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1:45 AM
Asim hugs Himanshi and says I want to say something. Himanshi says say it in front of everyone. Shefali Zari is there. Asim takes Himanshi aside and says you are a really good person and your vibe is such that I can roam around you only. Himanshi says my charm has worked? Asim says I have fallen in love with you. Himanshi smiles and says I will always love you as a friend, thank you for being with me, you are an amazing human being. Asim says thank you for coming in my life, I have never felt like this before. All my relations was all about me, it was like Asim Asim Asim and when I felt that for you.. Himanshi says you didn’t get that importance. Asim says it’s not about that, I just love you. Himanshi says life is unpredictable, I love someone else, people will call you Majnu (Romeo) now. He says love is not about fear. Himanshi says I appreciate it. Asim says I will miss you and I know you will miss me as a friend. She says yes. Himanshi says let’s tell Shefu as well. Asim hugs her. Shefali smiles seeing them. Himanshi says what if nobody goes then? Asim laughs and says then they will throw me out of the house for being a Romeo. Himanshi laughs.

Asim sits with Rashami’s group and says if Himanshi was single, I would propose her in the show before Arhaan and I know she would say yes. But she is committed. Himanshi smiles. Bhau says there is one single girl Arti, you can propose her. All laugh. Bhau mimics Arti. Rashami laughs.

Day 69
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song chak de phate. They all dance.

9 AM
Bhau is sleeping. Alarm plays. Others are in bed too.

9:15 AM
Alarm plays again. Sana asks them to wake up before they punished. She comes to Arhaan and says to wake them up. Arhaan comes to Bhau and says wake up. Bhau says I am ill so I am allowed to sleep.

9:30 AM
Sana tells Asim that Sid is ill. You shouldn’t fight with him, all are against him, he played that day for Paras. He was ill but he did for him. Bagga says Paras knew he was going but he was so unfair. Sana says I couldn’t see the game because of Paras leaving.

Asim comes to Sid and says you have a fever, you won’t recover like this if you keep smoking.

10 AM
Sana asks Bhau to wake up. Mahira says all will be punished. Bigg Boss will not like it.

10:30 AM
Bhau comes to Sana and says you will decide who will sleep or not? Sana says they are playing alarm because of you. Bhau says who are you to decide? You are not a captain. Sana says talk normally with me. Bhau says you don’t tell me anything, don’t become Rakhi aunty. Mahira asks who is Rakhi? we respect you, we didn’t know that you are ill and people are not here to sleep. Shefali says he is not feeling well. Mahira says why are you entering this discussion? Sana says we are not here to listen to scolding because of others. Sana and Mahira mimic Bhau.

Bhau tells Sana that you are not a captain. Vishal says Sana will teach everyone what to do. Sana says I am not talking to you so stop Rakhi aunty. Vishal says I am not talking to you. Sana mimics Himanshi and Rashami. She says don’t touch me. Vishal says I am not talking to you.

11:30 AM
Bhau says they don’t like respect. Vishal says Mahira and Sana are kids, they don’t talk with respect. Sana makes a face at Himanshi. Himanshi says don’t mimic, this is bad for you. Sana says he is calling me an aunty, that is fine? Mahira says I will ask Salman who is this Rakhi aunty? Bhau says Mahira I didn’t say anything to you. Mahira says I am just asking you. Sid says anyone can say anything. Mahira says Shefali was mimicking me and I found it funny.
Bhau tells Madhu that I am giving them respect but they don’t like it. Shefali Zari says to ignore them.
Arhaan tells Sana that she is saying rubbish. Sana says you can’t tell me what to say. Mahira says he is invisible.

Mahira comes to Arhaan and says you said that you will not make dinner but you are making food now? I asked you to help me with dinner but you said no. Arhaan says I didn’t say that. Rashami says let her be, she has a small mind. Mahira says you are shameless. Rashami says get lost, aww baby. Mahira says mummy gives me milk. Rashami says wow.
Himanshi tells Bhau that I can’t become Sana’s friend with her attitude.

Shefali comes to Rashami and says I will make a baby.
Mahira asks Bhau to clean her bed. We have cleaned the washrooms. Asim says you can’t order him around. Mahira says I am just asking.
Rashami and Shefali make a baby and say call it Mahi and not Mahira. They put big lips on the fake baby. Rashami brings the fake baby in front of Mahira and says we are aunties now. Sid says they are cheap.
Shefali and Rashami make fun of Mahi’s big mouth. Rashami says someone left this baby on a path so I took her, I will teach her manners.

12:30 PM
Arhaan takes the fake baby. Asim says this baby is abnormal. Rashami says she is not brainless. Mahira comes there and looks at the baby’s lips. She says they are on my Bua’s and not on me. Shefali says aww baby.

2 PM
Mahira sees their fake baby’s lips and hides it. Arti tells Mahira that both sides are getting personal.

Mahira tells Sana that I will break the lips in front of them.

