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Bigg Boss 14 6th January 2021

Day 95
4:30 PM
Abhi asks Nikki who is using the shoulders of you? Nikki says I think it’s Rahul V, I don’t think Rubina would use me as she has no agenda but Rahul V keeps asking me why I am becoming friends with others, he is saying that he is my emotional support and all of that stuff to use me.

5 PM
Rakhi tells Abhi that my husband can divorce me, I don’t care. Abhi says don’t say that. Rakhi says he ran away after running me. We got married silently but he posted in the media to get attention, after the wedding media was outside our house then he asked me to do something as he didn’t want to be seen in the media, he threatened me with divorce just after 3 hours of the wedding. I pleaded with him to not divorce me, I asked him to go away and I will handle the media. She cries and says he packed his bags and left before the media came there. We stayed at a hotel, I stayed with my mom there and he never came back. He left me just after 3 hours of the wedding and never came back.

6:00 PM
Rakhi is in the confession room. Bigg Boss asks how is she? Rakhi says I am fine, thank you for giving me so much respect, maybe that will bring my husband back. I wish he will come back and I will live my life with him. People call me a liar as they have never seen me with him. I feel sad when I see couples, I really like Rubina and Abhi. I sometimes think to snatch Abhi from her, I don’t want to play with their lives but I have heard about their divorce. I don’t know about their relationship but I am trying to enter their relationship so maybe my husband might get jealous and comeback. Bigg Boss says you are known for saying the truth always. Bigg Boss says as far as we know Abhi and Rubina are together. Rakhi says even then I will try, I am married but I don’t have a husband so I am single, she asks Bigg Boss if I like someone then is it a sin? He says no. Rakhi says I like Abhi and I have told him clearly, I won’t spare anyone saying bad things to him. He is intelligent and he knows about everything, his body is so hot, my husband has a big belly, he is not hot. I wish he will work on his belly after looking at Abhi. Bigg Boss says you are bad-mouthing your husband, body shaming him on TV? Rakhi says I am sorry, I am not bad-mouthing but Abhi has 6 packs while my husband has no packs, I am sorry Ritesh. Bigg Boss says people like you entertaining them so we hope you keep doing it. She asks if she can say ‘l love you’ to Abhi? Bigg Boss says we can’t suggest that. Rakhi thanks him and leaves.

6:15 PM
Rakhi tells Abhi that I can come and help you wash the dishes darling. Nikki laughs and says I will help Abhi in washing the dishes. Rakhi asks her to get lost, I will help Abhi. Nikki says let me help him. Rakhi says never. Nikki laughs and tells Rubina to let Rakhi keep washing the dishes, don’t say anything to her. Rakhi is washing the dishes with Abhi and says my love is passionate, I will go in his grave with him. Rubina and Nikki look at them. Rakhi dances around Abhi and sings I love you. Abhi sings wash the dishes..

8:15 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that Eijaz said to Aly that he will never nominate Aly but nobody took action against him. Rubina says Eijaz has broken so many rules. Abhi says then you should understand why they are being biased. Rubina says I do understand but it’s our mistake.

8:30 PM
Abhi asks Rubina to sit down with him. She glares at him and asks him to not order her every time. Abhi says use your common sense, I am asking you to sit here, you are bringing your ego here. Rubina says you are becoming irritating. Abhi says I just asked you to sit here and you are saying nonsense. Rubina says I had a flashback when I was not in a good state of mind but you didn’t give me space and comfort. Abhi says you want me to not talk with you? What’s gone is gone so don’t repeat things, if you want to give it back then give it back but don’t get affected by her. You are making her look like a winner. Rubina says let me know when I am allowed to talk. Abhi says I am talking to you nicely. Rubina says I remember when you were talking to me rudely. Abhi says people talk more rudely here, your ego has become so big that it’s easier to talk to other people than you. Rubina says I listened to you that night also even when you were throwing a tantrum. Abhi says because you were you looking like a fool, you have so much ego so you won’t listen to me, you are just becoming a Jasmin part two. Rubina says I can say you are becoming a Rahul part two, you are not letting me answer anything, you are just strangling me. Abhi says knock it off, it’s very difficult to talk to you now, you have to think about it. Rubina says I don’t want to say anything. Abhi asks what are you doing? Rubina says I just want some peace, I won’t go away as I don’t want them to see this drama. Abhi says then I will not say anything to you now, it’s impossible to talk to you. Rubina says you are making it difficult for me, you affect me. She cries and says who should I talk to when you don’t listen to me. Abhi says have I told you that she is right and you are wrong? Rubina says I just need someone to talk to, someone I can share things with, it’s a partner’s job to listen to me sometimes. Abhi says so I will sit silently with you and listen to you dumbly. Rubina says no I will not say anything to anyone now. Rakhi comes there and asks if they are fine? Abhi says yes we are just talking. Rakhi says just smile and don’t let them see you fight. She leaves. Rubina tells Abhi that I have always supported you, even with Kavita’s messages fiasco and I never asked you about those, I stood by you. When the girls were dancing in the bath-tub, you went and started dancing with them, I just saw you and didn’t say anything to you. I never raised any questions to you. Abhi says you want to talk about Kavita’s messages here? I am willing to answer you here, they are questioning my character but it’s so sad that everything was settled in front of Salman Khan but you have brought it up again. Rubina says when you are down, I am with you and support you. Abhi says you are very wrong, you should think about what you are saying. Rubina says I just asked you to not bring up my fights with Arshi but you didn’t listen. Abhi says let’s go into the bedroom.

11:15 PM
Rubina cries and tells Abhi that please understand me, I can’t explain my pain now. Abhi says talk to me. Rubina says when I want to discuss with you, you don’t listen to me. I don’t have a good state of mind. Abhi says you have never asked me for any advice when I tell you that you are wrong but you don’t listen. You will be sorry when I am out of this house. Rubina says sometimes I just need your presence and support with me. Abhi says you just want me to sit silently and listen to you, when I try to correct you, you react like this only. Rubina says I listened to you but I was so hurt and you didn’t even bother asking me why I was crying. Abhi says you don’t tell me, let’s cut it. I know what to do now. Rubina says I don’t have a person to hear me out. I don’t have a right to express myself as then I will be marked and labeled. Abhinav leaves from there while Rubina cries silently.
Rakhi and Vikas look at them fighting, she says if they separate then I will grab Abhi. Vikas says don’t say that, they are nice people.

12:45 AM
Rubina is silently crying, Abhi sits with her and asks her to chill, things happen in life. Stop over-thinking, it’s all done. Rubina says nothing affects me but you only, you are the most important person to me so your advice and support matters to me. Abhi says I can fight the world for you but when I feel you are wrong then I will tell you. Rubina says but you can also show some support to me. Abhi says it’s not a big deal, chill. Rubina says these things matter. Abhi says don’t dwell too much on it.

Day 96
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song

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