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Day 131
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song ziddi. They all dance to it.

8:30 AM
Rashami asks Sana to call the crows. Sana says I don’t need them right now. The crows make a noise. Sana says they are irritating.

Sana tells Sid that I will give cool names to the kids. I like Zoravar. Sid says you had a boyfriend of that name? Sana says are you crazy? I like this name.

9:45 AM
Paras tells Mahira that there will be something different this time. Mahira says they think I am going and then you. And Sid will win the show.

10 AM
Rashami says Arti doesn’t work. Arti says don’t give your tag to me, I help others. Rashami says Sid doesn’t work at all. Sid says she is giving her tag to others. Rashami kneads the flour and glares at him. Sid laughs.

10:30 AM
Asim tells Arti that you don’t like me making fun of you washing the face for half an hour. Arti says don’t joke with me, I don’t like it.

Mahira tells Rashami that I like that you are making rotis for me. Rashami asks her to stop it. Sid says Rashami is not burning the parathas too. Sid says Rashami will make filled parathas for Asim only.

Sana says Bigg Boss if you have guts then come in front of me. Sid says he will throw you out of the house. Sana says why he doesn’t come in front of anyone?

12 PM
Sana sings her rap to Sid. Bigg Boss asks her to wear her mic. She does and makes Sid sing her rap.

12:45 PM
Paras hugs and kisses Mahira’s cheek. She pushes him away and says leave me. He hugs her. Mahira says are you mad? He smiles at her and nods. Mahira says don’t do it. Paras says you can do it but I can’t? She says yes. Paras says you can do anything but you don’t let me. He teases her. Mahira says don’t do it. Be in limits.

2:45 PM
Sana is poking Sid with a wiper. He says are you mad? Don’t do it. Sana laughs and says I am cleaning you. Rashami says leave him alone Sana. Sana says she is scolding me for you, you both are friends, fake friends forever.

3:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you all were nominated earlier and the elite club members couldn’t use their immunities. It’s time to tell about the task in which they can use their immunity. Paras reads the task that members won the immunities and other inmates will be in turtle shells to win immunities. They can keep their necks out of the shell only. Sid, Asim, and Rashami will try to bring the inmates out of the shells. At the end of the task, if all inmates are out of the shells then elite club members will be safe but if the inmates remain in the shells then they will able to take any member’s immunity from the club. Rashami will be the referee of the task too.

Asim asks Rashami to save her immunity. Rashami says I know, let me think also. Paras, Mahira, Arti and Sana enter their shells. Sana says this is not comfortable at all. Asim throws black pepper on Paras, Sana and Mahira. He says nothing will happen with it. Mahira says we are stronger than you. Sana says you can burn us. Rashami asks Sid if he will do something? He says don’t know. Paras moves his shell.
Sana tells Arti that it will be bad with us.
Rashami tells Asim that we can give Paras’ stomach medicine can bring them out of their shells.

4:30 PM
Rashami asks Mahira to put her hands inside the shell. Arti and Sana call her. Arti tells Rashami to eliminate Mahira if her hand is out of the shell. Sana says yes, do it.
Rashami tells Mahira that your hand is out of the shell, I told you before also. I am eliminating you right now. Mahira says I am not coming out. Rashami says I gave you a warning before also. As a referee, I am eliminating you. She asks Sid if she is lying? Sid says she is inside the shell. Asim says to Rashami that take your decision, you don’t have to justify. Mahira says I am in the shell, my hand was just inside. Rashami tells Paras that your hand is out too, I am eliminating you. Paras asks Bigg Boss if she right then tells us? I am not coming out of the shell. Bigg Boss says we have already given the rules and the referee’s decision is final. Paras gets angry and throws his shell away. He throws Mahira’s shell too, Mahira says Rashami is a liar. Sana says this is my game, you people have no mind. Paras throws Arti and Sana’s shells too. Sana says this will not work. Paras throws the shells around and says no one will get immunity now. Sana says you people have no strategies, you are confused now. Arti tells Mahira that you are following Paras when he is wrong too. Mahira says you both planned to throw us out of the game. Sana says we can never reach your level, you know who I am. You say that you didn’t know me from before. Arti tells Mahira that she has no mind. Sid says they can’t be physical. Rashami says yes. Sana says they are cheap.
Arti says to Sana that Mahira should take a stand.

5 PM
Sana tells Arti that they don’t like to be blamed for their deeds. They tried to put me down. Arti says Mahira was talking about outside things but we will not. Asim says Paras can’t take his defeat. Sana says he could have left us alone. Paras says it was not fair.
Mahira tells Paras that they keep trying to throw her out of the tasks, they are scared of us.

