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Bigg Boss 15 11th January 2022

Day 102
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dhoom. They all dance. Nishant dances with Tejasswi and Rakhi.

9 AM
Rashami asks Devo if Umar will come back? Devo says he should. Rashami says I miss him. Devo says you have to come out of it. Rashami says I talked to Karan yesterday, he nominated me because he thought I was fooling him in the task.

Tejasswi tells Nishant that Rashami-Devo are back together. Pratik says they are perfect for each other as friends. Nishant asks Tejasswi why didn’t she nominate Devo? Tejasswi says she at least played for me, I don’t understand Rashami, she thinks I am against her. Pratik says Rashami and Tejasswi think everyone is against them. Nishant laughs.

10 AM
Rakhi tells Abhijeet that Nishant thinks he is head of the house. Rashami says but he is behind wild cards only. Abhijeet says he says that we came in the middle of the show. If it’s wild cards vs. old inmates then we need to unite. Rakhi asks why did you nominate Rashami then? You should have saved her. Abhijeet says she nominated me also. Rashami says he was hinting at Tejasswi, he plotted to nominate me with Tejasswi. Don’t talk about unity now. I don’t like you talking behind my back to them.

1:15 PM
Shamita asks how many people are in Maharashtra? He says 12 crores. Shamita says they were all in your support? Abhijeet says 50% of people were with me. Shamita says you knew that? Abhijeet says I am famous on social media. Abhijeet says they cursed me saying I am a male Rakhi Sawant. Shamita says that’s not a curse, Rakhi is unique and it’s a compliment for you. Abhijeet says Rakhi is my sister, you fight with her.

1:45 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that if I go against Nishant then whose side you will take? She says I will be with you. Karan says let’s see, you don’t care about my connections but you keep your connections intact. Tejasswi says I don’t have connections with anybody. Karan says whenever I fought with Nishant, you always took his side. Tejasswi says you have so many connections in the house. Even Devo is not hating you, you have a good relationship with Shamita, Rashami and Nishant. I don’t talk to anyone in the house and I don’t care. Karan says you are not with me when I am in a trouble. Tejasswi says you want to make connections but if I have a friendship then I am wrong? I even told Nishant that he is not my friend. Nishant calls Tejasswi and asks her to make rotis.

2 PM
Karan and Tejasswi are in the VIP room. Tejasswi says I haven’t expressed how much you mean to me. She hugs him and gives him a kiss. She says I really love you and there is nobody more important to me than you. Karan nods. Tejasswi says maybe I haven’t expressed it well but I am yours. These people can come and go but we have to be strong together. Karan says okay, Tejasswi says I am so lucky to have you. Karan says me too.

4:15 PM
Tejasswi reads the task for the captain. The captain will have the power to change the future of the housemates. Nishant, Pratik, Devo, Rashami and Abhijeet will be zombies in the task. Rakhi, Shamita, Karan and Tejasswi will play to become the captain. They have to convince zombies. The zombies will stay in a corner till the lights are off. When the lights turn on then the zombies will wake up then one zombie will have a chance to break a tombstone of a safe inmate sing a hammer and eliminate that person from the task. There will be 3 rounds and the one whose tombstone is safe will become the captain. The zombie who enters the red box after the lights turn on will have a chance to break safe inmates’ tombstones.

4:30 PM
Nishant asks Pratik who he wants to support? We will play for Shamita. She might support us.

Shamita tells Rashami that I want to be the captain, Pratik-Nishant will support me.

Abhijeet tells Tejasswi that I will eliminate Shamita from the task if I get a chance. I won’t attack you or Karan. Tejasswi says then you have to fight to get the hammer.

Shamita tells Devo to support her and she will be a fair captain. Devo says okay.

4:45 PM
Tejasswi comes to Devo and says I know you have trust issues, I really want to be the captain. I will be a fair captain so support me if you want to.

Shamita tells Nishant to eliminate Rakhi from the task first then Karan. Nishant says I will do that.

Abhijeet tells Rakhi that I will eliminate Shamita from the task, don’t support Devo. I will protect your tombstone. Rakhi says okay. Abhijeet says just support me when the time comes.

The buzzer plays, Bigg Boss asks all the zombies to go in their zone. Shamita tells the zombies that she will be a fair captain, I will not allow anything wrong to happen in the house. Rakhi says I will be a fair captain. Shamita says we have already seen how unfair you can be. Pratik and Nishant are blocking Abhijeet. Pratik asks Shamita who would be her first priority? Shamita says Pratik-Nishant would be my first priority but I won’t be unfair to others. Rakhi has been in a comfort zone so she should put in more effort. Tejasswi says I will be fair to everyone. Karan tells the zombies to think about who should get the power. Nishant says I am playing for all 4 of you, I am not expecting anything in return. I will play fairly. Shamita says Nishant has been fair till now. Abhijeet says who has been unfair? Pratik says you. Abhijeet says this is not your father’s house. Pratik says why are you bringing my father up again? Karan asks him to calm down. Pratik says you are a cheater. Shamita asks Pratik to not get riled up, it’s his strategy. Pratik asks Abhijeet to look at face and think if he is fair at all. Shamita asks them to calm down.

