Bigg Boss 14 11th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 14 11th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 14 11th January 2021

Nomination Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says the inmates cried a lot when Jasmin got eliminated, this show is unpredictable. We will do the nominations today. There are 10 inmates left in the house.

Salman connects the call to the house, he says yesterday was an emotional day. Now you know that Colors can’t save its faces, only the audience can save you. Salman asks Aly if he is happy? Aly shakes his head. Salman says she went home but you left you were leaving? Aly says yes, I was praying. Salman says you got saved but she left. Salman says Sonali would be Aly’s best friend now, she was doing very well from yesterday to this day so I might not take your name, all laugh. Salman says we are shocked as well how Jasmin didn’t get votes. Where she went wrong? He asks Rubina. Salman says to tell you’re true narrative. Rubina cries and says you don’t realize where you are going wrong in the house, I regret when she left the house, I wish I could have tried to end the animosity between us.
Salman asks Eijaz he looks happy? Because Pavitra came into the house? Eijaz says I like her as she is. Salman says what do you mean? Eijaz says I really like her like she is. Salman jokes and says Pavitra says you can be like anyone but it’s fine for Eijaz. Eijaz says no I didn’t mean that, I accept her as she is. Salman says you love her and accept her completely? Eijaz says yes, I love her and accept her as she is. Salman laughs at his proposal. Salman asks Aly to learn from Eijaz, Aly says he is like this only.
Salman tells the inmates that Rakhi will watch a video. He says Yashraj Mukhate made it. The video plays and it shows Rakhi calling Arshi a hippopotamus, Yashraj has made a song out of Rakhi’s dialogues. The inmates laugh seeing it. The clip ends. Arshi shakes Rakhi’s and. Salman says Rakhi you want to say something? Rakhi says I love my fans, I want to thank them.

Salman says let’s talk about the tasks now. You people have done many tasks so it’s time to test it in the sultani ring. Arshi says it’s opened? Salman says yes, it’s a debut and the inmates going there are Arshi and Rubina. All laugh. Aly says Arshi will eat her alive.

Sultani Ring:
Rubina and Arshi enter the ring. Salman welcomes them through the video call only. Salman says the first round will be a verbal fight where you have to tell why you deserve to stay in the house more. The inmates will vote for you. The winner will earn one point.
Arshi: she says I deserve here because I know the relationships are important which Rubina realized after Jasmin left. I make relationships in the house. Salman says but you break them too.
Rubina: She says my relationship with Jasmin was important, I am not fake. Arshi says I don’t have and Arshi an ego like her, people call me shameless but I don’t care. Rubina says I have welcomed the challengers but they call me egoistic, ungrateful. Arshi says you talk about the rules of the house but you broke the biggest rule by discussing the nominations. I deserve to stay here. Rubina says I humbly accept my mistake. Arshi so I deserve more to stay here. Rubina says she can show ego but I still say that she is bringing the light in the house but she shows too much ego. Arshi says I want to stay here.
The inmates vote for Arshi and Rubina. They get 4-4 votes.

Salman says the next round will be a physical fight. You have to throw the person from the plank will win. There will be 3 rounds. Rubina and Arshi start fighting. Arshi throws Rubina easily from the plank. Round two starts, Arshi pushes Rubina from the plank, she falls down. Rubina says she is pushing me with her hands. Salman says Arshi won the physical fight with 2 points. Rubina makes her wear the medal. Arshi hugs Rubina.

Arshi and Rubina come back to the garden. Rubina says it was a healthy competition, all laugh.

