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Bigg Boss 14 18th January 2021

Day 107
10:45 AM
Rakhi asks Eijaz what does infatuation means? He says it defines attraction, people want to see the other person all the time. Rakhi says do I have an infection too? All laugh. Rubina says she doesn’t have infatuation but infection.

1:15 PM
Nikki talks to Aly and says Rakhi has some biscuits.
Rakhi comes to the luggage room and sings to herself.
Arshi and Nikki take the biscuits from Rakhi’s bed. Abhi says don’t do it. Eijaz says I want to eat, he hides the biscuits in his bag. Arshi tells Abhi to not tell it to Rakhi.
Arshi comes to the washroom and sees Rakhi glaring at herself. She asks if Julie is back? Rakhi doesn’t answer her.
Nikki steals from Rakhi’s bed and tells Abhi to not tell it to Rakhi. Abhi says you will have to share it with me? Nikki says of course.

1:45 PM
Arshi tells Nikki to take all the packets from her bed’s drawer. Nikki opens it and steals more packets. Nikki says she has so many packets in her drawer. Aly says Rubina is seeing you from the kitchen. Nikki steals all the packets from Rakhi’s bed. Aly says she had so many food items. Nikki tells Rubina that Rakhi had so many food items that Vikas gave her, don’t tell it to her.

2 PM
Rakhi comes to Abhi and says don’t ever ignore me. He is scared and nods.
Rubina tells Nikki to not fool Rakhi in front of me and I will keep my mouth shut, I don’t want you people to attack her.
Rakhi attacks Abhi’s bed and takes off his quilt. He screams and runs from there.

2:15 PM
Nikki tells Rakhi why she is doing her makeup today? It’s a leisure day. Abhi asks her to do the makeup of half her face. Aly says half Julie and half Rakhi. Rakhi says I will go and talk to Julie.

6:15 PM
Abhi comes to Rakhi and tells her that they have stolen some items from her bedroom drawer. Rakhi is stunned and asks who? Abhi says I am telling you that I know where they have kept it, I will give it back to you and you hide it. Don’t talk about it and tell anyone that I told you. Don’t make an issue, we will steal from the thieves only. Rakhi says I promise I won’t make a scene. Abhi says I will want you to share with me. Rakhi says sure, he leaves. Rakhi says he loves me so much.

9 PM
Rakhi says to herself that Bigg Boss you took my items, I will start breaking things as I have earned all those. Arshi says we all share things in the house, I don’t hide from people. You are special to get all those items? Rakhi says I didn’t touch your items. I will break your arm, you are a ****. Arshi says you are a cheap woman. If you have guts then break everything. You are a nalli. Rakhi says you are just a fire stick who keeps vibrating everywhere.
Rubina calls Arshi and says you left the pan on the stove, it’s burned now. Arshi says I am sorry, I forgot it. It slipped my mind somehow. I always turn off the stove. Rubina says it’s a dangerous hazard. Arshi says I am sorry. Rakhi says you are a crazy woman, you did it in the morning also, you are an idiot. Arshi says you are a shameless woman, get lost. Rakhi says I will slap you so hard. Arshi comes and try to touch me, you are just useless. Rakhi says I am not Vikas that will bear your irritation. Arshi says you are gutter’s worm.

10 PM
Eijaz tells Aly that I enjoyed today. Rakhi starts searching for her items in the bedroom. She finds some items behind the bed. The inmates see her from the living room.

11:45 PM
Rubina sees Rakhi taking the coffee away. Nikki says I will throw everything away, she will see it. Rubina laughs and says don’t scare me, you are a mad girl. Rakhi goes to the washroom with coffee. Nikki says Rakhi is peeing in the coffee. Rubina says don’t say that. Rakhi comes to the luggage room, Abhi asks her to hide it somewhere. Rakhi tries to find a spot.

12:30 AM
Rakhi asks Sonali that many people have affairs after marriage. Sonali says yes when the marriages don’t work. Rakhi says no, I pray for them as a couple, I accept him with Rubina. I don’t know how he is outside in real-life but I just need a little bit of his love. I didn’t have a man in my life after Abhishek. I just deserve his hug, I have everything else in my life. I am not the one to destroy couples, I just need some of his time. She starts crying and says I can’t run behind my husband. Sonali hugs her and says you will find a nice person outside, your husband will come back soon. Rakhi says I don’t need him. Sonali says just take a divorce and move on. Rakhi says I am telling you that we didn’t marry, I don’t want him anymore, he won’t ever come out in the public, who will give a name to my kids? She cries and says he will never accept me in front of the world because of some reason I can’t tell. Sonali asks her to calm down. Rakhi says I have saved sperms and I will look for a donor, I will produce my baby in a clean way. I will ask Abhi and Rubina outside the house about it.

