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Bigg Boss 15 11th November 2021

Shamita tells Neha that I will get Afsana out of the game. She tells Simba to block Afsana in the next round, I have to stop them from favoring her. Simba says sure.
Umar tells Tejasswi that Simba wants to block Afsana because Shamita asked him to.
Neha asks Nishant why didn’t he give a raincoat to Shamita? Shamita says he was not listening to me. I saw you cheating, do everything from the front, don’t play with me. She says you broke my trust forever. Nishant says it’s okay. Shamita says Vishal told me to not trust you and he was right. Neha tells Nishant that you are playing from their side? Nishant says I know things are happening wrongly but they are not listening to me. Karan tells Neha that we didn’t want to eliminate Shamita from the game. Neha says just play fairly. Karan says we have a plan but it was not in the plan. Rajiv says they are breaking all the rules. Shamita tells Umar that you are playing against the rules. Shamita says we will block Afsana as it’s not against the rules. Nishant tells Umar that you shouldn’t have favored Afsana blatantly as now they are all against her. Karan says everything is in our hands, don’t worry.
Shamita tells Vishal that let’s block Afsana as they want her to win. Vishal says they can win the game but we will win the play.
Neha tells Nishant to focus on what’s important. She kisses his cheek and says just favor Pratik. Nishant says it’s difficult. Neha says then you are not safe. Shamita says we will block Afsana as we are not part of the task and we can do anything.

The round ends, Neha asks Shamita to calm down a little bit. Shamita says I took time to trust Nishant but I am done. Neha says just give me time. Shamita says I don’t care. Neha says just wait a bit. Bigg Boss tells Tejasswi to announce who has been eliminated from the task. Tejasswi says Shamita was last so she has been eliminated. Neha tells Shamita that we should play for Pratik. Shamita says you asked Nishant to favor Pratik and not me? Why Pratik? Neha says because he saved me. Shamita says give me time, who is your friend? Pratik is your priority and not me? I did a favor on you outside the house and you are doing this? Neha says talk to me. Shamita says I don’t want to talk. Neha says fine.
Tejasswi tells Simba that you are a nice guy, you have never gone against the rules so stay true to yourself. Simba says I will not. I am out of the task so I won’t interfere. Tejasswi says I was shocked that they want you to block Afsana as you are eliminated already. Rajiv says you people are breaking the rules but we can’t?

5:45 PM
Afsana shouts at Rajiv that I am challenging you, if anybody touches me then I will take off my shirt. Rajiv says I am not scared of you. Afsana says if you touch me then I won’t spare you. Rajiv says I am not touching you, you just want to create an issue. Jay tells Afsana that he is not touching you, don’t say all that. Afsana says don’t come near me. Jay says don’t threaten others. Afsana says once a person is eliminated from the task then they don’t play but you all are plotting against me. I was working on the task but Rajiv kept following me. Why? He is already eliminated so he can’t be behind me. Rajiv says I didn’t touch you.
Neha tells Shamita that you are not thinking sensibly. Shamita says do you remember what happened outside? How I helped you? Neha says don’t play that card, I am not a child. Shamita says you have disappointed me. Neha says you are not understanding the game. Shamita says Raqesh is not here so I want your trust. Neha says you can’t trust Jay but you are trusting him over me. Neha says Pratik fought for me so I wanted to pay him back by supporting him in the game. Shamita says you are confused, you say you are with me but then you support Pratik?
Jay shouts at Afsana to not use cheap words with him. I am not touching you. Afsana says you people keep coming near me. Rajiv says I didn’t touch you. Afsana says you were near me. I won’t spare you. Rajiv says I will never touch you. Afsana says I will take off my *****. Jay says people are watching and she is saying all that. Shamita asks Afsana to not say cheap things. Afsana asks Rajiv to get lost. Neha asks Afsana to not shout. Afsana says they all plan and plot against me. I have had to bear all this. Rajiv says I didn’t touch her. Afsana says I am challenging you. Rajiv says you are a cheap woman. Afsana says come near me and nobody can save you. Rajiv says don’t play the woman card.

Tejasswi tells Umar that you shouldn’t have given the raincoats before the announcement. Karan tells Umar that we can’t protect Afsana if she does mistakes like this. She is not listening to us at all.

Afsana tells Jay that I am a girl and you people are taunting me. Jay says you started all this. Afsana says I will take off my **** if anyone comes near me. Shamita asks her to shut up. Jay says don’t use these kinds of words. Pratik pleads Afsana to stop saying all that. It’s doesn’t look nice.

