Bigg Boss 14 10th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 14 10th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 14 10th January 2021

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. Salman says these inmates are weird like every season. The inmates were talking about how we are portraying a false narrative about them, let’s see.

In the house, Abhi says people build false narratives in today’s time. Rubina says Eijaz keeps building a false narrative that we are Colors faces. Jasmin says they are blaming me for no reason to tarnish my image. Nikki says they want us to respect the elders otherwise our image is portrayed wrongly. Aly tells Rubina that we can’t talk here because then we are portrayed wrongly.

On the Stage:
Salman says they are filled with frustration so we thought to give them a chance to take out. Let’s watch.

In the house, Rubina says people are building false narratives against me. Arshi calls me egoistic and image-conscious but I take everyone as a healthy competition, I don’t see people with a superiority complex, it’s a stigma. Rahul says you are saying that we are inferior because you think it’s a stigma? Rubina says it’s a false narrative. I will answer you back when you call me that. Rubina says Jasmin thinks I am jealous of her. Jasmin says no you have a superiority complex. Eijaz says Rubina can give her opinion but we can’t against her. Rubina says you people just want to tarnish my image but that is your problem. Jasmin says then you comment on other’s upbringing, other’s education then that’s alright?
Rakhi says I don’t have any concern, I just want to get the love of everyone. Nikki takes Rubina as her sister, she doesn’t have to treat me as a sister but she can treat me as a human, you didn’t clean my bed but you did for all others. Nikki says I made your bed yesterday. Sonali says because she got scared as Rakhi became a captain. Nikki shouts do you even know me? Rakhi says Nikki I take you as my sister, I will never be biased with you. Nikki says that’s the good side of you but if I have some issue with you then that’s fine. Rakhi says you people think that I do everything wrong, please don’t judge me. You people keep saying that I smell and all that. Rahul brought it up also. Rahul says if your mouth smells then I will say it. Rakhi says I never smooched you so how can you smell me? Nikki says you were sitting beside him. Jasmin says we can talk about bad breath. Rahul says I was just giving you a mint, I didn’t mean to shame you. Rakhi says but you don’t call someone else out, you make me feel down, don’t put me down. Aly says this is wrong, don’t bring that card here. Vikas says maybe the way Rahul said it was wrong. Rakhi says Rahul tries to impress Nikki by insulting me. Rahul says she is giving this the wrong direction. Nikki says he just gave you a mint, it’s not a big deal, don’t take it wrongly. Rahul tells Vikas that you were not there so why are you telling me that I was wrong? Rakhi says when someone says that my breath smells then all start attacking me. Aly says she is doing it for the weekend episode. Nikki says even the bathroom dustbin is not clean, Rakhi says so? a dustbin is there to take the garbage, I won’t put diamonds there. Vikas says what’s wrong in bringing a dustbin? Jasmin says because it’s about her personal hygiene. Aly asks Jasmin to tell Nikki off why she is bringing a dustbin here, sit down, you don’t need to take Nikki’s side on this. Jasmin says we are talking about personal hygiene. Aly says so it’s Rakhi’s issue, let it be. Eijaz says no one has to bring all that up here.
Aly says I feel that they are portraying me as a bully, I never bullied Vikas but Rashami came here. I didn’t want to talk about it but Vikas kept poking me, then after the fight, I said sorry to Vikas. Then he was fine with me, he was normal after that fight, he was nice to me but when Rashami called me a bully then he could have clarified that I didn’t talk to him after that. Vikas says but you did bully me. Aly says I was talking to you. Vikas says you attack me for no reason. Aly says you pushed me physically. Aly says you go in the confession room and talk about us, then we get scolded about those issues on the weekend. That is not bullying? You sit alone and when someone tries to talk to you, you go away. You want to gain sympathy by acting lonely. Abhi asks if this is bullying Vikas? Vikas says I am playing the no-bullying card. Vikas says I am not getting bullied but 4 people are not letting me talk. What will you call it? Abhi says we want to know when you got bullied. Vikas says they were mentally torturing me, laughing at me, you people don’t call it bullying? Eijaz says we will agree to disagree on this Vikas. Aly says Vikas involves people in the fight to make it feel like a group is attacking me. Vikas says this is a false narrative. Aly says let me talk. Vikas says you just provoke people, that is your work. When Arshi was fighting with Rubina, you told her that you didn’t enjoy it, you were just provoking Arshi to fight more. He tells Rubina that I am not lying, he is always provoking others. Aly says I joke with Arshi so what’s wrong? I haven’t come here to see your fake crying? Vikas says people lie about others to win the trophy. Aly says he is going crazy. He tells Vikas that you are a nalla, you thought that was bullying? You will see bullying now. I will show you. Jasmin looks away so Aly asks her to hear him when he was talking. Vikas is not letting anyone talk but on the weekend show, he becomes a saint.
Eijaz stands up and says if I say that I will talk and no one else will speak.. that is arrogant. Rubina says I never click my fingers, this is a false narrative. Eijaz says people think I play a victim card here because I sit in corners, I am like this only. Rahul says your brother asked you to not sit in the corners. Eijaz says he is not staying here, he won’t understand my situation. He says Jasmin, Nikki and Rubina have misunderstandings with me, I keep those in my heart, I don’t accept cheap sorry so they say that I am playing a victim card. Eijaz says I said that day you people are biased with Rakhi, I felt it so I said it. You bring her personal hygiene and treat her like a filthy person. Nikki says I never used her name. Eijaz says you shouldn’t bring it up like that. Eijaz tells Rahul that you never wipe the toilet with the tissue but I never bring it up because that’s how you do it. Same way Nikki doesn’t have to bring up those things. Rahul asks Eijaz to talk about himself. Eijaz says let me complete. I think we shouldn’t bring up those things, I said that we shouldn’t be biased with Rakhi but then Rubina said that I create false narratives. That means I am trying to make false narratives in the audience’s minds to gain the votes, that word is dangerous. Eijaz says now we will keep using this word. Abhi says people didn’t know what word to use but others blame each other for now. Abhi says I used these words, I said that the most important weapon in the world is a false narrative. Now Eijaz is using my words. Eijaz says it’s a false narrative that people think I create false narratives. Whenever I try to say something, they will call it a false narrative. If I wanted to create a false narrative then I would say we are not as Colorful as Rubina and Jasmin. Abhi says you said that we are not deserving which is a false narrative. Eijaz says I created a false narrative. Rubina says Farah Khan said that Eijaz plays a victim card and it’s the truth.

