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Bigg Boss 14 9th January 2021

Day 98
6 PM
In the house, Bigg Boss asks everyone to freeze. Naina enters the house. Bigg Boss asks Rubina to release. Rubina runs to her box and says my baby, she cries. Naina cries and says don’t cry. Rubina asks how is her mother? She says she is fine, you have lost more weight, don’t cry, please. Naina says she will get her injection soon. Rubina talks to her on the phone. Abhi smiles watching them on TV. Rubina asks if Rajat came too? She says no. Naina says grandma has given her love to you, you don’t need any group, you are playing well. You are playing like a lion, you look very pretty. She says you can eat as many apples you want, they like Abhi a lot, he has dignity. Naina tells Abhi that he is a genius boy and we are proud of him. Naina tells Rubina that Abhi’s parents talked to our parents after you brought up the divorce issue as they didn’t know about that. They were hurt as you talked about it publicly. But they are happy now that you were so strong and talked about it openly. You both should tell the public that you both are fine, don’t talk about divorce again. She asks Rubina to dance in the morning, everything is nice. Rubina says where am I going wrong? Naina says don’t be sad, be happy and enjoy. Naina asks her to be friends with everyone but be nice to people like Rakhi and Nikki. Naina tells Rubina that they stop you from talking in English but then tell them they shouldn’t talk in Urdu also. Bigg Boss asks Rubina to freeze. Naina asks her to play without any group. Bigg Boss tells her sister that there are two captaincy contenders, she has choose between Rakhi and Sonali. Naina says I want to vote for Rakhi as I think she has a clean heart, I really like her. Bigg Boss says you can leave now. Naina says bye to Rubina and leaves. Bigg Boss asks everyone to release. Abhi screams bye Naina. He hugs Rubina. Aly says she talks so much. He laughs at Rubina. Rubina hugs Rakhi and says my whole house is your fan.

6:15 PM
Bigg Boss the next person is Jasmin so decide her time. They all give her 12 minutes. Bigg Boss asks everyone to freeze. Jasmin’s parents enter the house. Aly gets tensed seeing them. Bigg Boss asks Jasmin to release. Jasmin runs to them and thanks Bigg Boss. Jasmin cries and hugs the glass. Her mother blesses her. Jasmin cries holding her father’s hands through the gloves. They ask her to not cry. Jasmin says I have 12 minutes. She calls them. Her father asks her how is she? Take care of your health. Jasmin says I am fine, her father tells her to focus on her target, you have to win the game, we want Jasmin who entered the house, play solo and focuses on her target, everything is possible. Jasmin says how can I hear people back-biting me? Her father says don’t focus on them, they want you to bring out your emotions, negative emotions so don’t show them. Her mother asks her to remain happy. He asks her to play her game solo. Jasmin asks if she has shamed them somehow? Her father says no, it’s a game and they will forget. Jasmin says I have an attachment with Aly so I have a bond with him here. Her father says but you have to play solo, you can’t lose your personality because of him. Jasmin says but he puts me on priority. Her mother says no, focus on yourself, she says Mia and Rambo are happy (they are her dogs). Her father asks her mother to not be emotional. Jasmin says don’t be angry with her. Her mother hugs her through the gloves and kisses the glass. She asks her to not cry, you have good friends, all are nice. They are all good and you are my love. Jasmin cries and hugs her father through the gloves. He says be strong, you are my love. Jasmin says are you happy? She smiles. Her father asks her to keep smiling. Bigg Boss asks Jasmin to freeze. Bigg Boss tells her parents that Sonali and Rakhi are the captaincy contenders, who will you vote for? Her father says this is an entertainment show and we see Rakhi entertaining everyone, she does fight with people but Rakhi is doing very well, she should get a chance. They vote for Rakhi. Bigg Boss asks them to leave now. They bless Jasmin and leave the house. Bigg Boss asks everyone to release. Rubina laughs. Rahul says I love her father. He hugs Jasmin. Rubina and Abhi hug her. Jasmin hugs Aly. Rakhi hugs Jasmin too. Rakhi thanks her for her father. Rahul says they don’t want you both together. Jasmin hugs Aly and says it’s not like that. Aly sadly leaves. Rahul congratulates Rakhi. Sonali hugs her and says you are the biggest entertainer.
Jasmin hugs Aly and says they didn’t mean that. Abhi jokes that daddy give the phone to your mother. Jasmin thanks Bigg Boss. Rahul says Aly this is difficult now. Aly says I am backing down. Jasmin hugs him and says I am happy with you so they will understand. Aly says I came here to support her and they are saying to play alone. Rubina jokes that uncle didn’t want Aly with Jasmin. Jasmin tells Aly that they didn’t mean that, they were asking me to focus on the game. Rahul sings har kisi ko nahi milta pyar. Jasmin says they didn’t reject Aly. Aly says they will be happy if I leave the show, I want to leave now. I will comeback next year. Jasmin says they didn’t mean that. Rubina says we are joking. Jasmin tells Aly that they want us both to play our game. They want to see us together in the finale. Aly says they flipped on me, it’s okay, I understand. Jasmin says don’t listen to the inmates, I am fine.

