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Bigg Boss 14 3rd January 2021

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says I was talking to them yesterday but I had to take a break and then they started a fight in the house. It continued non-step so let’s talk to them.

Salman connects the call to the house. He says to the inmates that we have just 2021 and you people look so happy. We usually celebrate these occasions and enjoy them with the inmates but you people are not giving us a chance to do that. We thought to celebrate 2021 with you but that’s not the case. He says we are trying to make your next years filled with work but you are bent to decrease your respect and future chances.
Salman asks Rubina that your strategy is if someone goes against you then you will stop making food. I will show another clip. He ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman says Vikas talked about unequal food distribution in the house. Let’s see.

In the house, Rakhi says they don’t give me food and parathas. Vikas comes there and asks her to take milk for tea.

Vikas tells Rahul M that I will make my own food from now on, I get hungry so I will make my own food, just give me my ration. Aly tells Vikas that I can leave your flour daily. Vikas says I can eat rice if I am hungry, I just want my ration and I will be happy to eat myself.

Vikas comes to Aly. Aly gives him one roti flour. Vikas says that’s it? Aly says we are eating rice also. Vikas says fine. Abhi tells Vikas that we don’t get much flour, we get 2 packages only. Vikas says you can give me my share, I am fine with an equal share. Abhi says fine, we will divide flour for everyone. Jasmin tells Vikas that he has to compromise. Vikas says I can’t go for under-eating, I was not saying anything but I need my ration. He tells Jasmin that you people don’t care about food. Rahul M tells them to adjust with the food that they send. Rakhi says I saw them throwing food away. Rahul V says that never happened. Rakhi says don’t tell me, I have seen it myself, get lost. Jasmin tells Vikas that we are all compromising with food. Vikas says I wouldn’t bring it up but I am being starved. Jasmin says I will give you more food from tomorrow. Vikas says no, I will make my own food. Jasmin says did someone insult you with food? Vikas says don’t do what you are trying to do, I am requesting you to not involve my matter. I am starving here and it’s my problem. Aly says you always make food when you are hungry, you are not starved here. Vikas says because I get hungry.

Aly asks Vikas to clarify why he wants to make food separately? You want everyone to make their own food? The kitchen will be dirty then. Vikas says I will wash my utensils. Aly says how can you make food separately? I am sorry, I won’t allow it. I will make dinner when the kitchen is clean. Vikas says then I will make food after you are done with dinner. Aly says this is sympathy for no reason, you are saying that you are getting starved? We don’t stop you from eating, you are always eating something. Vikas says I eat food that is leftover. Aly says I am just asking you why you want to make food separately? You don’t want to eat with us? Like we are a plague. I am adjusting with less food also, are you getting ill without food here? Vikas says Arshi makes her own food but no one says anything to her. Aly says it’s a house so the food will make for everyone together. Vikas says there is no equality in food division so I will make my own food. Aly says are you serious? We keep asking you to eat breakfast but you act nice to give them to others and now you are saying we don’t give you food? You are a ******. He says you drop-by every season so you don’t know how rationing is done? You used to steal in the last season also. Nikki says I have seen him stealing tea and coffee in the earlier seasons. Vikas says I don’t even drink tea. Nikki says don’t lie, you eat 6 parathas. Eijaz tells Vikas that we give food to everyone equally. Vikas says no some people get more food than others. Rahul V says Vikas didn’t like when yesterday Nikki had taken the dinner food and kept it in the refrigerator while Vikas didn’t get food. Vikas says when I ask for food, they don’t give it to me. Rahul V says because they want everyone to have it. Rakhi says I don’t get food also. Nikki asks her to shut up. Nikki tells Vikas that you are such a liar, you keep eating the whole day. Vikas says if I am hungry then I will eat. Nikki says then why you say that you are starved? You are a donkey. Vikas says I respect you so don’t do this. Abhi asks Vikas to listen to him. Vikas says I am really done. Abhi asks him to listen. Vikas says don’t insult me. He cries and says you all are mental. Abhi tells Nikki that you didn’t to charge at him.
Vikas comes to the washroom and Arshi tries to calm him.
Abhi says I wanted to talk to him. Rubina says he is making the whole house against him to gain sympathy. Abhi says I was trying to give him a solution which he couldn’t say no to.
Vikas tells Arshi that Nikki is calling me a donkey, she is so young and saying all this. I see them making food and extra items but others don’t get food here.

