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Bigg Boss 14 2nd January 2021

Weekend Ka Waar
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He wishes a new year and says I hope you had a good new year with your family as I did. I thought I would come here and talk to them but the inmates have decided to not give me peace any weekend. Salman says there will be the truth about each inmate

Salman connects the call to the house. He says we will have new year’s bashing today. Salman says Bigg Boss doesn’t listen to Jasmin but I will. Jasmin laughs and says I will be scolded. Salman says when will you come out the child mode? She says I will try to understand what you tell me. Salman asks if she will grow up from being TV’s Katrina Kaif? She says I love her. Salman says you need to come out this mode. He asks what Bigg Boss was not listening to her? Jasmin says there was nothing harming in the duck head but Rakhi made a scene by hitting her head on the table. Then Bigg Boss condemned me, I was upset with Bigg Boss as I know that mask couldn’t hurt her. Salman says she was hurt for sure. Jasmin says not with the mask. Eijaz says I saw the mask sliding Rakhi’s nose and I even asked Jasmin to stop but Aly was sitting there and didn’t do anything. Then Rakhi started hitting her head and might have hurt her too. Salman says if you knew that Rakhi’s nose was hurt by the mask then why didn’t you speak up? Eijaz says because Aly said nothing happened and she started hitting her head. Salman says that was wrong also but you were right that her nose was hurt, you are not taking a stand and leave everything to Bigg Boss. You people are not taking stands so there is no reason to stay in the house. If you people don’t care then we don’t either. He tells Eijaz why he is going wrong? Eijaz says I trust Aly blindly. Salman tells Aly that can you make Jasmin understand why she was condemned? Aly says we did tell her to not do physical jokes. At that time, Rakhi was sitting with me and I saw the mask sliding, I tried to protect her head when she was banging on it, I put my hand under her head. I did see the scratch on her nose but she was banging her head with force. Aly says Jasmin did a mistake by getting physical with her, she shouldn’t have done it. Salman says Jasmin kept complaining against Bigg Boss but no one tried to tell her that she was wrong. Then Aly decided to not listen to Bigg Boss. If it was someone else being condemned by Bigg Boss then Aly would understand easily. Aly says it’s not like that. Salman says we are giving you feedback, you just ignore when it comes to Jasmin. Salman asks Jasmin why she was doubting Bigg Boss? She even accused the doctor when you don’t even know the difference between rubber and a thermapole. When you force it on someone then they can get hurt by her actions. We are not obliged to give you any explanation but you are Jasmin Bhasin and and we condemned you on TV so this host has to talk about it today. We consulted two doctors for Rakhi, an ortho and a cosmetic surgoen. The surgeon said that Rakhi should get an MRI scan for her nose implant but it’s not possible because of COVID SOPs and she had to stay out of the house for 14 days so Rakhi decided against it. Rakhi didn’t run away from the house like others, she took the pain-killers and continued the show. You people were questioning the next day that she was not in pain but I am repeating that she is on pain-killers. She can’t feel pain right now and you all knew that she is on pain-killers. Salman tells Rakhi that you ran the show this week alone and the audience is appreciating it. That’s why you have got so many votes that you are SAFE. Rakhi cries and thanks him. Jasmin says I want to say that I am sorry if she got hurt. Salman says you were saying that we were tarnishing your image. Jasmin says no I said it to Rakhi and not to Bigg Boss. Salman says you were saying on the camera that you wanted to confirm from Bigg Boss if she was hurt or not. Jasmin says I would have said sorry to her if I knew she was hurt for sure. Salman says Bigg Boss announced that she was hurt, I am also telling you that she was hurt. You said that you would apologize to her. Jasmin says I will, she tells sorry to Rakhi and says it was not my intent, I thought you were lying. Rakhi hugs her and says it’s okay. Salman says Jasmin you trust me but not Bigg Boss? He clearly told the inmates that she was hurt, we don’t want to put our contestants down on TV. You are on our show so we would want to show you in the best light but when you are going wrong then we will tell you to come the right path. Jasmin says I wanted to talk to Bigg Boss. Jasmin says I would have said sorry if she was not banging her head. Salman says if she said that she got hurt then just say sorry to her, if she is faking it then it’s her problem. When Rakhi was crying then you were making fun of her. You all people target Rakhi because she has a different nature and you think she would be alone in the house. Only one person is supporting Rakhi and that’s Vikas because he was targeted like this. Vikas also guides Rakhi when she goes wrong. You people think Rakhi is uncool and you people are too cool for her. Rakhi is different but it’s her personality and it needs to appreciate as it’s natural. You people don’t know what Rakhi has gone through in life, what problem she had to suffer but she doesn’t talk about it. She always tries to entertain people. Rakhi cries hearing all that. Salman says Rakhi is equal to you all and she cooler than all of you. Rahul M claps for Rakhi. Salman says it’s not nice to make fun of her, why? Because she can’t speak English or she is different? Rubina agrees. Salman says Rubina you are no less. You put her down thinking she is uncool. Rubina says I agree. Salman says I have been watching and seeing this. Salman asks Abhi to take a stand now. You need to be a husband or a contestant in the house. We have entered a new year and you people are doing this? I am pissed off on you. I want you all to respect Rakhi that she deserves. Rakhi cries and thanks Salman. Salman ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman says last night Rubina got angry on Sonali and Arshi as they were making noise and she said she won’t cook. Let’s see what happened.

