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Bigg Boss 14 27th January 2021

Day 116
6:15 PM
The buzzer plays and the red team goes into the cafe. Rubina tells her that we need a functional cycle. Someone has to protect the photo and a ribbon. Arshi says we need a cycle just to show off. Vikas says you just need a cycle with tires. Rakhi checks the photos that they had hidden. Vikas comes to Rubina’s team and says they have found the things near the pool, it was hidden there. Rubina says that must have floated there.
Rahul tries to throw the cycle in the pool. His mic gets stuck. The buzzer plays and the rest team comes out.

6:30 PM
Rahul is hiding a scarf. Nikki tries to take it from him and charges at him. Rubina and Arshi pull from him too. Devo tries to protect him. Rubina says we need everything, they fight for the scarf. Nikki pushes Devo, Devo kicks her. Abhi takes the scarf from Rahul and takes the nuts from it. Rubina says we just need the nuts. Arshi puts the nuts in her bra. Rahul says what is this? Vikas asks Arshi to not put it there. He asks her to take it out. Arshi takes it out from her chest and gives it to Vikas. Rahul says she is wearing a nightie to hid all this. Rubina asks Vikas to give the nuts to them. Vikas says no. Devo says Arshi is taking cheap advantage of being a girl. You were cursing Nikki for doing the same thing. She asks her to take out from her bathrobe. I will put my hand inside if you don’t take it out. Vikas says to do it. Devo pulls on her bathrobe and says I will take out the items. Arshi says don’t touch me. Devo says don’t abuse being a girl. Rahul says Devo will take Arshi in the bathroom and check her. Rubina silently hides some tools in her upper. Arshi says it’s so wrong to say that I am abusing being a girl. Aly jokes to show him. Arshi says come here. He laughs. Devo says she is abusing being a girl, it’s wrong, what if a guy had done it. Rubina says you are making an issue for no reason. Devo says if Rakhi makes food then it’s an issue for you but this is not an issue?

7 PM
The buzzer plays and the yellow team goes into the cafe. Rahul says they have eaten everything. Aly says they must have hidden the food.
Abhi takes out a cycle from the pool. Arshi takes it. Abhi says just do what I am saying. He puts the cycle in a corner. They start reassembling it. Nikki and Abhi work on it. Abhi asks for a nut from Rubina. She says I don’t have it. Use rubber to tie the tire. Abhi says I can’t stick a tire like that, are you crazy? Rubina says let’s hide the photo. Abhi says they will come out so we will have to protect it. Rakhi tells her team to break this cycle.
The buzzer plays and the yellow team goes to their cycle. Nikki tries to grab Aly but he attacks the cycle. Rubina says don’t break it. They all fight with each other. Vikas says be careful. Rubina asks them to make their own cycle. Aly says this is our cycle. It was Devo’s cycle. Rubina says no. Rahul asks Rubina to not touch him. Rahul is pulling on the cycle and says it’s my duty to bust the tire. Aly asks Rubina to not take their cycle, it’s ours. Rubina says this is our cycle. The buzzer plays and the task ends. Abhi asks them all to move away from there. Abhi puts his photo on the cycle. Aly tears his photo and says you can’t put a photo on the cycle after the round ends. Abhi shouts how cheap are you? Aly shouts are you cheap. Abhi gets angry and pushes him away. Aly pushes him back. They both push each other. Vikas controls Aly. Nikki grabs Aly. Aly says you are a ******. Abhi says I won’t spare you, I told you to not curse me, you are a ****. Aly says you cursed me as well. Rahul is breaking the cycle still. Vikas tells Rahul that the buzzer has played already. Rubina says why did you tear the photo? Aly says he had put the photo after the round ended. Rubina says I had put the photo on the cycle before the round ended, don’t lie. Rakhi tries to attack the cycle but Vikas says the round has ended. Aly shouts that how dare he push him? You are scared to play in the task. Abhi says you pushed me first. Aly says ask Nikki who pushed whom first. Nikki tells Rubina I swear Abhi pushed Aly very harshly. Aly tells Abhi that I won’t make an issue of the push, I am a man. Abhi says you people started fighting in the task. Aly asks him to keep his hands to himself. Abhi says you are a coward. Aly says I am standing here, do if you can do anything. He spits near Abhi and says lick it now. Rubina says everyone was pushing each other. Aly says he pushed me personally, I look at you and I don’t want to fight with him. Rubina says don’t make an issue of the push. Aly says I won’t but he can’t push me, he came to me and pushed me after the task ended. Abhi says you came to me and snatched the photo from me, why? Aly says because you were putting the photo thereafter the round ended. Rahul tells Rubina that why Abhi had to push him into a fight? Don’t do unjustified acts. Abhi takes Rubina aside and says it’s okay, leave it. Rubina tells Rahul to not say rubbish things. Abhi tells Rubina that don’t pick a fight with Rahul, he just wants limelight with you. I will sort it with Aly. Abhi asks Aly if he has an issue with what happened? Aly says no. Abhi says then no one should make an issue. Rahul says Nikki clearly saw Abhi pushing Aly so we can’t even talk about it?

