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Day 129
The reporter asks Sid if he can control his anger around Asim? Sid says Asim starts pushing so I return it back. Asim says Sid doesn’t listen to anyone that’s why Sana becomes neutral in the tasks also. The reporter tells Sid that Salman said that Sana might be in love with you so you are going away from her? Sid says we are still the same, we sit together all the time. There is no difference in our friendship. The reporter asks Sana if she has some feeling that she can’t understand? Sana says there is nothing like that, I am comfortable with him, I don’t have a problem seeing him that way but it’s about him having feelings.
The reporter tells Arti that you take a stand against Rashami but not against Sid? Arti says I give useless reactions but Sid is articulate. I love Rashami and I don’t like her in the game.
The reporter tells Mahira that your mom asked you to stay away from Paras but you didn’t listen to her. Mahira says I don’t like boy’s touch but I don’t get that vibe from Paras, he doesn’t give negative vibes. The reporter says you called Sana filth. Mahira says she said that I am useless and have no level. Sana says it was a joke. Mahira says it was not, she has said a lot to me but we are friends.
The reporter asks Sid if he will do a show with Rashami? Rashami says we will see the story first. Sid says yes.
The reporter asks Asim that you said Salman made Paras naked, Sana said it too so Salman got you naked this weekend too? Why are you so against Paras? Asim says he went personal with me. I am not in a relationship with anyone. If someone is saying something then it’s not my problem. I fell in love and it was real. Paras says if a girl is spending money on me because she is my girlfriend then it’s making me naked?
The reporter tells Sana that you are never present for Sid he needs you, you always go against him so how are you a friend to him? A friend stands with her friend all the time. You always back-bite about him to Asim and Rashami. Rashami says she has never back-bited to me about Sid. I understand their feelings. She respects Sid a lot. Sana says if Asim is saying something about Sid then it’s his point of view. I am with Sid but he chose Arti so I was angry with him. The reporter says that Vikas talked about SidNaaz and then you became possessive about him and now you hate Paras? Sana says there is nothing like that. Paras says our attachment ended first week only. Sana says Sid supported me a lot, Paras is a fool.
The reporter asks Rashami that you hide tea to teach them a lesson but then you deny it. Rashami says I don’t want them to waste the tea.
The reporter tells Sana that you got to know about SidNaaz and then you followed your father to ignore Paras. Sana says I will listen to my father. Paras says her behavior changed when she got to know about the things from outside. Sana says I get affected when Sid sits with Mahira and Paras.
The reporter tells Arti that you are always looking at the camera when you are fighting. Arti says I become conscious. The reporter asks Arti if she thinks of Sid for a husband? Arti says I can’t pacify someone that much so not for me.
The reporter asks Mahira that you were good friends with Sana but when Paras came back, you ditched her. Mahira says she doesn’t respect friendship, I cried for her but she didn’t care.
The reporter tells Sid that you can’t control your words. Once you said to Arti to remain in her limits. Sid says I just wanted her to not say something that is wrong.
The reporter says to Asim that someone is saying that she was not in a relationship with you. Asim says who is she? I was in a relationship. Asim says I ended that relationship but we are friends, I cleared it before coming here. Some other can tweet too because of my journey. Sid laughs. Asim says I am famous so anyone can say anything about me but I am here, I am standing with Himanshi.
The reporter asks Asim that if you think that show is biased then why don’t you leave it? Asim says one perspective was shown and the other was not so I was angry about i.

Bigg Boss says now the reporters will choose a new elite club member by voting. Votes for the inmates are:
Arti: 0 votes
Rashami: 15 votes
Mahira: 1 vote
Paras: 9 votes
Sana: 12 votes

So Rashami becomes the new elite club member. Rashami thanks them. Asim gives her the jacket. Bigg Boss thanks the reporters. They leave.

9 PM
Sid comes to Sana and asks what happened? Sana says listen to me. Sid says it’s okay. Sana says I don’t b*t*h about you, Asim just said that Sid doesn’t support his friends. I support you against anyone. Sid says you can go to Asim and talk about it. You can have your point of view but you don’t talk about it to Asim? Sana says enough, they are showing me negatively. Sid says there is no need to cry. Sana says Paras is wrong about me, he said that I will go to Asim. Sid says you do talk to Asim, he is saying bad things about me. Sana says it’s his thoughts. Sid says you pushed me in the task and said the things that Asim says for me. Sana says okay I am the bad girl in this house. I am not talking to you. Sid says you don’t have your own mind? Sana says you said Paras was right about me. They make issues of small things. You don’t know me but you are saying rubbish that I am changing boys as per convenience.

