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Bigg Boss 14 21st October 2020

Day 17
Bigg Boss says we don’t think you can reach a mutual decision so tell us one by one who lost this task? Gauhar says the rule in your rule-book was that only two people can protect or attack at a time but my team was just standing in the box. Sid’s team had three people attacking at a time. Sid’s team should lose. Bigg Boss says you are giving the reference to the rule book.. Sid says she can’t read correctly. Guahar says he can’t keep interrupting me. Bigg Boss says the rule was that the rule was about the black box. Gauhar says I am really sorry, there is a strategy in everything but clearly, it’s written in the rule-book that only two people can attack. I am sorry I don’t twist the words, I follow the rulebook. I am sticking to this rulebook, I think Sid’s team cheated and that team should lose. Bigg Boss asks Sid. Sid says it’s written in the rule-book that only two people can attack at a time, Gauhar’s team had three people in the box. Pavitra pressed the first, only Pavitra was attacking the buzzer. I even pulled Nikki back. Hina’s team tried a lot but her team broke the rules. Bigg Boss asks Sid which team lost? Sid says our team pressed the buzzer first and Gauhar’s team should lose. Bigg Boss asks Hina and says this decision is yours. Hina says it’s clearly visible that Pavitra and Nikki both attacked at the same time. My team attacked Eijaz also. But my team pressed the buzzer for more time, Sid’s team couldn’t press the buzzer for more time than mine. My team was not attacking with 3 players. I think Sid’s team should lose. Bigg Boss says you can lose. Hina and Gauhar leave. Sid says if you wanted to take the decision on voting then you shouldn’t have called me here.

Shahzad tells the inmates that Sid is saying inside that he pulled Nikki back.

Hina shouts at Sid and says if you are talking about the task then how did Nikki win before? Sid says I was the referee before. Hina says I am the decision-maker here so I choose Gauhar’s team. Gauhar says Sid is being childish. It’s about the inmates and not us Sid. Your team attacked using three people, we are not kids here to be stubborn. Sid leaves from there.
Sid tells Eijaz that Gauhar’s team attacked us first and using 3 people. Rubina, Jasmin and Abhi were in the black box first. Pavitra pressed the buzzer first.

Hina tells Gauhar that how did Nikki win the tray task? Sid was the referee so he chose Nikki, I am the referee so I choose you to win.

4:30 PM
Gauhar tells Rahul and Jaan that I tried my best, I am sorry if you go today. They all sit in the living room. Sid asks Pavitra and Nikki to not cry, don’t take sympathy. Pavitra says I am proud that I was in your team. Sid says you three killed it. Gauhar hugs Nikki as she cries. Sid tells his team that they ran this show forward for 2 weeks. Gauhar asks Nikki to not cry.
Bigg Boss says to the inmates that two teams broke the rules in this task. As there was no mutual decision from the seniors so we asked for the voting. Hina and Gauhar voted Sid’s team to lose. Sid claps and says fantastic. Bigg Boss says Sid’s team will face game over. Bigg Boss says Nikki is the confirmed inmate so Pavitra and Eijaz will leave the house with Sid. Shahzad will leave with them. Nikki breakdowns and cries. Sid hugs her and says you are gonna do well.

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