Eijaz says fine, I created a false narrative now, I said everything not to make a narrative. My problem is that you people are making a false narrative that I create a false narrative.
Vikas says people say a false narrative that I stop people’s word, then it was said that I said bad things about Aly and Jasmin. Aly ignores Vikas. Vikas says they bring outside matters against me. I feel people bully here, you people put others down to win a trophy, you are a *****. Nikki says say it in the mirror. Vikas does so Aly says now you are saying it to yourself which is right.

On the Stage:
Salman says let’s connect the call to the inmates. He greets them and says we are meeting on a Sunday this time. Salman says I didn’t miss you, people, at all. Salman says Rakhi is drowning in her gown. Rakhi says it’s very long. Salman says let’s get serious, he says if you people are living under the same roof then there will be hygiene issues but making drama out of them is wrong. What Rakhi did with Rahul was wrong, she didn’t need to make an issue of Rahul offering a mint to her. Salman asks Nikki, Arshi and Jasmin if they want to discuss personal hygiene in detail on the TV? They say no. Salman says but you people were doing it. Aly, Rahul, Eijaz and Vikas were trying to stop the girls, they were totally right to not make an issue of this. Salman says if they don’t have an issue with the garbage disposal so what’s the need to bring it up on TV?
Salman says to the inmates that there is another issue of bullying. He asks what does it mean in Hindi? Aly says to torture, someone. Abhi says to irritate someone emotionally and physically. I don’t know the right word. Salmans says showing power over someone, he says when some inmate starts talking, you people don’t allow him to talk, that is called bullying only. If someone can’t explain themselves fluently then you poke them, you don’t let them finish (hinting at Rahul), he says that’s bullying also. Salman says Arshi hoots on people which is also bullying. Salman asks Rahul if he is correct? Rahul says yes but Vikas was mixing things up and I don’t agree that he gets bullied, we were giving him solutions and not accusing him. We were trying to propose a solution but he called it bullying. Salman says but you people were not allowing him to talk, you don’t want to listen to other’s voices.
Salman says the same thing happened with Eijaz, he was not allowed to talk, you people should start listening to others. Salman asks Eijaz what he thought when he entered the house? I give you hints time to time, I tell you where are you going wrong but you are losing the plot. You are building false narratives about other inmates? It’s not cool, I didn’t expect this from you. Eijaz says I didn’t want to damage their image. Salman says let me talk, do you know how big these people are? They have worked so much, they have built such a strong image that no one can break it, you are wasting your time, I am disappointed with you. Eijaz sadly looks on. Rubina says he is joking. Salman laughs and says you people think Eijaz is destroying your images but we are worried that Eijaz is plopped in the house and nowhere interested. All laugh. Eijaz says Rubina used the word ‘false narrative’ because Nikki was not making Rakhi’s bed. Salman asks why? Rakhi is from Mars? Nikki says I wanted to ignore her. Salman says you could ignore her by making her bed also. Nikki says I didn’t want to make her bed. Salman says it was your duty? Nikki says yes but I didn’t want to make her bed. Salman says that’s fine, I will come. He ends the call and says I am going to clean Rakhi’s bed.