5 PM
Devo tells Rashami that Shamita is sensible so I would choose her. Rashami says I want a fair person too. Rakhi can flip anytime to make things interesting.

Karan tells the inmates that it’s not a race, we have to mutually decide who would get a chance to break the tombstone in each round.

Rashami tells Shamita that Rakhi has never harmed me in the game. My preference is you because I trust you. Karan is a dear friend but he nominated me yesterday.

Nishant tells Abhijeet that you won’t get a chance. Abhijeet says I want one turn.

Nishant tells Rashami and Devo that it was a mistake to make Rakhi a VIP so I won’t support her at this point. Abhijeet says I will go first. Nishant says we won’t let you, you have to get the majority votes. Pratik stops Abhijeet. Abhijeet says I won’t play like this. Shamita asks Abhijeet to stay in the zombie zone. Nishant tells Devo that if we save Rakhi then she will support Abhijeet which we don’t want. Devo says I agree. Shamita asks Abhijeet to follow the rules otherwise the task will get rejected. Abhijeet says I don’t want to play, I won’t let others play too. Abhijeet says I will go and sleep now.
Nishant tells other zombies that I will go first and eliminate Rakhi from the task. Abhijeet says I will go in the next round. Nishant says we can’t let you go if you don’t tell us who you will eliminate. Abhijeet says I won’t play then. Pratik says we won’t let him go. Abhijeet goes to the bedroom and says they don’t let me play. Devo tells Nishant that I can go first and eliminate Tejasswi. Nishant says I will go first.
Abhijeet tells Tejasswi that they wanted me to eliminate you or Karan but I said no.
Karan tells Devo-Rashami that you all have to mutually decide who would go in which round otherwise the task will get rejected. Shamita asks Rashami if she liked the way Rakhi played till now? Rashami says no but I don’t trust Nishant, he has always been against the wild cards and I am one of the wild cards also.

The lights turn on and Nishant comes out of the zombie zone first and says we didn’t mutually decide but I was the first one to come out. Bigg Boss says the mutual decision will be taken only if there is confusion. Nishant came out of the zone first so there is no need for the mutual decision. Nishant says I am eliminating Rakhi from the task as she has been unfair in the tasks. He breaks her tombstone. Rakhi claps for him.

5:45 PM
Nishant tells Shamita that Devo-Rashami are playing a game. They wanted to keep Rakhi in the game as they are supporting her.

6 PM
Nishant asks Abhijeet which tombstone he wants to break? Abhijeet says I just wanted to save Rakhi. Pratik calls Nishant, Abhijeet says I will go in the next round. Nishant says we can’t make the decision alone. Pratik keeps blocking Abhijeet. Pratik asks Rashami to go in the next round if she is giving her word. Karan tells Shamita that Pratik-Nishant are deserving to become VIPs. Shamita says I don’t want to throw you out of the VIP room. Karan says I just want you to not throw Tejasswi out of the VIP zone, I know Rashami-Devo won’t spare her. If I go out of the VIP zone then I have a better chance of getting it back. Karan tells Shamita that if you bring Pratik-Nishant to the VIP zone then you should throw me out because I have fewer enemies on the other side but Tejasswi has more enemies on the other side so I don’t want her to lose her VIP status. Shamita says if you want it then it’s fine with me.

All zombies are waiting for the buzzer. Pratik and Nishant keep blocking Abhijeet. Abhijeet tries to run away from the zombie zone but Nishant holds him back. Abhijeet says I need water. Pratik says you can’t leave. Abhijeet says let me go. He runs from the zombie zone with the hammer. Pratik says give it back. Nishant takes it back from him. Rakhi asks Abhijeet to go and sleep. Rashami says you can’t stay out of the zombie zone. Rakhi says if Abhijeet goes back to the zombie zone then I won’t talk to you, they are all using you. Rashami says he has to play his task.

The buzzer plays and Devo comes out of the zombie zone first. She says I will break Tejasswi’s tombstone as she showed her arrogance after becoming a VIP. I thought she was strong but she is not. She keeps saying she doesn’t have a friend but then she conveniently asks for help as a friend. Tejasswi says if you plot behind my back then you are not a friend. Devo says I never plotted against you. Tejasswi says we are not stupids, you were never my friend. Devo says you have shared a lot of personal things with me which I can bring up but I won’t.

Abhijeet goes to the bedroom and says I won’t play. Pratik asks if he wants Karan to win? He always was against you. Abhijeet says I don’t care. Bigg Boss says why are zombies staying out of the zombie zone? Pratik and Abhijeet go back to the zombie zone.

