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Special Episode
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says we have only 2 weeks remaining from the finale. Sid, Vishal and Sana are nominated. He says Disha Patani, Aditya Roy and Kunal Khemu went in the house.

In the house:
The guests greet everyone. Disha promotes her movie. Kunal sings the movie song. All clap for him. Kunal says SidArti is trending so Aditya will sing for him. Aditya sings tum hi ho. Sid and Arti dance on the song. All laugh.
Kunal says we will play a skull task, you should break a skull with name on it of the person that is a hurdle in your winning. Arti breaks Rashami’s skull dummy and says she is my competition. Paras says I think Arti might win so I will break hers. Rashami breaks Asim’s as he is a competition. Sana says I will break Sid’s skull as I want him with me in the finale. Vishal says I will break Paras’ skull. Sid breaks Paras’ skull. Mahira breaks Paras’ skull as he might win. Asim breaks Sid’s skull as he is a big competition. Aditya says Paras has got 3 votes so he gets a hamper. The team greets them and leave.

Rashami tells Devo that we can’t talk about some subjects, I was numb and I trusted Arhaan and now what I am hearing is disturbing, he should act mature. Devo says he is just using you. Rashami says to give him a message to handle himself for 2 weeks. I was with him when no one was standing with you. He is just concerned that everybody is putting it on him. Devo says that the tarot reader told about a date. Rashami says tell Gaurav to not say all that, what I got in return was nothing, I gave him everything. I appreciate his help but I expect loyalty which was not there.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He jokes about the skull task. Sana says they take me easy. Salman says Sana is already nominated so she might leave. Sana says someone is weaker than me here. Salman says Mahira might leave. Paras says Mahira is my favorite. Paras says I feel like Arti might win. This is my calculation. Salman says why didn’t you follow other characters that you are calculating about? Salman tells Sid that you think Paras is a threat and not Asim? You think Sana is weak? You think she might leave today? All laugh. Sana says Sid is a threat, Asim is strong but Sid is more. Salman says Vishal thinks that Paras is a threat and not Asim and Rashami? Vishal says I want them to win but Paras is playing well. Salman says he thinks that this task was not important. Vishal says Paras is my competition. Salman says Rashami and Asim are weaker, they laugh. Salman says let’s talk to Shahbaz. Sana says he has been looking for the chances. Salman says we have heard that Shahbaz can mimic Sid. Shahbaz mimics him walking and says he is always seen in shorts. Shahbaz says Sana is a flipper, she said that she won’t talk to Sid anymore but I didn’t listen to her. Devo says ask them about their father. Rashami says Sana says that her father is handsome but very flirty. Sana jokes about him. Salman asks Sana if she is taking Sid to Punjab? Sana says very soon. Shahbaz says she is making even Bigg Boss crazy. Salman laughs at his jokes.

Salman says the house is still filled with people that are talking to the crows. He plays the clip of Sana talking to the crow.

Caller of the week:
Salman connects to the caller. She asks Sana that you talk to the crows, anymore animals? Sana says I talk to the monkey Sid. All laugh. The caller asks her to remain happy. Sana thanks her and the call ends.

Salman shows the victory stand. Salman says you people will rank for certain qualities.
Paras: 1st Sana for being a fool then Asim and then Vishal
Sana: She ranks Paras, Arti and Sid for being a poker
Mahira: She ranks Asim, Sana and Rashami for being a cheater
Sid; He ranks Asim, Vishal and Rashami for being cowards
Rashami: She ranks Sid, Paras and Mahira for being fake
Arti: She ranks Mahira, Sana and Asim for being rude
Asim: He ranks Paras, Sid and Mahira for being followers

Salman says Sid, Sana and Vishal are nominated. He says the connections has to leave. He ends the call. Himanshi hugs Asim. Sid lifts Devo in his arms as her back has pain. Asim tells Himanshi that we will be together. He hugs her. They all leave.

Salman welcomes Disha, Anil Kapoor, Aditya and Kunal. They promote their movie and play some games with Salman.

Salman connects the call to the house. He says Himanshi left? She was boring for us. Asim laughs and says don’t say that. Salman says we will ask you who has been used here.
Mahira: She says Sana has been used by Rashami and others.
Paras: He says Rashami has used Sana a lot. Rashami says behind her back. Sana says nobody can use me. Paras says her brother has blamed Rashami too. Salman says his father said a lot about you too Paras.
Sid: He says Sana has been used as she doesn’t care.
Sana: She says Mahira has used Paras
Asim: He says that nobody can use Sana as she plays her own game so I think Mahira. Paras has used her for his game
Rashami: She says Sid keeps Sana happy so I think Sid is getting used when he gets hurt by Sana
Arti: She says it’s easier to use Sana
Vishal: He says Arti is innocent so she can be used easily

Salman tells the inmates that the one leaving this house today is Sana. All are shocked. He ends the call. All are in shock. Sana says I can’t believe that I can go. She goes to the gate. Mahira says you are not going anywhere. Asim says the TV has turned off. Sid says no. Sana says let’s do the drama. She hugs Asim. The door opens. Rashami says no.. Sana hugs her. Arti says not possible. Sid looks on. Sana hugs everyone but Sid doesn’t hug her. The door closes again. Rashami hugs Sana and cries. Arti hugs them.

Salman connects the call again. Sana laughs. Sid runs to the washroom and then comes back. Sana says I couldn’t believe it, Bigg Boss loves me a lot. Salman says it’s about the votes. Vishal says I am going. Salman says Vishal has been eliminated. He ends the call. Rashami hugs him and says you are very nice. Vishal hugs Arti and Asim. Vishal hugs Sid and says sorry for anything. Mahira hugs him too. Vishal leaves.

Sid tells Asim that you have to clean dishes now. Asim says my thumb has pain so I can’t do it. Sid says Paras’ finger is broken. Asim says it’s healed now. I am cleaning the washroom. Sid says I have been seeing you clean anything these days but now you are crying. Asim says I can’t clean the dishes.

Sid tells Arti that you will have to clean the dishes. Mahira can’t do it, she is very delicate. Asim doesn’t want to clean the dishes. Paras can’t do it. If Himanshi had asked him then he would have done it in a heartbeat. He tells Arti that you and Sana will do it.

Sid comes to Rashami and asks if she will help in cleaning the dishes? Rashami says I will clean morning and dinner dishes.

Arti cleans the dishes. Sid asks Sana to help her. Sana says I will do it in the morning. Sid says you should do it on time. He cleans with Arti and asks Sana to go and sleep. Sana says you didn’t even meet me when I was leaving, you have many votes.

Salman signs off from the show.

Bigg Boss 13 4th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : The inmates have a press conference. The reporter asks Rashami what’s her relationship status? Rashami says very much clear, I have been with Arhaan but due to some issues, Arhaan has started crying to everyone without even talking to me so I am done. The reporter says Sid looks ready to mingle. Sid says we are just co-existing, if she does something different then we will see. The reporter asks Asim if he didn’t think about his girlfriend when he proposed Himanshi? Asim says I was never in a relationship. The reporter asks Sid if he has kept his distance from Sana because Salman said she might be in love with him? Sid says we are not in love. The reporter asks Sana if it’s her game? Sana leaves from there.

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