1 AM
Nikki tells Arshi that she is crying now because we stole some items. Sonali says don’t say she was crying for her items, she was missing someone. Nikki says she started missing someone after her things got stolen? Rakhi says why are they picking on me? Nikki says we didn’t take your name. Rakhi asks her Nikki to get lost, you have no guts in your bum. Nikki asks her to get lost. Rakhi says your class was taken yesterday.

1:30 AM
Nikki tells Abhi that you told Rakhi about the stolen items. Why did you? Rakhi says why would he tell me? Abhi glares at Nikki and says thanks. Nikki says Abhi wanted to steal also. Abhi says what are you saying? Nikki says Abhi has Rakhi’s ******. Rakhi says really? She says I don’t trust you Nikki. Nikki says you have no guts, Rakhi says you are a cheap woman. Rakhi says Nikki stole my things and putting them on Abhi, he is not that kind of a guy. Arshi says she’s a worm. Abhi hugs Rubina and says this is a fish market. Rubina says what can I do, they have a right to make a scene at night time so I am sitting here.

Day 108
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song Naagin. They all dance.

8:45 AM
The alarm plays, Rubina goes into the storeroom and doesn’t find anything there. She says they just sent tissue papers. Nikki says Bigg Boss will be harsh on us now. Rubina says we won’t get anything fancy now. Rahul says we can eat tissues to kill our hunger? Eijaz says go for it.

9 AM
Rubina tells Nikki that let’s talk to the inmates about how we will eat now. She asks the inmates that we don’t have many rations left so how will we compromise? Eijaz says we will eat rice if we don’t have flour. Rubina says we will have to compromise on the portions also. They agree. Eijaz says we should be careful about tea also. Nikki jokes that Arshi should make more desserts. Arshi laughs.

10:15 AM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates to go to the garden area and they wouldn’t take any food item with them. Arshi eats her breakfast fast. Abhi asks Rubina to take a bite. Arshi tells the inmates that Bigg Boss would take a class of everyone now. Rakhi says you have wasted so much food. Arshi asks her to get lost.
The inmates sit in the garden. Nikki says Abhi is not even getting his almond milk, he shouldn’t get it. The garden door locks and BB’s team enter the house. The inmates are stunned. They see them collecting everything from the kitchen and putting it in the storeroom. The inmates hoot and say don’t take it. Rubina says you people would cry soon. Rahul says just take the refrigerator itself. The team goes into the bedroom and starts looking for food items. They take the items from their luggage too. Rakhi says you people tried to steal from me so now you all are paying for it. Rahul says Rakhi you don’t need to enjoy this. Rubina says I like it Bigg Boss, he is teaching the lesson to all over-actors. Rakhi asks the team to not take Abhi’s items. The team puts some rations for the day and leave. Eijaz says they have given such less food.

12:30 PM
Eijaz asks Rakhi how much coffee did you have? Rakhi says Vikas gave the coffee jars to me. Eijaz says Vikas had 4 jars? He must have stolen it right? Rakhi says I don’t know. Eijaz says you steal things from us but if we steal from you then it’s wrong? if you had shared it with us then this wouldn’t have happened with you. Rakhi says you people got punished today. Eijaz says we are getting punished because of the tasks, you were wrong to hoard all those items which we deserved as well. We did the right thing by stealing from you. Rakhi asks him to get lost. Eijaz says don’t misbehave with me. Arshi says she is a crazy woman. Do you think you are running Bigg Boss? Rakhi says I am at peace that they took everything from here. Eijaz says you are wrong here. Rakhi says you were wrong too. Eijaz says I don’t steal from people. Rakhi says we work hard to earn too. Eijaz says you stole the food items which we deserved as well. You had 4 coffee jars? Rakhi asks him to charge at her. Eijaz says I am leaving.

1 PM
Eijaz tells Rahul that they will make it difficult for us now. Rahul says they didn’t even warn us. Eijaz says we were living luxuriously, we would make so many desserts. Rahul says I am trying to eat the tissues. Eijaz says you can eat those to chase the hunger. Rahul eats a tissue paper, Eijaz laughs and says I am not part of this.

1:45 PM
Abhi applies a liner on Arshi’s face. Rahul asks what character is she? Arshi says an old aunt who never went to a parlor. Abhi makes the hair on her face with a liner and all laugh.