Tejasswi tells Devo that I am strong, I don’t need anyone’s support. Devo says you use and throw people. Rakhi says I am giving away my star to Shamita, this is insulting for me. They are fighting against me. She cries and tells Karan that I will give it up. Shamita says it’s a game, we don’t know if you will have to give up your star. Rakhi says okay.

All zombies are in the zombie zone. Nishant and Rashami hold Abhijeet back.

6:45 PM
Abhijeet asks Nishant to not tickle him. Abhijeet says I have promised Tejasswi to support Karan. Devo says he wanted to separate Karan-Tejasswi and now he is a supporter? Abhijeet says I am not scared of slap but with love. The buzzer plays and Pratik comes out of the zombie zone. He breaks Karan’s tombstone as he doesn’t trust him. Nishant hugs Shamita for winning. Tejasswi hugs her also. Shamita hugs Rashami and Karan.

Bigg Boss says the task is finished and Shamita has become a captain. All inmates will work in the house except Shamita. Shamita will get the power that will impact the future of the inmates.

7:15 PM
Shamita tells the inmates that let’s decide about duties. Rakhi says I will make breakfast or lunch. Nishant says she can do anything she wants to. Shamita says Nishant, Rakhi and Tejasswi will be in the kitchen duty, they can divide among themselves. Shamita says Karan can handle the washroom cleaning. Pratik says I will do the chopping. Shamita says Rashami, Devo and Abhijeet will wash the dishes. Rashami says please don’t leave trash in the utensils. Nishant says we all work so she can do a little extra. Shamita says we can throw trash in the bin. Nishant says I will do my work. Pratik says it’s not a big deal. Nishant says if Rashami is taking a duty then she should do it completely.

7:45 PM
Rashami tells Rakhi that we can’t trust Abhijeet. Rakhi says he is not useful but I just favor him because he is weak. Rashami says Abhijeet wanted Nishant to break Rakhi’s tombstone. Abhijeet says I never said that. Nishant says Abhijeet didn’t want to break Rakhi’s tombstone but we can’t trust him. Abhijeet says I was the only one to support Rakhi. Rashami says you were supporting Karan. Abhijeet says Devo was supporting Karan also. Devo says I didn’t want Tejasswi to win.

8 PM
Pratik tells Shamita to not throw Rakhi from the VIP zone. Shamita says I want you in. Pratik says they are all flippers. You can’t trust Tejasswi, Rakhi is better than her. Shamita says we supported her so much but Rakhi flipped on us. Pratik says don’t get trapped by Karan’s lies. Shamita says you don’t want to come in? Pratik says I want to but I am saying to throw Karan-Tejasswi out instead of Rakhi.

8:15 PM
Shamita tells Nishant that I will get a chance to throw someone out of the VIP zone. If I get that power then I wanted to throw Rakhi out but Pratik wants me to throw Karan out and keep Rakhi safe. Nishant says don’t do that stupid mistake. You should focus on your relationships, Karan hasn’t been nice to me but you should do what you want to. I don’t understand Pratik’s stands, he makes friends like Rakhi-Devo and then goes against them on his own. Shamita says I don’t want to go against wild cards but I would rather keep Karan than Rakhi. Nishant says I don’t know why Pratik wants Rakhi in. Shamita says he thinks Karan is a flipper so we can’t trust him. Nishant says do what you think is right.

8:30 PM
Karan tells Rashami that I thought Pratik, Nishant and Devo would play for Shamita so I didn’t want you to fight for me. Rashami says what happened yesterday wouldn’t justify me taking a stand for you. Karan says this task was not designed for you, Devo or Abhijeet. I knew that Shamita would get more support. Rashami says I don’t take Tejasswi as a friend so I hope that doesn’t come between us. Karan says it won’t. Rashami says after you nominated me then I don’t know if I should count on you or not.

Tejasswi tells Shamita that I know Karan wants you to save me but don’t listen to him and do what you think is right. Shamita says don’t worry about that.

9 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that I find it annoying that Nishant, Pratik and Shamita have a strong bond from OTT. They don’t play an individual game except for Nishant.

10:30 PM
Rakhi tells Rashami that I want to dig a grave for these people. Abhijeet laughs. Rakhi says he doesn’t care about anything. Rakhi says his face was blackened by 7 people but he doesn’t care. Devo says he is laughing and eating with them also. Abhijeet says Devo applied the powder on me the most.

10:45 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that Shamita said Nishant-Pratik are her priority but still Rashami-Devo desperately wanted me to lose the task. Karan says they knew they won’t get support from anyone so they just went with the majority, everything was calculated.

Nishant tells Shamita that when Rakhi flips then she doesn’t think about anything else.

12:30 AM
Pratik asks Abhijeet who he doesn’t trust at all? Abhijeet says Devo has always crossed me wrongly. Pratik says you are trusting Karan-Tejasswi now? Abhijeet says they are alone. Pratik says they have each other, we are all alone here. Abhijeet says right.

Bigg Boss asks Shamita which VIP member she wants to downgrade? Shamita looks on.

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