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Day 65
1:30 AM
Rashami tells Arhaan and Shefali to decide what they will do about ration? She says that Sid wants to earn the browny point but it was his mistake, she asks Asim to talk to Sid and ask what he has decided for ration as it’s his duty. Asim says okay.

Day 66
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song Swag se. They all dance and enjoy it.

9:30 AM
Sana asks Rashami to give tea’s pan. Rashami says give me the milk, I am making tea. She goes to Asim and says I am making tea. She asks how many packets are left? Sana says two, I am giving you both. Paras says she can make it in one packet. Asim says there are 14 people, we can’t make it in one packet. Sid calls Paras and says they are fighting for it. Sid comes to Rashami and says you can make it in one packet. Rashami says I can’t, you took this decision for all of us, we are all suffering because captain took this decision. Sid says you didn’t bring this milk from your house. Rashami says all want tea so I am not going to adjust. Sid says what are you adjusting on? It’s not your life. Rashami says I am not making it if this is the attitude. Rashami says this is the house’s ration so put it in the kitchen. Sid says things are not mine, I am saving for everyone. Rashami says he is taunting me for even making tea for everyone? Arhaan hugs Rashami. Sid says there will be no tea, she is a thief. Rashami says you are a thief, don’t act over smart. Sid says there will be no tea now. Asim says we will use the tea that’s left so what the problem? Asim calms Rashami. Rashami says he is nothing and we made him captain. He is illogical. Sana says your mouth is open now as they are here? Rashami says why wouldn’t I talk?
Vishal says to Shefali that Sid acts like he is Bigg Boss.

10 AM
Asim tells Rashami that we are all with you, tell Bigg Boss that we are not making tea and we are boycotting. I will talk to Sid, we will talk about ration only and it will about his captaincy failure. We won’t work.
Sana and Mahira mimic Rashami in the kitchen.

10:30 AM
Paras tells Arhaan that I talked to Akansha and said sorry too. Arhaan says you said that you moved on from her cheating. Paras says I love her that’s why I didn’t say anything, I told her that I will play love card in the house and she said okay, she gave me the freehand.

Paras tells Sid that Arhaan was talking about Akansha and her not following me.

Bhau tells Sid that you become angry and keep going behind one person, you attack them personally. Sid says I know you are talking for my good only but I don’t do anything out of grudge. If someone is good to me then I am good to you, I know they are playing a game and I am playing a game too.

Asim tells Himanshi that how can you be so cute? Himanshi says you find everything cute about me, you don’t see anything. Asim says you talk cutely too.

Paras tells Sid that Shefali, Rashami, and others took the eggs when they already had their eggs with them.

Arhaan is putting his luggage in the storeroom. Vishal asks Rashami why did she change his luggage position? Rashami says I have just changed the shelf for you, I didn’t throw your things away. Vishal leaves.

1:30 PM
Arti asks Arhaan if he is making the group with Asim? Arhaan says anyone can come on my side. Rashami comes there. Arhaan gives her the rose and leaves. Arti says show me the ring. Rashami says I am waiting for the show to end, we are sure so let’s see what happens after we leave but I am happy.

3 PM
Rashami says that we don’t have parathas left for Asim and me. Asim asks Sid to tell Mahira to make rotis. Sid says go and talk to her. Asim says 8 rotis are less. He comes to Mahira and says 8 rotis are less. Mahira says people are eating extra so I can’t control them. Arti says Bhau didn’t eat. Mahira asks Bhau. He says I ate 1 roti. Mahira says you didn’t want to eat 2 as given to everyone? He says yes. Sana says Mahira made 28 rotis for 14 people so 2 rotis person. Mahira says I am not here to feed everyone too.

Asim is making the roti. Paras says don’t waste flour. Asim says I can’t eat rice. Sid says all will suffer if you end ration like this. Asim says you had to make sure that only two people suffer from the punishment but all are suffering because of your decision.
Rashami comes to Arhaan and says Sid is fighting with Asim over rotis. He is insulting so much for a roti. Arhaan goes to Asim and Sid. Asim tells Sid that you should have punished people that stole but you didn’t make the right decision.