7:45 PM
Vikas tells Abhi to let him talk. Abhi says we have done something in the task. The whole cycle is complete except the chain. Aly says he thinks he can fool Vikas like this. Abhi says like the yellow team even has a cycle standing next to them. Rahul says he will tell everything. Abhi says Rakhi played better than Rahul, he didn’t do anything in the task. Rahul asks him to do his work. Arshi asks Abhi to remain silent now. They all stand in the garden.

Bigg Boss asks Vikas if any team has an intact cycle? Which has a tire full of air? Vikas says the red team tried well but they don’t have an intact cycle. Their tires don’t have air. Both teams tried their best but no one won. Rubina says this is an intact cycle. Vikas says it’s not intact. Rubina says can’t you see? Aly asks Rubina to not do this. Vikas says there is no seat on it. Rubina says we can run this cycle without a seat. Vikas says Abhi has done a great job but this not an intact cycle. Rahul says look at their cycle, it’s not even running. Vikas says don’t joke about it, your team didn’t even make a cycle. Abhi says this cycle is fully running.

Bigg Boss says as per Vikas no team won this task so no one will get to use the restricted areas and they won’t get items from the BB Mall.

8 PM
Abhi is still working on his cycle. He asks Vikas to run it. Vikas sits on it and runs the cycle. Abhi says look at this now. Arshi says shame on Vikas. Rubina asks Vikas now what he has to say? Rahul says to give 10 rs to Abhi. Abhi says that’s your thinking. You are a gutter. You people have no playing spirit, see what I have made. Rahul says I will give you 10 rs.

Abhi tells Vikas that it was an intact cycle. Vikas says there had to fully aired tires, I am very proud of you for doing the task.
Arshi tells Aly that Abhi worked on making a cycle and you worked on breaking only. You should have made your cycle. Aly says Bigg Boss cleared said that the tires should have air, your cycle doesn’t have air and a seat. Arshi says you didn’t construct your cycle. Devo says you people didn’t protect your cycle. Arshi says but we have made a cycle and it’s running.

Abhi goes and puts a chair on the cycle. Rubina is sadly sitting there. Aly comes to her and caresses her head. Vikas tells sorry to Rubina. Rubina says don’t talk to me. Arshi says Vikas is taking out his personal grudges. Vikas asks her to shut up, what grudges? Tell me. Stop saying rubbish things. Arshi asks him to move away, you are smelling.

Rahul tells Vikas that their cycle is not intact still. Abhi says his thinking is of 10 rs only. Vikas tells Rahul to stop it now, it’s not looking good on him. Abhi has worked hard and he has made a standing cycle. Rubina says this referee was blind, he couldn’t see a fully intact cycle? Vikas says I am standing with people who I want to stand with. Rubina says for the people who can only destroy things? Devo says if Vikas was taking their side then it’s fine. Vikas tells Rubina that Abhi has won praises. Rubina says how? We lost the task. Vikas says he made the cycle but the criteria were not matching. Rubina says you were not fair, where did your fairness go? You were unfair to us. Vika says I know you are feeling bad. Arshi says he is just saying rubbish things. I am a senior here. Vikas says yes you are everything here.

