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Bigg Boss 14 1st January 2021

Day 90
12:15 AM
Rakhi asks Rahul M if he won’t thank her? I tore your dhoti so all could vote for you. Rahul M says thank you, you have sacrificed for me so much. Rakhi says if I didn’t tear your dhoti then I wouldn’t look vampish and you a hero.

12:30 AM
Aly says Vikas wanted Rahul M to become the captain. Vikas asks Rakhi to not listen to them. Rakhi says when God gives me power then I will become a captain. Jasmin says you can become a captain but I am not like you, I don’t change colors like you. Rakhi says it’s a new year so I won’t argue with you. Jasmin says you just spit filth. Rakhi sings that you are filled with filth. Jasmin says you are cheap and filthy. Rakhi laughs at her. Jasmin says you trap others by lying and crying. Rakhi says you are filth.
Rakhi says to herself that I just need one power to attack this girl as the parrot’s life (Aly) is in her. I want the parrot to fly away. She sings parrot is flying. Jasmin says she is going crazy again.

Day 91
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dekho 2000 zamana aa gaya.

8:30 AM
Jasmin tells Aly and Arshi that Rakhi was calling Aly to fly away calling him a parrot.

9 AM
Arshi asks Rakhi if she wanted a parrot to fly away? Are you in tension? Rakhi says who is a parrot? Al says you tell. Rakhi says Arshi is a psycho. Aly says Rakhi was nice till some days ago but you are going wrong now. Rakhi says Rahul M opened my eyes to filth. Aly says you have a life after this show as well. Rakhi says that is good for me. Aly says good for you. Rakhi says I hope you have a good life too. Aly says don’t give fake blessings. Arshi says Aly used to like you Rakhi but you have done him wrong.

10 AM
Rakhi tells Aly that you are going against me because your girlfriend is against me. Aly says who gave you the right to call her my girlfriend? I can keep talking to you. Rakhi says I have seen you both. Aly says you keep poking me then say that you love me. Nikki is right that you are crazy. Nikki whispers to Rahul M that he is angry with her. Rakhi tells Aly that I love you. Aly says I don’t give a shit about your love, you are a donkey while Jasmin is my darling. Rakhi says I love you. Aly says you are 50 years old and saying all this? Arshi asks him to bring her age. Rakhi says I am 36 years old. Vikas says why are you talking about her age? Arshi says Aly was saying that she should be mature with her age. Vikas says Arshi is making people fight and then acting like a saint. Aly asks if the Rakhi who was sweet was real or this is real Rakhi Sawant? Rakhi says I have many moods. Aly says so you will stoop low and tear dhotis? Rakhi says so you show romance and fall on each other. Jasmin kisses Aly and says she is jealous. Rakhi says I see you both romancing so I called her your girlfriend. Aly says where is your donkey partner Rakhi? Rakhi says you are my donkey. Aly says I can never be, Jasmin is my life. Rakhi says we can be donkeys together, we can *****. Aly says don’t say all that, he cries fakely.

10:15 AM
Aly asks Rahul M to thank Rakhi for making him the captain. Rakhi says I will make another man a star next time, I can tear more dhotis. Aly says Rahul M didn’t say anything but you can try with me and I won’t let you. Rakhi says I can easily tear your clothes, I have guts. Aly says try me and I will show you. Nikki asks them to stop it. Rakhi laughs at him. Aly asks if she is done? He says it will be fun now. Rakhi plays monkey music around Aly.

11 AM
Jasmin tells Aly that people will instigate us here. Aly says I will not spare her. Jasmin says I know you have a boundary line but she can make you angry. Aly says we are different, I have a different way of talking, I will make her crazy. She says things to me then says I love you. She is doing it for the camera so I will not spare her. Rubina says she doesn’t know any limit but don’t let malign your relationship with Jasmin. Jasmin says she was saying that we sleep together and we are ******. We have different beds. Aly says let me handle Rakhi now, when you were fighting with her, I didn’t say anything but now it’s between me and her so don’t interfere otherwise we might end up fighting.