Abhi shouts at Nikki that she should have remained silent for some time. Nikki says he wanted sympathy, he doesn’t want to listen to you. Rakhi says if he wants ration then give it to him. Jasmin says yes just give it.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house again. He says I have shown the clip, he asks Rubina how Vikas is gaining sympathy by bringing up the food issue? Rubina says he was not hearing the solution, he kept switching the topics. He didn’t want a solution, he wanted to create a scene. If he doesn’t want to listen and everyone is suffering then it means that he is trying to act like a victim which he is not. Salman says Abhi was trying to provide a solution but you said that Vikas is trying to gain sympathy. Rubina says because he was not listening. Salman says but you were not trying to give a solution. Salman asks Vikas if agrees with Rubina? Vikas sadly smiles and wipes his tears. Salman says they will think you are gaining sympathy? Vikas says I thought she was a friend. Rubina says you should have at least listened to us. Vikas says it’s alright. Salman tells Vikas you were not listening to them. Vikas says they are attacking me in a group, I am ill and have high BP. I was asking for some time but they were not giving me time. Then later I asked for a solution but no one was giving me time. I tried to talk to Rubina, Abhi, Jasmin, Rahul V, Rahul M and Aly but they said they have decided for the house. Salman says Vikas wanted to talk to Abhi but why other 4 came to talk to him? Aly says Abhi didn’t get a chance to talk. Salman says we don’t want to stretch this food matter. Abhi says I have a solution. Salman says you people eat more in a day then I eat in a whole week. Abhi tells Vikas that you can take your portion first when the food is cooked. Vikas says it’s not about me getting food but about the inequality in the kitchen. Rubina says there is no inequality. Vikas says you didn’t talk to me before, he says I have a bigger appetite. They made food and Rakhi asked for extra but they didn’t give her, the food was wasted but it was not given to Rakhi. Aly says it was for Arshi, we left it for her. Aly says I give him food but he denies it. Vikas says don’t make stories. Aly says don’t lie. Salman asks them how much food items they had? Rakhi and Vikas had 2 chillas. Rubina says I had 3 chillas. Arshi says I didn’t get a single chilla because they take their food and never think about the last person. I have seen Nikki hiding food also. Salman says this is a very petty issue and I won’t get it into this. Salman says this is again about the soft target. We call Vikas and Rakhi soft targets as you people are targeting them in groups. I will show the audience. You will be ashamed of yourself I show you that clip.