In the House:
Rubina shouts at Arshi that this is my house and I won’t work now as you have disturbed my sleep.
In the morning, Arshi says my target is Rubina and I will see who is on her side. You people don’t take the show seriously as you think your fans will save you. We had to come here, we are not egoistic like you. Rubina says I never said anything like that. Arshi says I respect you Rubina but I don’t like your arrogance. Rubina says don’t put it on me. Arshi says you said that this is your house and we are guests to leave soon. You people made Rahul M the captain by influencing him.
Rahul M asks Nikki and others to go to Rubina’s aid. Nikki says Rubina alone is enough for them.

Arshi is calling out to Vikas. Vikas says don’t do it, it’s not season 11. Eijaz asks Arshi to not misbehave. Arshi says I am not talking to you. Eijaz says I don’t want to argue, he leaves. Rubina comes there and I am not making food. Arshi says you will tell us about food now? Rubina shows the pinky finger to Arshi. Aly shows another finger. Arshi says he has to enter every conversation? Aly says I was talking to Rahul V, I can’t talk to him? Rakhi comes there so Aly asks her to get lost. Arshi tells Rubina that I can insult you easily.

Sonali asks Arshi to do her work. Arshi says listen to me, you are scared of Rubina. Sonali says I won’t fight her for no reason. Arshi says don’t teach me how to play this game. You can go and lick her feet if you are scared. Rahul V asks Arshi to not say that about Sonali. Sonali says I don’t lick anyone’s foot. Arshi says you people bow down to Rubina unlike me.