Arhaan tells Paras to not call Asim a follower, he is my brother. Paras says Asim is a follower. Asim says yes, I am a follower of everyone. Arhaan asks Paras to not play the game like this. Paras says you will understand that you are standing for the wrong person. I am not going to fight with Sid, I am with him since Asim started abusing him. Arhaan says you flipped which is wrong.

Sana says Rashami is doing good. Mahira says she is a small pomeranian and when the owner comes then it starts acting out but she will go back in her shell. Sid says no, Rashami is no pomeranian.

3:45 PM
Sana asks Vishal if he talked to his ex-girlfriend? Vishal says no, I have left her, there is no sadness or happiness, my head is messing up, I am requesting Bigg Boss to call me, this is urgent.

5 PM
Bhau does commentary on Arti and calls her Latif Bhai. He sees her eating fruits and jokes about her. Shefali and Himanshi laugh at his commentary. Bhau calls Sana a Rakhi aunty.
Sana comes to everyone and says Vishal wants to go to the confession room. Vishal says look at me, I told you something, this is not a joke, I am saying something, you don’t hurt someone in love. He takes her away and laughs with her. Sana says I am sorry. Vishal says I told you to not joke. Sana says I was talking about something else. Vishal says don’t say that if you want me to talk to you. Don’t talk in front of her. He says in the camera that I have to talk to Bigg Boss.

5:30 PM
Shefali Bagga reads instructions that Sid will run the nominations task. Bagga, Arhaan, Madhurima, Sana and Sid are safe. We will call some inmates and Sid have to choose one from them to nominate. The swimming pool has been turned into a camp so nominated inmates will go to the camp.

6 PM
All stand in the line. Bigg Boss says the first two inmates are Asim and Mahira. Sid says I nominate Asim as he is strong. Mahira was not my friend but we started talking and she did everything in my captaincy and she supported well so I am saving her. Mahira thanks him. Asim goes into the camp. Vishal kisses Mahira’s forehead. Asim thanks Sid. Sid says what goes around comes around. Asim says it’s not like that.
Rashami says I feel there is too much favoritism, all can’t be wrong and he can’t be right all the time. Shefali says we have to take captaincy more seriously.
Paras says to Sana that I think Sid won’t save me. Mahira says why wouldn’t he? Sana says if he nominates Paras then I won’t talk to Sid at all, I am serious. Mahira laughs.

Sid brings the food near the pool. Sana says Asim’s nomination plan flopped. Paras laughs. Asim claps for her. Arhaan says Bigg Boss is going well.

6:15 PM
Bigg Boss calls Bhau, Shefali and Himashi. He asks Sid whom he will save? He says I have a good bond with Bhau, I tried to talk to Shefali but we have a different point of view and I don’t talk to Himanshi much. He nominates Himanshi and Shefali. They go in the pool with their items.
Sid tells Vishal that shit happens.
Rashami says nominations are interesting. Shefali says he was an undisputed captain so he has more power.

6:45 PM
Sana asks Shefali Bagga if she didn’t see me acting on TV? Paras mimics Himanshi and says listen, dear. Sana mimics Himanshi and says dear I am so good at rationing. Paras laughs at her.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss says the next inmates are Rashami and Vishal. Sid nominates Rashami and says I don’t need to give reasons but she says a lot and does things without saying which are not good. Vishal thanks him. Mahira hugs Vishal.
Paras laughs at Sid. Sid says what can I do. This is good, it’s better what is going to happen.

Rashami says tells Arti to eat before coming in the pool, all laugh.

8 PM
Asim is grabbing Himanshi’s cheek. Bigg Boss says last are Arti and Paras. Arti laughs. Sid says you know that we had a fight, it happens with friends and it’s all good. I am not friends with Paras but we had a good game and past, we have started bonding now. So for competition, I want to nominate Paras. Paras is shocked and takes coffee from Sana. Arti thanks Sid. Sid says you still have friends in the house. Vishal laughs. Mahira says it’s okay. Paras says I was not eliminated. He hugs Sid and goes into the pool.