In the House:
Salman enters the bedroom. The inmates are locked outside the bedroom. They look on as Salman starts cleaning her bed. He puts Aly’s box aside. Salman says I cleaned the toilets last season, this season I will clean the bed. Rakhi says that’s sad, she asks Salman to stop, she says I am sorry and cries. The inmates look on. Salman cleans her bed, folds her quilts. Abhi says we will do it later. Salman says you should have thought this before. He makes her bed and says I will meet you on the stage. Rakhi thanks him. Salman says no work is fu*king small, if this was offered to do in a movie or a show then you people would have done it in a full performance, he leaves the house. Nikki feels bad. Arshi says this shouldn’t have happened. Rakhi cries. Sonali says we should clean the house. Nikki says I do my duty but you can take over if you want. Rakhi says the inmates should have asked Nikki to clean my bed. Rahul says we did, she was wrong but Rakhi was wrong too. Eijaz says Nikki started it. Aly says Rakhi could have cleaned her bed. Arshi says be ashamed that Salman had to come here to do your work, do your duties and don’t bring personal things with your duties.

Salman connects the call and tells the inmates that you people are big but I don’t think any work is small. You people are in a special category but we don’t think this is small work. There is nothing wrong with cleaning Rakhi’s bed, I do it at my house also. Salman tells Rakhi that this Mr. made your bed. Rakhi thanks him a lot.
Salman asks Eijaz where did this false narrative word come from? Eijaz says I said that they were treating Rakhi unequally. Salman says I don’t treat anyone unequally in my staff. Eijaz says never. Salman says you put standard down when you are being biased against someone. I have used the word standard (aukat) for the first time. Eijaz says Rakhi was trying to talk but they were all attacking her, it was not looking nice, they were ostracizing her. Salmans says we can’t use this word in Hindi, you people think God made you and someone else made Rakhi. Eijaz says then Rubina said that I make false narratives to do image damage. Salman says I will talk about this issue now.
Salman asks Rubina that we have heard this term for the first time, why you used the word false narrative? Abhi says I used this word for the first time. Salman says you are her better or worst half but I am talking to Rubina so don’t be her mouthpiece. Rubina says I have observed Eijaz in the past few weeks, he told Mannu that Jasmin and I are Colors faces and Abhi is moving ahead in the game because of Rubina. Then Rahul M told me that Eijaz said when Abhi leaves the house then Rubina’s real game will come out, otherwise they are moving together as one unit. Then Eijaz used a word against Nikki, we never used it for Rakhi but he brought it up so I think Eijaz uses a big word against someone to make it a definition for someone, he called me arrogant just because I raised my finger once to talk. He is building false narratives against us by repeating them again and again. Salman asks Aly if he agrees with Rubina on her long speech. Aly says I don’t think it matters what people say about you, you will be seen how you portray yourself. Salman asks who agrees with Aly? He said that there are cameras here so we are showing everything and it doesn’t matter what others say about you. Rubina says I agree with Salman but I don’t agree with Eijaz. Salman says it means Rubina is wrong, you gave a long speech that someone is damaging your image but you are now agreeing that audience is watching everything and they know what’s the truth. Salman says you have the freedom to say anything in the house but Abhi-Rubina has a technical approach to everything which has brought this word ‘false narrative’ in the house. It means no inmate will put his or her point of view thinking you will use this word. Salman says Rubina and Abhi have given a new word to the house. Abhi thinks this is the most dangerous weapon in this world but we want to say that making a false narrative about someone is a bigger weapon. Rubina can comment on someone’s education then it’s her point of view when Abhi says that the makers want to throw us out then it’s his point of view but when Eijaz says that you people are being biased with Rakhi then it’s a false narrative. He says the moral of the story is that Abhi-Rubina’s point of view is an opinion but other’s opinion is a false narrative which means you both are above everyone. You people think you have to live with them when you are out of their leagues. Abhi says false narrative is just a fancy word to describe all this. Salman says if you do good then it can’t be hidden, no one can make or break your image. You are contradicting yourself. There is nothing left to say now. It doesn’t make any sense. Rubina says sorry. Salman asks Jasmin what she thinks about the false narrative? Jasmin says Eijaz says that the makers are partial with me but it’s not the truth. Salman says we remember in the mere angne mein task, Nikki said you are not seen on the show, you said that you are the number one face of this channel. You brought up the term ‘Color’s faces’. You said yourself that you are the number one face of the channel, it’s fine. We bring Colors faces in the show who leave in a week, the person who gets the votes will stay in the show. Jasmin says Eijaz that I am getting favored by the channel but that doesn’t happen. There is no partiality. Salman says there will be allegations as it’s part of the show. I am here to clear things where you are going wrong. Salman tells Rubina-Abhi that you people act like your opinion matters only but all others are building a false narrative, you think you are smart, you have a class and you say things directly from God. Rubina says sorry. Salman says you both are looking like an elitist kind of a couple. Abhi says that was not an intention.

