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Bigg Boss 14 5th January 2021

Day 94
7:15 PM
Aly tells Abhi and Rubina that we were talking about not going ahead with our plan as Eijaz was out. Rubina says when did this happen? I was not part of it. Aly says you were there, Abhi also said that he wouldn’t nominate Rahul M. It was not about the nominations but just a conversation. Abhi says I said that I don’t care about the other challengers but just Rahul M, there was no hint of nomination in our conversation. Arshi says I love Bigg Boss for this. Aly tells Nikki that they are giving them immunity and also saving them now. Rubina says we never talked about nominations. Rakhi says you guys did agree that you planned to throw the challengers out. Arshi tells Rubina that this is karma for you. Rubina says you are just shameless. Aly asks Arshi to shut up for a minute. Rakhi asks Arshi why she is targeting Rubina? Nikki asks Rubina if she agreed with their plan? Rubina says no. Jasmin says I never planned for any nomination. Sonali comes there so Rubina asks her to not hijack the conversation, let us talk. Sonali says we can’t talk? Rubina says we have got nominated and they are not even letting us talk. Aly says they will enjoy putting us in the nominations. Rubina says I want to know because I am so particular about the rules. Jasmin says we are also so strict about the rules. Abhi says it simply means they want one of us to leave, it’s their game and their rules. Jasmin says we might have done a mistake. Abhi says there is no mistake, it’s their game, they want us out of the show so it’s fine.

7:30 PM
Rakhi thanks Bigg Boss for saving her, I will be in the top 5 now. Rubina tells Abhi that they won’t let us talk. Abhi says it’s simple, they want one of us to leave. Rubina says I am chilled about it now. Bigg Boss asks her to use Hindi only. Arshi says this is Karma now. Rakhi says they are so tensed now. Sonali says they planned so much against us. Rakhi says they broke my heart. Sonali says it was Rubina’s planning to throw us out.

8 PM
Nikki says to Rakhi why she is not doing her duty? Sonali asks Nikki to do her duty also. Arshi says Rakhi has to do her duty, Rakhi says Nikki didn’t clean the bedroom and she left my bedside table. Arshi tells Aly that you wanted to test my friendship like this? Rakhi says he can test me. Aly says I am talking to Arshi. Sonali asks Nikki to clean the bedroom. Nikki says Rahul V is not cleaning the sofa, he is keeping his things there. Aly asks Sonali to talk to Rahul. Rakhi says she was shouting at me to clean my things but it’s fine if Rahul V keeps his items in the bedroom? Arshi says she is just a follower. Nikki says I have done my work, I just wanted Rakhi’s items to be removed from there. You people are attacking me in a group but I still won against Rakhi. Rakhi says you are a useless person. Rakhi shows her hands and says I wash dishes so much. Sonali says Rakhi and I will not work if Nikki doesn’t clean the bedroom. Nikki comes to Rubina and says I made Rakhi remove her items so she is going off, they were calling me followers but it’s proven that they follow others. Rubina laughs at her antics. Sonali tells Aly that we work in this house like servants. Aly says I do my duties so I am a servant too. Sonali says so Nikki doesn’t work and that is fine? Aly says I won’t leave my duty. Sonali says you are taking Nikki’s side as you want her in your group. Nikki says Eijaz didn’t clean the living room but that is fine? Aly says Sonali is so biased, she wants to target us only but she never can. You are also provoking Rakhi to not wash the dishes, you are a follower and run behind Rakhi. Nikki says I made Rakhi do what I wanted to. Aly says Nikki is insulting you Sonali and you can’t do anything. Sonali tells him that Rakhi removed her items because Eijaz and I asked her. Rahul V says did you get the luggage room cleaned? You are no one to tell me what to do. Rakhi says Nikki is not cleaning the bedroom. Rahul V says don’t shout. Sonali says we can shout as much as we want, who are you? Do your work and remove your towel from the sofa. Rahul V says I won’t, what can you do? Why are you talking with attitude? Sonali says you are not removing the towel. Rahul V says you do your duties when you want to but I can’t choose my time? Sonali says you are shameless to leave your towel there for 4 days. Rahul V says don’t talk to me like this, I want to respect you but you are making it difficult for me. Sonali says you are just a jhamura (follower). Rahul V says I am trying to stop you but you keep insulting me. Sonali says you crossed the limit. Rahul V says you are shouting since the morning, I am trying to respect you but you are losing it. Sonali says I don’t need your respect. Arshi takes Rahul V’s towel but Nikki puts it back on the sofa and throws more items there. Rahul V tells Sonali that I can be jhamura if I want to, I won’t say a bad word against you in this show, you can say anything but I am giving you respect. Rakhi says you people just make fun of me. Sonali says they have no standard to make fun of me. Rahul V says I am respecting you. Aly asks them to stop it. Sonali says a second jhamura is here. Aly says we respected you so much and you are doing this. Sonali says the whole group is here to attack me. Aly says I am a jhamura so what? I want to know what you can do. Sonali says you can keep talking. Aly asks what’s Rahul’s standard? Tell me now. Sonali says if you have guts then throw me out. Aly says why you bring his standard? Sonali says why he asked me to not shout? Rahul V says I am trying to talk to you nicely. Sonali says why didn’t you do your work? Arshi asks Sonali to come with her. Sonali says no. Aly asks Sonali who is she to ask him to do his work? You are just a member. Eijaz tells Rahul V that she is just asking you to do your work. Rahul asks Rakhi why she is bringing my standard here? Aly says we respect her so much and she is doing all this.