Vishal tells Tejasswi that Afsana is saying such cheap things to Rajiv. Tejasswi says I saw you talking to Shamita, what’s going on? Vishal says she keeps asking me which side I am on. Tejasswi says I am trusting you but everyone thinks you will fool us, you will go back to your sister. Don’t let me down. Vishal says I am on your side and it’s my word, I will not let you down.
Neha shouts at Afsana to not come near Rajiv again, you are making fun of girls by saying all that. Jay says she always does this. Jay says Afsana says cheap things all the time. Pratik asks Afsana to not say all that. Afsana says I will file a case against Rajiv. Shamita says then go and do it. Afsana says I won’t be scared of them. Shamita says you said that I am sending my brother to loot you? Afsana says don’t threaten me.

6 PM
Nishant tells Karan that if we save Afsana again then they will totally go against us. Let’s just eliminate Afsana now. Then we will see who wins between Pratik, Jay and Vishal.

Jay asks Karan to come and handle Afsana. Afsana is saying such cheap words to Rajiv. Jay says you are supporting a woman who is saying all that? She is putting cheap allegations on Rajiv. Nishant comes to Pratik and asks what happened? Pratik says I am scared of Afsana saying all that, she can allege any guy. Vishal says we have to stop her, it has become her habit to use that card. Neha says how can they support Afsana like this? Umar says we are referees so we can do anything we want.
Nishant tells Tejasswi that if we eliminate Jay now then it will be bad, I am out of it now.

6:30 PM
Nishant tells Neha that everybody is against each other now. He says the situation is different now. I am here to play for myself, I am not here to praise someone. I didn’t know I would get the VIP card but I have to be with them now. Neha says we have an equation with Shamita and Pratik so just be clear with them. Nishant says if I am not favoring Shamita in the game then that doesn’t mean I don’t care about her. I have to be aligned with other VIP members right now.

The next round starts, Jay, Pratik, Vishal and Afsana start collecting gold. They run to get clothes. Bigg Boss says it’s a winter season. Nishant gives clothes to Vishal and Jay. Tejasswi doesn’t give clothes to Afsana till the end. Afsana enters the campsite last. The buzzer plays and the round ends. Karan says Afsana entered the last so she has been eliminated from the task.

Neha tells Shamita that I can’t backstab Pratik because he doesn’t play a foul game. I will play openly with him but I can’t backstab him. Shamita says I am not asking you to cheat him, you had to bear a lot because of this, remember what you had to go through because of this (affair). Neha says it’s not about that. Shamita says do you remember what you said on the bed? Neha says don’t be mean with me.

6:45 PM
Afsana cries and tells Umar that I don’t want to be in this show anymore. People are laughing at me now, I am alone and you people are ditching me. I can’t live here anymore. I am alone so I have to say things. Rajiv said so many things to me that’s why I answered him back. He kept irritating me. They keep saying that I am wrong but I am alone here and I have to protect myself. She starts screaming and says I am alone. You people just think I am wrong all the time. I can’t live here. Umar says it’s just a task. Afsana cries and says I don’t need anyone, you people think I am wrong all the time but you can’t see what they do with me. Umar says you played wrongly in every round. Afsana says leave me alone.

7 PM
Neha tells Shamita to talk in a limit. You can’t cross that limit. I am not okay with it, I will never cross that limit with you. Shamita says then don’t talk about outside matters with me. Neha says I never disrespected you, don’t be rude to me. I am not Karan, Rajiv, or Raqesh. I am Neha and you should have respect for me. You were rude to me today. Shamita says I don’t have a right to be angry with you when you are prioritizing Pratik over me? Neha says you should trust me. If I have an interaction with someone then don’t focus on my intentions. Shamita says I am telling you clearly that I don’t understand if you want to talk to Pratik or not. I don’t know if you like him or not. You keep switching on and off for him. I feel helpless as your friend, should I back off from this matter? I have a protective nature and I want to protect you because of this matter. Neha says I am just focusing on the game. I don’t trust the people that you trust. Shamita says I am not asking you to trust them. Neha says I am sorry for stopping you from trusting them. Shamita says I am here because I love you. Neha hugs her and smiles.

Nishant tells Pratik that you matter to me the most but we 4 are unpredictable. Shamita doesn’t listen to anyone, you do what you want to and Neha is always flipping. You 3 are going to flip on me so I can’t fight for you against them. Pratik says you think we will flip on you so you are not giving me a fair chance to win this game? Nishant says I can’t fight with Karan and Umar when I know you 3 are going to flip on me. This is not a fair game, it’s not my sole decision, I have to listen to the other 3 VIP members.

