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Bigg Boss 14 15th January 2021

Day 104
12:45 PM
Rahul tells Sonali that she is looking pretty. Do you want tea? Sonali says my parents made me pretty. Arshi asks if she is angry with Aly? Rakhi says someone has hurt her heart. Aly asks her to come and provoke her now, you have hurt her the most, you cheated her and didn’t give the immunity to her. Rakhi says you people don’t understand the game, you are no one. Rakhi winks at Sonali. Aly says you cheated her first and now acting like her relative? Rakhi says you guys are the villains. You people hurt her so much. Aly claps and says we didn’t promise to save her. You cheated her, you are no one to tell us anything. Rakhi asks him to get lost. Aly mimics her and says you can’t even look in my eyes, you didn’t even get votes. Rakhi says you got separated from your lover because she didn’t get votes. Aly says your husband never came to you, at least my lover was here, you can just run a fake track of romance with Abhi. Rakhi says why are you jealous? I am hot. Aly says yes I am dying seeing your hotness. Rakhi says yes I am hot, come and warm your paratha on me. Aly says my bua is going crazy. Arshi says Rakhi likes Abhi but she wants to flirt with Eijaz too. Aly says she keeping her options open. Rakhi says Abhi can put his wife first and then me. Aly says what about your husband Ritesh? He is not here with you, is your love true with Abhi and you have no love outside the house? Rakhi says I have no one outside the house, for now, my love is not fake for Abhi, Aly’s love was fake with Jasmin, you can’t make it a truth just by crying. Rakhi says I don’t use people like Aly used Jasmin to get his work done. Rahul says you are saying that he used Jasmin? Rakhi says yes his love is fake and not mine. Aly tells her that she is a nalli, get lost. He says I won’t say anything about my love, we both know each other that we are made for each other.

1:30 PM
Aly comes to the washroom. Rakhi is glaring at him. Aly says you said my love was fake? Did you like my acting of crying for Jasmin? Rakhi says even Salman cried so you should get an award. Aly says I left the show for Jasmin. Rakhi says I said what I felt. Aly says your love is fake, it can be seen. Rakhi says I like him, I am infatuated to him. Aly says this is just your track for the show.

2:15 PM
Rakhi tells herself that can I use a knife to write Abhi’s name on my hand? Bigg Boss asks Rakhi to come into the confession room. All look on.

Rakhi comes into the confession room. Bigg Boss says we heard you saying something, don’t even think about it as you will hurt yourself which is not allowed in this house, don’t even talk about it. Rakhi cries and says they are calling my love fake, I want to prove it. Bigg Boss says this way of proving is wrong, you can use it some other way. Rakhi says I am sorry for saying it but I will do anything for Abhi, I have seen love in Abhi’s eyes for myself, I can’t let this love go from my wife. She loudly starts crying and sighs. Bigg Boss says we are repeating that you will not hurt yourself anyway, it’s not accepted, and don’t talk about it too. follow the instructions. Rakhi says sorry, I want to stay here with Abhi.

3:45 PM
Rubina reads the task which is for the captaincy. Eijaz, Rahul, Nikki and Abhi are the captaincy contenders. The task name is ‘Kai Po Chi’. All the inmates have their kites in the sky, the captaincy contenders have to hold their kite’s threads and protect them but you have to attack other inmates’ threads too which means you will have to leave your thread. The person whose thread is safe till the end of the task will win and become a captain. The contender whose thread has been broken can re-enter the task if some other inmate is ready to give their kite to that contender. Only 2 inmates can try to break a thread at a time.

4 PM
Rubina tells Nikki and Abhi that I can attack Rahul. Abhi tells Nikki that I will break Eijaz and you attack Rahul. Nikki agrees.
Arshi tells Aly that I will attack Rubina’s kite first. Aly tells Rahul that I will attack anyone I can.

4:15 PM
The buzzer plays and the task starts. Eijaz starts breaking the threads. Rakhi breaks the threads of others. Aly says what is going on? He asks Rahul to bring his thread. Rahul and Abhi attack each other. The inmates try to keep their kites in the sky.