8:30 PM
Sonali cries and says they all jump on me together. I saw so many dirty dishes in the kitchen and I washed them all. Aly says you took the things wrongly, Sonali says you take Nikki’s side. Aly says no. Eijaz says Nikki was cleaning the bedroom but she asked Rakhi to remove her containers, when Rakhi did then Nikki didn’t clean the bedroom. Aly says Nikki is like that only. Arshi tells Jasmin that Rakhi is provoking Sonali. Aly asks Sonali to not cry if she wants to fight, you want to punch me? You can. Sonali laughs. Aly says I am a jhandu, that is good? Sonali laughs.

8:45 PM
Aly asks Rahul V to clear it with Sonali, she is an elder. Rahul says yes but she has to give respect also. Aly says she was crying so I couldn’t see it. Rahul says Sonali said so many things to me, she kept calling me a jhamura, if we don’t care then why keep saying it? She starts shouting for no reason.

9 PM
Arshi asks where is Abhi? Vikas says not here. Arshi says Abhi is gone now. Vikas says you are playing so much in this game, they think we are still playing together. Arshi says we are playing together. Vikas says don’t lie, I am not playing with you, you are playing a double game. You are doing this so nobody can trust me. Arshi says you are playing with me in this season. Vikas says in the camera that I swear I am not playing with her, she is lying. Arshi says I am ready, you are an intelligent person so I want to play with you but you will decide your final decision.

9:15 PM
Eijaz tells Sonali that if you are a captain then you can order them around. Rakhi says Sonali made them clean the mess. Arshi says you are filthy Rakhi. Eijaz says don’t say that. Arshi says don’t talk to me, you will gain sympathy then. Rakhi says you cry all the time to gain sympathy. Arshi says don’t say rubbish to me. Sonali says you are always saying rubbish things. Arshi asks Sonali to not listen to this crazy woman, Aly talks to you respectfully but you don’t want respect. Sonali says why are you talking on Aly’s behalf. Arshi asks Rakhi to get lost. Arshi says I won’t share the bed with Sonali tonight, she can sleep somewhere else. Sonali says you didn’t bring this bed here from your house. Arshi says Rakhi didn’t want to share a bed with you. Sonali says you didn’t bring me to Bigg Boss here. Rakhi says Arshi is always targeting Rubina who is so innocent. Jasmin says like Rakhi is so innocent. Arshi says Rakhi is a cheap woman. Rubina says she doesn’t have many words to say. Arshi asks Rubina if she wants to get insulted? Rubina says you already got insulted. Arshi says you are a cheap woman.