Afsana keeps shouting and says I am going crazy in this house. Umar asks her to calm down. Afsana says I can’t live here anymore. She asks Bigg Boss to call her.

7:15 PM
Karan tells Nishant and Umar that we took the right decision. We had to throw Afsana out of the game. Umar says I can favor Afsana to a certain extent but I have to be fair at some point. Nishant says you don’t need to justify anything.

Afsana shouts at Rajiv that you were crying when you came here but I consoled you. Your sister was not with you. Rajiv says that’s why I took you as a friend. Afsana says but you are playing against me, I can’t play a dirty game like you.

Neha tells Pratik that I talked to Shamita. I am clear in my mind but I had a good friendship with you. Pratik says but you blocked me, you didn’t pick up my calls. I know you were hurt but I was hurting too. Neha says I am here now, I want to move on from whatever we had between us, it was toxic and we were hurting each other. Let’s end everything and forgive. Let’s forget all that. Pratik says everything? Neha says everyone questions me if we interact, we hurt each other when we talk so let’s not talk at all.

7:30 PM
Umar tells Nishant and Karan that we should give a chance to Vishal. We should take a bet on him. Tejasswi says I told Vishal to not let her down and he promised to not go against us. Karan asks if they can trust Vishal? Nishant says I can’t. Tejasswi says if we compare Jay and Vishal then I would prefer Vishal. Jay never listens to others. Umar says if we support Vishal right now then he will support us later on but Jay is unpredictable. Karan says we have to be on one page. Nishant says I don’t agree.

Afsana tells Shamita that you must be happy that I got eliminated. Your negativity will be shown on TV. Shamita keeps smiling at her. Afsana says you don’t care about others, I will not let anyone have peace here. She tells Shamita that I will make your life hell now. Tejasswi tells Karan and others that we have no idea. Nishant says I will agree with Vishal’s name right now but then you have to consider my priorities next time. Tejasswi says 100%. Karan says let’s not talk about priorities right now.

7:45 PM
Afsana tells Shamita that she will get good news soon. You are so fake. Shamita says what else? Afsana says you fool people and you order them around to plot against me. Shamita says you have a problem with me. Afsana says you could have fought with me openly. Shamita says this is getting out of hand, she tells Bigg Boss that she is using her mental condition as an excuse. Umar comes there and asks Shamita to talk in hindi. Shamita asks him to get lost. Shamita tells Bigg Boss to call her as Afsana is getting personal. Umar asks Afsana to stop it. Shamita says Afsana has a mental problem. Afsana charges at her and says how dare you to call me mental? Umar tries to pull Afsana back. Sima asks Shamita to leave. Shamita says I want to see what she can do. Afsana shouts at Shamita and says you are mental. Shamita says what else? Afsana says what do you want to say? Afsana says she has a problem that I make noise but she doesn’t care when Rajiv makes noise? She says I will keep torturing Shamita till I am here. She says if I had said something to Rajiv then he wouldn’t be able to bear it. Rajiv says what? Pratik asks Afsana to calm down. Afsana says this Shamita can be a big star in her house but she is no one to me. I will make her life hell.

8 PM
The next round starts, Jay, Vishal and Pratik start collecting gold. Afsana is still shouting at Shamita. Neha asks Shamita to ignore her. Neha asks Afsana to stop it. Afsana says don’t tell me what to do. Neha says it’s my house and my mouth. Afsana says I won’t spare Shamita, can you stop me? Neha says don’t come near me. I don’t like it. Afsana says you are scared of me? Umar asks Afsana to let them play, you can’t enter the pit. Afsana says I don’t care, I will get the task rejected. Umar asks Afsana to leave the pit. Afsana says they irritated me like this only.

Karan tells Nishant that we will get another task in which we might not be able to control Jay. We are not even coming to a conclusion about Vishal. Nishant says I don’t trust Vishal.

Jay, Vishal and Pratik run to get warm clothes. Jay says I have the most number of gold. Karan gives clothes to Pratik and Vishal. They go to the campsite. The round ends and Umar says Jay was last so he got eliminated from the task. Jay tells Tejasswi that you chose Pratik over me? Tejasswi says I would never choose Pratik over you. Jay says you wouldn’t have a problem with Pratik right? Tejasswi says you are my preference over Pratik. Jay says you chose Vishal over me too? I am upset but I don’t want to fight with you. I have respect for you.
Vishal asks Afsana to talk to him. He asks her to tell her team to choose me in their team. I will choose you for the next task.

8:15 PM
Nishant asks Pratik to talk to Umar if he wants to win the task. Pratik says I want to win the task on merit, I don’t want to beg anyone. Nishant says then I can’t do anything, you are not willing to convince others.