8:30 PM
Abhi works on the cycle. Vikas helps him and says now call the 10 rs people. Nikki says he can just run to Aly. Abhi tells Nikki that if they had made the cycle then I would have saluted them. Abhi fills the tires with an air pump. Vikas says this is a fully functional cycle now. Nikki says let me run it. She sits on cycle and runs it. Vikas calls Rubina and says it’s a fully functional cycle. Rubina kisses Abhi’s forehead. She tells Vikas to not talk to her. Abhi says Vikas helped me right now. Rubina says Vikas is no righteous man. Vikas says my brother has made a cycle. Rubina says don’t butter him. Vikas says I am very proud of Abhi, very good job.

9:45 PM
Rakhi tells Rahul that Abhi is in my heart, I don’t want to fight him. Aly fights with Abhi-Rubina but then he goes and calls Rubina his sister. After the fight, he went to Rubina and patched up with her. I don’t want to interfere between you and Aly but the media said that Aly acts nice with everyone while you get targeted by everyone. You are becoming a villain for everyone, you are getting nominated. You should talk to Aly. Rahul says I can’t be fake and nice to everyone. Rakhi says he is playing a game with everyone, he is giving attention to Nikki and he has made Rubina his sister. Rahul says it’s his way of playing, he fights and then sits with them. If I fight with someone then it’s from the heart. It’s his game and he is my friend, I love him from the heart. We will not talk about it to anyone, I know you won’t. Rakhi says yes, I just felt talking to you about it.

Day 117
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song kehdo na you are my soniya. They all dance.
Rakhi tells Abhi to wash the dishes. He says I will with Arshi.

8:45 AM
Vikas says Arshi is not washing the dishes that are required right now. He tells Arshi to not spoil the food. You made an issue when Sonali had thrown a paratha but you are spoiling the food. He shows the rotis that Arshi has put aside. Vikas says she is wasting food but this is fine now. He asks Arshi what is this? You were charging at Sonali for it. Rahul asks Vikas to not fight in the morning. Vikas says I have to do it with Arshi.

9:30 AM
Nikki says Arshi wasted food yesterday, say something to her. Rubina says people start fighting with me if I tell them something. Devo says she leaves the food outside after dinner. Vikas comes and puts Arshi’s name on the wasted roties.

Abhi tells Arshi that it’s time to become nice. If someone fights with them, just ask them if they want tea. Flip by becoming a nice person now. Arshi laughs and says I will do this from now on.

10:15 AM
Rubina tells Vikas that daal was not wasted. We use the leftover daal in parathas. Vikas says it will upset the stomachs. No one has felt pain because of the parathas. Vikas says everyone has upset stomachs. Rubina says don’t make an issue. Rakhi says she is fighting with Vikas instead of Arshi. Rubina says this is a selective thought process. Rakhi says don’t target my brother. They don’t fight with devils, they fight with innocent people. Rubina says Vikas is behind Arshi now. You people are wasting food too. Rakhi says Abhi’s stomach is upset as Rubina makes him eat stale food. Rubina says don’t say foolish things, we don’t make food to make stomachs upset of people. Abhi says the food in the fridge cannot upset the stomach.

11:30 AM
Rakhi asks Nikki what happened to her eye? Nikki says I used contact lenses after applying the perfume. She tells Rubina that now she is showing concern. Nikki leaves her plate on the counter. Vikas asks her to wash her dish. Nikki says why are you ordering me? Shut up. Vikas says the people on lunch duty won’t wash it. Nikki says don’t order me like I am your friend or your wife. Vikas says I am not your employee as well, I won’t wash it. Nikki says don’t misbehave with me, I am not your wife that you can order me around. Vikas asks her to keep herself in check too. Nikki says you are kissing people and beating others. Vikas says who have I kissed? What are you saying? Nikki says I am not answering you. Vikas says you are a liar and a very rude person. Nikki says you know who you have kissed. She leaves. Devo says you kissed my cheek earlier that’s why she was taunting you? Vikas says that was a simple kiss.