On the Stage:
Salman tells the inmates that you have reached 100 days and the coming days will be difficult for you all. I know Aly will be back in form soon, he says yes. Salman shows them a thorn filled carpet. He says you will put the photo of the inmate who you want to throw thorns in their path at.
Rahul: He puts Rubina’s photo and says she shows her new side every week, she is an interesting character as she twists every matter as per her convenience. I like to decode her so I want to throw a thorn in her path.
Nikki: She takes Abhi’s photo and says I want to throw thorns in his path, I think he easily reached here, he was simple and boring. He hasn’t done much so I want to bring obstacles in his path. Rahul says you flipped on him? Abh says an interesting point of view.
Vikas: He puts Arshi’s photo and creates too many issues, she forces fights with others, especially with people who care about her.
Sonali: She puts Nikki’s photo and says I have seen Nikki misbehaving but she is not scared of anything so I want to throw thorns at her.
Eijaz: He puts Rubina’s photo and says I want to throw thorns at her as I see her being scared for her image. I want to terminate her out of the house.
Rakhi: She takes Rubina’s photo and says she is my favorite, I love her but my aim is Abhi. The thorn between us is Rubina even if she is a wife. I want to throw so many thorns in her life so I can enter Abhi’s life. Abhi and Rubina laugh at her reason. Rakhi says I will snatch Abhi from her. Salman asks her to repeat in English. Rakhi says she is my sister but I love his husband, I don’t want a chaanta so I will throw kanta at her. All laugh at her English. Rakhi says I am crazy about his thighs and abs. Rubina laughs and says too good.
Aly: He puts Rakhi’s photo and says I want to throw thorns are many people but I am taking Rakhi’s photo because she used to pray that Jasmin and I get separated. Her prayers got fulfilled so she should pray that she gets saved from my thorns. Rakhi says oh I am so scared. Aly asks her to not to pray for people to separate.
Arshi: She says I want to become a thorn for Rubina as she thinks she is superior to others. It’s time to stop eating fruits.
Rubina: She says I want to tell everyone that they are making me strong by throwing thorns at me. If Rahul wants to decode me then he can try. As for Eijaz, he puts his insecurities on others that’s why he thinks I am scared. Rubina says Rakhi is a flower with thorns so I accept her. Rakhi says I love her. Abhi says Rakhi is pretty. Rakhi blushes. Rubina puts Nikki’s photo and says I think Nikki is losing herself, I want her to become her old self and go ahead in the show. Salman says wow you are such a big person. Nikki says I like Rubina’s reason. Rahul says they are all great people.
Abhi: He puts Eijaz’s photo as he hackles conversations of others. I want to throw thorns at Eijaz as he makes new friends while leaving his old friends behind. It’s his pattern. As Nikki said that I was chilling in the house but now I will throw thorns at Eijaz as he easily influences people silently. Eijaz says this a good narrative. Salman asks what he means hackler? Abhi says he keeps commenting in the middle of the conversations. Salman says Rubina does it too. Abhi says so why I have to bear the brunt? He doesn’t let others talk. Eijaz says Abhi says the most to Rubina to let him talk, she is the one who is always interrupting him. Abhi says why do you bring my wife in every topic? Eijaz says because you get interrupted by her. Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Rahul says people are so great here. Rubina wants Nikki to grow so she will throw thorns at her. Nikki wants Abhi to not relax anymore. Nikki tells Sonali that I didn’t understand your meaning. Sonali says you are strong in the tasks but you misbehave so I want you to play strongly. Aly says don’t sugarcoat your words, just say that you don’t like Nikki so you want to throw thorns at her. Rahul says don’t spread your motherly love for no reason.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says today is the nomination day. You people will nominate each other in front of me. There will be a twist also. He says Rakhi is safe from the nominations as Rakhi is a captain, she will get a special power which she can use to save one inmate. He asks Rakhi. Sonali says you promised me. Rakhi thinks and looks at Abhi. Rakhi says I want to save Abhinav. Salman says this is called true love. Abhi laughs. Sonali says you broke your promise. Salman says Abhi is safe now. Abhi hugs Rakhi and says I will make special food for you. Sonali tells Salman that Rakhi promised me and broke it. Salman says it’s up to her. Sonali says that’s fine, I am here for a week. Salman asks Vikas and Rubina to go to the theater.
Rubina-Vikas: Salman tells them that you have to mutually decide who should get nominated between Aly and Rahul. I will burn the photo of the nominated person. Rubina says Rahul got a second chance by leaving the show first. Aly has never changed and he has potential. Vikas says both are good for this house and they both got a second chance. You are taking out personal vengeance. Rubina says we will come to a mutual decision. Vikas says Rahul is playing well in the game, he puts his point of view and is involved in the house. Rubina says you are friends with his friend outside the house so you have a personal choice. Vikas says I want to nominate Aly. Rubina says I think Aly should stay, he has sacrificed a lot for Jasmin and now he is emotionally downtrodden. Aly is paying a lot and he should stay here. Vikas says you are saying that he is weak? Rubina asks him to think. Vikas says we will save Aly. They both agree so Rahul gets nominated. Salman burns his photo. Salman asks them to not discuss it with the inmates.