2 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you people have very few food items and you know the reason. We have confiscated everything except the basic items. The food items are in the house only but you have to earn them. The first parameter is to see how well you are following the rules, the second parameter is how well you are playing the game and the last parameter is how much effort you are putting into the game. You will earn the ration on these parameters or through the tasks. Today’s ration will be decided on one inmate, you people mutually can’t decide what ration you will get but we will ask the inmates from time to time about the culprit behind this punishment. He asks Rubina to come to the theater.

Rubina comes into the theater. The inmates watch her on TV. Bigg Boss asks Rubina who is responsible the most for the rules-breaking in the house? You will throw the doll of the person in the water, then that person won’t decide what will be the ration for the night. Rubina says the last task was the kites task, the person who used excessive force was Eijaz, he gave an excuse that he didn’t know. Eijaz says she still doesn’t understand the task. Rubina throws Eijaz’s doll in the water tank. All laugh.

2:15 PM
Rubina says today’s dinner will be dependent on our actions. Nikki says whoever has to decide, please get coffee for us. Rubina says don’t say that. Nikki says they want us to remain silent in the show?
Rahul tells Aly that I never worried about ration in my house. My mother took care of it. Rakhi says you will get married so this is good learning for you.
Abhi tells Rubina that I want to see how Eijaz will find loopholes in the rules. Rubina says Aly doesn’t think about the loopholes, he is all about breaking everything, Nikki was like that too.

3 PM
Eijaz is in the theater. The inmates are watching him. Bigg Boss says this show has been watched by many people and we learn from the situations. When this season started, it’s the last date was 16th January but this season got extended. Eijaz was the first person to enter the house and spent 106 days in this house but today he has to leave the show due to his prior commitments. As he made those commitments without knowing about the show’s extension. We respect his commitments and professionalism so we are allowing Eijaz to exit the show without eliminations. All are stunned. Abhi says what? Bigg Boss says in the last season, Devoleena had to leave the show because of her back problem, at that time Vikas entered the house as her proxy to continue her game. In this season, Devoleena will follow the path and will continue Eijaz’s game. Devoleena enters the theater and hugs Eijaz. Eijaz thanks her. Devoleena says I will try to justify your game. Eijaz says I don’t know how to react. Devoleena says let’s do our task. Bigg Boss welcomes Devoleena into the house, she thanks him and says I love you. I was missing your voice. Nikki mimics her. Bigg Boss says Devoleena will take Eijaz’s decision from now on but they will take this decision mutually. They have to decide who is responsible for this punishment. Devoleena says to Eijaz that I feel like the person who started all this is Nikki. Eijaz says exactly, I have nothing personal against her. We all think about rejecting a task but Nikki reacts and makes sure to break things around to get the task rejected. Devoleena throws her doll in the water. Arshi cries for Eijaz. Bigg Boss says till Eijaz doesn’t come back in the house, Devoleena will play as his proxy., He asks Eijaz to leave the house from here only, you can’t meet the inmates. Rahul and Arshi get emotional. Eijaz thanks Devoleena and says I don’t know you but I am thankful that you are here, you don’t need to get eliminated, my strength is Aly, Arshi is very close to me, she gives me food and taunts both. I am trying to become friends with Rahul too. You take care of yourself and me too. He tells the inmates that play well, I will pray for you and you pray that I come back soon. Devoleena asks him to meet Pavitra now, he laughs and leaves the show. Arshi cries and says no. Bigg Boss tells Devoleena that she can enter the house now.

Devoleena enters the house. Arshi is crying and leaves from there. Arshi takes off her mic and goes to the washroom. Devo hugs Rubina, Rakhi. Devo says I am really happy to be back.

Sonali asks Arshi to not cry.

Devo asks Rahul why he is sad? I told you that if I see Rubina as a queen then I see as him a king but you are losing your individuality, think about it. You used to shine before in the house, I feel it’s lost now, you need to get it back.
Nikki tells Rubina that when the panel came on the show, Devo said some weird words for me. Today also she targeted me. I broke the things when the task got rejected. Rubina says are you sure? Nikki says I am telling you.

3:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks Arshi who she thinks is responsible for the punishment? Arshi says as much as I have seen, I feel Rakhi is not putting in the effort, she doesn’t understand the tasks. She throws her doll in the water pond. Arshi comes into the house. Rakhi says amazing. Devo says what’s Rakhi’s connection with tasks’ rejections? Aly says it’s about the house’s situation. Arshi says I feel like Rakhi doesn’t understand the tasks. Rakhi says Arshi didn’t understand the task. Arshi asks her to shut up, you have lost the plot.