6:45 PM
Rahul asks Aly if he is fine? I am with you, don’t worry. He hugs Aly. Rahul says I won’t let it happen, Aly says it’s okay. If her family is not involved. Rahul says we will try our best, don’t worry. Aly says I don’t see even trying will work. Rahul says I won’t marry if you don’t get married. Aly says someone told me that I would have bad luck with marriage. Rahul says they were talking about the game, it’s okay. Aly says I understood their meaning, I won’t think much about it, I want to leave now, I want Jasmin to play solo now. Rahul says don’t say that.

7 PM
Aly tells the inmates that I have become a joke now. Jasmin says you are taking it wrongly. Aly says it’s a game, I am destroying your game. Jasmin says they are asking me to be happy and I am happy with you. Aly says I don’t want to stay anymore. I will leave now. Jasmin says please don’t say that, I will take a voluntarily exit. Aly says I am not saying anything.

Arshi asks Eijaz to end it. She holds his hand. Eijaz says okay, I don’t want to talk to you. Arshi says I am sorry. Eijaz says I accept it but I don’t want to talk to you. I am serious now, my respect is with me. Arshi says I won’t do it again. Eijaz says you will start disrespecting me from tomorrow. Arshi says I won’t do it. Eijaz says I have no grudge.

Aly tells Jasmin that it’s better if I leave the show now. Jasmin cries and says I will leave the show myself and take loan to pay Bigg Boss, she cries. Aly says I don’t want you to cry.

Eijaz tells Arshi that I take you as a younger sister but you don’t respect me. Arshi says I am sorry. Eijaz says give me sometime. I don’t want to talk right now, end it. Arshi holds his hand. Eijaz says leave it, it’s okay, be happy. He leaves from there. Arshi cries silently.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss says the next guest is for Arshi. He asks them to give her time. Rahul says zero. Arshi says I am okay with 5 minutes. They all agree. Bigg Boss asks them to freeze. Her brother enters the house. Bigg Boss asks her to release. Arshi runs and says Bunty you are finally here, you wanted to come here. She runs to him and calls him. He says you look nice today, why were you crying? Arshi says I have a good relationship with Eijaz, tell him to forgive me. I don’t like when he is angry with me. Bunty tells Eijaz that she is your sister like me, please forgive her. Bunty says there is a fairy staying here, it’s Rakhi Sawant. I feel she is a fairy, she got married otherwise I would have said ‘I love you’ to her. He tells Arshi to not fight with Rubina, you called her a sister. Arshi says I like Abhi. Bunty says I like Aly but he shouts a lot. Arshi says I have given him a right. Bunty says they don’t play with you. Arshi says Aly and Rahul are my friends but most important people are Eijaz and Sonali for me. Bunty says I like Sonali wearing red. Arshi asks if their father is good? He says yes. Arshi asks him to stop eating paan. Arshi and Bunty dance while singing rashke qamar. The inmates laugh seeing them. Bigg Boss asks Arshi to freeze. He asks Bunty if he wants to say something? Bunty tells Vikas that Arshi is your sister, take care of her, she loves you a lot, he tells Eijaz to meet him after Bigg Boss. Bunty tells Arshi that she is a lioness and this is her jungle. Bigg Boss tells him the captaincy contenders are Sonali and Rakhi, who will you vote for? He says I want to vote for Rakhi, she deserves it. I hope she is happy with me now. He says I love Rakhi. Rakhi says I love you too. Bunty thanks her. Bunty calls out to Aly and asks when is his wedding? I want to get invited. Aly says that’s difficult now. Bigg Boss asks him to leave now. Arshi asks him to end it. Bunty tells Aly to call him in the wedding. He ends the call, he hugs Arshi through the glass. All inmates scream that we love you Bunty. Bunty leaves the house. Bigg Boss asks them to release. All inmates run to Arshi. Aly says he has cheered me up. He hugs Arshi. Jasmin says he is like Arshi only. Jasmin hugs her. Arshi hugs Rakhi. Vikas says her family so nice. Eijaz hugs Arshi and says listen to me when I say something, don’t misbehave with me. Arshi nods.