4:30 PM
Arshi asks Rubina that you left the captaincy task for Nikki as you think she is your sister, she insulted you before but you have made a relationship with her in 40 days. Abhi says the answer is okay. Arshi laughs. Rahul says he is a useless man. Rubina asks him to get lost, you are a lazy person. Abhi says this person ran away from the show and calling me useless. Rubina says he needs a person to hide behind. Rubina says Rahul has no courage, he runs away crying when the situation is tough. Rahul says Rubina was crying when her husband was called luggage, it shows courage. Rubina says you are a broken record. Arshi says Rubina has a good voice. Rahul says Rubina is such a bad person. Rubina asks him to run away. Abhi says I didn’t run away like you, you are a kid, I am playing openly. Rahul says you are playing? You think so. Aly says when Rahul left the show, the whole of India was going crazy to bring him back. Arshi hugs him and says people love him. Rubina says I know that story from social media too.

Rahul tells Arshi that this couple fights with me daily and they think that I left the show because I was scared of them? I was not feeling good in the house that’s why I left the show.
Aly tells Abhi that you know why he left the show, you people side-lined him. Abhi says Jasmin was here with him.

5 PM
Arshi asks Eijaz why he is ignoring her? Eijaz says you are an emotional fool. Arshi says I am just asking questions. Sonali throws water on her and asks her to calm down, you are too angry. Arshi says what is this? She asks Bigg Boss to call her in the confession room, this is not a joke. Rahul says what kind of joke is this? Sonali says you keep blabbering all the time. Nikki says what was that? Arshi says how can she throw water at me? She has no right. Rahul asks Sonali why did you throw water at her? Sonali says I felt like it so I did. She kept talking. Arshi says but she can’t throw water at me. Arshi comes to Sonali and asks who gave you the right to throw water at me? Did I curse you? Did I fight with you? Sonali says I threw water because I wanted to, you keep taunting people. Arshi says I was talking to Rubina, who are you? Sonali says you keep taunting me that I don’t know how to play a game, this was my way of answering. Arshi says this is against the rules, I respected you but you are crossing the limit. Sonali asks Arshi to stay within her limits. Nikki says Sonali should stay within her limits. Arshi says you can just throw water and food around. Nikki asks Arshi to go and complain to Bigg Boss. She could throw food and water around like it’s nothing. Eijaz tells Sonali that it’s not allowed in the house. Nikki says she just wants to make an issue so Salman talks to her on the weekend. Nikki says she threatens people in the house with her goons outside.
Rakhi tells Rubina and Abhi that Aly/Rahul/Eijaz can push Arshi around, curse her but that is fine. Sonali threw water on her so that’s an issue now.
Nikki tells Sonali that you are a coward, you threaten people with your goons. Tell us what courage you have, you want goons to fight for you?
Eijaz tells Sonali that Jasmin threw water on Rahul when they had a fight but Arshi was not fighting with you. She was not even talking to you. You have done a mistake as it’s against the rules. Sonali says I didn’t know it was against the rules. Eijaz says I would have said sorry to her. Sonali tells sorry to Arshi and says if you say that I am the wrong person then I will not spare you.
Abhi tells Nikki that Arshi has no limit. Rubina says she allows people to misbehave with her. Rakhi says I won’t allow someone to throw water on me.
Sonali tells Arshi that I was filled with anger since the morning and I could take out on you only. Sonali hugs Arshi and says sorry.

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you people think you can do anything in the house if there is no referee in the task. You people fool the audience by showing that you want to do the tasks but the truth comes out to the audience. Your truth is out that you people just want to make fun of every task. In the last 3 days, we gave 3 tasks for the captaincy only and 2 tasks were rejected because the rules were broken and it was intentionally broken since the start of the tasks. We tried to make you understand to not break the rules, we punished you also but there is no hope for change in you people. You people think breaking rules is an achievement so congrats. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that from now on, there will be no captain in the house and there will be no immunity task. You will also have to earn your ration from now on. He says you will put the refrigerator key in the storeroom. You can’t use a spa, BB Mall, or the captain’s room.
Rubina says congrats to all of you.

6 PM
Sonali tells Rahul that Nikki keeps saying that I am threatening the inmates with my goons. She is lying just because I am from a political background? Nikki says I will repeat, what can you do? Sonali charges at her and says what are you saying? Nikki says don’t charge me, you are just a coward. Sonali says I didn’t threaten anyone till now. Sonali tells Rahul that if she talks about outside then I will say that I will see her outside. Rahul says talk to her as much as you want but don’t raise your hand. Sonali says I didn’t read the terms. Rahul says you can’t raise your hand, you can’t throw water but you can say anything you want.

