently. Nishant goes into the bedroom and sees Karan checking his stuff. Nishant says why are you taking my stuff? Karan says I am just checking. He leaves. Nishant tells the camera that they are going to kill Afsana using a sticker.

Pratik is in the jungle area. Tejasswi keeps following him.

Nishant asks Karan to not block him anymore. Karan says you are smart. Ishaan grabs Nishant. Nishant says don’t do it, I am getting hurt now. Jay and Vishal are blocking Nishant so he can’t come on the jungle side. Karan says don’t let Nishant talk to Pratik. Tejasswi keeps blocking Pratik. Pratik rushes to Nishant and whispers something to him. Nishant says Shamita. Pratik gives him a thumbs up and sits in the jungle. Pratik asks Tejasswi to leave him alone. Pratik rushes to Afsana and puts a sticker on her back but Tejasswi takes it off. Pratik says I applied it then she took it off. Tejasswi says you couldn’t apply it. Tejasswi asks Afsana to move away, it’s irritating me that you are not moving away. Tejasswi keeps blocking Pratik. He runs to Afsana but she falls down. Pratik rushes to her. Tejasswi says you shouldn’t have pushed her like this. Afsana cries so Donal tries to calm her down. Miesha and Akasa take her from there. Afsana is weeping.

6:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that only one hour is left before the task ends. Pratik, Shamita and Nishant were able to kill only 1 inmate till now. Shamita tells Nishant that we can’t do it, let’s leave it. Nishant says we tried. Shamita says we did.

Vishal says we are going to win the task. Tejasswi says what did you do? Nothing.

Shamita tells Nishant that Miesha’s slippers are lying around. We can take it and put it in the paint. Nishant tells the camera that they are going to kill Miesha using her slippers.
Nishant tries to talk to Pratik but Karan blocks him. Tejasswi is blocking Pratik but Nishant gives tissue to Pratik. All are trying to block Nishant and Pratik so Shamita goes into the storeroom with Miesha’s shoes. She puts them in the paint and says poor pretty shoes. She comes out of the storeroom and laughs. Pratik throws tissue on Miesha.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Miesha got killed by the housemates so Miesha, Afsana, Donal and Akasa are out of the task.

Shamita tells Pratik and Nishant that I destroyed Miesha’s shoes so I feel bad now.

7:30 PM
Jay tells Karan that we can enter the house and not let them do anything. Simba says I can hide in the washroom. Jay says some people can protect the luggage. Karan says but we are breaking the rule by entering the house. Jay and Karan hide in the washroom area. Tejasswi and Donal try to block Shamita and Nishant. Tejasswi says you are hurting my nail. Shamita says are you trying to mimic me and say that I was pretending to be hurt? Tejasswi says no, I am really hurt. Pratik and Nishant try to enter the washroom area but Tejasswi and Donal block them. Nishant says Donal and Miesha are out of the task so they can’t block us. Vishal blocks Nishant and Pratik. Nishant says what is this way of playing? We are not using power or fighting with you all. Tejasswi says let us stay in the washroom area then.

7:45 PM
Vishal asks Afsana to keep engaged in the conversation. He asks Ishaan to go and fight with them.

Nishant tells Pratik that we can’t do it, they will block us. Ishaan comes to Pratik and says what did you say to Umar about me? Pratik says you are not in the game. Ishaan says Pratik is going on my family, don’t say all that stuff. Pratik says don’t play a game with me. Ishaan says don’t touch me. Nishant says don’t touch each other. Pratik says sorry.

The buzzer plays and the task ends. All jungle inmates cheer. Vishal hugs Pratik. Nishant hugs everyone. Everyone claps for each other. Karan hugs Nishant and Pratik.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the task has ended. The housemates tried their best but the jungle inmates won the task. They will get 30 puzzle pieces from the cave now. Pratik goes behind them. Nishant says I have no interest in fighting now. Simba and Ishaan take the puzzle pieces from the cave.

Shamita tells Karan that Jay is very aggressive. Karan tells Shamita that it was not Pratik’s fault. Jay keeps grudges inside him. Nishant says Jay instigates Pratik also. Karan says Jay is not changing his ways, at least Pratik is trying to change so he is better than Jay.

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