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Bigg Boss 14 23rd January 2021

Weekend Ka Vaar with Press
In the house, Rubina reads that this season is going to the end, people are talking about them and making news outside. The task will be related to the news. You have to put the photos of the inmates on the news scoreboard, the first position will mean that inmate has been talked about the most outside the house. The 9th number will be the least talked contestant.

Aly says I think it’s Rahul. Rahul says I think it’s Rahul. Other inmates vote for Rahul. Devo says I think Rubina should be second on the board. Rubina and others vote for Aly. They vote for Rubina on the 3rd. They vote for Nikki in the 4th position. Rahul says can we revise the positions? We have forgotten Eijaz’s name. They say that Rubina should be second. Aly says I think so too. Devo says people love Rubina so they want to read about her, talk about her. Rubina says we are moving in circles. Aly says I think Rakhi should be on the 3rd. Rahul says we are agreeing on Aly for the 3rd position. They agree on Rakhi’s name for the 4th position.

1st – Rahul
2nd – Rubina
3rd – Aly
4th – Rakhi

They keep fighting in the 5th position. Vikas says I want to be in the 5th position. Bigg Boss tells them that the time for the task has ended and they should put the board away.

In the House:
Kamya Punjabi enters the house with reporters. Kamya says we talk about the inmates as they are becoming famous. She says the media is here because this season has been talked about a lot. These inmates will have to answer the reporters directly. Kamya says we have to who will win the hearts of the media. She calls Rubina first. Kamya says Rubina can use her words wisely, she is making the rules in the house. Kamya says another side is Rakhi who is behind Rubina’s husband. Kamya calls Rubina and Rakhi.

Rakhi and Rubina dance on dola re. They both dance nicely with each other.

Rubina and Rakhi come into the garden. They greet Kamya and the reporters. Rubina and Rakhi sit in a glass box. Kamya says let’s talk Nikki and Sonali now.

Nikki and Sonali dance on bawri hogyi. They tease each other in the dance. Sonali runs behind Nikki with a rolling pin. They come into the garden and sit with others.

Kamya says let’s talk about Rahul now who is not sparing Rubina. She welcomes Devoleena.

Devoleena and Rahul sing together. Devo sings pehla nasha. They come into the garden and sit with others.

Kamya says let’s talk about Abhi and Aly. They have taken off their friendship mask. They are not playing on the back foot anymore.

Aly and Abhi are in the boxing ring. They box with each other and show attitude. They come and sit in the garden.

Kamya says let’s call the frenemies now which are Vikas and Arshi. They become friends or enemies as per the convenience.

Vikas says I deserve to stay here and Arshi doesn’t because she is a naagin. Arshi says he is not stable mentally so he should go home and rest. He is not a mastermind anymore. Vikas says if she stays in the house then she will throw others out, we need peace in the house so throw this naagin out of the house.

Arshi and Vikas come into the garden.

Kamya tells the inmates that we have media people here today. You have to answer their questions today. She says let’s talk about the scoreboard first. Kamya says why the positions are empty? She asks Vikas. Arshi says he doesn’t have a mind answer now. Vikas says we don’t work with logic when it’s about the majority votes here. Kamya says Devo is the latest contestant and she was following the season. Why the task didn’t get completed? Devo says they all see themselves in the top position. Rakhi says I see myself in the 9th position. Kamya says if you don’t fight for yourself then the audience won’t fight for you as well. Kamya says let’s starts the questions with Rubina and Rahul.

