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Bigg Boss 14 20th January 2021

Day 109
Rahul says she is pushing me, how dare she? Rubina says how dare you talk about my relationship, are you a man? Aly says what about men and women here? We are all contestants here. Abhi says Rahul was charging at Rubina. Aly says Rubina started it. Abhi pushes Rahul and asks him to stay away from Rubina. Aly charges at Abhi and says why are you pushing him? it’s not allowed. Rahul says Abhi blamed Eijaz for invading the personal space of Rubina but she is allowed to push others? Rubina says if you got hurt then I am sorry. Rahul tells Abhi that your wife started pushing me. Abhi says I asked Rubina to stay away, Aly shouts that why are you charging at Rahul? Abhi says I will. Aly says then go on, push him, I am here. Rubina says I am sorry if I pushed Rahul, get away now. Abhi asks Rubina to stay away from Rahul, he is not that important. Abhi asks Rahul to stay away from my wife. Rahul says you said that you will slap me, do it now. Aly tells Abhi that you are wrong again. Abhi tells Rahul to stay away from my wife, I will slap you. Sonali tells Abhi that you are threatening to beat him, that is fine? Abhi asks her to stay out of it. Abhi tells Rubina to not charge at him, I don’t want to make an issue, don’t invade his personal space. Rubina says it was a reflex, I didn’t push him. Abhi says I have seen everything, just stay away from him, if he is charging at you then take a step back. Rubina says I know.
Rakhi is looking at the burger and says come to me and I will eat you.
Rubina tells Abhi that I wanted to slap him and would proudly walk out of here. Aly says they are threatening to beat Rahul openly.

6:30 PM
Devo tells Rahul that I want to have tea, I have a severe migraine. She tells Rubina that my headache is increasing, I am dizzy. Rubina says you can take some medicine. Abhi says I have some juice. Devo says I need some caffeine. Rubina asks her to go. Abhi stops Devo and says just take the tea, put it in your bottle.

Devo goes into the house and says to the camera that Eijaz this is for you, I know you wouldn’t keep your inmates hungry. She takes the pan and starts making tea. Devo tells Rahul that I never cheated on my team but I know you all are like Eijaz’s family members. He would put the inmates on priority over his team. I am on the other team so it’s difficult. Eijaz told me that some people target him, it’s difficult for me but I have to do it.
Abhi tells Rubina that she is using everything in the house. Rubina says Devo is playing from their side. Rakhi says she is playing from Eijaz’s side and crying inside. Nikki says I will go to the house next.
Rahul tells Devo that I wouldn’t tell you do anything. Devo says it’s all about my commitment, if Eijaz was in my place then he would do this for you also. Rahul says you are doing this for Eijaz, I know. Devo sits and says what if I stay inside? Then Nikki won’t be able to come inside. Rahul says I have to go out and write your points. You can tell outside that you have to come back to the house, then we will stay inside.

Vikas comes out of the washroom after taking a bath. Arshi says wow? Arshi pushes him and says I want to go in the toilet. Vikas says Rakhi is in the toilet now. Vikas asks Rakhi to not come out.

Rahul tells Devo that increase some points. Vikas comes to the door and says Eijaz would never cheat on his team. Devo says Rahul and Aly are his families, he told me that Rubina-Abhi targeted him. Vikas says so you will cheat on your team? Rubina says Eijaz would never play against his team. Aly says she has a migraine so let her be. Devo asks Vikas you will fight with me now? Vikas says why are you doing this? This is wrong. Devo says I am doing what I think is right. Devo tells Rahul that they influenced me then I wouldn’t be here today.

Arshi asks Sonali to turn off the lights of the washroom. Rakhi is inside. Sonali turns off the light. Rakhi knocks on the door and comes out. Aly goes into the washroom.
Rakhi tells Rubina that tell them I have to go inside. Rubina asks Devo to come out of the house, Rakhi is hungry. Devo comes out of the house. Rahul counts Devo’s units. He says she used 15 units. Rubina says okay. Nikki goes into the house and sits on every surface. Rubina laughs and counts her points. Nikki says I will not spare them now. She uses everything she can. Aly says they can take this win if they want to play like this. Rakhi laughs and says I have become Nikki’s fan now. Nikki laughs and uses more items in the house. Rakhi says I will not get the burger, Nikki will eat everything. Aly says you are a fan of Nikki because she is trying to destroy the task? Abhi goes to Rubina and asks her to count Nikki’s points fast as they might end the task soon. Rubina tells Nikki that let’s go outside and write your points then you will come back in the house. Rubina and Nikki come out of the house. Rubina calls Rahul and says Nikki has used 29 units. Rahul says just write on the board, I don’t need you tell me the count. Rubina writes on the board. Nikki says I am going back in the house for tea. She goes back in the house. Rahul claps for her.

