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Bigg Boss 13 4th November 2019 Episode Start With

Day 35
3:30 AM
Shukla tells Asim and Arti that people will talk but don’t answer them if they talk about us, they are all here to win, so they have thought about what strategy they will have, they have seen the show. Asim says they know that we eat together also.

4:30 AM
Shehnaaz tells Arti, Shukla, and Asim that her makeup artist said that he likes Sana so she got angry that she has no standard and how dare he took me in the song then I asked the makeup to make me talk to her, then in an interview I said I don’t like her song, she said that I have no manners, they all abused me so I got hurt. Shukla says anyone can write bad about you. Shehnaaz says she said that I was behind her brother and talked about my father that he left us so I talked about her mother and said that her mother ran away too, she got the sympathy then.

Day 36
11 AM
Vikas tells the people that Tehseen started acting too friendly. Shefali says Sana wanted to find the love, Siddharth is single. Himanshi says she wouldn’t be disappointed to see me. Arti says she wanted to talk to you. Himanshi says she made a scene when I entered so everyone knew. She can’t solve the things in an hour.

Paras asks Shehnaaz to not worry, you can solve it in time, just be normal and say sorry in the end.

3 PM
Shukla is cooking in the kitchen. Arhaan asks him to cut the veggies for lunch too.

Shukla tells Arti that Arhaan shouldn’t tell me what I should cut or not, it’s not his duty. He also said that he would make me friends with Rashami. There were articles about them. Arti says Rashami denied it and it doesn’t matter to us. Shukla says he shouldn’t poke me then.

4:30 PM
Himanshi tells Shefali that she is fine doing duty with Shehnaaz too. Vikas says Paras is a crab, he walks like this. He mimics Paras. Shefali laughs and says correct.

Shukla comes to Mahira and asks how he should cut the veggies? She says you can cut as you want, it’s fine. Shukla says you can cut with me. Mahira says I have to cook too so you will help me with that? Shukla says help me first, I can’t sit on the stove for you. Mahira smiles and starts cutting the veggies. He says I am looking at how you are cutting. Mahira says why you think that I worry about you? Why are you fighting? Shukla says I am just watching. Mahira says let’s end it, you are dragging it.

5:30 PM
Shehnaaz tells Arti that I want to quit this show. Arti says you can’t and what about the love of people? Shehnaaz says I want to go to the confession room. Arti says Himanshi is normal. Shehnaaz says I don’t want to live with all these people, I am bored, I am sleeping. Arti says all praised you so what’s the issue?

5:45 PM
Vikas jokes with Shehnaaz about where she is going? Shehnaaz ignores him and leaves. Arti asks Shukla to talk to her.

Shehnaaz is sitting in the room. shukla brings her out and asks her to stop it, what happened? Shehnaaz says I don’t want to live here anymore, I don’t want to be hurt. Shukla says what do you want? Shehnaaz says I am bored. Shukla says you can jump out of here, people will give you attention then and media will cover you too, do something different, you can beat someone too. Shehnaaz cries. Shukla hugs her and says what happened baby? Shehnaaz says it’s not about her, I just want to leave, they want footage. Shukla says that’s why this show has been made, you can file a MeToo case on me. Shehnaaz laughs.

Shehnaaz asks Vikas if he is jumping in the pool with her? Vikas says I am ready. He takes off his mic and jumps in the pool with Shehnaaz. He throws water on her. All laugh.

Mahira tells Arti that Shukla is asking to chop with him, ask him to chop it as I have to make rotis too.

6:30 PM
Arti tells Vikas that you wasted a suit. Shehnaaz says we don’t have more clothes now. Arti asks Bigg Boss to give more clothes to Shehnaaz, she is an entertainer. Shehnaaz says shut up. Arti says I am sorry if I am praising you, I will not say it now. Vikas says don’t fight. Shehnaaz says I am not an entertainer. Arti says I won’t say it now.

Vikas tells Asim to watch Tehseen, he talks with his face twisted. All laugh. Shefali and Himanshi look at him and laugh. Himanshi says he is a crazy man, they did well to send him here. Asim says this is the first time I am enjoying a conversation here.

8:45 PM
Arhaan tells Mahira that we can all become friends and start again. Mahira says he was taunting me over veggies too, I asked the captain too. Arhaan says if I was the captain then I would just give the duties. Mahira says to let our time come then we will rule.

