Bigg Boss 14 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss 14 16th January 2021

Weekend Ka Vaar
In the house, Rubina tells Abhi that my items are lost from the luggage. I use my sponge on weekends only. Abhi says Rahul touched your items in the task. Rubina says they have lost my beauty blenders, I got them from LA, I can’t get another one. Sonali says people are not cheap to take your things. Rakhi looks around for Rubina’s blender. Sonali says these are my items. Rubina says leave it Rakhi, I am tired of their rubbish. Sonali leaves from there.
Aly tells Arshi that Rubina’s blender got lost, Abhi said if someone has hidden it then Sonali started taunting them. Sonali tells Rubina that we don’t take someone else’s items. Rubina comes to Arshi and says take your aunt away from me, she keeps talking. Sonali comes to Rahul and says she thinks you took her two rupees sponge. Aly asks Sonali to stop it. Nikki says you are jealous. Aly says Rubina was just looking for her blender. Sonali says Abhi said that someone might have taken it because of jealousy. Sonali says we are not jealous of her. Abhi says she has gone crazy.

Rubina asks Arshi to take Sonali away, I am trying to avoid her. She is poking me so much. Nikki says Arshi should tie her. Sonali comes there and says I will slap you if you try to tie me. Nikki says come and try to slap me. Sonali says I am not scared of anyone.

Sonali is wearing a yellow saree. Arshi says she might leave in a yellow saree. Aly says she should leave the house for herself, she is creating a problem for herself by saying so much.

On the Stage:
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone to the show. He says let’s talk to them. He connects the call to the house and says one will be eliminated this weekend. We will discuss some things with you. The audience has different opinions and they are powerful. They will ask questions from you directly today. Salman says I want to know one thing first, Salman asks Rakhi what she meant when she said she has two bungalows and 2 gardens? Rakhi says I have 2 bungalows, I don’t remember. Salman says are you ashamed now? Rakhi says I was joking at that time. Salman says we are not idiots like you are not. Salman asks Aly if he felt it was a joke? Aly says no. Salman tells Rakhi that I praise you when you do good in the show, but when someone crosses a line then I will tell them, if Rakhi doesn’t want to take care of honor then it’s her will, you have earned this love but you will lose it because of one mistake. You are an entertainer but don’t cross the line of vulgarity. Salman says don’t try to repeat this mistake. Rakhi says I was angry at that time. Salman says this is not a justification. Rakhi says sorry.