7:30 PM
Devo tells Rubina that Rakhi is hungry. Rubina says Nikki will come out first. Nikki says they are getting influenced, they have no personality. Devo says who are you taunting? We are not brainless chickens. Nikki goes to sit in the bedroom. Devo says if she doesn’t come out of the house then I will go in the house and get the task rejected. Abhi says why you want to do it? We will get punished. Devo says then ask Nikki to come out of the house. They asked me to come out for Rakhi but everyone is fine with Nikki? She is not playing fair. Vikas says you both were unfair. Devo says then I will get this task rejected. Vikas says I have played with honesty. Abhi asks Rubina when Nikki is coming out? Rubina says she is doing her makeup. Devo says I have an emergency, I want to use the washroom. If she doesn’t come out in 2 minutes then I will go inside. Vikas says she is going inside to earn units. Devo says don’t shout at me, I came out because they said that Rakhi is hungry, I was honest. Vikas says you were playing against your team.
Nikki tells Rubina that it’s good we didn’t leave the house.
Devo asks Rahul to wipe Nikki’s points from the board as she is playing unfairly.
Rubina says to Nikki that they just want every task to get rejected. Devo tells Rahul that Nikki is doing all this as she wants Rubina’s fans to vote for her. Rahul says it’s not like that. Devo tells Abhi that Nikki is using Rubina’s fans. Abhi says there is nothing related to fans. Aly tells Devo that we are all hungry, don’t get the task rejected. Devo cries so Aly hugs her. He says we all are hungry, if Nikki wants to do this then the fans are watching her. Nikki asks Devo to shut up. Devo says I will cut your wings so easily. Nikki says you couldn’t win last season so you are here again. Devo says they called me back but we will see if they even remember you. Nikki asks her to get lost. You are not playing for yourself, you blame people using MeToo movement. Vikas asks Nikki to not bring personal issues here. Nikki says I didn’t disrespect her, it’s a fact. Devo comes into the house behind Nikki and says you are a crazy woman. Vikas asks Devo to not spare Nikki now.
Inside the house, Devo tells Nikki that people like Jaan would follow you but you have no standard. Don’t bring outside issues here, I will talk to Salman sir now. I will talk about this on the weekend episode, do all this drama with your boyfriends. Nikki says you are threatening me with a weekend episode? Devo says I am not a scared person like you, you are a tail of other people. Everyone kicks you. Rubina tells Nikki to not talk about the MeToo movement. Nikki says it was the truth. Abhi asks Nikki to not talk about it. She says okay. Arshi says she has already talked about it. Nikki tells Rubina that I was a huge fan of someone so I talked about her Metoo controversy but I stopped it, it was a slip of the tongue.

7:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks everyone to stand in the garden area. They all stand there. Arshi says they can’t do anything so they will bring up personal issues. Devo says I won’t spare her now. Vikas says we will not talk about it. Devo says if she misbehaved with me outside then I would break her face. Nikki says like I would remain silent when you break my face? You are an overactor. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the lock-down task’s time for today has ended. He asks Rubina and Rahul how many units each has? Rubina says Rahul’s team has 56 units. Rahul says Rubina’s team has 19 units. Bigg Boss says Team Red can use the bedroom but team yellow will use the sleeping bags. They can’t use the bedroom but can sleep anywhere else. This task will resume tomorrow morning.

The inmates come in the house. Rakhi and Vikas start eating the remaining burger.
Devo is emotional. Sonali says Nikki is like this, she runs away if you confront her.

Aly tells Rahul that Nikki has crossed all the lines. Rahul says I will stay in the house whole day.

Rubina tells Vikas that Devo was saying a lot to Nikki too, why was Devo reacting that way about MeToo? Arshi says Nikki brought up MeToo and you are acting like it doesn’t matter? Rubina says I don’t know the story. Arshi says Devo is getting defamed. Rubina says I just don’t know the story. Devo tells Rubina that there was a task in our season, there were 4 girls against Sidharth Shukla but he was powerful, we all got hurt in the task so we were angry, I told Sid that this is about MeToo also, it was a reaction in the heat of the moment but I clarified it with Sid, I was talking men getting physical with women should fall under MeToo also, I was not talking about Sidharth.

8:15 PM
Nikki uses the perfume from the bedroom and goes out. Arshi says she can’t use the bedroom. Aly says if Bigg Boss doesn’t have an issue then I won’t say anything. She keeps breaking the rules.

8:30 PM
Nikki is sitting in the bedroom. Bigg Boss tells Rubina and Rahul that team yellow can’t use the bedroom and you both have to make sure about it. Nikki says sorry, I forgot. Rubina asks her to take her items and go out of the bedroom. I will give you things later on. Nikki says sorry to Rubina and goes out of the bedroom.

9:30 PM
Abhi asks Rakhi what Aly was saying to you? Rakhi says he said that he will support me and will take me till the end. Abhi laughs and says he has brought a taxi to the finale? Rakhi says he curses me daily but then saying that he will support me. Nikki says he was doing it so that Rakhi goes in their team. Rakhi says they never support me but in the task, they want me to cheat on my team. Rakhi tells Abhi that if I was in Rahul’s team even then I would have supported you guys. Rubina tells Rakhi that Aly can’t take you to the finale, they will use you to reach the finale, they know you are an entertainer so they want to gain your fans. They will never support you. Nikki says they didn’t even allow her to use the washroom. Rakhi says Rahul said that I will cheat my team and go on his side. Rakhi says I am with my team.

10:15 PM
Nikki tells Rubina that ask for a blanket. Rubina says Rahul said no about it. Nikki says I want to hear that from his mouth. Nikki tells Rahul that Rubina is okay with me using the blanket, are you okay? Rahul says no I don’t want you to get a blanket but take it if you want.

Aly sits with his team. Rahul asks Rakhi to end her love drama with Abhi. Rakhi says that has ended. Aly says she is lying, she didn’t play from our team. Rakhi will regret not playing from our side. We are missing the Rakhi who was so entertaining, we are missing that Rakhi. Rakhi says what you want me to do? Aly says you with that boring gang and sits silently. Keep doing something, you don’t look nice when you are silent.

12:30 AM
Rubina tells Devo that you came in Eijaz’s place but you have your own personality so why will you become someone’s shadow? Play your game. Devo says I will talk to Rahul tomorrow. Rubina says only Rahul wanted to know what is going outside because he is image conscious, I am asking you to play for yourself.

Day 110
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dhoom. They all dance.

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