Himanshi tells Asim that there were fan pages of you and they asked me to make a team with you here as you are a good person and I am a good person too. Shukla says they talked about Asim and you are joining your name too? All laugh. Asim says I don’t want to comment, they all laugh.

9:45 PM
Paras asks Shehnaaz. Shehnaaz says they are all psycho, Vikas is a good character, I don’t understand him. Paras says some people are good. Shehnaaz says they will make me hyper. Paras says I will blast them all, he asks her to go against people if they are wrong even if it’s Siddharth. Shehnaaz says he was not wrong with me until now.

12:30 AM
Arti asks Himanshi what happened with Shehnaaz? Himanshi says I released a song and she called it a flop and b*t*hed about my song then I left for Canada. Then a man was cursing me in a video and Shehnaaz was laughing on it, then she taunted that my mother ran away with someone and our father left us, she was on social media, live and people started talking about my family, I don’t know why she did all that.

1 AM
Arhaan tells Paras that there is a groupism here, I thought to make friends with Shukla and also thought to make Rashami friends with him, they work in the same industry but Shukla’s ego is too big. Paras says he is an old man but he has too much ego.

Paras comes to Shehnaaz, she is sleeping alone. She says they are not with me anymore. Paras says they were using you, now they have others. Paras says I am with you, come with me, I told you they were using you. He brings her in his bed.

Asim comes to Shukla and says Himanshi told me so much about Shehnaaz, I can’t believe Shehnaaz could say all that, I could see Sana’s game. Shukla says Vikas gave names to others after an observation, he called Shehnaaz that she is twisted. Asim says Shehnaaz is keeping Shukla and Paras both in the cards to use. Asim says she cursed Himanshi’s parents too. Shukla says I talked to Shehnaaz but she went to pool with Vikas. Asim says it’s her strategy to entertain and be on all sides, she is not a friend here or outside with the way she is acting. Shukla nods.

Day 37
8 AM
Inmates wake up to a song ching ching. They all dance.

9 AM
Arti asks Shehnaaz to come but she ignores her. Arti asks what happened? Shehnaaz says you taunted me about being an entertainer. Arti says I wanted to pump you up. Shehnaaz says your behavior has changed, all of you. Arti goes to Shukla and tells her.

Arti tells Shukla that Shehnaaz is a little scared. Shukla says she was scared yesterday but her behavior with us is not because of it.
Shehnaaz says I am miffed with Bigg Boss too. Paras says Bigg Boss is giving you a chance and you tried to talk to her but she is not accepting an apology so it’s her problem. Shehnaaz cries.

9:45 AM
Kisari asks Shehnaaz and Himanshi to end it. Shehnaaz says let’s leave what happened outside. Himanshi says I didn’t bring anger from the outside, people are watching us and our fight happened in front of all too, I didn’t curse you here, I ignored it, I am neutral here, I never pointed at her after that fight but she kept pointing at me after that fight, you said that you would break my face so now I am here. Shehnaaz says so many things happened. Himanshi says I was angry but I pray that it doesn’t happen with her with people that she trusts.

10 AM
Arti tells Arhaan that makes small parathas to save the flour. Paras says they will eat less. Arti says to make the same size as earlier. Paras says we have 20KG flour so don’t worry.

Arhaan tells Asim that you know how much flour we need so tell me how much flour should I get for the breakfast. Asim says you will make roties for everyone. Arti asks who didn’t get rotis? All are eating here, if someone thinks they are not getting enough food then tell me. Paras tells Shefali that they don’t understand how they can save the flour. Arti says talk to me first. Paras says you don’t understand that they are making think rotis. Shukla says she has to handle the ration now. Paras says you had issues with not getting rotis earlier and now you don’t have a problem? Paras says we have 20KG flour so it should be enough. Arti says you are no one to tell me how to run the house. Paras says I would throw you out of the house first if I can but you became a captain. Arti says who are you to throw me out of the house? You are double-faced. Paras says you are an idiot. Arti gets angry and says shut up, don’t call me an idiot, talk with respect, you are no one to throw me out of the house. Arti says don’t tell me this again.
Shehnaaz brings Paras out of the room and asks him to calm down, don’t call her an idiot.
Arti tells everyone that I have done enough work too, who he is to tell me anything? I don’t need over-confidence like him.

