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Bigg Boss 14 4th February 2021

Day 124
10:30 AM
Devo tells Rakhi that the queen of the kitchen didn’t care for the breakfast today? Arshi asks them to make breakfast. Devo says Rubina didn’t want Rakhi to do her work before? Rubina comes there and asks them to wash their dishes after cooking. Nikki asks Rakhi to make breakfast for her as well. Rakhi says I will wash your dishes as well. Rubina says we can’t trust them with washing, people are getting ill and they are washing dishes in the bathroom. Devo says you claim to you are responsible for everyone’s health. Rubina tells Rakhi that Devo started this debate now. Rubina asks Devo to not do work for a task only. Devo says if you tell your personal things then it’s genuine but if we say anything or do anything then we are doing it for content and task only? Rakhi is fake but you don’t gain sympathy by saying your sob stories? Nikki tells Devo that we didn’t call Rakhi fake. Rubina asks Devo where she is taking this? That task where I talked about my divorce was about sharing a secret. You are calling it fake? I know for sure that Rakhi will go now and cry to you for the task. Devo says you make fun of others’ emotions but want everyone to sympathize with you in everything? Rubina asks her to shut her mouth.

10:45 AM
Rakhi tells Devo that we will not spare Rubina now, she thought we won’t answer her back. Arshi says people can’t gain sympathy by talking about chawls.

Rubina tells Nikki that now we will look bad that Rakhi was crying and we called her fake.

Arshi tells Devo that you don’t have a good face but at least have a good personality.

Rubina tells Nikki that Devo is the most senseless in all this. Abhi tells Rubina that when you told them to wash the dishes again and they said no. Then you started washing the dishes but they got worried about the content. Nikki says they wanted Abhi to make breakfast even when he is fill. Rubina tells Aly that Rakhi would have made the food without taunting us if she wanted to help us. Rakhi comes there and hears it.

11 AM
Rakhi tells Devo that Nikki was saying we asked Abhi to make breakfast for us and didn’t care that he is ill. Devo comes to the kitchen and asks Aly-Abhi if we asked you to make breakfast for us? Like I don’t care if you are ill? Abhi says no, you didn’t ask us. Rakhi tells Rubina to not take behind her back, we are not selfish. Rubina says then you could have made food for everyone. Abhi tells Rakhi that we make breakfast daily, I was about to make breakfast with Aly. Rakhi says we didn’t ask you to make breakfast for us, we never asked you to wake up. Rubina says if you worried for them so much then you could have made food for us as well. Devo says if Rubina is taking responsibility for everyone and calls this her house then she should start cooking for everyone. Rubina claps for her.

11:30 AM
Devo tells Rakhi that Rubina has strong support here so she can cry in a corner and tell it to her husband, then her husband consoles her so I can call this content as well. She was questioning Abhi’s issue with Kavita, she said that she didn’t know anything about them but then she sat in a corner and discussed with her husband so that is not content? Rakhi says this is all game. Devo says I don’t want to enter their personal issues but she keeps commenting that we are doing everything for content but what about her? If she says again that I do all this for content then I won’t spare Rubina.

12:15 PM
Rubina tells Arshi that why did Rakhi choose Abhi for her track? She saw everything before coming to the show so she must have seen something. Why didn’t she choose Rahul? They can say that it was Abhi’s gain but Rakhi proposed this idea so she must have seen some potential. Rubina asks Aly if Rakhi has so many houses and all that? Aly says yes, Sargun also told me. Rubina says then why she keeps asking for clothes and make-up from us? She wants to make an issue that she doesn’t have clothes and all that. Abhi says Rakhi is very intelligent. I thought she was dumb but I think she knows what she is doing. She becomes a victim in every fight somehow.