Rakhi is having food. Nikki asks Aly if he is not fighting with Rakhi? Rakhi says he can’t recognize me without makeup, my makeup is my way of earning. Nikki says you bring poverty and helplessness to gain sympathy, we all are working here.

11:30 AM
Nikki and Aly are in the BB Mall with Rahul M. Aly takes an item and runs away. Nikki takes some clothes as well. Rahul M grabs her before she can steal. He asks her to put it down. Aly makes Arshi hide some items as well. Abhi comes to the BB Mall and says one cloth is smelling so much. Rahul M says Rakhi used it.

12 PM
Rakhi tells Abhi that I really like you and I would like to work with you. You are the hottest man physically and from nature as well. Abhi thanks her.

1:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we make new year resolutions every year, we want you all to make resolutions related to this house. Aly says I will write that I will make Rakhi’s life hell.
Sonali tells Eijaz that I am elder so I will scold others when they are wrong.
Rakhi says I will not sell Aly’s underwear, I will not flirt with Aly which depends on my mood. Arshi writes her resolutions that she will not call Vikas a nalla. Arshi writes that she will not let Rahul M *****.

3 PM
Vikas tells Rakhi that you can fight with them but don’t talk about Aly and Jasmin’s relationship. It was his mistake to bring your age here. Rakhi says he can say anything to me? I won’t get a trophy if I keep listening to me, I am Rakhi Sawant so I will not spare them. Vikas says you should. Rakhi says you should stand with me as a brother. Vikas says I will be when you need it.

3:15 PM
Aly tells Jasmin that happiness is the most important in life and I am happy around you. Rahul V says them to stop it. Jasmin says we were so logical that we will not fall in love and be friends but the feelings took over. Aly says my family will be so happy to hear all that. Rahul V says what if Jasmin’s parents don’t agree? Aly says then we will not marry for life and be with each other.

5 PM
Vikas reads the task in which Rakhi and Arshi have a chance to get immunity. They will play against each other. They have to convince the inmates to change their new year resolutions. Rahul M will be the referee of the task. There are new year resolutions written on a board from the inmates which Arshi and Rakhi will try to change.

5:15 PM
The new year resolutions on the board are:
Abhi: I will fight my laziness, I will keep eating fruits.
Rahul V: He will convince others that Abhi is the real mastermind. I will try to tone down Rubina’s authoritative nature.
Rubina: She will try to not find problems in others. I will try to be strong against others.
Nikki: I will be loyal to Rahul V. I want to flip in the game.
Vikas: I will not sacrifice with others.
Aly: I will be friends with Rahul V.
Jasmin: I will try to keep the house clean and not fight with Aly
Sonali: I will try to stop the bad words
Eijaz: I will try to be happier

5:30 PM
Rakhi tells Vikas that I will mess up Jasmin’s bed as she wrote that she will try to keep the house clean. Vikas says you can throw trash around and if she doesn’t pick up then she is not following her resolutions.

Rahul M asks Arshi to make Sonali say a bad word.

Rakhi goes and throws things around her bed and hides it under a blanket.
Vikas tells Aly that Rakhi asked me about the game but she will clean it up. I am not helping her.

Rakhi throws trash around but Jasmin goes and picks it up.
Aly asks Rahul M to not allow them to do anything. They should not get immunity as then next week you will be in danger. Rahul M says really.

Arshi asks Nikki if Rahul V is her friend? She says a really good friend. Arshi says he told me that he won’t let you cross a boundary with him. Nikki says we were always friends. She tells her to convince her, I am ready to break my rules. Arshi says you broke a resolution as I asked you about Rahul V and you didn’t flip so I won against you.

