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Bigg Boss 14 14th January 2021

Day 102
4:30 PM
Vikas asks Arshi where is the camera? Arshi says we won’t tell, I will not change my side.
Aly tells Rahul that we should bring Arshi on our side.
Vikas tells Abhi that let’s pretend we don’t have the camera. Abhi says Arshi has the camera.
Aly asks Arshi to fight with her team and come on our side somehow, the rule will break when you come on Rakhi’s side. Arshi says I respected Eijaz but not anymore, you/Rahul/Vikas are my friends now. Arshi tells Vikas that she can change sides.

Arshi asks Vikas if he knew the camera was behind the sofa? He says no I didn’t know that. Arshi goes and looks at the binoculars.
Rubina tells Nikki that they just found the binoculars. Abhi says Vikas didn’t tell where the camera is. Nikki says don’t trust Vikas.
Eijaz is looking around for the camera. He checks the pots in the garden.
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the task is still on and going on the other side’s roof is a rule-breaking, both the teams are breaking this rule right now. We want to tell you that the next round will be the last round of the task.

7 PM
Rakhi asks Abhi to pull her on his side. I want you to grab me and take me away. Abhi asks her to hold his hand and come here. Rubina asks Rakhi to show her crazy side. Rakhi says should I listen to my heart or my parents.
Nikki asks Abhi to talk with Rakhi with love, she is ready to break the rule. Abhi says she is no. Nikki says I am telling you she will listen to you. Abhi goes to Rakhi. The bell rings and Abhi takes the material from the godown.
Rahul tells Arshi that you have a chance to prove your friendship, this is fixed so come on our side. Arshi says I don’t want Eijaz as the captain. Rahul says Eijaz has agreed to make me the captain.
Abhi holds Rakhi’s hand and asks her to come to his side. Rahul says they are cowards, they hid the camera and think we can play the game. Rakhi says I can do anything to win Abhi. Rahul asks Arshi to not cheat her friends just for a task. Vikas asks Arshi to think about the audience too. Rahul asks Arshi if she wants to make Rubina a captain who doesn’t respect you? Rubina says Rahul can’t play alone, he needs people to play for him. Rubina tells Arshi that Rahul is a double-faced person.
Abhi tells Rakhi that you come on my side and I will save you after Rubina every time. Just silently come on this side, they are convincing Arshi to come on their side. Rakhi says they will support Arshi only. Abhi says you saw how they behaved in your captaincy, come on my side. Rakhi says I really like you. Rahul says Rubina just put people down, he is a double-faced person, you call Abhi nalla for no reason. Rahul says now you are bringing your husband in the discussion. Arshi asks Rakhi to come on our side. Rakhi says I want a kiss from Abhi. Abhi says come here and I will kiss you. Rakhi goes on Abhi’s roof. He holds her hand and kisses her hand. Arshi goes on Rakhi’s roof. Rahul thanks Arshi. He tells Rakhi that I was helpless to play in your team. Rakhi says you challenged me to not make me a captain ever so I will help you in becoming a captain? Rahul says Rubina is fooling you. Aly claps. Abhi asks Aly why he is clapping for Rahul? Rahul says it’s useless to talk to them. Rakhi tells Arshi that you went on their side. Rahul thanks Arshi. Aly laughs. Arshi says the game is on. Rahul says if our team won then we wouldn’t have allowed Rakhi to become a captain, I will make sure that Rakhi never becomes a captain. Rakhi says I was right to come on Abhi’s side. Aly says we never talked to Rakhi, we never hoped for her to play with us. Arshi says I flipped for my friends. Abhi says you people were ganging up on Rakhi.

7:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the captaincy task’s last round was on and we warned you to not cross the roofs but you like to break the rules. Both the teams broke the rules so this task has been rejected and no one will be a captaincy contender. All laugh. Rahul says keep hiding the camera now. Nikki asks them to remove the sofa. Rahul looks behind the sofa. Eijaz pushes the sofa and the camera is there. Rahul says sh*t.

9 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that they have messed up the whole luggage room, they have no manners. Rahul asks them to clean it. Rubina says you didn’t touch our personal things. Rahul says what can you go? Rahul asks him to remain calm.

