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Bigg Boss 14 13th February 2021

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says today is special as it’s the last weekend ka vaar of this season, I have mixed emotions. He says I am depressed as the season is ending next week but life goes on. Salman says I told them to extend the season but the channel didn’t agree as other shows has to come on. Salman says this week was different, supporters came in the house to motivate others but some got demotivated too. We asked the inmates how were the supporters, they had to give the tags to the supporters, see what happened.

In the House:
Rubina says Paras was a matchstick as he kept provoking others. All inmates agree to that tag. Rubina says Vindu was a pillar. Devo says no he was a fire extinguisher. Rahul says Vindu was confused so they gave him that tag. Naina gets the pillar tag as she supported Rubina. Toshi says I think I should be the pillar as I stood up for Rahul. Aly says Jasmin left her work to be here for me. Devo says Paras should get the chameleon and matchstick tags both. She makes him wear them. Rahul says who should be the fire extinguisher? Rubina says Toshi was so aggressive in the ATM task when he was not needed in the task. Vindu says I tried to control Rakhi so I should get the fire extinguisher tag, they agree. Rubina says Jaan should get the empty dish tag. They agree. Rahul asks who should get the other fire extinguisher tag? Rubina says Toshi kept forcing others to end the task. Jaan was singing but Toshi stopped him. Rahul says just give the tag to Toshi. Rubina says he acts like a don. Toshi accepts the fire extinguisher but tells Rubina that if I stopped Jaan from singing then it had nothing to do with the task. Rahul asks who is entangled? Vindu says I will take it. He says let’s end it. Toshi says give it to Jasmin. Aly says this is not an award. They give entangled tag to Vindu as Jasmin is not confused. Jasmin doesn’t get a tag.

Paras tells Aly that Vindu was clapping when you said you wouldn’t have shredded 2 lacs even but he told Rakhi that she did the right thing by shredding 14 lacs, he changed his stance so he is the real chameleon. Rubina says Vindu is not like that, he is confused.

Paras tells Devo that my mind is fresh as I am new here. Devo says you came here as my supporter, not to play your game, I told you that I wanted Rubina out of the task. Paras says then the task would have disqualified. You could have put a sack there to throw her out of the task. Devo says how are you looking like my supporter? Paras says I am giving you ideas. Devo says you were acting like a referee and not as my supporter. Paras says you people made me the referee so I became that, you said that you don’t want to win so it’s fine. Devo says but Eijaz can win. Paras says he is not here to win, the show is ending. Devo says leave it.

On the Stage:
Salman says let’s connect to the inmates. He says no one will get saved today. He connects the video and greets them. Salman says you all are looking nice. Salman says you people should clap for yourself as then I will bash you all. Rubina screams no. Salman says Rubina and Jyotika both are here. Salman says Abhinav told me he went to Bangkok. Rubina laughs. Salman says he is calling internationally from there and missing Rakhi a lot. All laugh. Rakhi says really? Salman says Abhi realized that Rakhi’s love for him was real so he will meet her on the raksha bandhan. Rakhi screams no. All laugh.

Salman asks Jyotika if she talked to Rubina? She says yes, I supported her emotionally. Salman says did she hear you or became your teacher too? Jyotika says no she heard me.
Salman says Paras is a chameleon and matchstick both? What is this? It’s a quality of the chameleon to change colors. Salman says poor Jasmin will go empty-handed, she didn’t even get a tag. Salman asks Jasmin to not cry as all will be happy. All laugh. Salman says Rubina is not happy that Jasmin didn’t get any tag. Rubina says because Paras got 2 tags. Salman asks Rubina what tag she would have given to Jasmin? Rubina says matchstick tag to Jasmin. Salman says she is a fire. Aly laughs. Salman asks Rubina why? Rubina says Jasmin came with her old baggage in the house, she kept taunting others and kept talking about the outside matters, her vibe was not good too. Salman asks Aly if Jasmin has this image now? Aly says I am responsible for everything she does now. Aly says Jasmin should have given a pillar tag, she was busy and had work but she left her shoots to support me. She gave her best to me. Salman says but when you came to support her, she used to listen to her but you don’t listen to her, what’s the point of the pillar when you don’t listen to her? Salman tells Aly that we will talk about it in detail.

Salman tells Aly that you were telling in the tagging task that just end this task. Aly says I have a headache so I wanted to end it. Salman says we can give the trophy to someone else too because you would have a headache. Aly says I am not lying. Salman says you are learning from Rubina that everything you say is the truth? You tell us who you are playing for then we will give them the trophy. Aly says I am playing for myself. Jasmin says it doesn’t seem like that, Aly accepts Rubina as a sister but she is playing a game with him. Rubina says don’t put blames like that, I have cleared everything so let it go. Jasmin says if I have an opinion then I am a bad person. Salman says you both have to live in the same building so decide who will be the secretary there. All laugh. Salman tells Rubina that this is Jasmin’s opinion which can be right or wrong.

Salman asks Rakhi why Vindu should be a fire extinguisher? Rakhi says because he always wants people to calm down. He is an innocent man. Salman says we will talk about it.

Salman tells the inmates that I want to praise three inmates. He says I want to praise Rubina as she fought her fight in the sack task when she knew she wouldn’t get the ticket to the finale. Well done. All clap for her. Salman says I want to praise Nikki as she supported Rubina strongly in the task even after getting eliminated from the task. You supported her without thinking about relationships, you got the reward as you became the first finalist. Nikki says I didn’t think I would reach the top 6. Salman says I want to praise Rakhi as she took the opportunity and took herself to the finale. He says you three showed passion to win the show, very well done. They thank Salman. Salman says people like to see the passion for victory like this so congratulation to all three of you. Salman asks Nikki
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