In the house, Sonali says that Rakhi broke her promise. Rakhi says because you didn’t wash the utensils. Eijaz says Rakhi when we were discussing if we should make Rakhi the captain then Rakhi promised Sonali to give her immunity. Rakhi says I did what I wanted to. Sonali tells Rakhi that I won’t stand with you now. Rakhi says there is no group here, all are individuals here. Aly says remember her words, don’t make a group again. Rakhi says all are playing a game here so I will play a game too. Aly says then don’t call other friends. Nikki says you just know Sonali. Rakhi says yes we are not friends.

Salman asks Aly and Rahul to enter the theater.
Aly-Rahul: Salman asks them to choose between Arshi and Nikki for nomination. Aly tells Rahul that Nikki is playing from both sides. I know Arshi says the wrong things but she stands with us. I don’t trust Nikki as she is Rubina’s sister now. Rahul says we can trust Arshi but she says a lot of the things. I know you don’t like Nikki but she always says that she wants to support me. Aly says but she wants to flip also. She has said so many bad words for you which I can’t forget. Rahul says it’s a tough call for me. Aly says I don’t want to save Nikki, Arshi can stand for us both but Nikki can stand for you only and I don’t trust her. Rahul says I agree with him. They nominate Nikki and save Arshi.

Sonali-Eijaz: They have to nominate between Vikas and Rubina. Eijaz says Rubina is very clever, she twists words around to put doubt in other’s minds, I don’t understand Vikas’ game, he is sleeping half of the time. Sonali says we will nominate Rubina.

Arshi-Nikki: they have to choose between Sonali and Eijaz. Arshi says I am friends with Eijaz more than Sonali. Nikki says I want to nominate Sonali also. They nominate Sonali.

Salman connects the call to the inmates. He says the nominations are done. The nominated inmates are Rahul Vaidya, Nikki, Rubina, and Sonali. Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Rahul tells Sonali that Rakhi played you, I was shocked for Vikas more. They have a sibling relationship with him. Sonali says she wants to give content with Abhi that’s why she is saving him. She wants to play but I know my target now.

Aly tells Abhi that my mood was off, the way Jasmin was treating me made me feel so good. I was attaching myself with her more, I sat with her and talked to her so much. Abhi says Jasmin has shown so much patience, she took so much. Aly says she fought for you so much, she used to fight with Rahul when he would say something about you.

