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Bigg Boss 14 30th December 2020

Day 88
8 PM
Aly hugs Jasmin and asks her to not cry. He kisses her cheek. Jasmin cries and says I want to know one thing. Rahul V mimics her and talks in a baby voice. Jasmin says I didn’t hurt her. Aly says they didn’t punish you. Jasmin says but she was hurting herself and they didn’t’ condemn her. Nikki tells Jasmin to not joke like this who is not your friend. Aly tells Jasmin that Rakhi has a scratch on her nose. Abhi says do not discuss it, let the doctors decide it.

8:15 PM
Jasmin tells Rakhi that I feel bad that you got hurt and I pray for you but you are responsible for your actions. You can’t throw me out of the house that easily, she leaves. Vikas says did we try to throw her out of the house? Arshi must have talked about it. Arshi says I didn’t. Jasmin asks Rakhi to not hurt her face again as we are actors.

8:45 PM
Rahul M asks Rakhi why she banged her head on the table? Rakhi says I had banged my head, not my nose. I banged my head because I was in too much pain. Rahul M says why did you cry so much? I thought you were sad. Rakhi says I am a lot of pain.

9 PM
Rahul V tells the inmates that I want to ask one by one if Vikas the worst captain in history? Aly says I agree. Eijaz says he was not efficient. Sonali says he was ill. Rahul M says we think he is weak because he didn’t take a stand against Arshi. Rubina says he was not a good captain. Arshi says Vikas was the best captain for me. All laugh.

10:45 PM
Arshi tells Rahul M that Eijaz is behaving rudely. Rahul M says I feel he is alone. Arshi says he eats food with Sonali instead of me. Rahul M says he needs people to agree with him all the time. Arshi says he looks lost in the house and gets irritated. Rahul M says don’t go too close to him. He asks her to not go against Rahul V as he is liked by the audience.

12:15 AM
Arshi comes to Vikas and asks if he is fine? Was he crying? He says leave me alone, he goes from there. Jasmin asks what did you do Arshi? Arshi goes behind Vikas and asks him to have some tea, I have made it. Why are you crying? Vikas says leave me alone. Arshi says tell me what happened? Vikas says I will talk to you tomorrow. She says okay and leaves.
Rahul V tells Aly that Arshi has a pattern. Vikas, Rakhi, Rahul M and I are her circle. Aly says I feel like this is Sonali’s farewell. Rahul laughs.

3 AM
Vikas tells Arshi that I have realized here that I love my mother a lot. I really do. Arshi says you do. Vikas says I have loved my younger brother a lot and this is happening because of that. I have loved my mother so much but she won’t be back even if I try. My father was not with me for 30 years but he came back to see if I was even alive. Arshi says when your mother called me, she just said that you have changed after BB11. Vikas says she came to meet me after I pushed you and left. She said that I know you pushed her because I didn’t want you to speak up. Arshi says I sent you voicenotes to show their reality to you. Vikas says people are doing so much against me so how can I trust anyone? Arshi says people have told me that I should send a guy to you with a camera to trap you but I can’t do it. Vikas says my mother celebrated my brother’s birthday but they didn’t even call me. She didn’t even meet me. Arshi says she says something else to me on the call. Vikas says she creates scene, I am just tortured.

3:30 AM
Eijaz comes to Vikas and says I am here if you want to talk. If I have tarnished your character then I will clear it. Vikas says people in my life have just maligned my character that’s why I reacted to you that way. I am so broken from inside. Thank you for clarifying it that I didn’t do anything wrong with you. Eijaz says this house is weird. Vikas says I am not able to do it. Arshi says I won’t irritate you. Eijaz says till the morning? She says whole season. Vikas says what you have done with me was wrong. Arshi asks him to have tea. Vikas says people publicly shame me, I am tired of telling that I am a good person. Eijaz says God pains people who can bear it. Vikas says I can’t bear it anymore.

Day 89
10 AM
The inmates wake up to the song bhoot aya. They all dance.

12:15 PM
Rakhi tells Rubina that I can see what others can’t see. I see ghosts. It’s not funny. The ghosts massage my feet and make food for me. I see 9 ghosts inside Arshi.

12:30 PM
Jasmin asks Abhi if Vikas used to talk like this when he was producing a show of 150 people? He makes youth content so he wants to have cute mmoments with Nikki. He is so fake. Rubina says he twists things around to make him look intelligent. Sonali says then he tries to gain sympathy. Jasmin says I really feel something is wrong.

12:45 PM
Rakhi tells Rahul V that my uncle used to beat us, our family’s women can’t talk much. Now people have more freedom. I had many marriage proposals but I did Bollywood songs so people started questioning my character. A dancer is not characterless. Thanks to Colors for bringing a Dancer related show. She cries and says these people have things to hide but they blame other’s characters. She didn’t see if I had nose pain or not. Bigg Boss must have seen something to get an X-ray.