8 PM
Arshi tells the inmates that my brother said that I took care of Vikas in the lockdown. Vikas says I have repaid you, it’s done. Arshi says he said the truth, I was with you. Vikas asks her to shut up. I said the truth to your parents. Arshi says I can say a lot about you. Vikas says you have said a lot about me already. Arshi says he can accept that I took care of him, you should see who will come for you from your family. Vikas says whoever loves me will come. Stop saying rubbish things. Arshi says if your mother comes then she will meet too. Vikas asks her to stop it.

11 PM
Bigg Boss says the last guest is for Vikas. Rahul says that’s surprising. They give 4 minutes to him. Bigg Boss asks everyone to freeze. Rashami Desai enters the house. Bigg Boss asks Vikas to release. He runs to her box and hugs her through the glass. She asks how are you? Vikas calls her but says let’s talk without the phone. Rashami Desai says I am here for Vikas. She tells Vikas if he is the same person that we know? You were called a mastermind because you can take a lot more than they can, they are personally attacking you because they know you are a mastermind, I know you can take a lot more than this. Rashami tells him that you said you will not cry in 2021. She tells the inmates that bringing his family into the fights is wrong, she says Aly was bringing the outside matters here which is so wrong, Aly and Jasmin were bullying you and you people should know that Vikas has a family and his friends are standing by him. Vikas cries. Rashami says you left the house because of Arshi but you stood with her yesterday. Vikas says she is still against me. Rashami says why don’t you love yourself. Vikas says I don’t know how. Rashami says this house has given life to you. Vikas says people must be thinking I am so bad. Rashami says people are liking you, you are giving right advice to everyone. These inmates are watching what they want to. Vikas hugs Rashami through the gloves and says thank you for coming. Rashami says don’t get bullied by anyone. Last time we were playing against each other but we were so good. I love the way you take care of Rakhi and Arshi. One is cute and the other one is an idiot but I like her. Vikas says I got affected because of my family. Rashami says it happened with me too but you should know that you have given chances to so many young actors. You come here every season so you are so lucky. Bigg Boss asks Vikas to freeze. Rashami says I want to say to Aly that I have never met him but I feel that you are a better player for himself, Jasmin is a strong player as I know her but Aly should play for himself. She says Rubina is a good player, she asks Abhi to support Rubina. Rashami tells Rahul that you are doing good. Rashami asks Eijaz to bring out the Eijaz that I know. Rashami says Arshi is my favorite but she goes overboard, she targets people who doesn’t think about her at all. You should stand for people who are standing with her. Rashami says I love Rakhi, she is the cutest. Rashami tells Aly and Jasmin that it’s a humble request to become an inspirational couple for others like Rubina-Abhi do, please don’t bully people, don’t bring grudges here. Aly didn’t have to bring personal topics here as they don’t have any point to bring here, when you are inside Bigg Boss house then don’t attack people personally. You are bringing his family here like you people have no issues in your families? Vikas’ friends are with him, he doesn’t dropby every season but he comes because Bigg Boss calls him. He is a creative person. You people were talking about mental health but you corner Vikas so much, you bully him so much that he breakdowns. Rashami asks Vikas to not cry, your dad really loves you, your mother loves you too. Everything will be fine. Bigg Boss tells Rashami that the contenders for captaincy are Rakhi and Sonali. We want to ask who you will vote for? Rashami says I will vote for Rakhi, I don’t connect with Sonali but I know Rakhi will entertain as a captain. Bigg Boss says you can leave the house now. Rashami asks Vikas to stay strong, you are doing fabolous. People are loving you, she leaves the house. Bigg Boss asks everyone to release. Aly says we should have got 4 minutes like this too. Jasmin hugs Aly and says she took out so many personal grudges in her season. She brought channel, me and the creative team in her season, she brought so many personal issues with Sid in her season. Rakhi goes and hugs Vikas. Aly says sorry Vikas, I brought personal issues here. Jasmin tells him to take care of his mental health, you should sit with others. Vikas hugs Rakhi and thanks her.

