Bigg Boss 13 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 13 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Bigg Boss 13 Written Update on

Bigg Boss 13 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Day 39
3:30 PM
Inmates start putting their items in the truck. Tehseen says I wanted to be in the truck. Shefali loads the things with Kisari. Paras says we have to count. Sid says it’s good that you are talking. Kisari says we can all talk. Sid says why you start teaching people? We are not talking to you. Kisari says I am just talking. Asim says we are doing our task. Sid says he doesn’t know the game much so let him be. Himanshi says we don’t have cold water? Sid says you are a queen? Paras says he is still not coming in the limit and blabbering what he wants. Asim asks Paras to not bring two people on the truck. Tehseen says I am going down, he mimics Asim and all laugh.

Buzzer plays and Paras loses a point. He says Mahira is not feeling well so we will let her go. Arhaan says we are winning even when we are losing. Mahira says they will remember me from this show. Kisari says to Mahira that if we lose then we will make Vikas the captain, we are losing on purpose.

Sid tells Asim that don’t shout at Tehseen, he is weak so you will look like you are attacking, he makes a joke out of you and you look bad when you are shouting, if I am attacking Mahira then I look bad. Asim says I can attack him fairly if he says too much. Sid says you don’t need to, he is going to bring his truth out so let him do it.

4 PM
Kisari tells Paras and Tehseen that let them win, Paras says we have to handle the things. He tells Paras that you have to go to the godown too.

5 PM
Paras tells Vikas that if you come on our side then we will make you the captain, they will ask all the inmates for voting. Vikas says if I become a captain then I will have to keep everyone awake and make them work. Paras says you won’t have to work. Vikas says don’t teach me. Paras says do what you want.

5:30 PM
The task starts again, they all throw the items from godown to their stations. Sana asks Paras to work faster. Mahira checks Paras’s finger and says why you are not attacking people if they are hitting you? Paras says I am not sparing them. Mahira says they raise hands-on women. Himanshi says you hurt women too. You have hurt my back so don’t bring girls vs. boys. Vikas asks Mahira to not start this fight. We got hurt too. Mahira says talk on both sides. Sid says awww… Mahira says to hit them on the face if they are so delicate. Sid says get lost. Paras leaves.

Mahira tells Paras that he is a goon in the task. Paras says you don’t say much, they save others from you, they are scared of you so they target you. Sana says let Paras fight for his acts, you become a target. Mahira says I was defending my friend.
Sid says to his team that people will get hurt in the game.
Vikas asks Mahira to not target Sid in others’ fight. Sana says let boys fight and don’t target Himanshi.
Mahira comes to Paras and says why Sana is making me look bad saying I am targeting Himanshi?
Paras comes to Sana and says they beat Mahira so if she is targeting then let her be, Sid barks at her. Sana says I understand. Paras says you were fighting for me too. Mahira says don’t mingle in my business Sana. I am not targeting anyone. Asim laughs at them. Paras says you can come inside. Paras tells Sana that this is happening because of you. Asim says I am just looking at you guys. Sid teases Paras for fighting with this team. Paras says you have won the Bigg Boss? This is not a wrestling ring, this is Bigg Boss. Sid says you are done with your teaching? Paras says you won’t learn anything, Sid says you don’t have much strength? Himanshi tells Paras that we were throwing the boxes to our stations but Mahira was coming in between.

5:45 PM
Sana acts like stealing the boxes from Sid’s team. Paras says don’t do it. Sana says I am not in the game. Arti says you were not in the game yesterday also. Shefali says you act like Rakhi Sawant. Sana says she is beautiful too. Sana says they are jealous of being a Katrina Kaif. Himanshi tells Shefali that what you said was on you, I didn’t say anything to you.

6 PM
Vikas tells Sana that this Rakhi Sawant comment came from somewhere. Vikas says I asked Himanshi to not fight with you. Sana says she can talk to me if she wants. Vikas says don’t act and shout here. Sana says I didn’t say anything to Himanshi so why she was crying? Vikas says I am just clearing things with you so why you are shouting? Sana says to Mahira that they don’t things to talk about. Vikas says you started talking about Rakhi’s comment. Paras says he was just solving your issue. Vikas says I just said that you made Himanshi cry yesterday, I was asking you only. Sana says I didn’t say anything to her. Mahira says to Vikas that Sana didn’t understand your question. Vikas says you talk to me calmly. Mahira asks Vikas to calm down too.