7 PM
Nikki tells Rubina that there will be no immunity tasks. How will we nominate each other? Nikki tears Sonali’s nametag from the kit and says she was trying to threaten me.

9 PM
Arshi says Nikki tore Sonali’s nametag, she is such a cheap person. Rakhi says Arshi must have done it, she asks Sonali to not trust her. Sonali says if someone has broken my nametag then tell me. Arshi says they are cowards. Sonali says to Abhi who broke my nametag? Abhi laughs and says I don’t know. Sonali asks if he is scared? He says yes.

9:15 PM
Sonali says whoever broke my nametag is a bast*rd (haramzadi). Rakhi and Aly laugh. Sonali says if you people have the courage then tell me the name. Whoever broke my name is a ****, she is scared of me. Rubina tells Sonali that don’t use the words like Haramzadi by involving me in all this. Sonali says did you tear my nametag? Rubina says yes I tore it but you will call me a bast*rd? Don’t lose your respect. Sonali says why was my nametag torn? Abhi says it’s just a nametag. Rubina shouts at her how can you call someone a bast*rd, shut up. Don’t be unreasonable. I keep hearing you calling someone a Bast*rd. Sonali says the person who broke my tag is a *****. Rubina says you should call your relative a bast*rd. You are a ******. Sonali says you are protecting that person. Rubina says you just want the limelight. Sonali says whoever tore my name is a ******. Rubina says let us eat now, can you let me eat? She shouts at her. Sonali says how dare you to call me a *****. Nikki says you are a *****. Rubina says what kind of a woman are you? I broke your nametag so what? Abhi asks them to stop it, it’s just a nametag. Sonali says they want to malign my name with filth and dust. I won’t allow it. Rubina says she is cursing others for no reason. You are such an egoistic person. Arshi asks Sonali to calm down. Rubina says you are cursing our families. Abhi asks Rubina to leave it now. Rubina says she has lost it completely. Sonali says I will not spare you both. Nikki says don’t come near me. Sonali says you tore my name, I will see you outside. Arshi tries to stop Nikki. Rubina takes off her cardigan. Rakhi pulls Nikki away from Sonali. Sonali says I will see her outside seriously. Abhi says don’t threaten her about outside. Rubina says Bigg Boss should taken an action against her, if she is threatening us. Sonali says I will curse them if they tear my name. Nikki says she is a foolish woman, I will slap you. Sonali says you have no standard, I will drag you around with your braid. Arshi pulls Sonali and stops her as she is charging at Nikki. Sonali says you are a coward Nikki to break my nametag. Rubina shouts that you have a daughter yourself, you will call her a bast*rd. Arshi shouts at Rubina to not bring her daughter here. Rubina says why? She can call Nikki a bast*rd? You people are just buttering Nikki. Abhi says to Arshi to stop it. Arshi says just tell her to not bring her daughter here. Sonali says I am ready to fight that egoistic woman. Rubina says I broke your nametag so what? Sonali says you are a *****. Rubina says you are cursing my parents now? You call your daughter a basta*d. Aly tells Rubina to not bring her daughter and call her a bast*rd. Abhi shouts at Rubina to stop it, she is a crazy woman.

9:30 PM
Rubina says to Abhi that she is cursing our families, she has a daughter herself.
Sonali says they can’t do anything against me, I am threatening that I will see them outside. Nikki says you threaten people with your goons because you are a useless person. Nikki says she is cursing openly.
Arshi says to Rahul that Rubina called her daughter a bast*rd. Rakhi says she didn’t says that, she said that if she is calling Nikki a bast*rd then she should think she has a daughter too. Aly says no, Rubina clearly said her daughter is a bast*rd. Rahul says it’s such a cheap statement, don’t take Rubina’s side right now Rakhi. Sonali says if they bring my daughter in the discussion then I will break their face.
Rakhi asks Rubina if she called her daughter a bast*rd? Rubina says no, I said that she shouldn’t curse our parents as she has a daughter too, she is a mother herself so she is cursing her daughter too. Sonali says I will tear them apart. Rakhi says they are lying about Rubina.