Rashami comes to Shefali and says Mahira took the lips. I will take her things now.
Mahira asks Sid if she should call Arhaan a brother or papa? Sid says papa. Mahira says I won’t want to go personal.

Rashami takes Mahira’s thing. Arhaan hides it in his items.

Rashami makes other lips on the baby. She says oh my baby, Arhaan look at her.

Mahira tells Madhu that they have hidden my extension. Sana says take their clothes if they are getting personal.

2:15 PM
Sana says Rashami’s a mental baby’s mother. Bagga says to Mahira to not get personal. Mahira says they have started it so I will do it. Bagga says why are you going on the wrong side? Mahira says Rashami is doing it as she doesn’t have anything to show in this house. Bagga tells Bhau that they are old, they shouldn’t joke about someone’s lips. Shefali says they are saying bad words, we have to show them the mirror. Rashami asks Bagga to not enter this, we have to shut their mouths.

Sana asks Asim to ask Vishal to clean the garden. He says you tell him. Sana says he will not listen to me. Asim says because of your acts. He leaves. Mahira says don’t talk to him Sana, he is a follower only.

3:45 PM
Shefali Zari reads the luxury budget task. Task name is ‘I will drown in the well’. There will be two teams, Team Sana will have Shefali Bagga, Arti, Asim, Himanshi, Mahira and Sana. Team Arhaan will Bhau, Shefali Zari, Madhu, Vishal, Rashami and Arhaan. Sid will not be a part of this task because he is ill. Mahira and Shefali Zari will be judges too. There are two tables in the garden, and both have 20 eggs each. Both teams have to get maximum eggs from the other team. There is a well too which has two buckets tied to one rope only. You can steal other team’s eggs by using the bucket only. When hen alarm plays, they have to get the bucket from the well. The one who gets the bucket first will be able to take the eggs from the other team’s table but it will not be easy as one team member will protect their eggs. When the police siren plays, your time to steal the egg ends and you have to put the bucket in well. The cycle will repeat and in the end, whichever team has most eggs will win.

4 PM
Sid tells Sana that you can’t fight Vishal and Arhaan.
Vishal tells Arhaan that Asim is smaller so we will fight him on the well.

4:15 PM
Hen alarm plays. Vishal and Asim try to take the bucket. Vishal pulls the rope first and gets the bucket. He gives it to Arhaan. Asim tries to stop hi,. Mahira asks them to be careful. Arhaan pushes Asim and laughs. Asim protects the eggs. Arhaan throws the table. They both try to push each other. Arhaan asks Asim to stop it. The police siren plays and Arhaan couldn’t get an egg. Sana says superb.

5 PM
Mahira says you have to take the eggs from the table only, if you take them from the grass then it’s not considered. Shefali Zari says where it’s written? Bagga says you can’t make your own rules. Mahira says I won’t accept the eggs taken from the floor. If you push the table then I won’t accept it. Rashami hugs the fake baby and says my baby needs love. When you grow up so always respect elders. Mahira says like my mother. Shefali Zari says she needs love. Mahira says I pray that they are void of love so they will understand the taunts. Rashami says my baby shouldn’t face that, Mahi stay away from the negative thoughts.

5:30 PM
Hen alarm plays. Asim and Vishal fight to take the bucket. Vishal gets it and gives it to Arhaan. Vishal throws all the eggs from the table. Mahira says I won’t accept this. Arhaan and Asim fight for the bucket. He throws it to Vishal. Mahira says I won’t accept this. Sid says this is a foul. Sana tries to take the egg. Shefali Zari tries to take it from her and pushes her. Sana says why did slap me? Shefali says I didn’t. Mahira protects Sana. Arhaan takes two eggs. Mahira tries to take it back. Vishal stops her and asks what she is doing? Sana throws the egg away. Mahira says it was a foul. Sana takes the egg from Rashami and throws it in the pool. Rashami charges at her. Shefali Zari asks her why she did it? Sana says you slapped me, I won’t spare you. Mahira takes Sana away. Sana says you are a Ewwww. Shefali says make more faces. Rashami says Mahira and Sana are thieves. Bigg Boss says the way you people are playing can hurt anyone so stop this task here. Sid says they are thieves. Mahira says Vishal stole the eggs. Rashami throws the baby in the pool and says my Mahi died. Vishal says Sid was ill to play but can say anything? Mahira tells Rashami that she can never be her mother. Rashami acts like crying and says my Mahi died. Vishal says both Sana and Mahira are… Sana says Vishal and Rashami are thieves.

5:45 PM
Mahira takes out the fake baby (robe) and says bring the scissors. Sid comes to Vishal and says you can steal if you want, I will fight on Asim’s behalf in this condition. Vishal says you are so shallow, you have physical strength but you are shallow. Himanshi takes the robe from Mahira and says this is my robe so don’t do anything with it. Arti asks Mahira to leave it. Rashami says Mahi drowned with the insects. Mahira says you are a thief. Himanshi says if she cuts my robe, I will burn her clothes.

