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Day 121
10:30 AM
Rakhi is praying to God for her mother and Ritesh, I hope he doesn’t get stressed seeing my videos here, I had an attachment with Abhi as a friend. I apologize if I have hurt Abhi.

2:15 PM
Aly tells Rahul that we should praise Rakhi in front of Arshi. Arshi comes there so Aly tells Rahul that Rakhi should be in the finale. Arshi says I am hearing everything. Aly tells Rahul that Arshi is becoming irritating.

Arshi says they were saying that Rakhi will get eliminated this week. Devo says Rakhi will be a finalist.

Devo comes to Aly and Rahul, she tells them Arshi is provoking Rakhi against you both. Aly comes to Rakhi and says we called you a finalist, Arshi was lying to you. Rakhi says I trust you. Arshi says I know who Aly was taunting. Aly says I don’t need to taunt, it’s our opinion. Arshi says you won’t decide who will be a finalist or not. Aly says we are not double-faced like you. Arshi says I don’t do anything wrong. Aly says that’s why you killed me for Abhinav yesterday. Arshi says it was a joke. Aly says you bat on double side.

3 PM
Arshi says to Rahul and Aly that Rubina is your sister even when Rahul is fighting with her but if Arshi is talking to Rubina then I am double batting? You are also friends with Rubina. Aly you are doing the same thing. Aly says people are jealous of Rakhi. Arshi says I don’t care but don’t insult me.

Arshi says a woman can make or break a house, you can spoil relationships. I respected them, I respected my brother Eijaz but Devo is filling ears against me. Devo says I just confirmed if Rahul-Aly wanted Rakhi to be eliminated but they actually said that they see Rakhi as a finalist. Arshi says you are filling ears of Aly, you want to sit with them then do but don’t bring a misunderstanding between us. Devo shouts that if you have guts then talk in front of them, don’t be cheap with me otherwise, I will tear you. Arshi says stay away from me. Devo says who are you to tell me? Arshi says you won’t make relationships so you are breaking others. Devo says you are fake. She shouts at Arshi to not do ******* with her, I am warning you last time to not cross the line with her. She curses her. Arshi says you are a *****. Devo charges at her and says why you keep taunting me? Rahul says why take this seriously? Devo says she has no shame, no self-respect. Arshi says as you have it. Devo says I won’t ever talk to you, I am challenging you to not come near me. Arshi says don’t talk about me behind my back if you have self-respect. Devo says you are a ******. Arshi says if I start cursing then your ears will start bleeding. Devo asks her to get lost. Aly hugs Devo and asks her to calm down. Arshi says she can curse but she is a nice person? Rahul asks Devo to not curse her. Arshi says I will slap her so hard. Devo says if you say a word then I will slap you so hard. You will see what you have done outside.

3:15 PM
Arshi tells Rakhi that you were taking their side? I was talking to you. Arshi comes to Devo and says let me talk. Devo says I just clarified with Rahul-Aly about Rakhi’s elimination. Arshi says they commented in front of me that Rakhi will get eliminated this week, I heard it and I knew they were talking about me for nomination. They don’t have to pass comment all the time. The problem is that Abhi gave me a haircut and they are miffed with me, they don’t want me to talk to Rubina-Abhi. Devo says you should clear this with Rahul-Aly. Arshi says if they are using relationships then I won’t be a fool. I won’t be silent if someone is misbehaving with me.

Aly tells Nikki that they are friends again. Nikki says nothing is real here.

7:15 PM
Devo asks Arshi to chop onions. Arshi says you can chop as you are cooking. If I cook then I do chopping as well. Devo says I can’t do duty with you, it’s impossible, don’t be cheap with me. Arshi says I was kneading the flour and she started ordering me around. Devo shouts at her to stop shouting at her. Arshi asks her to shut up. Devo throws some utensils in anger. Abhi was standing there and gets hurt on his thigh. He winces in pain. Devo asks if he is fine? He says yes but control your anger. Devo says Arshi is shouting so much, she has no manners, I nicely asked her but she doesn’t deserve it. Arshi says you will decide that? Rahul asks what happened? Arshi says she shouts so much.
Abhi tells Aly that she was very close to hitting me. Arshi says they don’t care as Devo is a friend. Abhi tells Devo that you just missed my D*ck. Devo says I am sorry. Arshi says she is throwing things at people. Devo says Vikas should have slapped you before throwing you in the pool. Arshi says you just backbite about people. Devo says I don’t have that kind of upbringing. Rahul and Aly enjoy their fight, Rahul says Arshi has big scary eyes now.

10 PM
Rakhi sings a song about a husband-wife and another woman. Rahul says mind-blowing, no one can be entertaining better than Rakhi. Arshi says wow. Aly says Rakhi is one of the best contestants. Nikki says I agree. Arshi hears all that. Aly says Rakhi will be a finalist.

10:30 PM
Arshi says she is a foolish woman. Aly says Shero is going to be killed. Shero is Arshi’s soft toy. Arshi says if you have no emotions then take it. Aly says you have challenged me. Aly says I won’t tear it, I will hide it. Arshi says I will keep Shero with me, I know you people will steal him. Aly says we will get a chance.

11 PM
Devo is massaging Aly’s head. Arshi looks on as she used to give him massages. Aly says Arshi’s hairstyle has changed her posture as well. Arshi asks if he wants a massage? He ignores her. Rahul says what a silence. Arshi says it was my duty to ask. Aly says to be a friend first.

Day 122
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song
Update in Progress

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