Arti tells Shehnaaz to clean the washroom with Paras. Shehnaaz says clean the dishes too. Arti says this is not a competition, I am asking you to do your duty. Shehnaaz leaves. Arhaan tries to talk to Arti but Asim says let them be. Arhaan says I am not talking to you Asim. Arti says Asim gets angry with anyone.

2:30 PM
Shefali reads the task. Shukla says she is blushing. Shefali laughs and says you think so. Arti gets the Lays rack key and only she can use it. Arti takes the key and jumps around. She says I love you Bigg Boss, thank you. She takes out the Lays.

3 PM
Mahira asks Shukla to cut the veggies. He says cut with me, I can’t do it alone. Mahira says call Arti, I asked him to cut the veggies if he is not cooking. Arti says you both cut it together. Mahira says I am not cutting the veggies with him, he is taunting me. Mahira says why are you not telling him to work? I am cooking too. Shukla says she is just rolling the rotis. Mahira says why he wants to cut with me? He is taunting me. Shukla says what taunt.. taunt? Mahira says I can’t sit with you. shukla says to hell with you. I am not working, you can use Paras. Arti asks Mahira if she is not working with him because you can’t sit with him? Mahira says I just said that I am cooking so someone else can help. Asim comes to cut the veggies. Himanshi says I can help too, Asim says it’s not a big deal Mahira.

4 PM
Bigg Boss tells inmates that the new inmates will nominate 2 old inmates and old inamtes will nominate 2 new inmates. They will have to throw a bag of trash on that person whom they want to nominate.
PARAS – He nominates Shefali for not talking to them much. Paras nominates Himanshi for not sorting things out.
SHUKLA – He nominates Arhaan for not talking to him much, he nominates Kisari for not interacting.
MAHIRA – She nominates Shefali and Tehseen for not talking much.
ASIM – He nominates Tehseen for talking about outside too much. He nominates Arhaan to keep telling others what they should say or do.
SHEHNAAZ – She smirks at Himanshi and nominates Vikas for being an entertainer but no one is bigger than me. She nominates Shefali for not making a connection.
HIMANSHI – She nominates Paras for not knowing the complete thing, if someone said bad about your parents then you would kill them. She nominates Shehnaaz for the game, it’s nothing personal. Shehnaaz says I am perfect for the show.
SHEFALI – She nominates Paras for calling her a bhabhi and then going behind her. She nominates Shehnaaz for trying to talk to her but she didn’t respond.
ARHAAN – He nominates Shukla for being a group leader. He nominates Asim for being a loyalist to Shukla. Shukla says now you think that too? Arhaan says we are here so let’s play. Shukla says come here. Asim says you think I am his shadow? You keep talking over others. Arhaan says you are not needed here. Asim says you are asking Paras to teach you the game? You are nothing. Asim says I will crush you in the pool. Whom you are hiding behind? Arhaan says no one. Mahira laughs. Asim says Mahira is here because of Paras too.
VIKAS – He nominates Shehnaaz and says I took her as a sister but she thought like a competition. He nominates Mahira for not understanding him, she thinks that I am joking about her but I am not. He throws all the trash at her.
KISARI – He nominates Asim for not letting others talk. He nominates Shukla and says he is not entertaining others.
TEHSEEN – He nominates Mahira and says I am not weak here. He nominates Asim for reacting too much to Arhaan.

Bigg Boss says nominated inmates are Shefali, Arhaan, Tehseen, Paras, Siddharth, Mahira, Asim and Shehnaaz. Now as a captain Arti is safe but she will get a chance to save one inmate that others nominated. She saves Asim and says people argue here all the time.

Bigg Boss says final nominated inmates are: Shefali, Arhaan, Tehseen, Paras, Siddharth, Mahira, and Shehnaaz.


Bigg Boss 13 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Asim tells Paras to bring something new in the game, stop with this tai-tai, Arhaan thought he can taunt about our friendship, he is new so he can’t just bark and go away, I had to answer him.Shefali tells Paras that you can nominate me but give me a good reason at least. It’s good you have shown me your colors.Shefali tells Shukla that Shehnaaz changed her sides and even jumped in the pool with Paras, she can change so soon.Shehnaaz cries and says no one is loyal here, all are selfish so I will become selfish too. Captaincy task will start too. Shefali and Mahira fight. Mahira screams that they are dogs. Shukla snatches the box and a girl falls down. Bigg Boss says the way Siddharth lost his cool and threw someone away was wrong and we eliminate him right now. Siddharth is shocked.


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