Salman tells the inmates that the audience will ask questions. The first audience member asks Sonali if she is doing everything for the camera? You didn’t fall in love with Aly when Jasmin was here. Sonali says it’s not like that, when I talked to Aly, I felt an attraction to him, I have no shame to say that I like him, I won’t call it love and I won’t cross a line but I accept that I like him, I feel something for him. Salman says what is that feeling? All laugh. Salman says to Aly that I can’t blame you but Sonali didn’t wait for Aly to recover from Jasmin’s departure, she just jumped the opportunity. Sonali says there is nothing wrong with feeling some attraction. Salman says why not Eijaz? All laugh. Salman says why didn’t you show feelings when Jasmin was here? Sonali says Aly asked me to look in his eyes, his eyes are intoxicating. Salman asks Rakhi about her love. Rakhi says I just felt love in Abhi’s eyes. Salman says to Aly what do you see in Jasmin when you have Sonali? All laugh.
Another audience member asks Sonali why did she throw food on Nikki’s bed? Do you think you look nice by cursing others? Sonali says Nikki went crazy so I had to teach her a lesson as a kid. I got hurt when they tore my nametag. Salman says what was the word you used? Sonali says I called them bat*rd. Salman says so there is no issue in using this word? Sonali says Rubina dragged my daughter in all this, I didn’t talk about their kids or their parents. I didn’t drag them in all this. Salman says Rubina was saying that if someone calls your daughter a bat*rd then how would you feel? She didn’t drag your daughter but you called Nikki a bat*rd? Salman then you threatened them with your goons outside. Sonali says I didn’t threaten anyone, you can check the clips. Salman says we have already seen the clips, you are not going right. Sonali says I never threatened anyone. Salman says we are asking you because you have said it. Salman asks Nikki. Nikki says she keeps threatening that her goons will see us outside. Arshi says she didn’t. Aly says Sonali did talk about her men. Sonali says I didn’t talk about my men. I was hurt when I didn’t get a song in my initial days so I talked about men but Abhi said that I was threatening the show. Rubina says she keeps threatening us that she will not spare us outside the house. Salman tells Sonali that you clearly said that you didn’t threaten before but now you wouldn’t spare them outside. Sonali says I had to reply to them. Salman says if they are misbehaving then you will cross a line too? Sonali says I am sorry. Salman asks what’s her daughter’s age? Sonali says 14 years. Salman says Nikki is 23 years old so she is close to your daughter, what’s the big deal if the food is near your bed? Sonali says I had to sleep there and it smelled. Salman says if Nikki said that she would pick it later then you could have taken the plate to the kitchen, you can’t work in the house? I made Rakhi’s bed last week. Do you think that was a performance for me? Sonali says Nikki doesn’t respect people. Salman says you could have taken the plate and put it in the kitchen. Sonali says I can’t work for people who curse me. Salman says you have seen Bigg Boss so you know how this house is, this doesn’t look nice on you. Sonali says I am sorry, this house’s atmosphere is bad. Salman says you will face everything in this house. You didn’t learn when I came in the house, you threw the food on her bed the same day as I cleaned Rakhi’s bed. Sonali says I have to speak against the wrong. Salman says but you don’t have to go wrong for that. Eijaz says Sonali didn’t have to throw the food on Nikki’s bed but Nikki keeps taunting others, she doesn’t clean up after herself. Sonali says I wanted to teach her a lesson as a mother. Salman says you didn’t come here to become a mother of others, all are playing a game here. If Nikki likes to misbehave then don’t argue with her. Sonali says I am sorry. Salman says I am just telling you that you are going wrong, you can get lost in the house. Sonali cries. Salman says your daughter is watching the show too. Sonali says Nikki says such bad words for me. Salman says that’s doesn’t make you bad. Abhi says I talk to her with respect but she cursed me too. Rahul says you charged at her. Salman asks Rahul if Sonali was wrong? He says yes. Salman says why were you supporting her? Rahul says I was silent when Rubina was fighting with her but then Nikki and Abhi charged at her, they were ganging up on her, I also felt that Rubina dragged her daughter in the fight. Abhi says he provokes people to fight. Salman says to Rahul that you and Aly were so angry when Rahul M’s dhoti was torn but you didn’t do anything in Sonali’s case. Rahul says Sonali was asking who broke her nametag, Abhi-Nikki were smirking. Salman says Sonali didn’t need to curse in any case. Sonali says they torn my photo too. Salman says Kamya’s daughter’s photo was torn but she understood that it was a game, if you are getting upset on a photo then think about it. Abhi says Rahul justified that Sonali had to curse to get the culprit. Sonali says I controlled my anger when they tore my photo. Salman says you have to keep a control over your emotions in this house. Salman asks Rahul-Aly that you were planning two weeks before to take out the challengers, if it was the case till now then you both would have been supporting Rubina… which means that you people are just playing a game. So don’t call other’s game fake and think about your game. Aly says Rubina is a sister for me, I didn’t jump in their fight because I was eating and the incident went to a different tangent, Abhi was there too. Rahul says I did ask Sonali to calm down, they wanted Sonali to get angry. Salman asks Arshi why she cared? Arshi says they kept poking her by tearing her photo. Salman says you gave half an hour to that topic? If you remember that something was written on Vikas’ pillow. Rubina says Kash wrote it after discussing with Arshi. Salman says but you didn’t tell Vikas that Kash wrote it. Ashi says Sonali is a good friend of mine so I felt bad for her. Salman says Rahul supported Sonali just because he went to against Rubina, you will support cursing just because you are against Rubina? Rahul says Abhi threatened me. Salman says I was telling you Rahul and not asking you anything.
Salman asks the inmates if they are scared of Sonali? Abhi says I am genuinely concerned because she holds a powerful position. Sonali says I never threatened anyone.

