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Bigg Boss 14 7th January 2021

Sonali asks Aly to put the red color as poison only.

Rahul cuts on Arshi’s photo and says I am doing this for you. Arshi says I will make you cry.

Aly asks Sonali to choose a person and he will choose the color. She says let’s call Eijaz. Aly says we can call Rubina as she is not on my side. Sonali says no, it’s between Abhi, Eijaz and Vikas. Aly says so I have no say? She says no you can pick a color.

5:15 PM
Rubina says Arshi is a dumb woman. Arshi says you are shameless.
Sonali tells Aly that I want to be the captain. Aly says if we choose Vikas then he will throw me out of here. I know you have chosen a color for them so don’t play this game. Sonali says you have chosen a color also for your team. Aly says it didn’t happen as Nikki was out of the task. Sonali asks him to choose Vikas. He says okay I am trusting you, don’t play a game. She asks him to put green color as poison. Aly says don’t flip on me, I am trusting you. He puts a green color.
Vikas sees his photo light up. He says what should I eat? He takes the red pill and eats it. Sonali says he flipped on me, I asked him to choose the green color. The trumpet plays and Vikas has won the round. Vikas can’t believe it and says how did this happen? Rakhi cheers for him.

5:30 PM
Sonali says Vikas changed his color. Vikas says I know. Sonali tells Aly that he changed his color. Aly says it’s okay. Vikas says I am taking Aly’s place. Aly gives his lab coat to Vikas.
Sonali takes Rakhi aside and says I will call you in the lab and you choose the red color. But don’t take me out, you will take Vikas out and we will play the game.

Aly tells his group that both the members are from their team so we can take a place. Rubina says we have to seek a chance now.

Eijaz tells Sonali and Vikas that we will keep red color as a pill and green as poison. Sonali asks Vikas to not talk to Rahul at all.
Eijaz asks Arshi to not fight, let us play the game. Arshi says I want to distract them so what?
Sonali asks Eijaz to not let Vikas plot with Rahul. Eijaz says let him do it as then we will know whose side he is.
Eijaz asks Arshi if Vikas will flip? Arshi says no, he will follow his word.

Rahul asks Sonali if she has a group with Vikas and Eijaz? She says you are playing in a group also. I don’t want to talk to you.

Aly tells Eijaz that Sonali wanted to retain her place, she gave me your name but I asked her to choose Vikas and let her choose the color.

6 PM
Abhi asks Sonali who should be the captain? She says I want to be the captain.

Bigg Boss says the next buzzer will be the last buzzer. All are stunned. Sonali says I will call Eijaz.

6:15 PM
Vikas tells Eijaz that I want Rakhi to get a chance, I can give her my place. Sonali says Rakhi is the number one entertainer. Arshi says I think Sonali deserves the most. Eijaz says who is the one in danger of elimination? Sonali says I play and talk less so I am in danger, Rakhi is a good entertainer. Rakhi says so I don’t deserve to be the captain. Rahul comes there and says I want to tell Sonali and Vikas to trust him, I will not let you down. Arshi asks him to leave. Rakhi asks Sonali to choose her. Eijaz asks them to choose. Vikas says we will call Rakhi and see how it goes.

6:30 PM
Rakhi tells Sonali that I promise to not take your place, I will take out Vikas even if he is my brother, please trust me. Sonali says okay.
The buzzer plays so Jasmin asks Sonali to call her. Sonali says you look cute today.
Nikki tells Rahul that Aly became the captain by talking to others in the dancing task, you should have talked to Vikas and Sonali. You could have asked Vikas to give his place to you.

Vikas asks Sonali if she wants someone else? Sonali says no, I want her to be here. Vikas asks Rakhi to take him out of the task.

Sonali and Vikas sit in the lab, she asks him to put a green color as poison. He puts it and chooses Rakhi’s name. Rakhi goes to the pills. Abhi asks what color she will eat? Rakhi takes the red color. Jasmin says she will change it. Rakhi eats the red color. Nikki asks her to take out Sonali. The trumpet plays and Rakhi wins. Jasmin asks which scientist are you replacing? Rakhi says sorry to Vikas and says I will take your place. Vikas says it’s okay, he gives the lab coat to her. Sonali says I will be happy if Rakhi becomes the captain. Sonali thanks Rakhi. Sonali tells Aly that you are a star but I want immunity. Aly says you have just broken my trust. Bigg Boss says the task has ended, Rakhi and Sonali have become the contender for the captaincy. There will be a task between them to choose a captain. Everyone congratulates them. Rahul asks Vikas why he didn’t call him? Sonali says Aly said no before but this time I wanted to call my group member. Rahul says I am hurt that you think I am not your side, I said no to you then you started working your mind. You gave me the offer first. Sonali says it was decided that we will choose from our group only. Aly says just remember that there is your group now. Sonali says yes I am on their side.

6:45 PM
Sonali cries and thanks Eijaz. She hugs him and says I wanted to call you but you chose Rakhi. Eijaz says it’s okay. Arshi says I will with Rubina’s team now. Sonali says there are two groups now. Arshi asks Sonali to not talk to her. Sonali says we are part of this group. Vikas says I am not a part of any group. Arshi asks Sonali to not say rubbish, don’t teach me the game. Sonali asks her to make a group with me. Arshi says you are making someone else a victim, Rakhi is playing a game but she is a victim?

Rahul tells Jasmin and Aly that they ended the task in just three rounds? Jasmin says maybe they want them to be the captains. Rahul says we are interesting as well.

Arshi tells Rakhi that I am with you when you are playing nicely but people are presenting you as a victim. Rakhi says I have removed my brother, I did play my game.

Rahul tells Jasmin that I fail every time with such a small margin. Jasmin says you are winning the hearts of people, you are not cheating people for the captaincy task.

8 PM
Arshi tells Aly that other people can talk to you but when I talk to you, they taunt me to enter your group. Aly asks her to spit now. Arshi says I must have said it mistakenly. Jasmin asks them to not fight. Aly asks Arshi to spit now. Arshi says Vikas, Sonali and Eijaz are my people but they don’t choose me. Aly says so I was not your own? Arshi says I respect you, I am sorry about the spitting thing. Aly looks on.

8:15 PM
Rubina asks Sonali how Vikas played from your side? He was talking with Abhi also. Sonali says he was playing from our side, he keeps changing the side when he sees the benefit that’s why he is a mastermind.

8:45 PM
Eijaz tells Sonali and Rakhi that if you ask Nikki to do something then she will say no first to make an issue, if you take her things then you are torturing her but you will be seen more. Sonali says I know how to handle Nikki if I become the captain.

9 PM
Rakhi asks Arshi who she will vote in the captaincy task? Arshi says I will vote for the person who plays well. Rakhi says you are from our side also. Arshi says no, I will play my game, Eijaz puts me in the back always, I don’t need his cheap love.

9:15 PM
Arshi asks Eijaz it’s fine if Rakhi is talking to Aly and Rahul but not cool if I am doing it? Eijaz says I am not in the mood to talk, go away. Arshi says you are scared of people. Eijaz says yes, I am a scared person. Arshi says you people are favoring one person because Rakhi was praised on the weekend episode. Eijaz says I will support her if I want to.

9:30 PM
Nikki asks who they will support tomorrow? Abhi says we will get the task rejected. Aly laughs. Jasmin says I will support Rakhi as she got hurt because of me.

11:45 PM
Sonali tells Rahul and Aly that Arshi-Vikas are best friends now. Rahul says they were always friends, they were playing together. Aly says Arshi called Vikas her own person.

Day 97
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song kuddi.
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