9:15 PM
Sonali is smiling at Aly. Aly laughs and says she keeps looking at me. Rakhi tells Sonali that you are very pretty, they are a fool to not realize it. Sonali tells Aly that Rakhi is saying I am pretty and my heart is pretty too. Rakhi says these idiots don’t know what pretty means. Aly laughs at her. Rakhi tells Sonali that he likes weird girls like Jasmin. Sonali laughs.

10:15 PM
Vikas is crying and tells Aly that I have a toothache. Rubina asks if he took the medicine? Vikas cries and says I am so much in pain, my whole head is hurting. I can’t breathe.

I have a high BP too. Nikki consoles him. Aly says he got a BP issue after coming here. Bigg Boss asks Vikas to come in a medical room. He weeps and goes from there.

11:15 PM
Aly laughs and says Vikas was crying about his toothache. Nikki laughs when he mimics. Rakhi laughs too. Arshi says she is laughing like a ghost. Nikki says he is screaming in the medical room. Aly asks Vikas if he is okay? Arshi says what a contestant. Aly says if Bigg Boss calls us then Vikas is leaving.

12 AM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates to come into the living area. All are stunned. Aly says Vikas is going. Nikki says they might have taken him out of the house. Rubina says he was crying so much. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Vikas was ill so he will be under the doctor’s observation for some days. He asks the inmates to pack his stuff and put it in the storeroom. Arshi gets emotional and leaves from there. Arshi comes into the washroom area and cries.

12:15 AM
Arshi says to Sonali that I didn’t know Vikas was really ill, I thought he was doing a drama. I didn’t even have lunch with him. I thought he was just pretending to be ill so he could rest here. Sonali says he was mentally disturbed too.
Rakhi cries and prays for Vikas.

Day 103
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dil lutya. They all wake up and dance.

Day 103
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dil lutya. They all wake up and dance.

10 AM
Abhi is making the parathas. Rahul comes there to make his food. Abhi asks him to not disturb him, I am making food for everyone. Rahul asks him to not shout, don’t push me. Abhi says I am working for the inmates, you can go around the isles, use your mind. Rahul asks him to stop blabbering. Abhi says Rahul won’t parathas today. Rahul cooks for himself. Abhi asks him to put some manners in his food. Rahul says he has started commenting for no reason. Rakhi asks Rahul to not tease her lover. Abhi says he is my fan now, it’s his new year’s resolution to keep the focus on me.

10:15 AM
Rubina tells Abhi that you ask me to not poke others but you are poking Rahul. You could have nicely asked him to go around the isles. Abhi says I was doing my duty but he was pushing me for no reason. He was bullying me when I was silently doing my duty, then Aly was commenting on his behalf. Rahul just wants to irritate people. Rubina says okay baby, just change for the people.

10:30 AM
Arshi asks what the scene is? I know this love drama is fake from Nikki’s side and I will open it up. Aly says right. Nikki says what did I do? Arshi asks her to keep repeating in the camera. Aly asks if she is targeting Nikki? Arshi says I will target a person who doesn’t have her own issues. Aly says I am sitting here and will see. Eijaz tells Arshi that we are giving you food. Arshi says you could do this drama of food with Kavita but not with me. Eijaz acts like spitting. She says Eijaz is spitting on me, he doesn’t respect women. Eijaz says you talked about Kavita bragging about making food for me so I spat on that. Arshi says I spit on you, you make sisters but then cheat them, you did it with Nikki and then me. Rakhi asks Eijaz to remain silent. Arshi leaves from there. Eijaz says I like to not get affected.
Aly tells Arshi that you were poking Eijaz. Arshi says so he could spit on me? Eijaz says I spat on Kavita’s topic. Arshi says this is your reality, you don’t follow your relationships. You were alone and will remain alone.

5:30 PM
Rubina reads the task which says that Bigg Boss is giving them a chance to win the captaincy again. There are stands of the inmates in the garden. There will be four gongs, you will go and spray on your own stand which means that you will eliminate yourself from the captaincy but then you will get a chance to choose another person who will become a contender for the captaincy.