Rakhi is throwing things around but Jasmin keeps cleaning. Nikki tells Arshi that I didn’t flip with Arshi so I broke a rule. Jasmin asks Rakhi to do her task but doesn’t touch my personal items, I will throw your items if you touch my items again. Do your task but don’t damage my items, this is a warning for you. Rakhi says I didn’t damage it.

6 PM
Rakhi throws food around. Jasmin says don’t throw food around. Rakhi says I have nothing else to throw. Arshi helps Jasmin pick it up. Rakhi says I can’t touch your personal items as well. I can’t throw trash around.

Rahul V asks Rahul M to stop them as they are being childish. Rakhi is cutting fruits and throwing trash around. Rahul M comes there and says this is mechanical Rakhi, I won’t accept it. You have to convince her to break her promise, it has to be natural. Don’t throw trash around. Jasmin tells Rahul M that she is throwing food around. Rahul M asks Rakhi to not do it. Rakhi says Bigg Boss didn’t stop me. Jasmin says it’s her character to throw food around. Rakhi says she is asking me not to touch her bed also, it’s my will if I want to.

7 PM
Jasmin is picking up trash from everywhere. Rakhi says she is working today only, otherwise, she doesn’t care. Jasmin says you don’t even flush your potty and talking about me. Rakhi says there is so much trash under the tree in the garden. Jasmin says I used the word house. Sonali says Rakhi is failing. Rakhi says at least we are trying, you won’t even do all this. Sonali says I am doing my duties fully. I am running this house.

7:30 PM
Jasmin says Rakhi has thrown chips so we can’t eat it anymore. Nikki says don’t spoil food, we don’t get them easily. Aly says if Jasmin says that she is not cleaning anymore then Rakhi will win. Rakhi says then I can do shit here and she won’t pick it up. Jasmin says don’t cross the line. Rakhi says I have never left the potty in the toilet. Sonali asks Rakhi if she doesn’t understand? Aly says this is the house of God and you are saying all this? We have stopped cursing. Rakhi says you are remembering God today? Stop all this drama.

Rubina says to Abhi that Aly is making sure to not interfere in Jasmin’s matter as he wants to come out as an individual. Abhi says because he went out and came back, he said that he has come back for himself. So he is playing for himself, he wrote today that he will be with Rahul V and he didn’t write Jasmin’s name. It will be soon where he has to choose between them.

Rakhi says they are taking the task seriously today. They make the tasks get rejected usually but not letting us do anything in this task.

8 PM
Arshi tells Vikas that you are so clever. Aly is sitting with him and Arshi says don’t sit with him, she tells Aly that doesn’t get influenced by Vikas. Aly says I was just talking to him, he leaves. Vikas laughs at Arshi and says you think I am playing here? You are such a fool, go away.

Rakhi tells Rahul M that I have 6 points. Arshi says I have won many points too. Aly tells Rakhi that I would tell you after the task how you could have done it. Arshi tells Rahul M that you kept stopping us but I have done my task and you were so lazy to even check it. Now Rakhi can easily say that she has 6 points? Rakhi says I have thrown trash around everywhere and you stopped me. Aly laughs. Rahul M asks them to stop it.
Rubina tells Nikki that we have decided to secure the original inmates first so we will follow that.

8:15 PM
Bigg Boss says the task has ended. He asks Rahul M if anyone was successful in the task? Rahul M says the task was difficult as no one was cooperating. Arshi tried very well and Rakhi didn’t understand the task. I think they both failed in the task so no one should get the immunity. Bigg Boss says as they were not successful so they are not immune from next week’s nominations.

8:30 PM
Arshi is crying so Nikki and Aly come to her. Aly asks her to not cry. Arshi says you people didn’t support me, you made fun of this task. Jasmin says it was just a task. Rakhi says this is drama as well. Arshi says you people just keep taking revenge. She goes in the washroom and cries. Abhi comes there and says she has done hard work.
Rakhi says we did try in the task. Vikas tells Rahul M to not listen to everyone in the house, they will take your class on the weekend.
Nikki tells Arshi that I won’t console you if you are fake crying. Aly says Arshi had to work hard, we won’t give her immunity in a platter. Nikki says but we don’t have to console her now as it’s fake. Aly says but I want to console her because she is a friend. Nikki says then you would have saved her. Aly says I wouldn’t give her in a platter.