Nikki says she said that she will send her men to her house. Salman tells Sonali that you came in the house for some reason, they came here for their acting career but think about why you came here and focus on that. Just play your game nicely.
Salman asks Nikki what is wrong with her? She has lost respect, you were doing nicely and what happened with you? Now is the time to change is around.
An audience member asks Abhi why he trusts Aly? He is always b*t*hing about you. We want you to teach a lesson to your haters. Salman says did you understand the question? Abhi says I can’t take actions, I respect Aly but he is not my friend. Rahul misbehaves with my wife a lot, Eijaz touched my wife which is very wrong. Salman says the question is that you don’t confront people. Abhi says I can’t shout and curse people, I can get into a physical fight but that is wrong. Salman says your fan is asking you to take a stand and don’t leave it. I feel that you like to leave things, when your wife needed you, you gave your point and left her alone. We are also seeing that your behavior is not right with Rubina. You try to give her advice and want her to listen to you but when she tries to give you an advice then you rudely dismiss it. Abhi says I am like that, I become rudely to my people. Rubina cries. Salman says be a husband and a partner, don’t be a boss. Rubina cries. Salman asks if she thinks her husband is letting her down? Rubina says yes. Abhi says I left her when she needed me, I accept. Salman says you think that you need to give your point of view so much that you will go against your supporter (Rakhi) who supported you so much, you ignored her just to put your point of view. Rakhi says Abhi did hurt me at that time, my love is not weak for him. Salman tells Abhi that you are on a national TV and she is your wife.
Another audience member tells Abhi to not give advices to Rakhi, don’t make her your puppet, let her entertain us. Salman jokes that Abhi is not giving attention to Rubina because of Rakhi. Rubina laughs. Abhi says Rakhi is always joking with me, I don’t give her advices, I give her suggestions. Salman says you are advising her too much and she is getting lost. Salman tells Rakhi that this is for you, you look like Abhi’s puppet now. Rakhi says when I don’t understand things, I ask Abhi as I respect him. Salman says Rakhi you were going well till the last week but you were lost in this week. Aly says I felt that she is faking her love and she is getting lost. Rakhi says why he has a problem if I like Abhi? Salman says Sonali is following you too, we want you to love Abhi but you are doing everything by taking Abhi’s advice. Salman asks her to bring the original Rakhi back. Eijaz says when Rakhi became a captain, she became a puppet of others, she took advices of Rubina. Rakhi says he came closer to me. Eijaz says don’t say. Salman says they look like husband and wife now, all laugh. Salman tells Rakhi that Abhi-Rubina think you are just playing a character, they think your love is not original. Rakhi says why? I will start sleeping between them. Salman says we are advising you about your game. He ends the call.

In the House:
Aly tells Rakhi that you were talking about your assets, now you remember it? Rahul tells Rakhi that Salman talked about it too. Rakhi says I don’t remember it. Aly says you were calling bungalows and pointing at your chest. You are a fake person and faking your love. Rakhi says get lost. Stay away from me. Aly says you are just a puppet. Rakhi says he is my love. Aly asks her to stay away. Rakhi tells Abhi that I don’t remember talking about my bungalows. Abhi says just follow Salman’s advice.