1:15 PM
Bigg Boss calls Rakhi in the confession room and asks how is she? Rakhi says I have less pain in my nose now. Bigg Boss says we took the X-rays and there is nothing to be treated. Our doctors say that you are medically fit to stay in the house but if something happened to your medical surgery then you will have to get to MRI done. That means you will have to go outside the house and then you will have to do 14 days quarantine. Rakhi says that’s not needed, my doctor must have stitched my nose perfectly, he has tightened my screws. She asks if there are ghosts in the house? I see them here, can I get a doctor for that? Bigg Boss says there is no doctor for that. Rakhi thanks him.

1:30 PM
Rakhi tells Rahul M that he asked me to go out of house to get the nose checked so I told him that I will manage. Aly says you should get it checked from the doctor. Rakhi says I don’t have much pain now. Aly says you shouldn’t have hit your head, that had to be painful. Rakhi says they asked me to take care of myself. Rahul M asks her to be careful in the task. Aly says stay away from Aly, Rahul M, Jasmin and Eijaz. Rakhi says if you want to break my nose then go ahead. Jasmin says even if we blow on her she started this drama.

3:30 PM
The inmates see Rahul M and Rakhi’s photo in the garden surrounded by creepy items. Jasmin says Rakhi has a right character.

4:30 PM
Vikas reads the task. The story is about a ghost who wants to take revenge for years in the house, the ghost is of Julie, she was a nice and rich girl and was owner of the big house. She was in love with a greedy landlord. After their marriage, Julie got to know the reality of her husband. He just wanted her money, she tried to fight him but he killed her and dug her in a shallow grave and made a fountain over it. Julie’s ghost came back to take the revenge on him. The landlord married again, his second wife is an irritating woman and she is greedy. She brings people in the haveli to get gold from them. Rakhi will play Julie, Rahul M will play the rich landlord, Jasmin will be Rahul’s second wife. They have to play against Rakhi and get gold coins from the guests. The other inmates will be the guests. The inmate who has most gold left will become the contender also. Rahul M-Jasmin will sacrifice guests to Rakhi to take them out of the task but the guest can give some gold to Rakhi and enter the task again. All guests will get 50 coins each. At night time, the guests will keep the fire alive. Rakhi can enter the haveli to attack the guests.

5:15 PM
Jasmin tells Rahul M that we will take out the person who has the least coins so Rakhi doesn’t get many coins.
Rakhi goes out. Rahul says no one will get anything. Rakhi says where is that landlord? He married a greedy woman. Ejaz says to Rahul M give me tea, I will give you gold mine. Landlord says I don’t need it. Jasmin says he has me. Rakhi says landlord, Jasmin, I won’t let you become captain. I will take all the gold coins. She puts a red color on her face and says my blood. I won’t let anyone become a captain. She shouts and says I won’t. Rahul M.. I will. I will tear your dhoti and turn it into the handkerchief.

Ejaz says you will go out. Rakhi comes in. Ejaz says no one is here. Jasmin says ignore. Rakhi says who is here in my castle. Rahul V says what happened? Rakhi holds him. Rakhi says you nasty old man, you married this witch. She’s so lean. What did she have that I didn’t. You fooled me. Rahul M doesn’t respond. Arushi says if you are done let’s go to eat. Rakhi says I won’t leave anyone. I want my property back. You beast, nasty. Rahul M laughs. He eats. Arushi says won’t you feed the guest? Jasmin says Arshi you eat and give us coins. Rubina goes inside the room. Rakhi scares her. Rakhi says to Aly don’t trust her.

Rakhi looks at Rahul’s photo and says I will kill you. You took all my money and married her. Jasmin says to Rubina if you take coins from Julie she will trust you. You are back in the play. I will return your coins after the night. That will keep you in the game. Rakhi says if she asks for coins then? Jasmin says tell her you don’t have them. Jasmin says I need 50. Ejaz says make us play too. Jasmin says give us coins.

Arshi says to Vikas we have to collect our coins. Rahul M says we will sacrifice Rubina. Rubina says no.. She runs. Rubina says this couple, they are liars. This old man. I won’t go. Rahul M and Rubina throw her out. Rubina screams I won’t go. Rakhi holds Rahul M’s dhoti. Jasmin says leave my husband. Rahul shouts leave my dhoti. Jasmin says so ridiculously. Don’t touch the clothes.

Rakhi picks a wood. Rubina says don’t kill me. They are all greedy people inside.

Jasmin tells Eijaz that I will give you the coins back.

Rubina cries for help.

Nikki says I want to go to the washroom. Rahul M says give me the coins and go. Nikki says Jasmin allowed me. Rahul M says I don’t care.