5:45 PM
Rahul tells Nikki that take my name for the captaincy. Nikki says you have Aly but I have to protect myself. He says okay. Rahul tells Rakhi that you have been the captain before and you did wrong with Sonali. Rakhi says no I didn’t.
Arshi tells Nikki that if you sacrifice for myself then I will give you the immunity. Nikki says I don’t trust you. Rubina says I can guarantee for Nikki.

6 PM
Arshi tells Sonali that you are a priority for me as I am not friends with Eijaz now, if I become the captain then I will give you the immunity. Sonali says okay.
Abhi tells Rubina that we can choose between ourselves. Nikki calls Rakhi and says I am with you three. Rakhi says I wanted to give a chance Abhi, Rubina says then I can sacrifice for Nikki. Sonali comes there and says I am thinking. Rakhi asks her to talk to Aly. She says no, I will not talk to anyone. I just want to request Rakhi to support me. Abhi asks her to talk to Eijaz. Rakhi says I want to support Abhi.

Aly tells Arshi that I want to be the contender. Eijaz says if we four became the contenders then we will decide for the captain. Arshi says Sonali will sacrifice for me. Eijaz tells Aly and Rahul that if you don’t someone else’s vote then I will sacrifice myself for you.

6:15 PM
Sonali tells Eijaz that I want to be the contender or someone to give me immunity. Eijaz says Rahul and Abhi will be the strong contenders. Sonali says they will make Nikki a contender too. Eijaz tells it to Aly and says Rubina will save Nikki? Sonali says yes, Rakhi will sacrifice for Abhi.

The gong plays and they all stand in the garden. Rakhi goes first and says I want to sacrifice myself to make Abhi the contender for the captaincy. She paints her stand black and puts herself out of the task. She puts Abhi’s stand in the contender’s box. Abhi thanks her.
Arshi asks Sonali to make her the contender. Sonali says I want to be the captain too. Arshi says I came here before you, I want to be the captain.

6:30 PM
The gong plays, Aly says I am going this time. He sprays on his stand and says I am eliminating myself for Rahul. He puts Rahul as the contender for the captaincy. He says I will keep trying to make Rahul the captain.
Eijaz tells Sonali that if I become a captain then I will give you the immunity. Sonali says okay, I will vote for you.
Arshi says I want to see Eijaz and Sonali’s decision. Eijaz says Sonali is ready to sacrifice for me and she doesn’t taunt me like Arshi.
Abhi tells Rakhi that they were taunting you as the worst captain and today they were asking for your vote. Rakhi says I would have supported Rahul if you were not here.

Sonali tells Arshi that Eijaz takes you as a younger sister. Arshi says what are you thinking? Sonali says if you sacrifice for me then I will become a contender otherwise I will sacrifice for Eijaz. Arshi laughs and says you will sacrifice for Eijaz and you want me to sacrifice for you? Aly asks her to not taunt her. Arshi says fine, I will sacrifice for Eijaz.
Rakhi tells Rahul that my love is unconditional for Abhi. I know Aly would save you. If Aly was not with you then I would have voted for you Rahul. It’s a game, we are friends. Aly says we will bury all the fights here in this game but then we will exchange numbers. Rakhi says you don’t tease me. Aly says you start crying when I fight with you, I called you Bua and you got angry. Rakhi says you can’t disrespect my career, you don’t need to call me names. Aly says I have got 5 punishments in the house because I do everything I want, if I call you a bua then no one will have a problem. If you talk about it then I will keep calling you a bua. You said that you would want to play SRK’s mother so what’s an issue? Rakhi says that was a dialogue, you are flying too high, God will cut your wings.

7 PM
The gong plays, Nikki says we are going. Rubina goes and says I am eliminating myself from the captaincy to make Nikki a contender as she has fresh thinking. She sprays on her stand with a smiley. Rahul laughs. She makes Nikki a contender.

7:15 PM
Abhi asks Arshi what she is going to do? Arshi says Sonali will make Eijaz a contender. Rubina says you can make Sonali a contender, just flip. When the gong plays then take the spray. Don’t tell it to anyone, just silently go and pick up the spray and vote for Sonali. Arshi laughs. Rubina asks her to flip the game. Arshi says they will kick me this time. She leaves from there. Rubina says she plays for herself. Nikki says no one gives her importance. Rubina says Sonali will be a minus for us if she becomes a contender.