Salman connects the call to the house. An audience member asks Nikki that why she has become close to Rubina and Abhi? You used to not like Abhi at all. Nikki says when I came back in the house, I found a mother in Rubina, I didn’t sit with them before but I really like Rubina. I can hurt Abhi but I can’t hurt Rubina. Rahul says I am not believing it, she went outside the house and she saw the audience’s liking then she cameback to become Rubina’s friend. Nikki says he is jealous of my friendship. Salman asks Nikki that you can win a trophy by following someone? She says no. Rahul says her mother even asked her to play alone. Nikki says I was on his side at that time so my mother was saying to not play from his side. Nikki says Rahul is Aly’s jhamura. Rahul says I have an understanding with him so what?
An audience member asks Nikki that you call Rahul your close friend but then you joke about him with Abhi, you joke about his undergarments. (The clip shows Nikki telling Abhi that Rahul doesn’t wear an undergarment at the night time, I will bring it up. Abhi says don’t make a mistake). The inmates see the clip. Rahul says her reality is out, you are a double faced person. Nikki says I had to change my priority after he nominated me against Arshi, he is not my priority now. I was joking about his undergarments. Arshi says chee. Salman laughs at her. Nikki says it was a joke. Salman says you said that you will bring it up when the time comes? Nikki says I wanted to tease him. Rahul says she would taunt me. Salman says you can wear 2 boxers now. Rahul laughs and says after the lights are out too? I have a right to take them off after the lights are off. Salman laughs and asks Nikki. Nikki says I will play my game. Salman says if you can win this season with underwears then that would be great.
An audience member asks Nikki why she has become boring? She is giving a competition to Abhi. All laugh. Nikki says they take out funny questions. Salman says it’s not a funny question, they are saying that you are not entertaining anymore. Nikki says I don’t know the reason, I used to target Rubina-Abhi but I like them now, I will work on becoming more entertaining. Salman says you don’t need to fight others. Nikki says I will sit with everyone. Eijaz says Nikki will sit with us and then call it a favor. Salman tells Nikki that you look like you are not playing solo, you are getting influenced. Nikki says I will do something.
An audience member asks Aly why he plots behind Abhi’s back? Why don’t you play from the front? Another member asks Aly that Rahul is your friend and you don’t say anything to Rahul when he is calling Rubina nalli and all that. But when Abhi says something then you make fun of him. Salman asks Aly if he is playing on the backfoot because he wants to be in the good books? Aly says I really respect Rubina, Rahul and Rubina fight equally. I have seen changes in Abhi’s personality after Jasmin left, he is picking fights with Rahul. I don’t enter their fights. Salman says why do you support Rahul when he is misbehaving with Rubina? Aly says they both call each other names, I don’t want to be a referee between them. Salman says we call it playing on the back-foot. This is Bigg Boss house and you can’t maintain good relationships with everyone. Aly says I get a really good vibe from Rubina so I can’t misbehave with her. Eijaz says when I used to fight with Jasmin, Aly wouldn’t jump in our fights and I respect that. Aly respects me and he would let the two people fight and not influence them. Rakhi says Eijaz is saying it because Aly cooks mutton for him. Aly says this is such a cheap thing to say. Rakhi says Eijaz is a puppet of Aly. Eijaz says you were called a puppet today only.
An audience member asks Aly that he plays nicely in the tasks when his team is winning but if his team is losing then you will try to get the task rejected. Salman says you people were cheering when the kites task got rejected, it’s shameful and sad. In which sports, the players celebrate when the tournament is cancelled? Salman tells Aly that if you are out of the task, that doesn’t mean you can’t let others play. Salman says if there will be no tasks for immunity then what you will do in the house? Create fake fights? You think we will find a winner like this? You get happy being a spoilt sport? They say sorry.

Salman says Rahul, Sonali, Nikki and Rubina are nominated. Salman says I will tell you tomorrow. He ends the call.

In the House:
Eijaz tells Rakhi to not taunt Aly making food for me. Aly says you are a puppet of Abhi.

Sonali says we get married once only. Aly says I will get married 5 times but with Jasmin only. Rakhi says she would be happy to hear that. Rahul says you called their love fake. Rakhi says you don’t need to tell me what to say and what not to.

Aly tells Nikki that you are not even on any foot, at least I am on the back foot. Nikki says you are not seen so think about yourself. Aly says we don’t taunt you about feedback from Salman, they tell you the same thing on every weekend, you are forcing to fight with me. Don’t be so desperate, you will make fun of your friends now as you have nothing. You make fun of underwear now, that’s left for you now?

Salman signs off from the episode.


Bigg Boss 14 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Rakhi dances in the house. Salman gets excited and dances on the floor. All cheer for him. Aly dances with Sonali.Rahul says Nikki always cheat me. Rubina tells Arshi that you started insulting me for no reason. Arshi says Rubina blamed me for stealing, she makes her eat a laddo but Rubina spits it. Salman says this is disrespectful Rubina

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