6:15 PM
Sid tells Himanshi that they have banged for one month, girls attack me and when I talk to them then I look like a 6 feet guy is attacking them. Buzzer plays, they all put their items in the truck.
Vikas tells Himanshi that Sana was miffed with Rakhi’s comment. Himanshi says she thinks that I am telling about these comments to everyone. Shefali says now she is worried that her reality will come out.
Paras loses another point and he frees Arhaan from the task. Bigg Boss says time for the BB task has ended. Asim’s team wins the task.

6:45 PM
Sana asks Vikas what he was saying? Vikas says Himanshi promised that she didn’t talk about you being a Rakhi Sawant, you are misunderstanding her. Sana says they all comment negatively on me. Vikas says I get negative comments on social media too. Sana says I get negative comments only after a fight with her.

Vikas tells Kisari and Tehseen that Paras deserves the right, I would break their faces with the way they attack him but he controls himself so well, he knows the game, he is here to play, learn from him. Paras looks on.
Arti asks Asim to clean the floor if you people are eating here. Sid says they don’t have to eat here, it’s not unclean here. I am just eating, Arti says okay and leaves. Asim asks Sid to not get too loud with Arti. Sid says Arti keeps saying things when she wasn’t safe, she didn’t point anywhere but now she is safe so she has to put her point everywhere. Asim says she will change her behavior when she is not a captain.

10 PM
Sana tells Paras that I had a good connection with Sid, I bonded with him and we enjoyed together but his love was so weak to leave me? I didn’t want to say anything to him earlier but he ignored me so much, I loved him so much but now I will notice when he is wrong.

Vikas tells Paras that we were ready to make the veggies. Sid says Paras great will tell us now. Paras says you eat some nuts to increase your memory. Sid laughs at him and says you don’t understand.

Kisari tells Arhaan that I don’t even like to see Sid’s face, we have done the task and should remain like brothers.

10:45 PM
Vikas jokes with Sid and others. Vikas mimics Sid and says I don’t understand you. Sid laughs and says why didn’t you tell me. Vikas acts like Sid and says I was like what he was trying to say? I don’t understand what Sid says and then says that nobody should hear us so I was like even I don’t understand what you are saying. Asim and Sid laugh. Himanshi says Vikas is right, we just don’t tell Sid.

Day 40
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song Hamma Hamma song. They all dance. Mahira dances with Sana.

9:30 AM
Vikas asks Sid if Sana is with them? Sid says Sana is a kid but not that too much, I told her that I wouldn’t say anything to her but she changed her sides, yesterday she tried to make friends with me again but she needs full time from me. Vikas says they want me to become the captain so they can do what they want but that won’t happen.

10 AM
Shefali is massaging Vikas’s head. Himanshi is massaging Himanshi’s head. Vikas says I was challenged by a guy and I told him that I will come on a Ferrari to get you. Sid laughs at his stories.

10:45 AM
Arti tells Asim that I felt bad when you talked back to me, you said that this captain should be removed. Asim says I didn’t say that I was joking.

12:45 PM
Paras tells Kisari that if you have a fake laugh then you burn inside. Kisari says they should respect women all the time. Arti sits with them.
Asim tells Sid that Arti was mad at me for the words that I didn’t say.

Sid tells Shefali that Arti was not happy with us, she doesn’t like you and Himanshi with us. Himanshi says I tried to talk to her too. Sid says I didn’t do anything to Paras. Himanshi says Paras was acting like his finger was broken but he was not hurt. Sid tells that Shefali that you said that Rashami was your favorite. Shefali says no she was never my favorite but I said that Rashami was a strong contestant but she was manipulative and Devoleena very mysterious.

2 PM
Arti tells Shefali that I don’t find Sid acting and saying that I am not independent, I was hurt too much, don’t tell this to Parag, don’t talk to Sid, people said that I am wrong because I stood by Sid and he has hurt me, I won’t talk to him, you know Vikas said that give someone that respect where you don’t lose your respect, he was right. Shefali says what is your decision? Arti says I give him things still but he has an attitude problem.