Rakhi brings oil and applies it on Rahul’s back.

Devo says they are all playing women’s cards. Nikki says wow, she is talking about cards now. Devo says Arshi was putting items in her bathrobe, what if a guy had put it in his underwear? What if Vikas had said to Nikki that she kisses people around, then everyone would have started attacking Vikas.

12:15 PM
Rakhi asks Vikas why Nikki was taunting you about kisses? Nikki says they were talking about kisses before. Rakhi asks Nikki to look at her history first. Devo says I won’t spare Nikki now. Nikki says Vikas wanted to do something after getting nominated. He told me he will do something. Vikas says you are lying, this is your upbringing? Nikki says you are no one to question my upbringing, look at your upbringing. Vikas says you are lying about me. Devo says she is maligning my character. Arshi says Nikki didn’t take your time. Aly asks Arshi to not play from both sides, you want to make Vikas look wrong even when he is not. Arshi says Nikki was wrong in bringing up kissing but you don’t have to talk about the woman card. Arshi tells Aly that I am not playing from any side. Aly says you go against the person who is taking Vikas’ side.

Vikas calls Devo and asks her to kiss him. Devo goes and kisses his cheek. Vikas asks Nikki to be jealous now, it’s girls like you. Nikki says Devo was talking about your kisses with Arshi that’s why I brought it up. Rubina tells Vikas that when you were crying yesterday, Devo-Arshi was picking against you. Vikas says I am telling you that you were never wrong in your journey but you take sides of the wrong people. Rubina says it’s my journey so let me bear my fruits, I am just telling you what happened. Rubina calls Arshi and asks if Devo was talking about Vikas kissing her? Arshi says yes. Rubina says Devo was showing concern when Vikas kissed her but now the topic has shifted so she is okaying with kissing his cheek now. Vikas says you are right. He calls Devo and says let’s clear it. Arshi asks Rubina if you have brought Nikki from your house? She can do anything, you don’t need to defend her all the time. Devo comes there and says I just said that Vikas was not talking to me earlier and then he kissed me out of nowhere. Vikas says look at this Rubina, Nikki made such a cheap topic out of it. Vikas tells Rubina that she is taking Nikki’s side without thinking anything.

2:15 PM
Abhi comes to Nikki and asks if she wants to eat anything? Rakhi is sitting there so Abhi laughs and leaves. Rakhi says Abhi doesn’t deserve me or anything. He can keep his attitude to himself. He should ask his wife to make a tattoo of himself.

3:45 PM
Rubina reads a task in which they have to choose the inmates having 3 qualities. In the task, there will be two shops and Rubina-Rahul will be the shopkeepers. There are 3 inmates’ placards in the shop as products. The shopkeepers have to sell their products to Vikas, Devo and Rakhi. The qualities are as follows:

A clean heart: Rubina will sell Rakhi for this quality and Rahul will sell Arshi
Safety: A trustworthy person. Rahul will sell Aly and Rubina will sell Vikas
Potency: A powerful person. Rubina will sell Abhi and Rahul will Nikki.

The shopkeeper who sells more placards will win the task.

4 PM
Rubina tells the inmates that we will start the task. I have Rakhi who has a clean heart. Rahul says I have Arshi who has loved Vikas so much. Vikas laughs. Rubina says Rakhi is entertaining and brings energy to the house because she has a clean heart. Rahul tells Vikas that she made you the captain to repent her mistakes. Rubina says I am fighting with Rakhi right now but we praise each other’s food even now because she has a clean heart. Rahul says Arshi doesn’t care about her food, she makes sure that we all have food first. The buzzer plays. Vikas says Arshi doesn’t have a heart. He buys Rakhi’s placard.