Bigg Boss says the voting has been done by the guests. Sonali got 2 votes and Rakhi got 7 votes. Rakhi is the new captain. Everyone congratulates Rakhi.

8:30 PM
Jasmin says I laughed when she said that don’t bring personal grudges but she was behind Sid in her season because of personal grudges only. I will do what I want to. Aly says I never bullied Vikas. Jasmin says he is always sitting alone himself. Aly says we can’t sit in his lap.

Nikki tells Rubina that when Aly left for the first time, Jasmin was trying to be a sweet girl. Everyone was targeting Jasmin, the challengers were targeting her but she was not giving it back to them but then Aly came and she became so weak. Nikki says she is acting so weak that Aly will leave so she will leave too. Rubina says I never say that I will leave if Abhi leaves.

11:30 PM
Rahul tells Aly that Rashami was trying to say that you are a strong player but you are not playing. It means that no one is fighting with you, you can’t change that. When the fights are happening then jump into them. They can’t change your equation with Jasmin. Aly says my fights are my own. I don’t enter Jasmin’s fights. I am playing like I am, if I change myself then I will look like a fool. I am getting irritated with some people now. Rashami said that I bully Vikas? I fought with him but bullying? Vikas started bringing the outside topics, I am getting mind f*** now. I am just waiting for how tomorrow turns out to be.

1:15 AM
Aly tells Jasmin that I don’t know what to do. Jasmin says don’t think too much, your sister said that you are playing well. Rashami praised you as well but she doesn’t like me that’s why she attacked you as she didn’t want to pick on me. Aly says why she is against you? Jasmin says I can’t be friends with everyone, I am done with all that so it’s fine.

2 AM
Vikas is in the kitchen. Arshi asks if he needs help? Eijaz says you don’t need to ask if you want to help. Arshi says you want me to come? Eijaz says no keep sitting like a queen there. Arshi says Vikas has stopped talking me. Vikas ignores her. Arshi sings to tease Vikas. Eijaz says why you start poking others? Rakhi comes there and asks Vikas if he is fine? Vikas says Arshi left more utensils here for me to wash. Arshi says I had to put the utensils after everyone ate. I won’t do my duty from tomorrow if someone forces me. Vikas says don’t do it then.

Day 99
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dhoom. They all dance. Rubina dances with Abhi. Jasmin kisses Aly’s forehead.

9 AM
Jasmin asks Rakhi if she is thinking about the duties? Rakhi says Vikas said that people will do their duties today as it’s a weekend episode. Jasmin says it’s not like that, everyone will do their duty as they have been doing it. We are not scared of Salman, we all respect him. Rakhi says we will divide the duties from tomorrow.