9:30 PM
Arshi tells Rubina that you used to scare the other inmates but I won’t be. You made rules here, you asked people to not talk at night time but you were planning to throw challengers out of the house? You got insulted. Rubina says you are a joke, everybody laughs at you. Arshi says you got insulted here, if you are a reality then there is no reality. I will see how you win this show. Rubina says the audience should give you the trophy. Arshi says you are making rules for others but you can’t even follow the rules? Rakhi says Arshi is always targeting Rubina. Rubina says because Arshi said to me once that she respects me but the creative team asked her to fight with me. Rakhi says she is lying, the creative team won’t ask her to do such a thing. Rubina says Arshi is a joke, I don’t care about the nomination as I will leave with respect from here but you are a joke. Rakhi says the creative team never tells us to target someone in the house. Arshi says I spit on Rubina. Rubina says you are a joke. Rakhi says Arshi is behind Rubina as she is scared of others.
Arshi sits with Rubina and Abhi. Abhi asks Arshi to leave, Rubina says she is just a joke. Arshi keeps following Rubina. Rubina says she is an entertainer who is so fake? Arshi laughs at her. Rubina says keep following me, this is your reality. Arshi says Abhi’s game is over, he is leaving now. Rakhi says Arshi you might leave as well.

11:30 PM
Sonali says sorry to Rahul and says I have hurt you. Rahul says yes, Sonali hugs him and says I am sorry. Rahul says don’t say sorry. Sonali says I just got angry. Rahul says I just respect you and I always want to respect you. Sonali says I thought you were not listening to me because of Nikki. Rahul says I didn’t. Sonali says I was not ordering, I was just asking to clean the house, I am sorry for hurting you. Rahul says it’s okay, he hugs her.

11:45 PM
Arshi asks Rakhi to come and wash the dishes. Sonali says she will. Rakhi asks Sonali to not force her. Sonali says please do it Rakhi. Rakhi says I won’t do it, when Nikki cleans the bedroom then I will wash the dishes. Sonali says she will clean the bedroom tomorrow morning. Arshi says there is an age difference between Nikki and Rakhi. Sonali says Nikki is not so young. Rakhi says Arshi you should be ashamed as you are targeting Rubina only. Arshi says you are a gutter woman. Nikki says don’t do this, Rubina is sleeping and has a migrane. Nikki asks Rakhi to talk silently. Rakhi says don’t order me. Arshi laughs. Sonali says Nikki likes to poke people. Nikki says you go off on people for no reason. Sonali says I speak on time only. Nikki says even then you shit. Sonali says you shit also. The lights go off. Rakhi says Nikki didn’t clean the bedroom so I didn’t wash the dishes, everyone is equal here. Jasmin wakes up so Rakhi asks what happened? Jasmin says I took medicine but you are still making so much noise, you wanted me to leave the bedroom. Jasmin leaves from there. Rakhi says Bigg Boss calls Jasmin in the medical room.
Jasmin cries and tells Aly that I have taken medicine but they are making so much noise. She comes to the garden area and cries. Abhi asks what happened? Aly says Rakhi is continuously talking. Jasmin says I am going crazy here. Aly asks her to chill. Jasmin weeps and says I don’t understand anything.
Arshi tells Vikas that Rakhi kept talking but they are targeting Nikki. Sonali says we were not targeting Nikki. I didn’t curse her. Arshi says you don’t understand, you can fight Nikki if you want to. Nikki says Sonali can’t fight alone, she needs Rakhi with her. Sonali says I am standing alone here against you. Nikki says you are nothing without Rakhi.
Jasmin cries and tells Aly that I am a bad person, Rakhi is right in everything.
Arshi tells Sonali to fight with Nikki, you don’t listen to others. Sonali says she is challenging me to fight with her.

Jasmin cries in her bed and says I can’t do this anymore. Aly consoles her and says we will leave the show together. Jasmin says I thought I will never quit but I am going crazy now. Aly says we will talk to Bigg Boss. He tells Abhi that it’s getting too dirty, they were appreciated on the weekend episode and then we got nominated so they are misbehaving so much. Aly says I am controlling myself but I can misbehave so badly. Aly asks Bigg Boss to call them in the confession room. Aly says they are pumping Arshi and Rakhi as they think they are giving content. Jasmin says no they are fair, we did a mistake. Aly says no the creative team thinks Arshi and Rakhi are running the show, they didn’t let Jasmin and Rubina talk on the weekend episode. Jasmin says don’t say all that. Rubina says it’s getting too dirty. Aly says if they don’t call me in the confession room then I will not let anyone sleep.