Salman tells the inmates that this is the first time in my experience that I have the word ‘maker’ so much. You people insinuate things on me and the channel. I have made the list and the toppers are the nominees. Abhi, Rubina, Aly and Jasmin are nominated. You people said that the makers wanted you in the nominations. Jasmin says I denied that completely. Salman says correct, he says I want to know why the makers chose you for the nominations? Aly says I think we must have talked something, I don’t remember it completely. Salman says you all think that the makers did it because they wanted to weaken the super-strong group, what will be the benefit of makers? we are not sure. Jasmin says I completely denied it. Salman says I want to know why you people thought makers would plan against you because you think you 4 are so important for the show that it will bring success for the show, you might think too highly of yourself. Aly says it’s not like that. Salman says if you 4 are so goddam important and strong then why did we bring the challengers in the house? If you were so strong then we can eliminate all others and run the show with you 4 only. Rubina says we never said that. Salman says it’s a false narrative from my side. Salman says maybe we wanted to put 4 in the nominations so you can start giving content in the show instead of cutting fruits only? I want to ask that one has to leave from the super-strong league. Do we have to remove one of the strong inmates which means we will damage the show ourselves?
Salman says you 4 had different reactions when you got nominated. Salman says Aly said that the makers did to get a kick out of us. Rubina said that she is so particular about the rules that she finds them herself. Then Jasmin said that we must have talked about the nominations, then Abhi said that he agrees with Aly and one of us has to leave, it’s simple. Then Jasmin said that we must have done a mistake. Then Aly said they want one of us to leave the show. By ‘they’ he meant ‘makers’. Aly says I didn’t know I said all those words. Salman says you said it word for word. Then Rubina and Abhi were talking, they said that this nomination was done deliberately to throw Abhi out of the show. Rubina says no, I thought I was scolded so much on the weekend that I would have to leave the show, I felt that I was not doing good. Abhi says we thought we did too bad last week. Salman says I come here every weekend to give feedback but you are grown-up people so understand that my feedback is for your benefit.