Jasmin asks Arshi what’s her problem with Rubina? Arshi says Rubina said last night that she is the owner of the house as she entered here first then I said that we entered this house before in the 11th season so we are the owners. Then she called me foolish and useless. I didn’t misbehave with her but she kept showing me the pinky finger. Jasmin says you must have said something to her. Arshi says I didn’t use any wrong word for her. Rubina comes there and shows the finger again. Jasmin asks what did she say to you? Rubina says I called her foolish which she is. Jasmin tells Arshi that it doesn’t matter if she calls you anything then you kept interrupting her when she was cooking. You can ignore her when she is showing her pinky finger. Arshi says I don’t agree with you, I respect you but you were not there. Jasmin says I was there. Arshi says then why are you asking me again? Jasmin says I am asking for your perspective. Aly asks Rubina to not get triggered by Rubina. Arshi says Rubina is a cheap woman. Rubina laughs at her. Arshi leaves from there. Arshi tells Jasmin that she was calling me names so I will answer back. Jasmin asks Rubina to not poke Arshi and she will not say anything to you. Rubina says I am not her category. Jasmin says don’t use those words.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call back to the house. Salman asks Rubina if she lives a good house with privacy? She nods. Salman says our people live near railway tracks, near main roads. They have to hear noises all night but they easily sleep. Have you ever thought of this? You are in this industry where work can come and so easily go that you will never understand. We have seen ups and downs so we respect our work. It’s a rule that others can’t talk late at night? Arshi says Rubina has made a rule and then she threatens to not cook in the house. Salman says giving food is the biggest deed. Aly says they have made a rule to sleep when the lights go off. Arshi says Rubina decides categories. Salman says like you people have to go to offices in the morning. Salman asks Rubina why she is smiling and laughing? Rubina says not at all. Salman says what’s the joke? Arshi says they are laughing since the start. Rubina asks Arshi to not start here. Salman says I have noticed that you were smiling when I was being serious. It’s your life so it doesn’t matter. Salman asks Nikki if the house would react the same way if someone else said that they wouldn’t cook? Nikki says no. Salman asks if the others would have reacted if it was not Rubina? Nikki says yes, they would try to attack in a group. Aly laughs and says nice one. Nikki says keep laughing. Salman asks Nikki if she should have talked against Rubina at that time? Nikki says I thought to talk to her but I didn’t as I didn’t work in the first week. Salman says you could have told her that it brought trouble for you. It’s not a normal duty, she was talking about the food of everyone. Nikki says she wouldn’t have listened to me. Salman asks Arshi if the inmates would have reacted the same way if you stopped working in the house? Arshi says Rubina is so egoistic, she thinks she can control the house. She forces people to listen to her because she thinks she the biggest star here, she makes her own rules, she threatens people and makes them follow her timelines. She doesn’t follow timelines for her own duty, if I do it then they threaten to stop my food but no one takes a stand against her because they are scared of her. Salman says God has broken the egos of many big people so who is she? Salman says did you get Aly and Rahul V’s support? Arshi says no, they think Rubina is running the house and no one is ready to talk against her. Salman says you all are at mistake. Eijaz says I took a stand against her, I said that if she is not making food then I won’t do my duty. Abhi says two wrongs don’t make one right. Salman asks Abhi to support his wife. Abhi says they stopped doing their duties which is wrong too. Salman says so you are right now? Rubina says can I talk now? Salman says no. Salman asks Arshi if she got her friends’ support? She says no. Salman tells Arshi that you are trying to make an alliance with Aly and Rahul V which is not complete till now and it won’t be completed ever because they would never make you part of their group because you are just a number for them to make a majority. I hope you understand what we are saying so stop being scared of them. Aly asks Arshi to speak up. Arshi says I am not scared of them, Bigg Boss is protecting us but they were my friends since the start. Salman tells Arshi that they didn’t support you and you didn’t question them, you then started arguing with Vikas when you should have been talking to Aly and Rahul V. Arshi says then I should have fought Sonali, Rahul M and Nikki also. Nobody talked against Rubina, she thinks she is a queen here and makes the rules for everyone. If Sonali wanted to talk a little bit so what? Rubina even makes rules for the captain. Salman says who gave her this authority? The creative team is not giving it to her. Salman asks Rubina what was the pinky finger? Rubina says she was irritating me. Salman asks Abhi what does this finger mean? Abhi says I don’t know. Sonali says I tried to make Arshi understand also, Rubina has made a group in the house and she makes his action saying that the house is wrapped around her finger. She is even making the captain wrap around her. Salman tells Rubina that Sonali has given a better explanation than you. Salman says it doesn’t matter if it’s a middle finger or the pinky finger. Rubina says it’s not that, I showed her pinky finger as she started reacting. I just wanted to keep her shut so I continued doing it. She is always calling me egoistic. Salman asks what does the finger mean? Rubina says there is no meaning, I just wanted to take a reaction from here. Salman says you wanted to show another finger on TV so you showed the pinky finger.