4 PM
Rakhi is in the theater. She says Arshi is responsible for all this, she wastes so much food and she is crazy. She puts Arshi’s doll in the pond and all laugh.

4:30 PM
Nikki says in the theater room that Sonali breaks the rule. She was sleeping today, I don’t see the passion in her to win the show. She doesn’t understand the tasks. She pushes her doll into the pond. Sonali says three other people broke the rules today. Nikki says I noticed you sleeping so I took your name, it’s nothing personal. Sonali says she is always behind me. Nikki says you are not that important.

5 PM
Sonali tells Rahul that I am trying to forgive Nikki but she keeps picking fights with me. Rahul says when she is doing this then just ignore her. Sonali says she is picking fights with me because she thinks I am a weaker person. Nikki tells Abhi that I contribute in the house but I feel like she doesn’t contribute, it’s nothing personal. Sonali tells Rahul that if I don’t get Abhi-Rubina as an option then I will have to throw your doll in the pond.

6:15 PM
Aly is in the theater and says in the last task, the other team started that problem by hiding the camera. Rubina and Abhi were involved in that, I got to know that Rubina was not part of it but Abhi was. He throws Abhi’s doll in the pond and laughs. He comes back and says I had to do something inside. Abhi says you had to throw your own doll. Aly says let me save some of my self-respect. Rubina laughs.

6:30 PM
Arshi sees some tea in the drawer and tells Abhi that we will get tea like this now. She takes the pan and says I found some tea left in the drawer. Aly says unbelievable. Arshi boils the tea in water and makes tea. She asks Devo if you want this tea? You have to now, all laugh.

7 PM
Rahul is in the theater room and acts like a beggar for food. Bigg Boss asks Rahul to decide who is responsible for the punishments? Rahul says my brother has broken many rules. Aly laughs. Rahul says but this task is about selecting dinner for today, Aly has made me eat food with so much love so I will throw Rubina’s doll. I want Aly to choose ration for us. He throws Rubina’s doll in the pond. Rubina laughs.

7:45 PM
Rubina tells Arshi that Rahul didn’t give the right reason for this task. He has goofed up, Aly has got the tasks rejected. We will have to select Rahul for the ration and take out Aly. Rubina tells Rahul that your reason was fine but you didn’t throw my doll. Rahul says I didn’t have an option. Rubina says I was thinking about Eijaz and Aly. Rahul says then you could have thrown Aly’s doll. It was your call as your relationship with Aly is good.

9:30 PM
The inmates see Vikas entering the theater. Bigg Boss welcomes Vikas in the house and says we hope you are feeling better. He says yes. Bigg Boss tells Vikas that who you think is responsible for breaking the rules and why? He has to choose between Rahul and Aly. Vikas says Aly has broken many rules. He says they do everything together, they take all the punishments together. He throws Rahul’s doll in the pond and says I have done this because I feel Rahul takes the decisions, Aly just follows him. Aly tries to get the tasks rejected when he feels there is no other choice. Bigg Boss asks him to take Aly’s doll and give it to Aly. Vikas enters the house, all welcome him. Vikas hugs Rahul, Aly, and others. He gives the doll to Aly. Devo rushes to him. He asks how is she? She says fine.

10 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Aly will decide today’s ration as the inmates think he is least responsible for this situation. Aly will decide about the rations. You could have gotten 12 items today but seeing your behavior, you will get 8 items only. Arshi says we thank Bigg Boss for that only. They see the food items written in the BB Mall. Bigg Boss asks Aly to go and take 8 items from there and come out. No other inmate will help him in this, this ration will be used till tomorrow afternoon. Aly goes to the BB Mall and takes oil, 2 flour packs, 2 veggies, tea, milk, and fruits. Vikas tries to guide Aly. Rubina asks them to not influence his decision, Bigg Boss will take these items too. Abhi says we can’t even talk now? Rubina says we will get punished, please don’t. Aly tells BB that he is done. All clap for him.


Bigg Boss 14 19th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :In the task, Vikas tells Devo to take the items which will force them to enter the house. Devo hides the other team’s survival kit. Nikki and Sonali fight with them. Arshi says I won’t let anyone enter the washroom, it’s on our teams’ side. Rubina says it’s not written anywhere. Rahul says so you will make the rules? Rubina says yes I will. Rahul says Abhi didn’t even support his wife. Rubina says who are you to bring my relationship in all this? Rahul says why were you crying over your husband’s lack of support on the weekend? Rubina says don’t dare to bring my relationship up. She charges and pushes him away. Aly tries to stop them. He shouts at Abhi to not push him.

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