Rubina & Rahul:
A reporter asks Rahul why he is only seen on the TV when he is fighting with Rubina. Your game is just fighting with Rubina? Rahul says there is nothing planned here, I answer back when she taunts me. We don’t know what’s shown outside, we are living here 24 hours. The reporter says we are watching live feed also, you are only seen when you are fighting with Rubina. We saw you talking with Aly where you said to enter anyone’s side just to be seen on the TV. Rahul says they tell us every weekend to not be a spectator when people are going wrong here. Nikki says they are telling the truth Rahul. Rahul says I do things that I think is right. I don’t respect people who don’t respect me.
Another reporter tells Rahul that you support Aly when he is bullying others but when Rubina does it then it’s a superiority complex. Rahul asks who did Aly bully? The reporter says Aly bullied Kavita, Vikas and others. Aly laughs at that. Rahul says Aly’s size is huge so his way of talking looks aggressive. When he fought with Kavita, I used to try to not enter other’s fights. I think Aly and Kavita were both wrong. The reporter says we are not asking about Aly. When a girl talks to you in front of you, you think she is egoistic and dominating but when your friend does it then you become blind. I am asking you if you feel that she is a woman so you can’t take a woman standing against you? Kamya says I don’t think it’s about women and men here. The reporter says there is Aly and then there is Rubina, they are both doing the same thing but he is fine with Aly. Rahul says I don’t agree with you.
A reporter asks Rubina if she was playing an emotional game when she talked about her divorce? Or are they separating after the show? Rubina says when this show was offered, we had 2 months left out of the 6 months period we gave to each other before the divorce. We got the offer so we decided to enter the show together to spend the remaining time here. The reporter says we have seen you fighting with each other so will you separate after the show? Abhi says we entered the show and seeing the bigger fights here made us think that our fights were not big. Rubina says Bigg Boss has given a new vision to love each other so we will be together for life now. Abhi says I will not make parathas with her though.
The reporter tells Rahul that when Aly dominates then it’s fine with you but when Rubina does it then you don’t take it. Rahul says maybe because I don’t like her. There is nothing related to gender here. The reporter says people don’t like strong women. We have never seen you correcting Aly, why this blind love for Aly? Rahul says Aly’s nature is aggressive, he used to get aggressive with Jasmin also. I can tell him but it’s up to him to hear me or not.
The reporter tells Rahul that you comment on Abhi not being supportive of Rubina, how do you get a right to comment on their relationship? Rahul says I was not commenting on their relationship, I have seen Abhi reacting to Rubina a lot, he is not supporting her in the game. Rubina says we are contestants but I have a relationship with Abhi, they get angry when their families are brought up so why say derogatory words for my relationship. They can talk about Abhi but he doesn’t have a right to comment on my relationship. Rubina says we have respect and foundation as husband and wife, him questioning our relationship is wrong. Abhi says Salman asked Rubina if she thinks Abhi has let her down and she said yes but it was related to a certain situation that Rahul doesn’t know about at all. He just heard Rubina saying yes so he used it as a weapon, he doesn’t know anything about the incident but he has to pick things from Salman. Rahul says I do not agree, my comment was related to the show and not their relationship. I never bring up personal lives here. Kamya says but it looked like a personal comment. Rahul says I didn’t say it in that context and if it looked like it then I regret it. The reporter says you keep commenting that they are a pair in the house, it’s not their fault if they were called together. Rahul says mental support is the biggest thing in this house. Rubina says how is that my fault? Rahul says it’s an advantage.
The reporter tells Rubina that you are a strong contender and you follow the rules in the house but you turn a blind-eye for Nikki and when she is misbehaving, you defend her. Rubina says Nikki misbehaves with others but I can’t give her a character certificate. She voluntarily asked for a friendship so I don’t want to change her, I am no one to change or dictate her. She was like this before also. The reporter says Devo was a cheat on your team but Nikki cheating on her team was fine? Rubina says because Devo was on my team, she was cheating my team. Devo says wow. The reporter asks Rahul if Rubina provokes her? Rahul says before Nikki was a rude girl but now she is her friend so she is a kid now.
The reporter tells the inmates that they are doing very well in the show. Rahul thanks her. She asks Rahul that it looks like you have taken Rubina’s flight to land on the finale episode. Rahul says I have been fighting with Rubina and I don’t know the reason but I know that it’s organic. I don’t get good vibes from her so I speak up. I have not taken a flight but the airline keeps asking for it. The reporter says you went out and then came back thinking that Rubina is the best airline. Rahul says Rubina herself will agree that I tried to become her friend, Rubina nods. Kamya says Rahul your game is lost now. Rahul says I will think about it. Rubina says Rahul cannot take a powerful woman, he picks on me because it pinches him, he is chauvinistic in nature. He keeps saying that he wanted to be my friend but ask about his poetry where he said that I am fake. Rubina says why does he want me to change? Rahul says so you think you are perfect? Rubina says why will I change myself for you? Kamya says everything is temporary in this house. Rahul says look at her approach, if I think she is wrong then she will say that we are not friends.
The reporter asks Rubina why she targets Aly-Rahul’s friendship but you are fine with Nikki doing anything because she is your friend? Rubina says I just say that Aly’s presence makes Rahul’s identity here. The reporter asks Rahul when he will be number 1 in the game? You are just seen passing comments only. Rahul says I keep blabbering comments to lighten the situation but I give my 100% in every task. I have never fought in my life before here.
The reporter asks Rubina that we saw you crying on the weekend and you said that Abhi doesn’t support you, what was the incident really? Rubina says support is not about agreeing to everything, support can be silent. I was in my weakest point and he was making me understand things but I wanted his silent support, he should have just said that he is there for me.
The reporter asks Rubina that she doesn’t take a stand against Nikki, just because she is your friend? Nikki brought up MeToo and you never stopped her. Rubina says I asked Nikki to not talk about it. I talked to Devo and realized that this topic has nothing to do with this season. Nikki just liked Sidharth so she took it out on Devo because she didn’t like her in her season.
The reporter asks Rubina that we see Nikki using you as a shield these days. When you had a fight with Sonali, it happened because of Nikki. You might be ignoring her using you? Rubina says it’s not like that, I work on the vibes, I get good vibes from her. She said sorry to Abhi when she lost the task, she is really humble but she keeps it covered. All inmates laugh. Rahul says even Nikki is laughing at being called humble. Rubina says she accepted her defeat which shows how humble she is.