Rubina says no I just wanted to irritate her. I never showed it before. Rubina says there was no intention behind it. Arshi says no one is speaking up because they are scared of you. You were showing this sign to me calling me a pee. I didn’t understand it before. Salman asks Abhi to speak. Abhi says the pinky finger means pee and if it’s a big issue then what about Arshi saying such wrong words, she has said so many words but they are not the issues? Arshi says I don’t go personally against you. I don’t show you actions like your wife. Abhi says what you have done in the house is not right. Rubina asks Arshi to shut up. Arshi asks them to have shame. Salman asks Abhi what Arshi has said in the house? Do you want this on Tv? You have brought it up here. Do you want to open this? Is this the man you are? He says no. Salman says this is the man you are. I was just asking what is the pinky finger? Your wife didn’t have the guts to show the middle finger, we all understand what her intention was. Rubina says not at all. Salman says we just show 1 hour of the show, should I talk about what you all say in the house? Jasmin and Aly body shame Arshi. Then Jasmin and Nikki are making fun of Rakhi’s cosmetic surgeries. We are trying to save your personality but we know what is your personality. You want us to show all that? Rubina says can I talk about the nights? Salman asks her to go and sleep. Only Rakhi and Arshi are bad, all are nice here. Salman says Abhi trying to divert the topic. Rubina says this has been happening for many nights. Salman tells Abhi that I was checking Rubina when she was showing the pinky finger, it doesn’t suit her. Rubina says it was not the intention, I never do sign language. Salman asks Rubina to not insult our intelligence. If you want to show the middle finger then do it with guts. Rubina says I just wanted a reaction from Arshi. Salman says I need a break, he ends the video call.

In the House:
Jasmin tells Arshi that I never body shame. Rubina tells Arshi that I hope you get your karma here, don’t make this crying face. Arshi says I told you that I will respect you if you respect me.
Aly shouts at Jasmin that I told you that you will look negative outside, I told you many times to not do it. I kept asking you to not comment on her surgeries. Jasmin says Rakhi commented on my face. Aly says but you are not like this, what has happened to you? You tell me to make you understand but you don’t listen.
Rubina tells Arshi that I don’t answer you because I don’t want to argue with you but you keep calling me egoistic. Arshi says your arrogance will be broken.
Jasmin cries and says I will remain silent when they talk about my character and face. Aly says are you serious? Do you want to prove your character? Jasmin says no I will remain silent.

Aly tells Arshi that you think we are using you for the majority? Arshi says I never said it. Aly says you didn’t clarify. Rahul V says we had a good friendship but you cheated us first. Arshi says I did flip but I tried to pacify you both.
Nikki tells Rubina to not talk about food. Rubina says I make food with love for everyone. Nikki says let’s forget everything. Rubina sighs.
Arshi tells Aly that he said that I won’t be your priority. You people have Jasmin as a priority. Rahul V says we did give you a chance but you flipped.