3:15 PM
Door bell rings. All come out. Sana says its Devoleena and Rashami. Tune Mari ghanti plays. Rashami and Devoleena enter the house. Mahira and Paras run to them. Mahira hugs Rashami and twirls her around. Paras hugs Devoleena. Sana hugs them too. Sid is not happy to see them. Paras hugs Rashami tightly. Mahira cries and hugs Devoleena. Rashami hugs Arhaan and says I have to talk to you. Arti welcomes Rashami. Rashami and Devoleena meet everyone. Bigg Boss welcomes them and says you both left the house with fewer votes but we give another chance and hope that you make audience happy this time. Rashami comes in the house and says the kitchen is actually clean, I am impressed. Mahira says no, nothing without you here is good.
Sana asks Devoleena where were you? Devoleena says we don’t know anything, we were locked in separate rooms. Devoleena and Rashami look at the captain’s room. Arti says it’s my room.

3:30 PM
Rashami asks Paras what happened to his fingers? Himanshi looks at them. Rashami says you are trying to talk to us? From where are you? She says Punjab. Rashami says then you must be friends with Sana. Sana says no we are best friends. Sana laughs around.
Sid tells Asim that they have watched everything, we don’t have much on our side. Asim says we were 4 earlier too, we have Himanshi and Shefali on our side. Sid says Shefali can go on Rashami’s side.

Devoleena asks Paras what happened to his fingers? Paras says that psycho hit me and Mahira. Rashami says you should have taken an action. Devoleena says we tried to tell him.

Asim tells Sid that the captain is from our side after we won the task. Sid says Arti is not on our side.

Mahira sits on Rashami’s lap and says Sid was making fun of me and Shefali was laughing at me and calling Paras a Raavan. Arhaan comes there so Rashami that you think you are a hero? How were you talking to me? Arhaan says what? Rashami says you didn’t talk to me much, I won’t talk to you now. She hits him with a pillow.

3:45 PM
Rashami asks Paras what did Shukla say when I left? Sana says he was so happy. Rashami says now he is not your friend? Paras says she is here now, you can trust her. Rashami says why didn’t Shefali meet me? I will go and meet her.
Rashami comes to Shefali. Shefali says I have a throat infection that’s why I didn’t come to you. Rashami tells Himanshi that you look so cute in real, I used to listen to your songs.

Asim tells Vikas that Rashami is so sweet, she will be so nice that you won’t nominate her. Vikas says I will tell Sid if he is wrong.

Vikas tells Shefali that become friends with Himanshi like Sid and Asim are. Shefali says I don’t know about old fights of Sid and Rashami. Vikas says Paras will take advantage of that, they will put Sid down. Himanshi comes there. Vikas says don’t get involved in their fights, I am not a fool.

Rashami comes to Arhaan and says you didn’t come to meet me, don’t show me attitude. She beats him with a pillow. Arhaan says Sid is ill. Rashami says you wanted me to become friends with him? You don’t know what happened earlier? You know everything that happened so how can you ask me to become friends with him? Arhaan says I know everything but I thought we can talk in the same house. Rashami says we talked to him and made food for him. Arhaan says you can’t talk to him, that Asim is not important. Rashami says I won’t talk to him and don’t force me. Arhaan says you sort this out. Rashami says don’t get involved in this. Paras comes there and says Arti is neutral so you can talk to her, we can change the game. Rashami says you have no idea how I had to bear a month.

5:45 PM
Vikas tells Arti that Siddharth is a player. Arti says I thought he is not playing? Vikas says he is a player. Arti says trust me I thought he is not a player, I am playing from the heart.

Sid tells Shefali that I am going to talk to Arti. I am telling her to f**k off when you people entered, I told her that I don’t trust you and I stopped talking to her but she pacified me and said it’s okay. Everything was fine and then she started changing so I told her that we didn’t need her and she said that she was not comfortable with you all so I told her that I like to be with you all and I like to be with someone who stands by me. Asim says let it be. Sid says I am just touching her feet and says let it go. Sid folds his hands in front of Arti and leaves.

Arti comes to Sid and says why you folded hands? You can talk to me. Sid says I can see your face now, you were wearing a mask and now I can see you. Arti says you think I was wearing a mask? If you think that then we shouldn’t talk. She leaves.


Bigg Boss 13 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Tehseen questions Sana as a reporter and asks when Rashami and Devoleena left. Sana says my team was very happy but they are not friends anymore. Paras laughs. Sana tells Tehseen that Vikas has a problem with him. Vikas says Sid treated Sana like a sister and she is doing so much that she won’t even be able to see him outside the house. Sid looks hurt.Sid says one person will do the chopping and one will cook. Rashami says I am not comfortable with Shukla. Sid says then you go home. Rashami says I can’t mingle with you and make my words bad. Sid says then go to hell, I don’t care. Rashami says get lost. Sid says you all 12 people go to hell, I don’t care about you all.


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