Vikas tells Rakhi that if Jasmin is misbehaving with you then you can talk back but if she has taken a medicine then don’t target her. Rakhi says never.

Rubina says Arshi just wants people to cry, Aly says I want to talk to Bigg Boss. Sonali says Nikki was talking loudly as well. Jasmin cries and says I am requesting you to let me sleep. Sonali says Rakhi didn’t do anything to Jasmin so Aly doesn’t need to talk to Bigg Boss. Aly asks Sonali to let Jasmin sleep. What is your problem?

Rakhi tells Vikas that Salman sir said we can talk after the lights are out but I didn’t talk when the lights went out.

Abhi tells the inmates that if they want to disturb the sleep of others then we can play this game. Sonali says Arshi was talking as well. Arshi asks Jasmin who disturbed her sleep? Jasmin cries and says, everyone.

12:15 AM
Sonali says when they know Jasmin is ill then why Nikki was shouting and laughing? You people are blaming us. Rakhi says Bigg Boss is watching everything. Sonali says Arshi and Nikki were laughing also. Rubina says I am ill for 3 days but Arshi keeps shouting at the night time. Vikas asks them to calm down, let Jasmin sleep. Sonali says Aly was laughing and talking with Arshi when Jasmin was trying to sleep. Aly says I was waiting for the lights to go off, I gave her the medicine.

Day 95
10:30 AM
The inmates wake up to the song college main ayi nayi larki. They all dance.

10:45 AM
Arshi tells Aly that Rakhi didn’t wash dishes yesterday. Aly says to hell with it, Sonali is not saying anything to her. Arshi says I was shouting at her but no one saying anything to her.

Rubina tells Nikki that Jasmin was crying at night time but Arshi was still shouting so Vikas said that Rakhi didn’t have dinner because she didn’t wash the dishes. I asked him to not give this excuse, she didn’t do her duty and it’s her fault, she didn’t have dinner because she was full. They are making Rakhi look like a poor woman.

11:45 AM
Sonali tells the inmates to clean the kitchen once you cook. Jasmin says you are telling us about our own rules? Sonali says I have cleaned the slab 4 times now. Jasmin says we follow the rules. I won’t talk to you now, are you happy now? Sonali says we all can make rules here. Arshi laughs at Rakhi so Rakhi tells her that she will slap her so hard. If you touch me then Eijaz won’t be able to save you. Eijaz says why are you bringing me in this? Rakhi says she is sitting beside me and hitting me. Arshi laughs at her and I slapped her by mistake. Rakhi says you are a crazy woman. Arshi says you are a cheap woman. Aly and Rahul hit Arshi with pillows. Arshi says Rakhi has no shame. Rakhi says she is provoking me. Vikas asks Rakhi to move away from there. Rakhi says I won’t. Arshi says Rakhi is a nalli. Arshi says Rakhi can target Jasmin and Nikki only. Arshi asks Aly to ask about her date of birth. Rakhi says why should I tell it? Rahul asks if she is playing some other game? Rakhi says you have no right to question me, who are you? Rahul says be normal, don’t fly in the air. Rakhi says you are a jhamura. Eijaz says they are charging at Rakhi in a group again. Rahul asks Rakhi to not fly in the air. Sonali says they are targeting you again. Rakhi says they want TRP from me. She leaves from there.
Rakhi tells Sonali that Arshi is saying bad words to me.
Ejaz tells Rahul that it’s not looking nice, don’t attack her like this. Rahul nods.

12:15 PM
Nikki cleans the bedroom area. Rakhi watches her and says she cleaned everyone’s bed but left my bed. Aly says deal with it. Rakhi says I will not clean the dishes like this. Arshi says I will wash my dishes, I don’t need you. Aly says we will change duties.

1 PM
Jasmin asks Nikki what happened to Sonali? Nikki says she misbehaves with me. Jasmin says don’t do the mistake of what I did, she wants someone she can target. She is an elder so if you say anything to her then they will say you look bad. If I said anything to Rakhi then I am filthy. Nikki says not only Rakhi, Sonali was pumped by Aly and Rahul. She is charging at them only.