Kamya asks Devo who should be number 1 on the board for you? Devo says I think Rakhi should be on the board. Aly says you were fighting for Rubina earlier, you flipped now? Devo says when Rakhi entered the show, I haven’t seen anyone else being talked about outside the house. Kamya asks what should be Rahul’s position? Devo says it’s a difficult choice, I think he should be in the 3rd position and Rubina should be 2nd. Kamya asks Nikki to come next.

A reporter tells Nikki who gave you a license to misbehave just because she is young? The reporter asks if she is not taking the tag seriously? Nikki says I have an attitude problem but people attack me here. Devo laughs. Nikki says they poke me like this and I can’t stop myself, I am trying to work on that.
The reporter says the inmates think that you have become Rubina’s puppet. Nikki says I don’t think so but I do think that my game has weakened.
A reporter asks Nikki that Salman told you to respect others but you didn’t listen as you were mimicking Devo when she entered the house. Nikki says what’s wrong in mimicking her? I don’t like her from last season. I didn’t use bad words for her. There is nothing wrong with mimicking her. I think Devo targets me, she talked about my standards, my boyfriends and she will *****. Devo says I never saw Nikki before this show, her standard as a contestant is low. Nikki says she is very desperate to talk. Devo says she talked about MeToo when she had no right. All ask Devo to calm down. Kamya says this is not required, calm down Devo. Nikki says she is a loser. Devo says look at her. Aly asks Devo to calm down.
The reporter asks Nikki that she is a rolling stone who can change her side just to get attention. You can’t use MeToo just like that. Nikki says she can use it but I can’t? Nikki says we need people in the house, we need friends in the house. You need emotional support in the house. The reporter says but you don’t need to roll around. You expect your friends to be loyal to you but you backbite about them behind their backs. Another reporter says you didn’t take a stand for Abhi when he was fighting with Aly but you expect your friends to take a stand for yourself. Rahul says if she had talked in their fights then you people would have said that she jumps in other’s fights. Nikki says I expect my friends to be loyal and if they are not then I can b*t*h on them.
The reporter says to Nikki that you have crossed the limits of misbehaving and you are not changing yourself. Nikki says where did I misbehave? The reporter asks her to sit down. Nikki says I want to stand up so what? Another reporter says that you have a life outside of here. You agree that you are rude. Who will work with you? Nikki says if I think about others then when will I live my life? I am like this only.

Kamya asks Rubina where do you see Nikki on the board? She says on the 4th position.