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that as per the referee, Paras and Mahira are out of the task. Paras tried to end this task but this is an important task so we are sending two new shells for Sana and Arti. Paras’ act gave a washroom break to Sana and Arti and it indirectly helped them to win this task. He asks them to start the task again. Mahira and Paras will either try to bring Sana and Arti out of the shell or help them. Paras tells Mahira to let’s make it interesting.
Sana and Arti are in their shells.
Asim takes tea and has mixed Paras’ medicine in it. He gives it to Sana and Arti.

6 PM
Sana asks Rashami to give her juice. Rashami says you just wait for my game. Sana says you can show your personality. Rashami says it’s just a game. Mahira says Rashami showed her personality already. Mahira says Sana can’t be a friend. Sana says only you make friends. Rashami tells Mahira that I saw your hand outside the shell. Paras tells Sana that if there was no friendship then let’s show it. He throws powder on Sana and says you are strong? Let’s see it. Paras says she already thinks that I am an enemy. Asim says good going Sana. Paras throws coffee powder on Sana. Sid looks on. Sana throws her shell away and says I can’t do it. Sid goes and washes Sana’s face. She screams as the powder has gone in her eyes. Paras throws powder on Arti also. Paras gives a hug to Sana. Arti throws her shell away and runs from there. Paras says this task is done in how many minutes? Asim says I didn’t want to do it like that. Sid washes Arti’s face. Paras says they could have saved their faces. Sana says we will be saved if we have the chance. Paras is an enemy.

Mahira sadly looks at PAras. She says I am different from them.

7 PM
Sid tells Arti to not drink the tea that Asim made, he had made Paras’ medicine in that tea. Arti says really? He is a loser. Sana says Paras was just starting it.
Asim says to Paras that they didn’t even drink my tea.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Arti, Paras, Mahira and Sana are nominated. He asks Rashami, Asim and Sid if they want to be saved from the nominations? This is their last chance. Sid, Rashami and Asim use their immunities to be saved from the last nominations.

8 PM
Paras tells Mahira that you are my beautiful friend. Mahira says don’t praise me like that, I don’t like it. Paras says you have a s*xy figure and you are just 21 years old. She is sad. Paras hugs her and says you are a baby. Don’t be angry. He kisses her cheek and asks if she wants milk? Mahira says are you mad? She slaps his cheek. She says I am fine. Paras says don’t cry. Mahira says I miss my home. Paras says you can come with me, you will not miss me? Mahira says no. We will meet later. Paras says I thought we will meet daily.

8:30 PM
Sana asks Sid to call her and make a situation. She calls him and says talk to me. Sid says I am sleeping. Sana says there is something happening with me, can I come to your house? Sid says no and laughs. Sana says call me, I will break your face. Sid jokes that you call so much.

8:45 PM
Sid acts like calling Sana and says talk to me. Sana says come here. I am working in the kitchen, you were ignoring my calls. Sid says I am going.

10 PM
Arti tells Rashami that I think Asim might not be in top 5. We all have fought. Rashami says he didn’t misbehave with anyone and performed in the tasks well. Arti says you never know. Rashami says he has made friends and has contributed to the show. Arti says Sana is stronger than him. Rashami says she keeps us entertained, I didn’t know that I was attached to her. Arti says I am not attached to her. Rashami says when she was leaving, my heart was breaking, I have started protecting her. Arti says I can’t bear her antics.

11 PM
Arti tells Sana that this door can open and we might have to leave these top 5. Sana says we will say bye Paras and Mahira. She laughs and says anything can happen. Whatever will happen will be for good, we will have to take it. Arti says we don’t have a choice but I don’t want to go.


Bigg Boss 13 7th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Asim, Rashami and Sid can save one inmate from the nominated inmates. Asim says I want to save Arti, Rashami says I want to save Sana. Sid says I want to save Paras as he saved me earlier. Asim says Arti has been your friend but you are playing your game. The game starts, Asim and Sid run together. Sid falls down and asks Asim to not hold him again. Asim says I was not holding you. Asim says I left you Sid as you will bark now. Sid says there will be no Bigg Boss after that. Sid saves Paras in the task. Paras gets emotional and hugs him. Asim says wow, Arti has been with Sid but he is playing for Paras now? Sid says you can cry for anyone you want. Asim says you are a cheater Sid. You didn’t think about Arti? You are bluffing your own friends. Sana tells Asim that you are saving me today because you think I am weak. Don’t try to break our friendship Asim. Asim says I am doing it, stop me. Sid tells Asim that you have no gain in breaking our friendship now.

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