In the clip, Jasmin tells Rakhi that I have kept a prinjle on your bed because you deserve this. You may want Aly but you will get a pringle only, this is a life lesson for you. Rakhi says you are a bomb, you have a face like pringle. Jasmin leaves.
Rakhi is washing the dishes. Nikki asks her to wash all the dishes. Rakhi says you are not my mother. Nikki says I will talk. Sonali asks Rakhi to leave the dishes. Nikki says wash the dishes silently. Jasmin whispers to Nikki that keep provoking her and she will end up saying something wrong. Nikki asks Rakhi to remain silent and wash the dishes. Rakhi says you are a bat, you come here and I will wash you so nicely. Jasmin claps at Rakhi and says don’t move your face, your nose will fall off. What if something else falls down from your body? Rakhi says you are a stale pringal. Rahul M tells Aly to not stop this fight. Nikki asks Rakhi to wash the dishes. Sonali cheers for Rakhi. Nikki says tomorrow will be a farewell party for Rakhi. Vikas asks Rakhi to leave it. It’s okay. Rakhi asks him to have food. He says I will. Nikki asks Rakhi to get lost. Vikas asks Rakhi to not talk. She says I will not talk. Vikas tells Abhi that I will talk to you about food. Nikki and Jasmin make fun of Vikas by whispering. Bigg Boss asks Jasmin if she has something to say then don’t whisper. Jasmin says I was saying that she has a paper nose so it might fall. Rakhi comes to her and you did an accident with me, I did get hurt but I couldn’t go home. Jasmin says that’s why you became fine so easily? Rakhi says you look evil right now. Jasmin says who are you? Rakhi says don’t whisper in the house. Jasmin says you are torn-off bomb, you are a drama company, you stink and have no manners of flushing a potty. Rakhi screams at her. Jasmin says your implants will fall down. Rakhi says you have fake lips, you have done botox. Jasmin says so what? It’s my money. Rakhi says so I got my implants with my money also. Jasmin says you lied so yours will fall down. Aly and Rahul V clap for them, they say keep insulting each other. Nikki asks Rakhi to keep washing the dishes. Vikas takes Rakhi from there.
Vikas tells Rakhi that you are trying to say the right things but your words come out cruel. Rakhi says they keep joking that my nose will fall down, I know how to answer these cheap girls, I am Rakhi Sawant. I don’t want to be in the good books when they are saying all that. Vikas says then don’t joke with Aly. Rakhi says if I want to then I will Jasmin is jealous of that. The clip ends.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says it was a shocking clip. Rubina, Aly, Jasmin, Rahul V, Rahul M and Nikki. You people came here to earn respect? I should be scared of you people telling me that my nose might fall off? Jasmin says I am ashamed of myself, I accept. Salman asks Rubina you were there with Jasmin and Nikki and said nothing, you were enjoying when Rakhi was roasted. You were looking the worst there. Rubina says the conversation has gone down such a low level. Nikki says Jasmin started it. Salman says what about you? You asked her to wash the dishes, that she stinks.. you want to say all that on the camera? You are the same Nikki who were ready to keep people hungry for your clothes.
Salman tells the inmates that you people are talking about the outside matters but we have so many clips of you but we don’t show it. He says you are heroines and know how difficult it is to look good on screen, you people are putting others down and making fun of them. He tells Nikki that you have not even started your career and you were telling Rakhi that she is a ******? Nikki says I didn’t use that word. Salman says you meant it. Rubina says I am sorry. Jasmin says I was provoked. Salman says no no… you were having fun there, Bigg Boss checked you and you went to the next level, when you come out of the house you will see that this face of yours and this personality are totally opposite. Salman says to Jasmin that I have been nice to you but you take the feedback lightly, I am telling you that you are looking very bad. Really really bad. Jasmin nods. Salman says you have become so mean, not nice at all. You show so much anger, you are putting others down all the time, you should have some empathy. Jasmin cries and says I accept. Salman says you were whispering in Nikki’s ear then repeating it so loudly. He says Aly could have stopped you but I was shocked with the way he was behaving with Vikas. Vikas says if I am such a bad person then I shouldn’t be in the show, they say that I drop by every season so that means Bigg Boss is wrong? They keep taunting me about my s*xual preference. Aly says I want to say clearly that I didn’t comment on that, I am not lying. Things happened outside the show. Vikas says then why bring it here? Aly says let me talk. Aly says I didn’t want to talk about the outside matter, I try to control myself because I have to face him here. I have known him for 10 years. Vikas says what work did I stop for you? Aly says you have stopped my work. Aly says some years back, Vikas was heading a channel and I didn’t have work, Vikas stopped from me getting a role. Then in a show, Jasmin, me and Vikas were there… it’s personal.. Vikas says talk about it. Aly says Vikas backbited about us so much, he was maligning my and Jasmin’s name. I didn’t talk to him after that. I have seen his messages, they were so wrong. Jasmin is so important to me now, it’s frustrating for me to remember his words. Salman asks Vikas if he wants to clarify. Vikas says I was heading a show and Aly’s name was suggested, a creative director told Aly that I didn’t want him to cast in the show but Aly was cast in the show, how? Salman tells Aly that people audition for one show so anyone can fit, it’s not anyone’s fault. These things happen. Aly says there are many things. Salman says one person can’t decide to cast a person or not on such a big channel. The creative team sit and decide for the casting together. Vikas says he was talking about me backbiting Jasmin but I ask them and they never tell me, I have no idea what he is talking about. Aly says I can’t talk about all this on TV, I am not like this. You just do this all the time. He tells Salman that Vikas has threatened people to stop their work if they don’t *****. He was a big channel head at one point in time and he used to say to us that we have to ****** if we want work. He would threaten us to not give us work if we don’t *****, I have known him for 9 years. Vikas says there is no facts here. Aly says he thinks he can cry and stop me, I have been trying to respect him and not cross the limit. Vikas cries. Aly says I didn’t want someone’s image tarnished. He wants me to cross the limit, you are provoking me but I won’t. I won’t bring up the names. Salman tells Aly that Vikas is denying all this, you are saying that Vikas has backbiten about you. He asks them to sort it out, it’s not our matter. Vikas say he said about me blackmailing young boys. Aly says because that’s a truth, he has blackmailed my friends. People are not talking without any reason, it was written in the media before also. Vikas says what was written? Aly says you want me to talk about it? Vikas says then why bring it up? Aly says one person can be wrong but why 50-60 people are saying the same thing about him? Vikas cries and says if people can say things on a national TV without taking names then it’s wrong. Salman says why would he take names? Vikas says I am tired of all this. I was dating a guy and he is maligning my image. Aly says Vikas kept asking me what his ex-partner told me. Salman says let’s end this, it doesn’t matter if Vikas is dating a girl or a guy. Aly says I am sorry, I didn’t want to talk to about it. Vikas cries and says I need two minutes, he walks away from there.

The caller of the week:
Salman says a caller will ask a question now. The caller

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