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Day 132
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song ,,
Mahira says I like you Asim, I like Sana too. Sana says no one is better than Mahira. Asim laughs.

9:45 AM
Sana asks Rashami that if I leave then make Sid wash the dishes and take care of him. She hugs Sid. Asim says I will be missing Sana after 3 days. I will talk to the crow.

2 PM
Arti is making rotis. She asks Sid if he is bored then he can help her. Sid starts making rotis with her. Asim says this is the first time. Sid says no, I used to make rotis with Dalijeet.

Sana tells Sid that if the time comes, it’s my turn, you will sacrifice for me this time.

3 PM
Paras reads the task that one more inmate will be able to secure a position in the finale. There are two jails in the garden area. One jail will have Paras and Mahira and other jail will have Sana and Arti. There is an immunity card but they have cross 5 locked doors to get to the card. Asim, Rashami and Sid will have to get the keys when the buzzer plays. They can open the locked door for any inmate that they want to give immunity too. The inmate who is able to open the 5 doors first will win the immunity.

3:30 PM
Rashami asks Asim and Sid. Asim says I think Arti. Rashami says I think Arti or Sana. Asim says I think Sana can be saved easily between Paras and Mahira so we should save Arti. Sid looks on.

Sana tells Paras that they will save the person who is not a competitor for them.

Sid asks Asim who do you want? Asim says Paras and Mahira. Rashami says I don’t mind anyone.

Sana says to Arti that let’s see if my flip work today. Arti says don’t talk to Paras. We are competitors for Paras.

Asim tells Sid that Arti and Sana are you, friends. Sid says all are my friends. Rashami asks Sid to tell his name. Sid says Paras because he saved me in the chess game. Asim says it was long time ago. Sid says I want to save Paras. I have saved Mahira before. Asim tells Sid to play his game. Arti deserves it, she is your friend too. Rashami says Arti can go. Sid says my thinking is different. I want to save Paras and repay him.
Paras tells Mahira that they will save Arti. Mahira says they will never save us.

Sana-Arti, Mahira-Paras sit in their jails. Asim tells Sid that Arti has been with you since day one. Sid says I have been with her. Mahira says this is the last task so let’s fight. Asim says yes. Rashami says there is no need to fight.

3:45 PM
The gong plays, Sid runs and gets the key. He goes and opens Paras’ door. Paras is surprised. Asim tells Arti to see what is happening here. Paras goes to the second door. Paras gets emotional and cries. Mahira asks what happened? You are crying? Paras says I didn’t expect this. Asim says Sid doesn’t deserve a friend. You are Arti’s friend? Sid says you are with her. Asim says you can repay now. Asim asks Rashami to get the key, don’t worry about us fighting or dying. Asim asks Paras if he is crying? Good to show emotions. Asim tells Arti that I am going to get beaten for you today.

4 PM
Bigg Boss tells Asim, Sid and Rashami that this task is about fast running so don’t block or fight, you will not push or become physical with each other. The gong plays, they all run to get the key but Asim holds Sid but Sid gets the key. He asks Sid to not hold him ever again. Asim says I left you as you will bark and beat me. You pushed me, go and repay now. Sid says this is the last task and there will be no Bigg Boss so I will repay you very well. Asim says stop this shit, do your work and get lost. Sid opens Paras’ door and sends him to the second door. Arti tells Sana that you will be saved. He wants Paras in the finale. Sid moves the key podium a little. Asim says you can move it to your side only. Bigg Boss asks them to go inside the house and don’t come out. Rashami says this is unfair. They were physical last time but it’s not fine now? Asim says Sid used to throw and push others but everything was neglected before.

Asim tells Arti that we gave your and Sana’s name but Sid didn’t listen. Sid says you are a coward. Asim says you are not even a good friend, she wants to go to the top 5 but you are a cheating friend. Sid says you will get what you deserve soon. Asim says you are a bluff, you want Paras in the top 5 to secure your game so you have used your friends. You are a piece of shit. Rashami asks them to stop it. Asim says you all are using each other. Sana tells Asim to not bring her in this, I am not using anyone, the audience will save me. Sid asks him to shut up, you know my game now. Sana tells Asim that you want to save Arti now? you are playing your game. Asim says I was saving Arti. Paras asks Mahira if he is repaying me or he thinks of me as a friend. Sana tells Asim that I stood up with you against everyone and now you want to save Arti but that’s not your game? don’t tell them that I used anyone. You people are no one to save us, the audience will save us. Asim says I am not playing. Paras deserves it. He shouts at Arti to speak up, I am fighting for you. Arti says I don’t want to beg to Sid. Sana tells Asim that I didn’t bluff with anyone, don’t try to break us. I didn’t do anything for Sid so he is repaying his debt. Asim asks her to stop it. Sana says you are no one to protect me. He tells Arti that it’s useless to save you. Sana says Asim wants to save you as a beg. Asim says Rashami was supporting Sana so I supported Arti but Sid went against you both. Sid says Asim you are late to break our friendship. You can say as much as you want to Sana and Arti. Arti says Sid is choosing Paras so it’s his choice. I know I will be out tomorrow which is okay.

