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Bigg Boss 14 13th January 2021

Day 101
8:15 PM
Rahul asks why would Rubina decide how to think? Eijaz says she will order how to think about others and yourself, she will give a verdict when you can joke or can’t joke with others. Rubina says you people are fooling Rakhi. She tells Rakhi that your coffee was stolen. Eijaz says now you are saying that Rakhi doesn’t know the rules? Rahul says she will come back with new dialogues, get lost you an egoistic woman. Rakhi shouts who stole my coffee? Aly says BB Mall was locked so how can anyone steal the coffee? Arshi asks Rakhi to not listen to Rubina.
Aly asks Rubina to not bring coffee in all this. Rubina says don’t attack Rakhi. Abhi says Eijaz can curse Arshi but that is fine? You should stand up against someone wrong, don’t fall into Eijaz’s trap. He is wrong with what he is doing with Rakhi. Rubina asks Rakhi to calm down, they will tell you about the culprits. Arshi says Rubina is the real captain, Rakhi is just a dummy and useless. Rahul says her name is not Rubina but Rudeina. Rubina says my existence is worrisome for you that’s why you flutter around me all the time. Rahul says oh my God, are you honey that I will flutter around you? Rubina says take it or leave it. Rahul says nobody is interested in taking you. Rubina asks him to leave. Rahul asks her who gave her the authority to tell me? I am not your husband that you can order around. Rubina says I don’t bring up your girlfriend or your family so don’t bring my husband in our arguments. Rahul says your husband is staying in this house as well. Rubina says he has an individual identity. Rahul says you were talking about my girlfriend with Vikas too, you told him that he wanted to save me because he knew my girlfriend from outside, why did you bring my girlfriend up with him? Rubina says there was no need to bring Abhi in our argument. Rahul says I didn’t take his name. Rubina says you are dumb.

8:30 PM
Rubina asks Vikas if he brought up Rahul’s girlfriend and said that she is your close friend right? Vikas says yes, I said it. Rahul asks if Rubina said something in the nominations task? Vikas says Rubina said that his girlfriend is my friend that’s why I wanted to save Rahul. Rubina says I said that I wanted to save Aly then Vikas said that I wanted to save Aly because of my personal equation. Vikas says I said that you wanted to nominate Rahul because of a personal grudge then you brought up his girlfriend, I didn’t talk about his girlfriend with you. Rahul says she can talk about my girlfriend but I can’t talk about her husband? Abhi says there is nothing wrong in bringing me up as I am part of the house. Rahul says but Rubina can talk about my girlfriend when she is not in the game? Abhi says because Vikas talked about her. Rahul says it’s not acceptable for me that Rubina is bringing up my girlfriend. Vikas tells Rubina that you brought up Rahul’s girlfriend. Rubina says because we were talking about a mutual decision. Rubina tells Rahul that in the end, Vikas did nominate you that’s why you have an issue. Rahul says I have no issue with Vikas nominating me, don’t try to shift the conversation towards Vikas. Rahul laughs and says Rudeina changed the topic. Abhi tells Rahul that you were threatening Rubina that you will bring up personal topics here. Rahul says I gave you a threat? Abhi says yes. Rahul says don’t twist my words just because I am fighting with your wife, you are a liar.

9 PM
Eijaz tells Rakhi that no captain has ever told me what to do and what is my duty. Rakhi says you might know every duty in the house but I am a captain and you will work as per my will now. Eijaz says you think so? Rakhi says yes because I am a captain. Eijaz says you can’t take an undue advantage of me, this is my house and I do my work without anybody telling me. Rakhi says why are you bragging so much, if it’s your house then stop bragging about doing your duties. We all do our duties. Eijaz says you keep asking for the wrong things. Rubina tells Nikki that Eijaz is always bragging about working in the house.

9:15 PM
Rakhi goes into the smoking-room and cries. Sonali asks what happened? Rakhi says I did a mistake by becoming a captain, Eijaz has said so much to me. He is taunting me a lot. Sonali asks her to not cry.
Sonali comes to Eijaz and asks what did you tell Rakhi? Eijaz says I will talk to her when I want to, she has been targeting me since the morning, I didn’t use a single wrong word with her. Sonali says she is crying. Eijaz says I never made fun of her, I never laughed at her, she has been targeting me since the morning, she is feeling guilty about what she did with me today. It’s not my fault. Sonali says don’t be angry, just talk to her once. Eijaz says I will talk to her when I want to.

11:15 PM
Arshi asks Rakhi what she will give her from BB Mall if I clean the washroom? Rakhi tells Arshi that I will give you a sheet (kafan) for your dead body. Sonali says don’t say that. Arshi says look at her tongue now, my parents would slap you if you said it in front of them. Aly says Rakhi says such bad things but imagine if your families hear all this? They would be so hurt. Rakhi says when you people prayed for me to die with a heart attack, that was okay? Don’t do a drama in front of me. Arshi was praying for my death but that was okay with you all? She asks Arshi to clean the washroom. Arshi says I will never do it now.

Rakhi tells Rubina that Arshi was praying for my death but when I talked about giving her deadbody a cloth then I am a bad person?
Aly tells Arshi that Rakhi was talking about two bungalows and a garden of her which meant her *******, I understood her meaning but I didn’t know what to say to her. I want to talk about it with Salman.

12:30 AM
Sonali sits with Aly and says I wanted to talk you. Am I being childish right now? Aly says what you said is not wrong, you said that you felt nice, there is nothing with that. You can stay the same with me as before. Sonali says I can’t. Aly says people feel infatuation with others, it’s okay. We will joke about it. Arshi asks if she is confessing her love for you? Aly says no I respect her feelings. Arshi says I am happy that she has the courage. Sonali says Arshi gave me the strength to confess.

Day 102
8 AM
The inmates wake up

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