Rakhi tells Sonali that play for herself now. Sonali asks Arshi to make her a contender. Rakhi asks her to vote for Sonali. Arshi says don’t talk about our group, why didn’t you save Sonali if you wanted her? Why did you save Abhi? Rakhi says which group? Arshi says she has given 2 votes to Abhi and now giving suggestions to Sonali. Rakhi says what group? You have no group, no one is standing up for you. Arshi says you are a nalli, crazy woman. Rakhi asks her to get lost. Arshi tells her to go die. Rakhi asks her to jump in the pool and die. Arshi says you pray for others to die. You are an idiot. Rakhi asks her to get lost. Rakhi tells Sonali that vote for Eijaz and become a bigger person. Sonali says I will vote for Eijaz.

7:45 PM
The last gong plays, Nikki says let’s see what happens. Sonali asks Arshi if she is voting for her? Eijaz asks Sonali she can vote for himself or for Arshi. Arshi takes the spray and says I am eliminating myself from the captaincy. She thinks. Abhi laughs and asks her to take her time. Arshi says Sonali wanted to vote for Eijaz so she doesn’t want to be a contender, they are forcing me to make Eijaz a contender but what will he do for me if he becomes a contender? Eijaz says nothing. Arshi says you will give me no leverage? Eijaz says I have promised the immunity to Sonali. Arshi says why? I am not sacrificing myself then. Sonali says I helped you before also. Aly asks Arshi to do what she wants to, why are you asking questions? Arshi says I don’t want to eliminate myself now. Sonali asks her to vote for her. Arshi says Eijaz is not up to give anything to me. Eijaz says I request you to leave me alone, I am begging you to stop irritating me. Arshi says he wants me to leave him alone but I will do a favor on him, I hope he becomes ashamed now. Eijaz says just leave me alone, stop taunting me all the time. Aly asks Arshi to do what she wants to do. Arshi says look at what he is saying. Eijaz asks her to do what she wants to. Rubina says what a friendship. Arshi says he has insulted me so much, I can’t vote for him. Nikki says what is going on? Sonali asks Arshi to vote for her. Aly tells Arshi that he is angry at you, Nikki is making fun of him, don’t do it. Arshi says fine. She goes and says I want to sacrifice myself as he has called me his younger sister, he can shout at me as a brother so as his younger sister I am making him a contender. She sprays on her stand and puts Eijaz’s stand as a contender. Rubina says she gets insulted so much. Eijaz hugs Arshi.

Bigg Boss says the captaincy contenders are Abhi, Rahul, Nikki and Eijaz.

8:30 PM
Rubina reads a privilege task for the captaincy contenders. They will have a spa day, they can choose one inmate as their hair-stylist. They will get privileges like spa, hair treatment. Nikki says my hair-stylist is Rubina. Abhi says mine is Rakhi. Rahul says mine is Aly. Eijaz chooses Sonali as his hair-stylist.

Rakhi asks Abhi what she has to do? Rubina says you will style his hair. Abhi says I will apply hair mask first. Rakhi says he is doing everything himself.

Rubina is styling Nikki’s hair. She does her curls. Nikki says I like it so much.

Rakhi says I will apply perfume to impress Abhi. She applies it and says I will massage him so well.

Aly tells Rahul that we will try a wet hair look. He starts styling his hair. Rahul says did you think you would make my hair? Aly says no. Aly styles his hair. Rahul says I love it.

9 PM
Rakhi tells Abhi that I will apply a hair mask to you. Abhi says to apply with your fingers. Rakhi says shut your eyes and let me do what I want to. Arshi says Abhi is looking handsome.

9:30 PM
Sonali styles Eijaz’s hair. Aly says he is looking nice.

Day 104
9:30 AM
Rakhi is in the bed and gives a flying kiss to Abhi. Abhi is in the living room and looks at her.
Rubina tells Abhi that Rakhi will play a crazy woman in love now. She makes crazy characters up. Abhi looks at Rakhi laughing in her bed and says she has started already. Rakhi is in bed and says I love it. I like him. She acts like talking to her other self and says I will do whatever I want. I like him, I want to be happy. She cries and says I want to be happy, I will do what makes me happy. Help me, God.