Jasmin asks Sonali to not rest her back. She stops Abhi from going to Rahul M as Nikki is talking to him. Abhi says she was allowed in the bedroom? I will go inside as well.

Rubina tells Rakhi that I will go inside and convince others to come out as Rakhi will make you enter the game again.

Abhi asks Jasmin to send the people out who are not giving you coins. Jasmin says I don’t need suggestions. Arshi comes into the bedroom. Rahul M tries to stop her. He pulls on her but she falls down and laughs.

Rubina asks Rakhi if she can go and pee? Rakhi says no. Rubina says then let me go inside and steal? You can torture me in front of them. Rakhi pulls Rubina around. Rubina cries and says this landlord will snatch the coins from everyone. Rakhi pushes Rubina inside the haveli again. Jasmin says Rakhi can’t send her inside without coins. Rakhi says you all took her coins. Rahul M says she is hiding the coins. Rakhi says she said that she will bring the coins, she said that you took all her coins. Rahul M says she is lying. Rakhi tells Bigg Boss that I have asked Rubina to steal the coins.

Jasmin tells Rahul M that Vikas will give the coins to Rakhi and then we will send someone to steal from Rakhi. Let’s send Vikas first. Jasmin asks who wants Julie to be the captain? I mean Rakhi. Aly says it depends on the deal, Rahul V says I am okay with her. Jasmin says Rakhi was hurt till yesterday but now she is fine? When the doctor asked her to go out for 14 days, her drama ended. Rakhi stands in front of Jasmin. Rahul M asks Jasmin to not make any deal with Aly. Jasmin says I have an extra-marital affair with Aly. Rakhi says she will eat you up. Rahul M says Julie did the drama of breaking her nose to gain sympathy and votes.

6:15 PM
Abhi tells Nikki and Rubina that Rahul M is with us also. We will play together. The buzzer plays. Jasmin says to Rahul M that let’s send Rubina out again. He says no we should send someone else. She tells Rahul M that Rubina doesn’t have coins so we are safe. They come to Rubina and ask her to give 20 coins otherwise they will send her out. Rubina says you won’t send me out again if I give you 20 coins? Abhi says don’t give the coins to them. Rubina comes to the door and screams for Julie. She comes out in the garden and tells Rakhi that they cheated on me. I am giving all my coins to you, we will play this game together now. Rakhi shakes hands with her. Rubina says I know what is going inside, we will try to get the coins more.
Eijaz says this game is biased, they will give the coins to Rahul M. Arshi says how much Rahul M will get? He says 150. Arshi says we have 200 coins so we will decide.
Rubina asks Rakhi to put the coins under the stones. She hides her coins and says don’t let them know that I am playing with you. She puts stones in her treasure so anyone stealing won’t find anything.

6:30 PM
The buzzer plays, Rubina says don’t let them know that I have the coins and you have stones.
Rahul M asks Vikas to give 20 coins or leave the place. Vikas says don’t listen to Jasmin, play your game. Arshi asks him to play his game. Jasmin says we are not answerable to you. Vikas goes out and says my didi. He hugs Rakhi and says we will take our revenge. He tells Rakhi that you have to get coins. Rakhi says I have coins with me. Vikas says you have to torture people to get coins.

Arshi tells Rahul M that he is a nalla thakur. She pulls on his dhoti. He says don’t do it.

Rubina tells Rakhi to not listen to Vikas, I am playing with you. She shows coins to her and says don’t trust Vikas. Vikas comes and says I want Rakhi to become a captain. I don’t mind Rubina or Abhi becoming a captain. He says people will fight inside for coins. I am giving my 50 coins to Rakhi.

Eijaz tells Sonali that Rahul M won’t let Rakhi win. Arshi says he doesn’t use his mind. Eijaz says don’t be rude. Arshi says don’t talk like this, I will leave. Eijaz asks her to not use this tone on him, please.

7:00 PM
The buzzer plays, Vikas says another prey is coming out. Rakhi tells Vikas that Rubina didn’t me give her coins.

Jasmin asks Sonali to give them coins or leave. She says I will leave. She leaves and goes to Sonali.

Rahul M tells Jasmin that we are not getting coins. Aly asks Arshi why Vikas is giving coins to Rakhi? Arshi says I am not giving coins to anyone. Jasmin says you win my trust by giving the coins. Jasmin says I am getting coins from Abhi and Aly.

Rakhi and Rubina ask Vikas to give them coins. Vikas says Rubina didn’t give her coins. Rubina shows the treasure box and says I have given her coins.

Arshi tells Abhi that we have to make a group and we should decide who should be the contender from us. Abhi says we will decide when we go out.

Rakhi goes and pulls Rahul M’s dhoti. he asks her to leave him. Rakhi says you killed me, my cheater husband. He asks how did you become fine? Jasmin says she did her drama and is fine now. Rakhi kisses her cheek. Jasmin says I smell something. Rahul M says she wants sympathy votes. Aly says Julie is looking for ****, is that true? Rahul M says yes.