11:30 AM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates to freeze. They are confused. Aly says the game is still on? The main door opens and Pavitra enters the house. All cheer. Eijaz has a big smile on his face. Pavitra screams Khan Sahab. Rahul says Eijaz can’t stand on his feet now. Bigg Boss asks Eijaz to release. Eijaz runs to her. Aly says she is looking so pretty. Pavitra shows a heart to Eijaz. Eijaz asks how is she? She smiles at him. Eijaz says what should I do about you? Pavitra says open this box.. Aly says God bless Eijaz. Eijaz holds Pavitra’s hands through the gloves. Pavitra says I shouldn’t have come out. Eijaz says I missed you so much. Pavitra and Eijaz are excited to see each other. Eijaz says you are looking so pretty, I want to smell you. I miss you so much, I even make tea for them all. Pavitra calls him and laughs hearing his voice. Eijaz says everyone is saying that you are waiting for me. Pavitra says what do you think? Eijaz says I don’t want to build castles, we will see when I come out. Pavitra smiles and says you know it. Eijaz says I can break this glass. Pavitra says what was it in front of Sunny Leone? Eijaz says I said it while I was scared, now it’s your turn. Pavitra says I will love you, fight you, bite you, take care of you like a sister also, will you be able to handle it all? Eijaz says everything, I will handle everything more than you expect. Pavitra says this is not about the game. Eijaz says it’s nothing about the game, keep it with you. Pavitra says my game is you. Eijaz says I imagine you everyday here. Pavitra laughs. Pavitra says when I came out, I thought it was over, because you were here and I was out. Eijaz says I was here and I thought you would forget me outside. Pavitra says I thought it was sudden and everything ended when I came out. Eijaz says I am worried about your family. Pavitra says they are happy. Eijaz says seeing me like this? Pavitra says when I met my parents, my mother asked me what it was it about Eijaz, I said he is a nice guy. My mother said that you used to make me cry. Eijaz says I didn’t know my feelings at that time. Pavitra says my parents approved it, we are both mature, we have seen a lot in our lives, we are experienced people, I don’t want to date and all of that, are you prepared for that? Eijaz says I am ready to share my life with someone and I will be so happy to spend my life with you, you can give me a fight and when you used to make food for me in the red-zone, I fell in love at that time only. Pavitra says you dog, why didn’t you tell me at that time? Eijaz says because you used to avoid me, I used to watch you everywhere in the house, you would tell me to not fall in love in the game. Pavitra says when you asked me if I was single, I told you that I had a past relationship but it’s over, I wanted to share it with you because it was a big part of my life but I am prepared now. Eijaz says I accept you as you are, where you are in life. Pavitra smiles and says you have to take me to meet your father. Eijaz says Imran my brother will talk to you. Pavitra hugs him through the glass and kisses him. Pavitra says when you come out, you will call your father, sister, brother and then you will call me then. I have a right now, if you call someone else then I will cut you. Aly asks them to stop it now. Pavitra thanks Rakhi, Rakhi says I love you. Pavitra thanks Arshi for taking care for Eijaz, she thanks Sonali for bearing him. Bigg Boss asks Eijaz to freeze. Pavitra says no no no.. she tells Eijaz that I miss you a lot, do win and even if you don’t win that’s fate, I am with you and I am waiting, only for you. She cries and says thank you for loving me so much, it means a lot. Eijaz cries too. Pavitra ends the call. Bigg Boss says it’s time to leave the house Pavitra. You can say anything to the other inmates. Pavitra says you all are playing well, I love you all. She asks Eijaz to hug her. Eijaz says don’t do it, I can’t move. Pavitra asks him to hug her, for her sake. They will open the door, come and hug me. Eijaz moves and hugs her through the gloves. Eijaz says don’t rile me up. Pavitra asks him to play nicely. Eijaz says you will see what happens with me now because of you. Pavitra says you are a fighter, I am waiting for you. Eijaz kisses her hands through the gloves. Pavitra says I will cut you. Aly shouts we love you. Pavitra says I love you too, take care of Eijaz. She leaves the house. Eijaz says I am sorry Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss asks everyone to release. All run to Eijaz. Aly says wedding bells for Eijaz. Aly hugs Eijaz. Rubina says Eijaz is getting married. Vikas says Eijaz is looking so nice. Eijaz smiles and sings him to himself. He sings kuch toh hua hai.

12:15 PM
Eijaz tells Rahul that everyone told me that she was waiting for me but I didn’t believe it. She said it herself now, she was looking so pretty today. Rahul says you look so nice with her. Bigg Boss asks Rahul to wear his mic. Rahul does and tells Eijaz that a woman brings calm and peace in your life, she does have calmness to her. Eijaz says she shows that she is strong but she is calm. Rahul says she does say she will cut people but I am so happy for you. Rakhi congratulates Eijaz.

12:30 PM
Eijaz tells Aly that everything will be fine with time. Aly says I will try more. Eijaz says don’t change yourself, they should accept you as you are. You are a nice guy so don’t change. You look sad from yesterday. Aly looks away. Eijaz says don’t be sad, it happens, they are her parents so they would be worried too. If it was your sister, you would be worried too. Go and win their hearts, don’t worry. You still have time. Aly smiles.

Precap – 

Bigg Boss 14 9th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Salman asks Rubina what she meant when she said false narrative? You people are biased with Rakhi which is False narrative. Abhi says I used the word first. Salman asks him to not become her mouthpiece. Salman says when Abhi says that the makers want him out that is his opinion but when Eijaz asks you all to not be biased with Rakhi then its a false narrative? Eijaz says Nikki didn’t want to make Rakhi’s bed. Nikki says I want to ignore her. Salman says its your duty but its fine if you don’t want to. Salman enters the house and makes Rakhi’s bed. Rakhi cries seeing that. Salman tells Nikki that no work is small. There will be a shocking eviction.

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