10:45 AM
Due to less poultry in the house, Bigg Boss sends some extra food items. Rubina says they have sent it for breakfast only. Arshi says but we should divide it among everyone, we don’t know how much others will eat. Rubina says we can’t divide small things. We can choose what should be cooked per day. Abhi says we can make groups. Rubina says Abhi will take tofu as he is lactose intolerant. Abhi says I will take one tofu and the other tofu for others. He asks Rubina to let me decide for myself. Rubina says they sent both tofus for you. Aly says let Abhi decide for himself. Sonali says I can give up my items. Aly says don’t sacrifice for others. Eijaz asks Aly to drink his protein shake with these items. Rubina says don’t eat impulsively, they have sent it as an alternate, I am just worried about your stomach. Eijaz says I am very well educated about nutrition so don’t tell me Rubina. Rubina shouts at Eijaz that sorry I showed concern for your stomach. Eijaz says did I ask you? It’s my mouth, my stomach so stops it. Rubina says you are going off for showing concern. Aly asks Rubina why are you stopping him from eating what he wants to? Rubina says I just said to not finish all this in one go, just eat in portions. Rahul says Rubina will decide how much we will eat and when we will eat like we are kids. Rubina says you will destroy your diet, go to hell now. Aly says she is unbelievable. Rubina says to Arshi that I showed concern for their diets, they don’t want us to eat everything in one go. Arshi says Bigg Boss did say to take care of our diets. Rubina says they eat without any diet. Rahul says you will decide for us? Rubina says you are sounding like an idiot. Rahul says you are acting like a rude girl as always. Rubina asks him to get lost, don’t talk to me. Rahul says who are you to tell me that I should leave? Rubina says idiotic person, spineless person. Rahul says she is a rude girl.

11:15 AM
Rakhi tells Rubina that you could have nicely told them about the diet. Nikki tells Rubina that you told them as your responsibility, now it’s up to them.
Rahul tells Aly that Nikki acts like Rubina’s follower.
Nikki tells Rubina that you don’t need to show concern for them. Eijaz says we will do what we want to, he asks Rubina to stay silent. Rubina says I am talking to Nikki so you do your work. Eijaz says you are acting as a great person, we know how much our stomachs can eat so don’t tell us. They teach you every weekend but you don’t understand. He asks her to remain silent now. Rubina says they can’t survive without me that’s why they bring up my scolding on the weekend. if I ask Eijaz to wear his mic so he will say that I am ordering him. Bigg Boss asks Eijaz to wear his mic. Rubina laughs at him. Rahul asks her to shut up. Rubina says don’t come near me. Rakhi tells Eijaz to not eat more than your stomach can take. Eijaz says we have been eating for 45 years so we know. Rubina says that’s why he keeps going to the medical room. Eijaz says you want me to tell you about my medical issues? You are not a queen here. Rubina says you get irritated. Eijaz says you will tell us when and what to eat now? Rubina asks him to show peace now, she shows a clap. Eijaz charges at her and says what will you do? He touches her hand in a clap. Rubina says don’t touch me again. Abhi asks Eijaz to move away from her, you don’t need to touch her. Do not violate my wife’s personal space. Eijaz says did I misbehave with her? Abhi says no physical touch. Eijaz says fine, I get it. He asks Rubina if I was disrespectful? Nikki says Eijaz is scared now. Abhi says don’t say that Nikki. Aly says you get scared too Nikki. Rahul says Rubina’s concern sounds like order too. Abhi won’t understand. Abhi says you can’t pee rightly on the toilet.

Nikki tells Rubina that Eijaz had no right to touch her hand. Rubina cries and says I was just showing concern but they take everything as my arrogance and order. They all charged at me for no reason.


Bigg Boss 14 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nikki tears Sonali’s name in a task. Sonali says whoever has broken my name is a haramza*i. Rubina says I have done it so what? Rubina says you have a daughter yourself and calling Nikki that? You will call your daughter a haramza*i. Sonali says don’t bring my daughter in this otherwise I will destroy you. Rubina charges at her.

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