9:15 PM
Rashami comes to Sana and hugs her. Sana says I don’t need love like that. Rashami wipes her tears. Sana says Paras and Mahira were saying bad things about me. Rashami says don’t think about other’s words. She hugs her and says don’t cry, your life has just started.

Asim tells Sid that I was not b*t*hing about you. Sid says I don’t want to listen to you. Asim says I was just talking to Sana about the tasks that you don’t listen to others. Mahira jokes that he has a girlfriend. Asim says no.
Rashami tells Sana that your career has just started so don’t do something stupid. Sid has to think about his life too, he is attached to you. It doesn’t matter if Paras or Mahira says anything. Sana says I won’t be able to handle all this outside. Rashami says I will help you.

10 PM
Sid comes to Sana and asks her to come outside from the washroom area. Asim is there. Sana says don’t joke. Sid says it’s okay, come with me. Sana says on one condition, you will clean the dishes tonight. Sid says we will do it together.

10:45 PM
Arti tells Rashami that you look happy being single. Paras says I am clear about my relationship status, she is taking care of me but I didn’t ask her. Rashami says you look like you are thankless. Paras says if she is doing these things then why she is telling others? Rashami says she came to send you here. Mahira says Paras should go out and talk with her.

12:45 AM
Asim looks at Sid and Sana. Asim says they look forced spending time now. Paras says Sana knows that SidNaaz is hit. Asim says my hashtag is famous too.

Day 130
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song Kia karun oh ladies. They all dance.

9 AM
Paras is eating. Mahira says you didn’t wait for me? He gives her the fruits and says you are making me work a lot, you asked me to cut the fruits too. Mahira gets angry and says talk with respect. Paras says you always keep blabbering. Mahira says I am not going to eat now.

9 AM
Paras asks Mahira to stop being mad. Sid asks what happened? Paras says nothing.

10 AM
Sid tells Sana that you will get a lot of the guys. Sana says why? Sid says people will like you. Sana says I don’t like it when you say these things. Sid says it happened before for you as well. Sana says I don’t like it when you say rubbish. Sid says boys will rain over you.

4 PM
Paras reads the task in which the girls will have a photo shoot. They will get ready and then their photoshoot will happen. The boys will choose the most stylish girl after seeing the photos.

5 PM
All the girls start doing their makeup. Paras gives suggestions to Mahira. Arti says they have really good foundation.

5;30 PM
Rashami makes Asim click her glamorous photos. Asim suggests her poses and takes her photos.
Arti chooses Sid. Sid asks her to set her hair and takes her photos.
Mahira chooses Paras. He takes her photos.
Sana chooses Sid. He helps her in posing and takes her photos.

The boys have to choose the winner. Sid says Rashami’s photos are black. Rashami says my makeup is seen clearly. Paras says it’s about the makeup. Rashami says it’s high-speed photography. Paras says your face is not seen. Asim says it’s good photos. I feel Mahira has good photos too. Sana says it’s not Bigg Boss’ trophy. Asim takes Rashami’s name. They choose Mahira because of her clear photos. He gives her the hamper. Mahira thanks them.

7 PM
Paras shows Rashami’s photos and says her face can’t be seen. No photographer can do this.

7:45 PM
Sana asks Sid to act like Sana. Sid acts like Sana and bugs her. He says praise me like Sid. Sana praises him and says you are very good, all girls are jealous of you, you have a lot of emotions. Sid says I don’t like it when you sit with Paras and Mahira. Sana says I don’t like it when you with Asim and Rashami. They both laugh.

8:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you all are away from the finale for 10 days only and it’s time for the nominations. These nominations will decide who will go to the finale week. You all are nominated this week. The elite club members can’t use their immunity right now, we will tell you how you will use it. Right now all are nominated.

Sana says there will be a task between them. It’s good that they have nominated everyone.

Bigg Boss 13 6th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : The immunity task starts. Rashami says Mahira is out and Paras is out too because he came out of the dome. Paras says Bigg Boss has to intervene. Bigg Boss says Rashami is the referee so her decision is final. Paras comes out of the dome and says go to hell. Sana says this is my strategy with Rashami. Mahira says you are a friend? Sana says were never friends. Paras says then let’s have animosity. He throws powder on Sana’s face and tries to bring her out of the dome. He throws her dome away. Rashami says you can’t do that. Paras says I did it.

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