Shamita tells Afsana that she should be careful about her words.

Nishant tells Karan what if Vishal cheats me? Karan says then I will leave the show. It’s high time that you start believing me. Nishant says fine.

The last round starts, Vishal and Pratik start collecting gold. Nishant tells Tejasswi that I am getting scolded by my friends because of this game. I am scarred now. Pratik and Vishal run to get the raincoats.

Afsana is shouting at Rajiv that doesn’t irritate me. You have put me in that condition. Neha says what is this? She is shouting too much. Afsana shouts at Rajiv that you are arrogant and ill-mannered. Afsana says I won’t spare anyone. Neha asks her to get out, don’t misbehave with others. Afsana says I won’t listen to anyone.

Bigg Boss says it’s the rainy season. Pratik says I have more gold, play fairly. Umar says Vishal has more gold. Umar says I will give raincoats to both. Vishal snatches it from him and runs to the campsite before Pratik. Karan says Vishal entered first so Pratik is getting eliminated from the task. Pratik says Umar played unfairly.

Afsana tells Neha that you were not playing now but you all tried to block me in the game. Tejasswi asks her to calm down. Afsana starts beating herself and says you all cheated with me. Rajiv, Neha and Shamita played against me but they didn’t care about Vishal winning the task. I am very sad that Shamita is happy right now. Umar asks her to calm down. Jay asks her to shut up, you are hurting yourself. Afsana says you people are not being truthful. Umar asks Afsana to think about her health. Jay asks her to focus on her health. Afsana says you people don’t care. She tells Rajiv that I will not spare you, I will ******. Jay asks her to think before speaking. Afsana says I want to go home right now. I will die here. Jay says you can’t go home like this. Afsana takes the knife. Umar grabs it from her. Afsana says I won’t spare Rajiv. Umar says he is your friend, don’t say all that for me. Afsana says I won’t stay here. She screams and throws things around. Umar says Rajiv didn’t do anything. Bigg Boss asks Afsana to come to the confession room. Umar takes her. Jay says this is tragic, she is very dangerous. Vishal says she won’t do anything with the knife. Jay says but it’s still scary that she is going to that level.

9 PM
Afsana comes to the confession room. She is being shown to the inmates on TV. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that they have the freedom of speaking but they are responsible for their words. We don’t interfere in the way you play but if an inmate threatens to hurt herself or others using a weapon then it’s not acceptable. He says what Afsana just did now was not acceptable at all so we are ELIMINATING AFSANA from the house right now. Rajiv says no, he cries for her. Bigg Boss asks Afsana to leave the house with the doctors. Afsana says I am sorry. Bigg Boss says just do as we say. Afsana says you are making me look bad, it’s okay if you have eliminated me but I have the freedom of speaking up. Bigg Boss says we have already taken a decision. Afsana says I didn’t pick up the knife to hurt anyone. They all taunted me but you are supporting them. You are making me look bad. I tried respecting Shamita but she kept irritating me, she has hate for me. Rajiv cries and tells Shamita that she is not bad from the heart. Shamita says I know but it’s a fair decision. Rajiv cries for her and says I feel bad. Nishant says she went overboard. Shamita tells Vishal that Afsana didn’t have an outlet so she burst on us. She tells Umar that you have been favoring her but it didn’t work out for her. She had something else in her eyes, she was not in her right state of mind.

Tejasswi tells Nishant that I don’t like the way they are talking about Afsana. Karan says Afsana was not hurting anyone. It was all for show. Rajiv cries and says why did you do that Afsana? We could have sorted it out.

Nishant tells Neha that I am pissed at Shamita, I am not responsible for her. Things are changing, I can’t go against VIP inmates. They are 3 and I am one. I tried stretching the task, I was against Afsana and I got her eliminated from the task. Nishant tells Neha that I brought Pratik till the end of the task, I couldn’t do more than that. I did everything I could for him but Vishal was smart, he took the raincoat from Pratik first.

In the confession room, Bigg Boss tells Afsana that we are not eliminating you because of your words but because of using a weapon to threaten others. A doctor comes there and says come with me. Afsana says I can’t leave like this. This is not a drama. I can’t be insulted like this. I will take Rajiv with me, I will not leave without him.

10 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Vishal is a VIP member now. He has a right on the trophy now. He says All inmates are nominated except 5 VIP members. Tejasswi tells Karan that there was no point in discussing nominations. Vishal thanks Karan, Umar, Tejasswi and Nishant for choosing him.

In the confession room, Afsana says I won’t leave the house. A staff team comes to take her out of the house.

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