Salman says it’s time to know who is leaving the show. Abhi, Jasmin, Rubina and Aly are nominated. Sonali says you never say anything for me. Salman says you are going very well. Sonali says I played the game well, I am also taking an initiative to clean the house, you never take my name. Salman says should I call you Sonu? You don’t need any work so let me talk to Aly. Aly laughs and I will teach you how to go wrong. Salman says I trust Aly for that. Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Rakhi and Sonali sit on Rakhi’s bed. Rakhi says I will never wash this bedsheet as Salman touched it. Sonali says I want to touch your pillows, she hugs it and says Salman touched all of this. Rakhi says I am so lucky.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He asks the nominees to stand in the garden together. All four of them stand there. Salman asks them to freeze. The main door opens. Abhi, Rubina, Aly and Jasmin stand there. Salman says one of you will leave right now. Salman asks them to release and meet each other. Abhi hugs Rubina and says you are totally right. Jasmin hugs Aly and says you are not leaving, you are strong. Abhi tells Rubina you are super-strong. Have fun too. Salman asks the inmates in the living area to release. Jasmin hugs Abhi, Abhi says I won’t ask you to sort it out with Rubina. Jasmin hugs Rubina and cries. Aly hugs Abhi. The inmates look on. Salman asks them to freeze. Salman asks Aly to move ahead. He does. Jasmin cries. Salman asks Rubina to move two steps to the gate. She does. He asks Jasmin and Abhi to move also. Salman asks Abhi to move ahead with Jasmin. Abhi and Jasmin are near the gate. He asks Abhi to release him, he goes and stands at the gate. He asks Jasmin to move with him, they both stand at the gate. Rubina cries. Abhi wishes luck to her. Jasmin says I just don’t want Aly to go. Abhi says it was a good journey. Jasmin says yes. Abhi says thank you Colors for taking care of them. Jasmin says I don’t care about myself, Aly shouldn’t leave. Abhi asks Rubina to not cry. Salman asks Jasmin to walk out, sorry babe. All are stunned. Jasmin says I love you Salman Sir, sorry for disappointing you. Aly cries. Jasmin says I love you all. Salman wipes his tears. Aly falls down to her and cries. Jasmin says don’t cry, you are strong. Aly says I will go with her. I won’t stay without you. Jasmin says don’t cry. Salman gets emotional and cries too. Aly says no no.. I won’t stay here. Jasmin consoles him. Aly says please send me too. Jasmin says I fought when you went out. Salman asks Aly to breathe, Aly asks for his asthma pump. Rubina runs to bring it, Jasmin hugs him. Rahul gives his pump, Jasmin says you have to fight now. Aly drinks water. Jasmin says it’s just 5-6 weeks. Aly says I won’t be able to stay without you. Jasmin says I am here. Aly says I came here for you. Jasmin says you will play for me and win for me, don’t give up now. You won’t get instigated, you won’t get punished for anything now, you will fight now and win for me now. I will beat you if you don’t win. Aly says I won’t be able to stay. Jasmin says I am staying nearby. Aly says I came here for you so I will leave with you. Salman wipes his tears and asks him to calm down. Salman says she is near you. Jasmin asks Aly to win now, you are a strong boy. Aly says I love you. Jasmin says I love you too baby. He hugs her tightly. Rahul gets emotional too. Jasmin says people will target you to make you angry but you won’t do it. Salman asks Jasmin to come. Jasmin says don’t make him angry, he has a clean heart. She asks Rahul to take care of him, she hugs Abhi and Rahul. She hugs Rubina. Aly huffs. Salman asks Aly to be strong. Jasmin leaves the house. Aly breakdowns and says what happened. Rahul asks him to calm down. Nikki asks him to have water. She rubs his hands. Aly leaves from there. Rubina says give him time, she asks Rahul to go with him. Aly throws away the water bottle and curses. He goes into the smoking-room. Rahul consoles him. Aly says I came here for her, why did this happen. Rahul hugs him and asks him to calm down. Abhi gets emotional too. Rubina says it was her incredible journey. Aly cries and says I didn’t come here for myself, what will I do without her? Nikki says it’s damn shocking, not worth going now. It hurts. Rubina goes to Aly and hugs him, she says you will not harm yourself. Aly sighs as she kisses his head.

Rubina tells Rakhi that leaving the house after living 100 days is so shocking. I wish I had realized this before then I would have tried to be her friends again. Rakhi says I can’t believe she is gone. Rubina cries and says I am sorry Jasmin.

Aly tells the inmates that I came here for her. Rakhi says you have to play for her. Vikas says what you did today, your father will not give her to anyone else, he will hug you when you come out of this. Rakhi says I have never seen a love like this.

On the stage, Salman says Jasmin won’t be returning to the show. We will have a nomination special tomorrow. He signs off from the episode.


Bigg Boss 14 26th December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :In a task, Rahul says I want to throw pricks in Rubina’s path. Eijaz says Rubina is a coward. Aly says Rakhi used to pray that I got separated from Jasmin so I want to throw pricks in her path. Abhi says Eijaz silently influences people. Salman says your wife does the same. Abhi says but I don’t have to bear the brunt of that.Salman asks the inmates to nominate each other. They will decide in a group of two when Salman will show them two options. Eijaz and Sonali get Vikas and Rubina as an option, Eijaz says I want to nominate Rubina. Vikas and Rubina have to choose between Aly and Rahul. Rubina says I want Rahul to go, Vikas says I don’t want him nominated. Aly and Rahul have to nominate one person. Aly says I want to nominate Nikki as she has been on both sides.

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