Kamya says it’s time to call the inmate who is the biggest entertainer of this show. She lives in our hearts, I love you Rakhi. Rakhi thanks her.

The reporter says Rakhi you are entertaining but we feel you are getting influenced by Abhi and Vikas, where is the real Rakhi? Rakhi says even I don’t know that, I like who I want to like.
The reporter asks why she is always in the news for her marriage? We keep hearing about your husband but when will Ritesh come out? Rakhi says I had to get married urgently like people have to urgently go shopping. A person from India threatened to kidnap me so I got married urgently. Aly asks Rakhi to not take the name. I never met Ritesh before, I just saw his bank balance and married him.
A reporter says you are cheating on your husband with Abhi. Rakhi says I am not cheating on him. When I asked Ritesh to put a photo with him in the media, he said that he will be insulted by that and will divorce me.
The reporter tells Rakhi that you have worked with SRK, worked with Dharma so don’t be scared of the inmates. You will be taking others in the finale, you don’t need anyone. She asks if her relationship with Abhi is for the game only? Rakhi says I like Abhi a lot, I don’t even look at his face. He is a good husband, he fights for Rubina and I imagine that he is fighting for me. I did so much for him but he gave his tag to Arshi.
The reporter asks Rakhi if Rubina-Abhi are selfish? You were ill in the task and you said that Rubina didn’t even hug you. Rakhi says they didn’t ask about my health. Rubina says we asked about her medicine. Rakhi says I was just asking for a hug.
The reporter asks Rakhi that you gave a life to this season. Is that your life is? You talked outside the same way. Rakhi says I am like this, even in the washroom.

Kamya asks Rakhi who do you see in the 5th position? Rakhi says Abhi.

Kamya tells Devo that we will talk to Eijaz on the video call now. Eijaz comes on the video call and greets everyone. Eijaz asks how are they? Aly says I miss you. Kamya says the media will ask questions from Eijaz.
The reporter asks Eijaz that you talk about friendships but you changed friendships as per convenience. Eijaz says you think that only, I don’t change as per the weather. The reporter says that’s not how it looks like. You change as per the situation. Kamya says I don’t agree with that, I am with Eijaz on this. Eijaz says I have been the same since the start, I don’t think the audience thinks that.
The reporter asks Eijaz if he is confident because of Salman’s support? Eijaz says when I go wrong, he points that out.
The reporter says that you talked in an interview that the channel gave a character to Rubina and she is playing that character here. If you think the channel will favor Jasmin, they have given a character to Rubina then why are you even in the show? The creative team will make them win right? Eijaz says I never said that this show’s creative team gave her a character. I thought a creative person gave her a character.
The reporter asks Eijaz why he went on the back foot suddenly? You were lost in the last few weeks. Eijaz says I was ill and Rubina made fun of it too. I was trying but I am not scared of anyone. Eijaz asks them to not repeat the questions.
The reporter tells Eijaz that you are behaving arrogantly, we are asking you questions so bear with us even if we are repeating. When I asked you that the audience’s perception is something then that doesn’t mean we are targeting you and we are here to take your attitude. We are not here to take this arrogance. Eijaz says I have seen a lot after coming out of the house. Kamya says Eijaz is sounding arrogant right now.
The reporter says Eijaz was looking real since the start of the show but when it came to Pavitra, it looked so fake. I never expected Eijaz to make an angle with Pavitra for a game. Eijaz smiles and says it’s real. I can request her to come on the camera and tell that it’s real. Pavitra comes on the camera and hugs Eijaz. All cheer for them. Kamya says wishes them luck and ends the call.

A reporter asks Devo that you thought Nikki was wrong to cheat on her team but you did it too. Devo says it’s a long discussion. I was playing as Eijaz’s proxy but I am an individual. Nikki was profiting Rubina’s team and Rubina was provoking her. I thought Eijaz would have played for his friends too. They all disagree with her. Devo says that’s my thought process. Devo says Rubina thinks she is always right.

Kamya calls Vikas and Arshi.

The reporter says to Arshi that you ask others to respect you but you don’t treat Rakhi even like a human. Arshi says I respect everyone but she calls me names. I don’t care who they are, they are equal and if they misbehave then I will not respect them. The reporter says

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