1:15 PM
Rakhi tells the inmates that no one asked Nikki why she didn’t clean my bed. Aly says we didn’t ask you why you didn’t wash the dishes also, there is no captain so we can’t ask anyone. Abhi asks Rakhi to not wash Nikki’s dishes. Rakhi says no, I will wash my dishes only.

Eijaz tells Arshi to not get involved between Nikki and Rakhi. You want to look like a leader? You can clean Rakhi’s bed. Arshi says you are right, I will sort this. Arshi comes to Rakhi and says I will clean Rakhi’s bed as Nikki has some pain in her hand. Rakhi says fine, I don’t care who cleans my bed.
Arshi comes and cleans Rakhi’s bed. Arshi says you are smart Eijaz. Eijaz says I have learned this by observing everyone.

1:30 PM
Rakhi asks Sonali why she didn’t use the extra flour? Sonali says I will use it at lunchtime. Rakhi says just don’t throw the flour, I am requesting everyone. Rubina says we will have food right? Arshi says what does that mean? Rubina says so there won’t be an issue. People throw-away ration and then they cry about not getting food. Arshi tells Abhi to not show her attitude. Abhi says we are talking about food, why are you going off for no reason? Arshi says you can ask your wife why she is going off. Abhi says you are looking like a fool, I have an attitude so what? You can keep talking, I don’t care. Rubina says the audience will get bored with her. Abhi says Arshi is outdated with her words. Arshi says we had to come to save the show. Rubina says we welcomed you with open arms, we don’t have an ego like you. Arshi says you got nominated by talking big. Rubina says I will go out with respect. Arshi says you are Color’s face so we are scared of you. Rubina says you are a joke, a cheap joke. Arshi says keep breaking rules. Rubina says nobody wants to talk to you. Arshi says I sat like a queen on the weekend, you have no standard. Rubina says don’t talk about my standard, keep your ego to yourself. Abhi says Arshi is a fool. Arshi says like Abhi is the smartest man of India. Abhi says yes, I am. Rubina says she has so much ego. Aly grabs Arshi and asks her to stop it. Abhi asks Rubina to leave her. Rubina says you can stay out of it but this woman has to be shut. Arshi says Abhi is a nalla. Abhi asks her to go away. Arshi says you people kept planning against us but now pack your bags. Rakhi says they are not leaving the show. The whole India like to see this couple. Arshi says Rubina’s ego will break. Rubina says shut up, you talk about God but look at yourself. Arshi asks her to get lost. Rubina says God has given me everything and I grateful. Arshi says you won’t get work outside with this ego. Rubina says think if you want to work after this show even. You are very sad Arshi. Arshi says you are nalli. Rubina says you came here with a plan to fight with me, you are such a fake person. Arshi says I will make you leave the show after breaking your ego. Rubina asks her to get lost.

4:15 PM
Nikki asks Rubina why they are poking you so much? Rubina says she is torturing me but I am giving her back because otherwise it will look like she is saying the truth. Abhi says Rubina you should stop it now, you are looking like a crybaby. Rubina says I am a crybaby because I am unhappy. Abhi says don’t be. Rubina says I can’t be crafted. Abhi says you don’t listen to others, you don’t know whose feedback should be taken. Nikki says but Arshi is poking her so much. Abhi says then give it back to her but don’t go off without any reason. Rubina says I was just talking to Nikki. Abhi says you are acting like you have been affected by her. Rubina says I am affected by her because I live under the same roof. Abhi says I am just telling you to not get affected with her, just ease it up a little.


Bigg Boss 14 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi tells Rubina that I won’t talk to you anymore. Rubina says you don’t understand me, you don’t support me like I do. I supported you in Kavita’s matter also and never questioned you. Abhi says if someone talked about your character then I would have lost it. Rubina says I have so many things going through my mind, I just need some support. She cries but Abhi says let’s cut it, you will be sad when I get eliminated, he leaves from there.Arshi says if you talk in English then I will break your face. Rubina says if you have the courage then do it. Arshi throws a chair near her. Rubina says your standard is going down. Bigg Boss says Arshi will be punished for this.

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