Rubina shouts that she is filth. Arshi shouts at her to remain within her limits. You are filth, your family is filth. Abhi shouts at her to not bring their family here. Arshi comes closer to Rubina and says I will break you right here if you talk about my character. Abhi stands in front of Arshi and says break her, try. Why did you bring our family here? I want to see how much filth you have. Jasmin tries to calm down Abhi. Abhi charges at Arshi and says I want to see how much filth you can see. Vikas says you all charge at one person. Aly charges him and says you jump in other’s fights, what can you do? Vikas says I will talk if I want. Aly pushes him and says come near me. Vikas says don’t touch me. If you misbehave with me then.. Aly says why? you are my father? Nikki tries to control Aly. Rahul V stops him. Aly says he always jumps in to provoke Arshi. He charges at Vikas. Eijaz takes Aly away. Aly says I remain silent but I can talk about what you used to say. I can talk about you blackmailing my friends. I can show messages to people. Vikas says show it, you are lying. I knew this is drama. Aly says I have screenshots of you blackmailing the young kids. Vikas says I want to see, don’t make stories. What show did I not take you in? Aly says you are a ******. Get lost. Vikas says I am not. Aly says Vikas went to Rakhi’s side because she was targeted alone. He always takes the side of the person who is alone. He wants to gain sympathy on their behalf. Vikas laughs at him. Aly says you told me many things but I remained silent. Vikas says you are lying. Vikas says I was with her because she was being targeted so what? Nikki asks Vikas to have shame, you want to gain sympathy on other’s behalf. Vikas says you don’t know me. Aly says I can talk about you being a fraud, you can fool others but I know you are a fraud. He was trying to pump Arshi. Arshi says he was not pumping me, he was laughing at me. Aly says no, he was trying to provoke you. We didn’t target you ever, we have always been your friends. Arshi says I never said you targeted me. Aly says then why Vikas was provoking you? Vikas says I am not talking to you. Aly says you are just a drama Vikas. You are being cheap. Vikas says calm down, don’t say rubbish things. Aly says you are provoking me, you are showing me a finger. Vikas says you pushed me. Aly says you pushed me first. Nikki says Vikas charged at Aly first. Vikas asks Nikki to not lie.

Nikki asks Arshi why she was getting triggered because of Vikas? Arshi says I asked Rubina why she was talking about my character. Abhi says we don’t say rubbish all the time. Arshi says tell me the meaning of filth. Rahul V says you talked about their family. Arshi says why did she call me filth? Rahul V says you can curse people but she can’t say anything. Arshi says I didn’t curse her. Rahul V says why did you go on their family? Arshi says you won’t decide for me. Rahul V says don’t show me your face. Arshi says you just insult women. Rahul V says you were appreciated today so you can talk about their family? You want people to support you on this? Abhi says this is the real ego. Arshi says don’t curse me otherwise I will go on her family. You all are scared of her. Aly says we are not scared of anyone. Arshi says I am a soft target for you all.

Arshi asks Rahul M if I used a single wrong word against Rubina? He says no. Rubina says but look at her tone. You act so dramatically. Rakhi tells Arshi that you curse Rubina all the time.

Aly tells Vikas to not interfere in my matter. Vikas says don’t tell me what to do or not. Eijaz asks them to be civilized. Aly asks him to not show a finger to him. Eijaz says if Vikas wants to talk so what? Aly says now he will cry for an hour. Eijaz asks Aly to not go wrong. Aly says I did say sorry to him for bringing the outside matter. Vikas says I don’t want to talk to you. Don’t show attitude to me. Aly says what you will do? Vikas says don’t do it. Aly says you are warning me? Vikas says I am not warning you. I am asking you. Vikas says don’t make fake stories of outside matter. Eijaz asks Aly to not talk. Jasmin says Vikas is provoking him again and again, he should stop also. Eijaz says let’s end it. Jasmin says that’s why I can’t become Vikas’s friend as he does everything for sympathy. Eijaz says just don’t talk about the outside matters.

On the stage, Salman says if I go inside the house again then my BP will shoot and I don’t want to stoop on their level, it’s a waste of energy. I don’t want to be a part of this dirt. He signs off from the episode.


Bigg Boss 14 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Salman tells Aly that what you did was wrong. Aly says Vikas was maligning Jasmin and my image outside. Vikas says I am tired of this. Salman tells Jasmin that you were making fun of Rakhi’s nose and surgeries. Jasmin says I was provoked. Salman says no, you have taken it to the next level, this face and your personality are totally opposite, you are not looking good.

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