9:45 PM
Abhi tells Sonali that I broke your nametag and Rubina didn’t bring your daughter. She was saying that she sees a mother in you and takes herself as your daughter, she was saying that if Nikki was your daughter then would you call her a bast*rd too? Rahul says he has brought a new angle to save her. Arshi says don’t lie Abhi. Rahul says Rubina clearly brought Sonali’s daughter. Sonali asks Abhi who gave you the right to tear my nametag? Rakhi says I tore your nametag, forgive me now. Sonali says whoever broke my tag is a coward. Rahul says Abhi is lying to save his wife. Abhi says this nalla is jumping the fight now. He asks him to get lost, you just provoke people. Rahul says your wife has said those words and we have all heard them. Abhi asks him to stay away, I can take care of you in a slap. Rahul says then slap me. Abhi says I will slap you when I get a chance. Aly pulls Abhi back. Rahul says now Abhi is threatening me with a slap? Get lost. Rubina called Sonali’s daughter a bast*rd.

10 PM
Nikki tells Aly that he also thinks Rubina called her daughter a bast*rd? Aly says yes, Rubina said it in anger. Rubina says I said to Sonali that if it was about her daughter then she would call her a bast*rd too? Aly says you used these words. Rubina says so I didn’t curse her daughter, I just told her to not curse our families, don’t twist my words. Sonali asks Rubina that why did you need to enter my fight? Abhi says you were cursing us and our families. You were saying that were taking the culprits’ side. Rubina says you took my food away, I was trying to eat and said my parents are bast*rds. How dare you. Rahul says she never said it. Arshi says Rubina threw the food away and blaming it on Sonali too.

10:30 PM
Rubina takes a nametag and tears it in front of Sonali. She says these materialistic things don’t matter, your ego won. Take it now. Rahul says what a shot after so much thinking.

10:45 PM
Sonali says to Rubina that you dragged my daughter in this fight, I won’t spare you now. Rubina asks her to remain silent now, you have cursed my family. Sonali says I won’t spare you now. She stands between Nikki and Rubina. Nikki says she is pushing between us. Rahul tries to control Sonali. Aly asks Sonali to end it now. Rubina says take this woman away, she is a crazy woman. Abhi asks Rubina to calm down. Sonali says you are a cheap person to bring my daughter here. Nikki shouts that she pushed me right now, she becomes physical. Arshi says I agree that she shouldn’t have used the word.

Sonali cries and tells Rahul that I won’t let them allow to destroy my name and make it dirty. Rahul asks her to calm down.

11 PM
Nikki says they are not calling her in the confession room. Rakhi says you will get justice. Nikki says I have not given her the liberty to touch me, she pushed me and she has done it so many times. She asks Bigg Boss to call her in the confession room, how could she push me? She takes off her mic and says I never thought of this disrespect. She cries. Rubina asks her to calm down and says they will call her after watching the footage. Nikki says I won’t wear a mic as they are disrespecting me. She broke the rules. Aly tells Rahul that her voice is irritating. Nikki says I took the pushes lightly before but that doesn’t mean anyone can come and push me around. She cries so Rubina consoles her.

11:15 PM
Rubina tells Abhi that they are doing this to get attention. Sonali was just saying it without any emotion. Abhi says she did threaten us. Sonali comes there and spits near them. Nikki says she is an idiot. Aly asks Sonali to not spit. Rakhi tells Sonali to not curse Abhi and threaten him. Which party do you belong to? Sonali asks Rakhi if she is his guard? Rakhi says yes. Nikki says Sonali was asking her daughter if she has hurt anyone like an insecure lady. Sonali says I can ask anything to my daughter. Nikki asks her to get lost. Sonali says you have no guts, your mother told you to play from the front. Arshi tells Sonali to not do a mistake.

Day 105
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song love life. They all dance.

8:45 AM
Rakhi tells Abhi that I saw a dream and I was in Hawaii. I got a ticket with Rubina from Moj but Rubina was busy so she asked to take you with me. Abhi laughs and says you wrote your dream? Rakhi says I will make you a romantic, I am giving it to you for free.

Nikki comes into the luggage room and tears some photos.
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  1. Rahul Vaidya is the worst participant in Bigg Boss. He should be thrown out of the house! His grudge against Rubina is going overboard! Many things he does purposely just to fight with Rubina. KICK HIM OUT!!


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