8:45 PM
Aly tells Arshi that I was waiting for you to try. We couldn’t give you in the platter. We talked to Rahul M to be fair. Arshi says you have proven my points wrong by laughing. Aly says it was our work to play against you. Arshi says it’s okay. Aly says we had to put inputs in the task as well, we were involved as well. Arshi says I will have my time as well. She tells Aly that you will need my vote someday here and I won’t give it. Aly says then I won’t ask for it.

9 PM
Arshi tells Nikki that you didn’t flip so I proved my point. Nikki says I did give you a point but they all decided beforehand only that you won’t get immunity. Rahul V and Aly smirk and clap at her. Nikki says don’t hint at each other against me. You both were planning to not support Rakhi and Arshi but why not say it openly? Why play behind her back? Aly asks Arshi if I consoled you so that was wrong? Arshi says but you didn’t support me in the task. Jasmin says he is your friend but he is in the game also. Nikki says Rahul M was playing with Aly and Rahul V also. They all made a plan to not let them win. Vikas hugs Nikki and thanks to her for saying the truth.

Arshi tells Rakhi that we don’t have grudges against anyone. Rakhi says I am doing my task for my career, I don’t have anything against Jasmin. I don’t want to fight but I have to for my career. Arshi asks her to not cry, we will have a good career.

Aly tells Rubina that Eijaz is out of our group of originals. Rubina says then don’t talk to him. Aly says we tried with him because he is part of the original team. He tells them that we will have to nominate each other in the future, we know each other’s target. We know that our main target would be Eijaz as we fight with him. Rubina says we will not take out people on the basis of fights in the future as the competition will go up. Aly says but when I have an option then I will not nominate my people. Rubina says we don’t have the choice all the time, we have to save ourselves first. We won’t have the freedom of choice to nominate Eijaz. We will have to nominate from our own. Aly says Bigg Boss will play their game that’s why I didn’t want Rakhi or Arshi to get immune today as then we would have been in danger. Abhi tells Aly that I don’t have a problem with this plan but I really like Rahul M. Aly says so you are saying that you will nominate the originals against Rahul M? Abhi says I have a good equation with Jasmin, Rubina and you but I have an equation with Rahul M and want to hear his opinions. Jasmin says you can hear his opinions outside the house. Abhi laughs and says I am not emotionally foolish. Aly says I will never nominate Abhi against Arshi even if she is a good friend of mine.

9:30 PM
Rahul V calls Nikki aside and says you decided with Abhi and Rubina that we will save the originals first but now you will play your game? Nikki says you guys have a problem with me being in Arshi’s favor. Rahul V says because we had a commitment to save the originals. Nikki says then why did you make Rahul M the captain yesterday? You could have got it rejected. I am just saying that I don’t want to follow a herd, I want to play my own game. Rahul V says we decided to play as a group. Nikki says you are playing your own game so it’s fine. Rakhi looks at them from afar and says Disha.. don’t do it.. she laughs at them and says she has trapped him in her perfume. Nikki asks Rahul V if she shouldn’t play alone? He says play as you want, we will all play individually and there will be no group of originals.

12:30 AM
Rakhi takes Jasmin’s photo. Jasmin puts Aly’s photo on her bedside table and says she will have peace now. I don’t want her to bang her head again. Rubina wakes up and says I won’t do house-work the whole week so you all can keep talking. Arshi laughs and says I won’t do it as well in Rubina’s captaincy. Rubina says I won’t beg others. Rahul M asks them all to sleep, this is wrong. Nikki asks Rahul M to go and sleep. Rahul V says Rahul M is disturbing others the most. Rubina says I don’t support this commotion so I will not work for a week. Vikas says then join the party today.