6 PM
Himanshi says she was cutting my robe, they are so ill-mannered.

Mahira looks at Rashami and says her baby died.

Himanshi says Mahira is so egoistic, she is not even pretty.

Sid says I will do it in the task now. Vishal says you don’t have brains. Mahira says a baby died here. Rashami says my baby didn’t get time to be in this world. Mahira says you saying that I died? You have no shame. Should I say that Rashami died? I would die if I have a mother like you.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the way you played the task will hurt anyone so we are rejecting this task. Rashami says we got two eggs but we didn’t get anything? Asim says it was a foul.

9 PM
Mahira tells Arti that I hid their lips because I didn’t like it. I don’t want to show… she cries. Arti and Sana hug her. Mahira says not everything is a joke. Bagga says you people are extending this thing. Mahira says I don’t want to talk about it but they kept bringing it. Sana says you are strong, don’t react as then they will do it more, don’t cry. Mahira says I don’t know what I am looking like on camera but I won’t spare Rashami now.

9:45 PM
Sana takes Rashami’s cloth from her bag. Rashami sees Sana have her item. Sana says Rashami gives Mahira’s extension first. Rashami says you opened my bag and took my cloth? Sana says we are looking for her extension. Mahira says we didn’t steal it, you took my extension. Rashami says how can you open my bag? You are a thief. Rashami tells Mahira that you are a thief. Sana says now I won’t give it. Mahira comes in the kitchen, brings Rashami’s lips box and breaks it with a roller. She says this is what you get. Rashami says this is what you are, Paras was handling you till now, you are nothing on your own, your personality is low. Mahira says you stole my item and I did too. Rashami says you opened my bag. Mahira says you are a thief, you started this filth. Rashami says you have no personality. Mahira says you are so cheap. Sana asks Mahira to calm down, she is a thief. Sana says she doesn’t like respect.

12:15 AM
Asim and Rashami come out after getting checked from the doctor. Asim says I have a minor fracture but Rashami has a hairline fracture. Shefali Zari says you should take this up. Rashami says I don’t bear this violence, they are always fighting. Sana has to fight for everyone. Shefali Zari says she is violent. Bhau says to say that you will do a case. Shefali says it was not a task thing, she has hurt you. Arhaan says she should talk about this violence, we are not here to get hurt. Rashami says I will talk to Salman that let me go out of this house. Asim says we are standing with you.

12:30 AM
Rashami says in the mic that Bigg Boss I want to talk to you, I need to make some decisions. Arhaan says to remove the mic. There is no safety here. Rashami says I will talk tomorrow. Arhaan takes off his mic and says I won’t play like this. Shefali says if you want to quit then remove the mic. Rashami takes off her mic and asks Arhaan to wear it back. Arhaan says I won’t. There is no safety here. Shefali says we have to take a stand.

12:45 AM
Shefali Zari tells Sana that Rashami has fractured fingers because of you so she will take an action now. Sana says I didn’t pull her.
Shefali Zari tells Rashami that Sana is not even apologetic that you are hurt because of her. Rashami makes a kicking action in front of Sana. Sana laughs. Arhaan hugs Rashami and says we can’t be insulted like this. Rashami cries and says I am scared for myself. I will quit.
Arti tells Mahira that she is moving her hand? Mahira says I will mimic her fractured hand. Arti and Sid say don’t do that.
Bigg Boss asks the inmates to change their mic batteries. Rashami says to hell with the batteries.
Madhu tells Sana that when you pulled the baby from the pool, Rashami was pulling it back so it hurt her finger. Sana says this a drama.
Mahira comes to Rashami. Rashami says you are a thief, you have two rupees mentality. Mahira says keep talking. Rashami says get lost. Mahira says my finger is hurt too. Rashami says Mahira is shameless. Sana says her hand is working with fracture? Arhaan says Rashami don’t give her footage. Mahira says Rashami is getting footage from me. Sid takes Mahira from there.
Rashami tells Shefali Zari that if they don’t call me then I will quit.

1:15 AM
Rashami is in the confession room. Rashami tells the Bigg Boss that they are beating us, breaking my things, stealing it. I am okay to fight over things and give back but I can’t live with this broken finger. My finger is gone, I get hurt in every task. I am not secured here. Bigg Boss says tomorrow is weekend’s episode so put up your case. Rashami says I trust Salman but if this can be dismissed. I have to take care of myself. Bigg Boss says you can make a decision for yourself.

Bigg Boss 13 7th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Salman shouts at the inmates that you guys are playing like idiots. You want to show physical strength then beat each other up. He says to Arhaan that you want to talk about outside things then tell us something. Tell us. Rashami you want to know something? He asks Arhaan who he has in his family? Arhaan gets tensed and says mom, dad, sister. Salman takes off his coat and says who else? Rashami I know you for years that’s why I am doing this. Arhaan says he is talking about that thing. Rashami says his marriage? Salman says his child. Rashami says, child? All look on.


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