Devo is next, Rahul says my next product is Aly for safety. I can trust him. Rubina says Vikas talks about his personal life, he is not scared of anyone, he doesn’t manipulate anyone, we can trust him with anything. Vikas does small things to win hearts. Rahul says in the nominations task, Aly got the kitchen because everyone knew he won’t get nominated. Rubina says Vikas has used his mind in the tasks. Aly says you were saying something else yesterday. Devo says this is about trust but Vikas nominated me for no reason. He has broken my trust so I will buy Aly. Rahul thanks her.

Rakhi is next. Rubina says Abhi is powerful and his silence works well too. Rahul says Nikki owns herself, she might misbehave, she might bring up my girlfriend but she talks her mind because she is powerful. The buzzer plays, Rubina tells Rakhi that they have said that you curse them. Rahul says she can kill people but we can’t even pray? Rakhi says I got impressed by Abhi earlier but he hasn’t done anything that shows his strength. I will select Nikki for this. Rahul hugs her. Rahul gets the hamper.

5:45 PM
Rakhi is in the washroom area and asks Julie what she is doing? You were right about Abhi, he was so serious about the cycle while I gave up immunity for him. He used to eat fruits only before I came here. I made you a lover boy, I made you learn how to love. I made not fight with your wife, I controlled your temper but you called me a truck, crazy, why? Because I loved you? I didn’t select you today. I am going away from you now.

6:15 PM
Rakhi takes Abhi’s underwear and says I will cut it. She takes the scissor and cuts them. She says I wanted to wash it but if I can’t get it then no one will. I will cut all his underwear. She tears them more, puts them in the luggage area and leaves. Rakhi whispers to herself that I will cut one underwear daily.

6:45 PM
Rakhi asks Abhi where is moon? Abhi asks her to look at the sky. Rakhi says look at me, I am the moon. Abhi says you were talking about the moon and not a ghost? She throws fruit at him. He throws it back.

8:15 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that Rakhi is behaving very viciously now. Don’t entertain her, she threw oranges at me. I threw it back at her. She has lost it. Rubina says she is married. Abhi says she is not, I am sensing trouble but I can’t do anything. She kissed me at the press conference. Rubina says I was stunned too. Abhi says I will warn her twice now and then I will snap.

8:30 PM
Rahul sings a song. Rakhi hears it and leaves from there.

Rakhi talks to herself in the washroom and says he doesn’t deserve my tears. She laughs at herself. Rubina comes there and asks if she is okay? Rakhi nods and asks what happened? Rubina says you were laughing to yourself so I asked. Rakhi says I am fine. Rubina leaves. Rakhi glares at her.

10 PM
Devo tells Rakhi that Rahul sings so well. I love singing. Rakhi asks if she is single? Devo says no, there is someone outside. Rakhi says what about here? Rahul? Devo says he is my friend, he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. Rakhi says there is nothing called love. Devo says if a person respects and values me then he is the one for me. Rakhi says what is love? Devo says it’s habit maybe. Rakhi says habits can be made with many people. Devo laughs and says she is playing cupid. Rahul comes there so Rakhi laughs. Rahul starts singing ek dil hai. Rakhi smirks at Devo so Devo laughs and runs from there.

1:15 AM
Arshi asks Aly and Rahul if I should talk about the allegations Vikas put on me. He is not sparing his mother and his ex-boyfriend so he can say anything about me. Rahul says I don’t like when he talks about the outside matters. Aly says to Arshi that Vikas thinks you will blackmail him with things so he will talk about it himself. Arshi says he used to ask me to call his ****** and record it then send it to him. I used to act like calling him. Vikas was my best friend so I wanted to protect him. I was not talking to my boyfriend because I was catering to Vikas. Rahul says I don’t like Vikas taking names on TV. Arshi says if he was talking about his relationships then he is blackmailing his ex too. Was it not wrong? Rahul says then how can anyone blackmail Vikas? Arshi says I can’t tell you what Vikas has done in life, he has done so much that I can’t even talk about it. His ex is someone’s son too. Vikas’ mother cried to me so I will take her side.


Bigg Boss 14 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The lights are gong on and off. Bigg Boss says you people are in a time-zone. The inmates have to do everything in action-replay. Rubina falls down in the pool. Abhi rushes and jumps in the pool. Rakhi asks if she is okay?

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