Rakhi comes to Vikas and screams at him. Sonali tells her that I will make you the captain.

Rahul M asks Rahul V to give him the coins, I don’t trust my wife. Jasmin says we are one. Rahul V some coins to him.

Vikas tells Arshi that between three of them, I want Rakhi but I am okay with Eijaz or Rubina. Arshi says but not me? You are okay with Rakhi. Arshi says I am with Jasmin against Rakhi. Vikas that’s the issue.

7:30 PM
Rahul M asks Eijaz if he will steal the coins for him? Eijaz asks Rahul M to give a deal to him if you have mind. If I don’t become a contender then I want the immunity from you. He asks him to not disrespect him. Rahul M says okay. Jasmin tells Rahul M that we will throw Eijaz out now, I don’t like this way of talking.

Rakhi asks Vikas to give her the coins. Vikas says I know Rubina didn’t give you coins. Rakhi says there are stones in the treasure box. Vikas says don’t lie to me, I am playing from your side. Rubina says to Rakhi that you didn’t need to include other people in our deal.

Rahul M jokes with Jasmin that she has extra marital affair. Arshi goes and pulls on his dhoti. All laugh.

Aly asks Arshi to give the coins to Jasmin. Arshi says Eijaz is important to me along with Jasmin. Aly calls Jasmin and says send me out next. She says no. Aly says I can go out and then send Arshi, we will plan to steal from Rakhi. Jasmin says I want to send Eijaz first. Aly says think about the game.

Rubina tells Rakhi that you can’t let them steal from you. Vikas says I can put my coins in Rakhi’s treasure. Rakhi tells Rubina that you are not giving your coins to me. Vikas gives his 50 coins to Rakhi. Rubina says I don’t trust Vikas. He didn’t need to check Rubina’s treasure box.

Jasmin tells Arshi that she knows how to play.

Vikas gives her coins to Rakhi and she hides in her bra. Rakhi asks Rubina to trust her. Rubina says I don’t trust Vikas. Vikas asks her to show her coins. Rakhi asks Rubina to trust her. Rubina shows her coins to Rakhi. Rakhi says I trust her.

Jasmin asks the inmates to give them coins and we will give it back to you by doubling it. Aly laughs and says what is this deal? Don’t ever do a business.

Rubina tells Vikas that if Rakhi gets 200 coins then I will give my coins to Rakhi. Vikas says okay I will arrange 200 coins for Rakhi.

7:45 PM
Vikas tells Rakhi that I don’t want to be a contender so I will collect coins for Rakhi. Rubina says I was playing with Rakhi but she told the deal to Vikas.

Vikas comes back in the house and says I gave everything to Rakhi. Arshi checks him and says very good. Rahul V asks why? Vikas says no one will attack me now.
Sonali asks Rakhi if she can go inside? Rakhi says no.

The buzzer plays, Jasmin asks Rahul M to throw Eijaz out of the house. Eijaz says I am not moving until I get a deal. Rahul M says I can force you but please cooperate. Eijaz says you can try. Jasmin says we don’t want you to cry that we hurt you. Rahul M says if you give us 50 coins then I will 40 coins back. Eijaz says if I give you my coins then I want to be the contender. Rahul M says I can’t promise that. Eijaz says I am going. Nikki says we don’t want Eijaz as a captain now. Nikki says he will say we are misbehaving now. Eijaz says you are, Nikki asks him to get out. Eijaz says you are cheap. Eijaz comes out and says Nikki misbehaves so much. Rakhi says she calls herself. Eijaz says she can curse in English so that’s classy?

Abhi tells Arshi that Vikas is out of the task. Arshi says Aly will give the coins to Jasmin. We have to decide who should be the contender from us. Abhi says who will go next? Arshi says they won’t send me.

7:45 PM
Arshi says I will give 5 coins if Rahul M dances without his shirt. They bet on Rahul. Jasmin says my husband lost everything in games. She takes off his shirt. Rakhi comes there and pulls on his dhoti. Rahul V says don’t do it. Rahul M asks her to get lost. Rakhi says to spit on you. Aly says why she is tearing his clothes? Rahul M asks her to get lost. Jasmin asks him to go and change clothes. Aly gives all his coins to Rahul M and tells Rakhi that you didn’t have to do this. Jasmin says she shows her reality like this. Arshi says I will give my coins to Jasmin too as I don’t like this behavior.

Bigg Boss 14 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rakhi says I can do anything in the task. Aly shouts that you can’t tear the clothes of a man, what if a man had done it against a woman? Abhi tells Rakhi that you are wrong. Arshi says this is not entertainment. Aly says I won’t let this task happen.The inmates will celebrate New year. They all dance and enjoy.

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