Sonali asks Nikki to take her plate as it’s near her bed. Nikki says I will later on. Sonali says don’t throw things around my bed. You are misbehaving with me. Nikki says I didn’t say anything. Sonali tries to stop her but Nikki says don’t touch me. Sonali throws her food on her bed. Abhi and others come there. Abhi tells Sonali that you have thrown on her bed, where will she sleep now? Sonali says I asked her many times, why would I take her plate? I am not her servant. Abhi says you didn’t need to throw food on her bed. Nikki shouts that this is not right, she is disrespecting food, get lost. Sonali says you were not listening. Nikki throws things from Sonali’s bed. Nikki shouts that she is a cheap woman. Abhi tells Sonali that you have destroyed her bed, you didn’t come here to make her learn manners. Nikki says she is a cheap woman, she was touching me, how can she? Sonali says if you do it again then I will not spare you. Nikki says my food was near her bed but not on her bed. Sonali takes the food box again and puts it on her bed. Abhi says I will throw it away, he takes the box. Sonali says why was she put the food near my bed? Vikas says but you can’t destroy her bed, it’s Bigg Boss’ property. Nikki says I will see her in the task. You got nominated that’s why she is going crazy. Rakhi even fooled you. Spit on that. Abhi asks Nikki to calm down. Nikki asks Sonali to leave. She asks her to get lost.

Vikas asks Rakhi and Rubina to handle Sonali. She is doing the wrong thing.

Sonali tells Nikki that the audience is watching you misbehave, you have done setting with the audience to come here. Nikki says I came here from day one on my own. Abhi says what setting? He tells Nikki that she is elder, she was wrong and she misbehaved with you but don’t curse her. Rahul calls Nikki and asks what setting? Nikki says she said that I have some setting the o come here. Sonali says I said that she acts like she has done setting as she keeps talking about the votes. Rubina tells Sonali that we used to collect food boxes near this spot that’s why Nikki put it there. Sonali says but I sleep on this bed, I don’t want leftover food remaining there. Rubina says you didn’t say that you have an issue with leftovers.

Aly tells Eijaz that I am not scared anymore. I was scared before that I will get separated from Jasmin but now I don’t care about anyone except Rahul and you. I will play with everyone, I don’t care about Arshi and others.

Sonali asks Rahul what halwa was that? Nikki says it was cow dung halwa. Sonali says do you have manners? Rahul asks Nikki to not go overboard. Sonali says she is a jhandu (idiot). She asks Abhi why he is silent now? Why he is not stopping Nikki? Because she is your friend? I was talking about halwa and she said it’s cow dung halwa. Abhi says she can say anything she wants to, I can’t stop her. You can ignore her, you keep saying things to her also. You keep calling her jhandu, bring her family’s upbringing but you are fighting with a 23 years old girl. Sonali says so she can misbehave with me because I am an elder? You people take her side. Abhi says what you did was wrong with her bed. Sonali says she is not wrong? Nikki takes Rubina’s side that’s why you are not saying anything to her? She is Rubina’s follower. Arshi says Abhi will not say anything to Rakhi anymore. Abhi says I will answer you tomorrow, he asks her to unpack his bags now. Sonali says he is not saying anything to Nikki, people like you take her side. Rubina tells Sonali that no one is my follower, she is a young girl so she can do these things but we don’t expect this from you. Sonali says you people take her side. Abhi says what you mean people like us? She did a crime by calling halwa a cow dung? Rubina tells Sonali that you have a daughter of her age so we wanted you to not argue with her. Nikki says don’t say that.

Rahul tells Nikki that people ask me to not trust you but I want to trust you. I know you will choose Rubina but I know I am your second priority. Nikki says then why did you nominate me? Rahul says I had to listen to Aly as a friend.

Sonali comes to the washroom and sees her *** thrown on the floor. She tells Arshi that Nikki must have done it.

Nikki tells Rahul that you are my most important friend here but… I just want to say that I was not playing a game with you. Rahul says I am not playing a game with you. Nikki says you gave importance to your friends against me so it’s fine. Sonali comes there and asks why she threw her clothes in the washroom? Nikki says I didn’t do it. Sonali says I asked Arshi, I know you must have done it. Nikki asks her to leave now.

Aly tells Rakhi that you cursed me and Jasmin. You have broken my heart, I pray that you remember this day and cry later on. I can’t forget your curse. Rakhi says she didn’t leave because of me. Aly says they show only the good side of yours.

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