12:30 PM
Rakhi sings that I will open everyone’s secret. Nikki says what have you seen? Aly says my secrets? Rakhi says Devo didn’t talk about you. Aly says I was not talking to you, you have to enter in every conversation. Rakhi says you are in the good book of everyone. Aly says I am not fake like you. Rakhi says I know you are saying all this to impress your sister (Rubina) and your brother-in-law (Abhi). Aly says don’t bring my relationships here otherwise I will not spare you. I have seen many like you. Rakhi says people like you stand in line for me. Aly acts like vomiting. Rakhi says Aly wants to be friends with Rahul then make a sister out of Rubina. Aly says you are just generating fake content like you. You like to lick everywhere. Rakhi says I have learned licking shoes from you. Get lost. Aly says Rakhi told me she cried for Abhi and then told Rahul that she cried for herself. She is such a liar. Rakhi says Aly wants to be in the good books of everyone to not get nominated. Aly says don’t ever become an actor, you are pathetic. Rakhi says I have done way more work than you. Nikki says people called Rakhi a puppet, now she is a puppet of Devo. Rakhi says they are doing a verbal diarehha. Rakhi says Aly said that if Jasmin was not in the show then I would be his preference. Aly is stunned and asks her to promise her mother if he said this. Rakhi says don’t bring my mother in this. Rubina tells Rakhi that doesn’t give a cheap meaning to Aly and Jasmin’s love. Rakhi says you are a cheap woman. Aly asks her to get lost and stop eyeing other’s husbands.

Abhi asks Devo if she talked about some outside matter? Devo says you discussed Kavita with Rubina right? Where you told Rubina that she is not trusting you right? Abhi nods. Devo says should I say that was for content too? Why does she keep calling other’s matters for content only? Abhi says did you bring up some outside matter? Devo says no.

1 PM
Aly tells Abhi that Rakhi has used such cheap words for me. She questioned me calling Rubina a sister. Rubina says I regret ever supporting her. Aly tells Abhi that Rakhi was doing that fake love angle with you for her content, she used you for entertainment. Rubina says she uses people. Rakhi says you people were doing pooja here? You are in front of the camera too. Aly says I used to pray for her mother and ask Bigg Boss to give her mother’s reports to her and she is saying all this? Rubina tells Rakhi that you made everything look cheap now. Aly says she is an aunty and saying all this. Rakhi says uncle Aly to get lost. Abhi asks Rakhi why does she lie so much? We never cursed you but you said in front of the camera that we curse you? How can you even say all that? Rubina says your wife just called me cheap. Abhi says but why do you lie so much? Rubina says her confidence is that her mistakes will be forgiven because of the entertaining content she is giving. Rakhi says if you want to talk then come in the bathroom. Rubina says come there then. Rakhi goes from there.

1:30 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that Nikki-Arshi is taunting Devo so much. They are provoking you against Devo. I asked Devo about her comment today and she said she never talked about the outside matters. Rubina says I don’t trust Nikki-Arshi but you shouldn’t take Devo’s side, she is not that innocent. Abhi says I am not taking anyone’s side but people are just lying about statements here so don’t fall into that trap.

2 PM
In the bathroom, Devo tells Aly that I never talked about anyone’s personal matters. Aly says but Rakhi keeps saying that you will bring our personal issues up. Rakhi says I never talked about Aly’s matter. Aly says this Rakhi is crazy.

Aly comes to Abhi and says I will not buy Rakhi’s area at any cost. Abhi says we both will boycott them.

The gong plays and the highest bid is of the bathroom area then the bedroom, then the kitchen. Nikki says I have the least points. Rahul hugs her. Abhi tells Aly that we can make Rahul win the task and then I can buy the most areas. Aly says I don’t want to eat the outside food. Abhi says then who you will choose? Aly says I am okay with buying from Nikki and from Rubina. Aly says you can buy from Rahul. We will avoid Devo and Rakhi’s areas.

Bigg Boss tells Aly and Abhi that it’s time to buy the areas. They can buy one area both. Aly tells Abhi that I will take the areas with the lowest bid and you can take the areas with the highest bid.

Nikki comes to Abhi-Rubina and says that

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