Bigg Boss says nominated inmates are Asim, Himanshi, Shefali, Rashami and Paras.

Mahira tells Sana tha if Sid takes a decision then don’t doubt it. Sana says I doubt it, sometimes strong inmates get eliminated too. Arti says some bad words about Sid and he saved her? He did wrong. Arti comes there. Sana says I am really angry with him.
Arti comes to Sid and says Sana is really miffed with you.
Vishal tells Paras that keep friendships but bring that old Paras back. Mahira says what are you saying Vishal? Sid has some reason for doing all this. This is not for the audience or friendship. Vishal says then what? Paras says if we put Arti in the nominations then it will make them stronger. Vishal says to try to understand your position, you were smart when you were alone if you are playing your game then fine, if you are not then you are going back, Sid is playing from front.

Arhaan tells Bhau that if Paras goes out then the game will change, we will play like a team not. Bhau says sure.

8:45 PM
Sid comes to Sana and pushes her back. She falls down and cries. She says I am hurt, the mic has hurt me. Sid says you are angry with me? Arti says go and talk to him. Sana says don’t do it, I am not in the mood to talk. She pushes Sid away and says go die. Sana sits with Bagga and says I am irritated. Sid leaves.

9 PM
Vishal asks Sana to come and eat. She says I won’t. Sid says you fatty Sana, go and eat. Sana says I am not showing attitude. Sid says it’s good that your ego was broken. Sana says I didn’t know you would flip like this.
Rashami tells Shefali that Sana has a problem with Arti. Shefali says she has a problem with Arti going near Sid. Rashami says she has a problem with anyone that goes near Sid as Sana’s game is around Sid only.
Sana calls Sid a flipper, he says your father is a flipper, think so much that you can grab. Sana says why Paras always? You send him to jail and now nominations? Sid says yes I am jealous of him… don’t think much.
Sid tells Mahira that Sana doesn’t think from the mind.

10 PM
Sana asks Madhurima if she gets some feeling seeing Vishal? Madhurima says no, we had the worst breakup so I don’t get any feeling like that now. I don’t want that feeling now.

10:30 PM
Bhau tells Rashami and Shefali that Sana and Sid will be miffed with each other now. Rashami says then Sana won’t have anything to do.

Sana is in her bed. Sid comes to her. Sana laughs. Sid says I told you once that you could hurt me and you are doing it, you can do anything you want, you can sit with anyone you want, it’s upto you, he leaves. Sana tells Arti that I don’t want to talk to him. Arti says he keeps above everyone but do you keep him above anyone? Sana says you know he has always supported you in the game, I thought he would save Paras. Arti says it was me and Paras so he saved me but you shouldn’t destroy your relationship because of Paras.

12 AM
Sana tells Vishal that I am missing him, should I go to him? Vishal says go. Sana goes to the captain’s room and lies in bed with Sid. He ignores her but Sana looks at him. Sana says he said that Paras would leave as Himanshi has a lot of following. Vishal said that Paras got the least votes earlier too so he can leave.

12:30 AM
Bigg Boss tells the campers to come out of the camp. Arhaan brings Rashami out of the pool.

Bigg Boss 13 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Bigg Boss asks the inmates to choose two inmates who shouldn’t become the captain. Sana says I will name two shameless people. Himanshi takes Rashami and Vishal’s name. Shefali says Sid can handle the captaincy easily. Rashami says a goon can’t be a captain. Sid laughs. Arhaan says you fight with girls. Sid says you are sitting with girls so ask them to remain silent. Arhaan says yes, see this. He kisses on Rashami’s forehead. Sid laughs. Asim says we are taking Sid’s name. Sid says I don’t agree. Vishal says what the majority say will happen. Sid says you are on the side that has the majority. Vishal says if you hit me then I will.Sid tells Paras that they have to fight. In the captaincy task, Sid pushes Asim. They both argue with each other. Asim says Sid is fake. Paras argues with Arhaan, Asim and Bhau.


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