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Bigg Boss 14 3rd February 2021

Day 123
4:30 PM
Rahul calls Arshi and Rakhi. Rahul says I have to make my brother win. Rahul gives a massage to Rakhi. He asks her to support Aly.

Abhi tells Rakhi that I want Aly to win this task. Rakhi says we will follow your order now. Abhi asks what she will do to make Aly win? Abhi says you have to sell me as you are not in the bathroom so your area’s value will go down. Nikki tells Rakhi that you should stay in the bathroom.

Arshi tells Aly and Rahul that Devo felt bad yesterday. Rakhi asks Aly to come into the bathroom. Aly says to call the inmates in your area.

The gong plays, they see bedroom going on the highest bid. Aly says gym and bathroom’s value didn’t increase.

4:45 PM
Devo tells Rahul that they offered to help me with garden. Aly asks if she is miffed with them? Devo says Arshi told me to stay away from you both as you are not of anyone. Aly says you listened to her? Devo says I want to avoid Arshi. Rahul tells Devo that Aly will choose you for food, what do you want? She says I want coffee. Rahul says I will get you coffee. You are Eijaz’s proxy so play for his friends.

Rakhi is in the bathroom. Devo comes there and tells her that we won’t play from Abhi or Aly’s team. We will just increase our points. If you win then choose me, if I win then I will choose you. Rahul comes there.

Nikki asks Rubina if Devo is playing from both sides? Rubina says I am not sure.

Rakhi jokes with Rahul. She asks him to wash his dirty hands.

Devo calls Rubina in the garden and says let’s do bihu. Rubina, Abhi and Devo do a bihu dance.

Aly tells Rahul that I want to buy your and Arshi’s property at low value. Rahul says you just buy from me first and then I will increase the kitchen’s value.

Arshi dances with Rubina and Abhi in the kitchen. Rakhi joins them.

The gong plays and they see the bathroom increased the highest value.

5:15 PM
Devo acts like Abhi again and tells Rakhi that I am clean-shaven now. Rakhi says I gave you my heart and you gave me pain. You are a nalla as you never thanked me. Devo says because I am a nalla. Rakhi laughs. Devo makes her eat pakora and they share pakora by biting it together. Rakhi hugs her.

5:30 PM
The gong plays and the highest bid is going for the bathroom. Aly says the garden is on number 2.

6:30 PM
Rahul and Rakhi sit in the bedroom and act like doing a show together.
Rubina asks Aly what he is doing with Rakhi? Look at what he is doing? Aly says you are jealous of my friendship. Rubina laughs.

Rahul asks Rakhi how did her relationship start with *****? Rakhi says we used to dance together but my mom didn’t want me to get married so early in my career. His parents thought that I was not the right girl for him. My friend had an affair with him but I forgave him many times. I broke up with him and he brought media to my house. I told him that I won’t forgive him ever, I slapped him also in front of the media. We got separated because of our families, I could have forgiven his cheating many more times.

6:45 PM
Arshi throws Devo’s dupatta in the living room. Nikki gives it to Devo and says I value clothes. Devo tells Arshi that this shows your black heart and your character. Devo shows her a bull prop and asks Arshi to marry this bull so you might get some intelligence. Aly asks them to become friends. Arshi says she doesn’t deserve it. Abhi comes to Devo and asks her to become Arshi’s friend. Devo says she should get married to a bull first. Arshi asks her to get married to a dog first, you are a nalli. Devo says you are so desperate for boys but you will get bulls only.

The gong plays and they see the garden’s value increasing. The garden is leading the bid then the bedroom and kitchen.

7:15 PM
Rahul comes to Rakhi in the bathroom. Rahul says you said you would tell me something, what was it? Rakhi says I had just entered the industry and my mom got a heart attack. The hospital asked me a lot of money, I asked my friend what should I do? Rakhi cries and says that incident still shakes me. Rakhi says my friend told me that they will give me money if she meets them tomorrow. I thanked that person and he said nothing is bigger than the mother’s health. I met him the next day in his car and he locked it. He said that everything is give and take in life, he asked what I will give to him? Then he asked me to remove my *****, he was drunk, I wanted to scream but.. I still shake remembering that. Rakhi starts weeping so Rahul consoles her. Rakhi says he threw me on the road after that. Rahul asks her to not cry. Rakhi says I never told this to anyone, not even my mother. Rakhi says he didn’t give me any money and I can’t sleep alone from that point in time. Rahul says why didn’t you find him when you became The Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi says I had no proof against him and I couldn’t find him again. Rahul says God will bless you, you will become a great mom. Rakhi cries and shakes her head. Rahul says why are you crying? Rakhi says nothing will happen,
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