4:15 PM
Arti drinks water. Rashami comes to her and says you will be saved. Arti cries and says Sana is very popular, I am going out. Rashami says you don’t need to lose confidence. Arti says what repay is this? We have saved Sid before. Asim comes there. Arti thanks him. Asim says I swear that I am not breaking your friendship, I will do my best. Sana tells Asim that the task is done. I was hurt by you today Asim. Asim says I don’t care if you are blaming me. Sana says I will go tomorrow. Asim says why you are hurt because of me? Sana says you didn’t take my name once. Asim says because you are strong and will be saved easily so I wanted to save Arti. Sana says I didn’t blame you. Asim says what do you want to show? Rashami asks Sana to come and talk to her. Sana says you could have taken my name, I have taken your side a lot but you never took my name. I was called flip because of you people. Asim says to look in the camera and say what you want. Sana says you didn’t take my name at all. Asim says because Arti needs it more.
Rashami tells Sid that you played a game. Sid says I have saved Arti and Sana a lot. Rashami says I am talking to you for the first time. Sid says now you want to save Arti? don’t play the game with me. Rashami says I am protective of Sana but i stay away from you. Sid says I know how good of a friend you are. He leaves.
Asim tells Sana that you don’t need immunity and I think so, why are you saying that I have hurt you? You are nobody to me and I am nobody to you, you have a friend so talk to him. Sana says I have supported you in the tasks. Asim says I can work for you for the captaincy that you have given me. Sana says I have fought with Sid because of you people. Sid laughs. Asim says he will cry soon. Sid says you will cry soon. Asim says to Sana that I am supporting you guys. Sana says you didn’t take my name for once. Asim says go and talk to Sid, put me down as Paras does. I know what you are upto Sana. Sana says I was called a flipper because of you. Asim says you were called a flipper because of yourself.

4:30 PM
Sana tells Asim that you used me in the tasks. Sid says Sana caught Asim’s game. Asim asks Sid to not bark, I am not talking to you. Sid says you just listen to me. Asim tells Rashami that I have helped Sana a lot but now I have made her a flipper? Sana tells Rashami that I have helped Asim a lot, you both can fight so don’t bring the girls in your fights. Rashami asks Asim to not fight for them, let them convince. Asim says Sid is bluffing you people but you are fighting with me.

Sana tells Asim that you played a game and Sid played his game. You think about weak and he thinks about strong. Sid says Rashami has lied a lot so I am not listening to you people. Arti asks them to stop it, I am leaving tomorrow so don’t fight. Asim tells Arti that I didn’t call you weak at all. Arti shouts at them to stop it. She shouts at Sana to stop fighting with Asim. Asim says Sid can’t even stand with his friends but I am starting a fire? Asim tells Arti that I want you to get the immunity as Sana will be saved but Sid wanted to save Paras only. Arti says I am not someone to be sold, let me be happy. She tells Sid that I am thankful to you so leave me alone. Sid says I don’t want your thank you, I never asked for it. Asim tells Rashami that I wanted to save Arti and they are saying that I am giving her a charity.

5 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that sometime before when we said that this task is about running fast and no one will block or push each other so Rashami and Asim blamed the game to be rigged and said that we are partial because we didn’t stop this before. We have always said to be careful. You people know what happens when you block each other. Rashami says I also said to not fight and get physical. Bigg Boss says before blaming us for being partial do think that we make rules to protect you. Rashami says yes I have raised the question because Shefali was jumping on me and nobody said anything, we were just questioning and not alleging you. I have raised a question that many times people got physical and nobody stopped them. Sid laughs. Rashami says I also asked Asim to not hurt anyone. I have asked Sid too, I didn’t blame you. Bigg Boss tells Rashami that we have heard you but Asim also said that we announce these rules only when it’s Asim’s game, it was not an allegation? Rashami says I questioned but I didn’t allege you? Sana says I heard Asim saying that they make rules when he is about to block anyone. Asim says you were away from us. Rashami says we follow the rules. Asim says I am sorry Bigg Boss, I was not alleging you. Bigg Boss says we want to ask you that what you want? That someone to get hurt before the finale? Rashami says no, I asked Asim too. Bigg Boss says so remember that this task is not about blocking. Sid asks Asim to keep crying.

5:30 PM
Asim tells Rashami that I am not doing it. I am not fighting him. He tells Arti that we will fight and they will blame me only so let him win. Rashami and Sid stand to get the key. Rashami tells Sid that Arti has done a lot for you. Sid says thanks for making me realize that. Rashami says I am just talking on her behalf. Sid says yes, you only talk about her. Rashami says I don’t talk to her but I am trying from my side, please think. Rashami asks Asim to come. Arti says he is not playing. Rashami asks Asim to play and try. Play for me. Asim says okay and stands beside Sid. Asim says if I touch him then he will start crying. The gong plays, Sid runs and gets the key. Rashami falls down as Sid had elbowed her a little. Rashami says Bigg Boss I got hurt, you said he won’t hurt. Sid opens Paras’ door again. Rashami says Sid pushed me but that is allowed? Paras says you people were standing closer to each other, you can’t blame.

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells Sid, Rashami and Asim to be careful and not touch each other. He asks Sid to not touch anyone. Rashami says he had hurt my jaw and he did it deliberately. We have rules to follow but he doesn’t? Nobody runs with hands flailing in the air. Sid says I was running only. Paras says you were standing close to Sid. Rashami says you were not there so don’t tell me. Mahira tells Rashami that you could stand away from Sid.


Bigg Boss 13 8th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sana tells Sid that if you want to throw me out of the house then it’s a good game. She says I don’t deserve to be in the game as per Sid. Paras says Sana you have morally supported Sid but you never supported him in the game, you reap what you sow. Sana says I knew he wouldn’t support me in the game. Paras says you just flipped in the whole game, you might become a flop now. Sid tells Sana that you like to taunt in front of others so gain sympathy. Arti tells Sid that we moved your pawn in the chess game and only then Paras could save him but now Sid is repaying only Paras? Sid says I have done some things for you so how have you repaid me? I have always stood up for you and now I am using you as Asim said? Asim laughs at them.Shilpa Shetty comes in the house to teach them yoga. Sana can’t make a pose and all laugh at her.

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