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Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020

Day 19
Pavitra and Eijaz are shouting at each other. Eijaz says you came to say sorry to me, you are a backstabber. Pavitra says you are a ****. Eijaz says we all know who I am.
Jaan tells Nishant that Nikki can’t become the captain, she is not mature enough.
Pavitra says he brings personal things out like this. Eijaz says you nominated me thinking I have no emotions. Pavitra says I came to say sorry and I am a bigger person, don’t talk to me. Eijaz says stay away from me. Pavitra says I am pretty that’s why you come closer to her.

Nishant tells Jaan that Nikki didn’t her personal tasks, she won because of seniors. Jaan says I am not ready to take her on face but I will save you in the last.

6:15 PM
Abhi tells Nishant that we will pick each other’s doll till the end. If I become the captain then I will favor you in the next task. Nishant says let me talk to Rahul if he is picking Nikki’s doll or not. I will give you a hint.

Nishant talks to Rahul and says we shouldn’t pick Nikki’s doll. Rahul says it’s too early, let’s play the game till the end.

7:30 PM
Pavitra tells Eijaz that you are being stubborn. Eijaz says it’s like a cricket pitch. Pavitra says it’s not a cricket match. Eijaz says you don’t understand technicalities. Pavitra says what you saw, I didn’t see. Eijaz says don’t touch my shoulder. Pavitra says I was just talking and it’s my habit. Eijaz says I Don’t like it. He says the best viewpoint in any game is for the umpire. Pavitra says I don’t understand your technical terms. Eijaz says then you shouldn’t be the referee. Pavitra says I don’t have any reason to lie. I am telling you what I saw. Eijaz says listen to me, you are not understanding.

Rubina comes to Jaan. Jasmin says we will take out Nikki’s doll.

Eijaz asks Pavitra to understand what he is trying to say. Pavitra says I didn’t see Rubina coming out. Rahul asks Pavitra to try and listen. Eijaz says she will scare you also. Pavitra tells Eijaz that I saw Abhi in the last.

Jasmin tells Abhi that we will not be confused about our strategy.

Abhi comes to Eijaz and Pavitra. He says I agree that I came in the last so let’s end it. Eijaz says Abhi didn’t come last, I don’t agree that he came in the last and it’s my decision. Pavitra says he won’t listen to anyone, I saw Abhi coming out of the house in the last.

Nishant tells Jaan that our next target should be Rahul. Jaan says we shouldn’t have discussed the strategy with Rahul.

Rahul tries to talk to Pavitra. Eijaz says she is not listening to anyone, she doesn’t understand the logic. Pavitra says I saw Abhi in the end and that’s enough. Eijaz says don’t touch me. Pavitra says don’t come closer to me, if you do then I will touch you. Don’t threaten me. Eijaz says how dare you to touch me, are you crazy? What are you saying? Pavitra says you are crazy. Eijaz says I am not scared of you. She is not a goon. Pavitra says I have guts to show myself, you have no stand. Nikki takes Pavitra aside.

Jaan asks Nishant to let them handle Nikki so we are in the good books, don’t let Nikki doubt us. Rahul can take Nikki’s doll but we will ask Abhi or Jasmin to take her doll.

Eijaz tells Pavitra that don’t touch me. Pavitra says I touch when I talk to people so stay away from me. Eijaz says you are saying rubbish. You are saying you will touch anyone you want? If I don’t like someone touching me then don’t touch. Pavitra says then don’t try to come closer to me. Eijaz says I am trying to respect you. Pavitra says you are shouting at me and saying you are respecting me? You are bringing personal things up. Eijaz shouts that you nominated me. Pavitra shouts that I said sorry, I regreted my mistake. Nikki asks Pavitra to go away. She asks Eijaz to relax.

Nishant tells Jaan that Nikki will attack Rubina. Then we have to make a deal between Rahul and Rubina. If Rubina gets Nikki’s doll then we will let them handle each other. If Rahul takes Nikki’s doll then he will have to expose himself to go against Nikki. Jaan says someone has to sacrifice themselves.

Nikki tells Eijaz and Pavitra that if you can’t come to a conclusion then this task will be rejected. Eijaz says we have already told Bigg Boss that we can’t come to a conclusion, it’s just getting filthy now. Pavitra says you started filth.

Jaan tells Nishant that someone has to expose themselves in front of Nikki. Maybe if Rahul takes Nikki’s doll then he should come out last.

7 PM
Rubina tells Abhi that Eijaz acts like a dictator, Abhi says if you pick an argument with him then you are giving him attention.

Rahul tells Nishant that I don’t see Jaan as a captain. I would want myself or you as a captain. I won’t be disloyal to Nikki, I will tell her if I can’t take her doll. I want to flip with you, you save mine and I will save yours.

Jasmin comes to Pavitra and says you might have to bear the punishment of this. Pavitra says I am just saying what I saw, if I am wrong then I will accept my punishment. Jasmin says I am not saying that you are wrong but you have to come to an agreement. Pavitra says how can you be sure he is right? Jasmin says I am not saying that.

7:30 PM
Bigg Bogs says every task’s decision is taken by referees only. We gave the task to this new house. We made Eijaz and Pavitra as the referees and they can’t come to a conclusion. We want to ask their decisions one last time. Eijaz says Rubina came out of the house last. Pavitra says I think Abhi came out of the house in the last. Bigg Boss says we don’t want to take a drastic step in the first task for the captaincy. We are taking a decision that the dolls of the last two inmates will be eliminated from the task. Rubina had Abhi’s doll, Abhi has Jasmin’s doll so Jasmin and Abhi will be eliminated. Jasmin says if they can’t come to a conclusion then why are we being punished? It’s not our fault that they can’t come to a conclusion. This is wrong. Rubina says they are not mutually deciding and they didn’t give in. Jasmin says they should have punished. Abhi says only one person must have come out of the house so how can two people be punished? Abhi tells Eijaz that we got punished because of you. You could have come to a conclusion.

Nikki tells Nishant and Jaan that we will play our game now.

Eijaz says to the camera that Abhi and Jasmin are being eliminated now.

7:45 PM
The second round starts, they all run to get the dolls. Rubina says no one took my doll so Rahul was the last. Eijaz says Rubina didn’t take her own doll and it was only left. Rubina says Rahul snatched Nikki’s doll from me. Eijaz says Rahul was the last one. Pavitra says she can’t pick her own doll. Rubina says I can’t pick my own doll, only her doll was left. Rubina says I can’t touch my doll. It’s not her fault if her doll was left. Rahul says we are a team and we did our task. Eijaz says our decision is final. Rahul says she could have taken someone else’s doll. Rubina says no doll was left. Rahul says that’s not my fault.
Nikki asks Pavitra to do something and save her. Pavitra says Rubina didn’t have any choice. Nikki says do anything to save me.
Eijaz tells Rahul that our decision is final. Abhi says if we leavethis in Bigg Boss
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