12:45 AM
Arshi and Sonali are laughing. Sonali says there are thieves outside. Rahul V asks them to not wake others up, this is wrong. Aly says Rubina has a problem so don’t make noise. Sonali asks them to sleep. Rubina wakes up. Sonali says I want to talk today. Arshi says you can talk if you want to. Rahul V asks them to shift the bed. Arshi says she wants to talk to everyone. Sonali says we can sleep a little later as it’s a new year. Sonali tells Arshi that I like doing this, you are rubbing off on me.

1 AM
Rubina and Nikki are in the kitchen. Vikas says some food is left? I didn’t know that. Rubina says let’s warm the food.
Rahul V asks Arshi and Sonali to go outside and talk. Arshi says Sonali wants to talk so she can. Rahul V says we will leave then, you can talk here. Aly takes his blanket and says I am going out.
Nikki tells Vikas that I didn’t have food. Vikas says then why did you hide food in the fridge? Nikki says we didn’t eat food before, you are such a fool. Vikas says you people are cheap. Nikki asks him to get lost, you are cheap. We are just eating.
Vikas tells Rahul V that I didn’t have any food but she has hidden food in the fridge.

1:15 AM
Arshi asks Aly to come to the bedroom, it’s a small thing. Rahul V says we kept requesting you both to stop talking. Sonali says we don’t have the right to talk? I don’t want to sleep so what? Rahul V says you are taking this wrongly. Sonali says you can talk in anyone’s matter but I can’t even talk? I am not here to give a royal treatment to others. I will do what I want to, I don’t care if it’s Rubina or her parents. Arshi says if they have a group then show it clearly, why are they scared? Aly says what did you say? Arshi says Sonali wanted to talk so what’s the issue? Aly says do you know what time it is? We get 8 hours of sleep only. You both can talk but you can tone it down so others can sleep. Sonali says Rubina woke up on her own and not because of me talking then she was showing anger towards me. Rahul V says she didn’t take your name, she didn’t tell you anything. Arshi says she was getting angry with us, she said she won’t work. Sonali says am I am different in this house? Aly says you are taking this differently. Sonali says this is a herd, you people also influenced Rahul M to not give immunity to Arshi and Rakhi as you people have a group. Rubina tells Sonali that you are new here but this is the way tasks are done here, you can’t disturb others’ sleeping time like this. Sonali says you woke up because everyone was talking. Rubina says we were not following the herd. Sonali says you all are attacking me in a group so this is all herd. Aly says you said it so we will do it now, we will be a group against others, are you happy now? Do you know what are you saying? Sonali says I know what I am talking about and I am not going to sleep.

1:45 AM
Sonali tells sorry to Rubina and asks her to sleep now. Rubina says all are disturbed now. Rahul V says what is this now? Rakhi tells Rubina that when you fight with others, you always say that this is your house so we are here on rent? I really don’t like this sentence from you. Rubina says I was telling it to Arshi because she doesn’t respect this house. Rubina tells Arshi that this is my house and you will leave soon as a guest. Arshi says don’t be so egoistic, you will be thrown out of the house like others.

2 AM
Arshi tells Sonali that she didn’t need to say sorry to Rubina. Sonali says let’s sleep now. She wishes for a new year to everyone. Rahul V says thank God.


Bigg Boss 14 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Arshi tells Rubina that if I go crazy then I won’t work and make your life hell. Rubina says not scared of your useless threats. Arshi says the problem with you people is that you didn’t the show seriously. She says I have a problem with Rubina now.Vikas tells the inmates that I will make my own food. Aly says we make food for everyone, you drop-by every year so you don’t know that? Nikki says we give him tea also. Vikas says I don’t even drink tea. Nikki says he is lying.Sunny Leone says she is coming to the show on the weekend.

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