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Day 32
8 PM
Buzzer plays. Shukla calls and orders a fruit salad. Paras orders french fries. Asim orders chicken nuggets.
Paras tells Mahira that I told them to take a stand for their team but if they do some foolish act then let them do it, they don’t want you to to go to the finale, Shefali thinks about herself only, you talk to Rashami and Devoleena. Mahira says they are so selfish and mean.
Rashami asks girls who should become a delivery girl? Shefali says I want to. Rashami and Mahira vote for Shefali but Arti says I want to become a delivery girl too, there is nothing written about the majority.
Rashami says to Devoleena that I can’t take a risk, you can ask Shefali to save Mahira right now, ask Shefali to not take a risk and give a vote to Paras. They

come to Shefali and says that nobody would stand by us so save Paras if you can. Shefali says play for yourself, I don’t want to become great like you guys.
Mahira tells Paras that if they don’t give you the order and play this then I will never talk to them.
Devoleena asks Shefali if she will not change her sides? Shefali says I won’t.
Shehnaaz asks Paras why they are not letting Arti become a delivery girl? Paras says let them do what they are thinking, change the game by going with the majority. Shehnaaz says Asim matters to me too.
Rashami tells Mahira that let Shefali go first. Rashami announces Shefali’s name. Arti says I don’t agree with this, do this if you want.
Rashami tells Paras that after this, you will have to save Shefali. Paras says you know that I would choose you after saving Mahira, you matter to me.
Arti tells Bigg Boss that she doesn’t agree with this decision. Shefali takes the scooter. Shehnaaz says I am not playing this game, we don’t have a stand. Shefali doesn’t deliver to anyone, I don’t want to deliver to anyone. Bigg Boss says today’s time of the task has ended.

8:45 PM
Bigg Boss talks to Shefali Zariwala. Shefali says Rashami, Shefali and Devoleena understood that this task was to play for themselves, Shefali played to protect herself, they have two groups and dynamics will change, I liked Rashami, Devoleena and Shefali’s game today. Bigg Boss says see you soon.

9 PM
Mahira cries and tells Paras that they are insecure of me, you can choose from three of them, I don’t care, let me go back home. Paras says don’t cry. Mahira says Rashami always says that she likes me and now she is doing this. Rashami comes there. Paras says talk and solve it, he leaves. Mahira tells Rashami that save Paras, I have asked him to save Shefali, I don’t care, I care about you. Rashami says we are okay with him choosing you but girls can choose to not deliver and decide for themselves so we will do what we want tomorrow. Mahira says if I deserve to stay here then I will so he can save Shefali.

Shefali asks Devoleena that if we get a chance then will you play against Mahira and Paras? Devoleena says at one point, I will have to play against them. Shefali says he will save her only so think about it.

Shehnaaz says to Paras that I first went to Shukla and then gave it to Asim. Paras says if you want to save Asim then do it, Shukla is behind Arti so make a connection with Asim so you both can protect each other.

10 PM
Rashami says to Shefali that Paras told me he will choose you. Shefali says are you out of your mind? He will never do it, what will you do tomorrow? You won’t give to anyone? Rashami says let me think.

Rashami tells Shefali that we have to move forward in the game, we should vote for Paras, it’s not a time to play alone, we need each other. Shefali says I agree.

Rashami comes to Paras and says I scared Shefali, I told her that we should vote for Paras otherwise people won’t trust you when they come to the show. I told Devoleena also that this is not the time to play alone.

Day 33
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song ishq larain. They all dance.

9 AM
Shehnaaz asks Paras what planning is going on? He says nothing, he says you should take your name to save yourself. Shehnaaz says I don’t like to take my name, I don’t want favors. Paras says I would try to save you if not Mahira. Rashami calls him for tea.

9:15 AM
Devoleena tells Rashami that we had become one group against them, but it’s Mahira and we have a soft corner for her, Shefali wouldn’t let Siddharth D choose anyone but herself if he was here, she is like that, she thinks about herself only.
Shefali talks to Mahira and Paras that Rashami said to remain neutral, I told her that if you want to save Mahira then do it. Paras says she does things but then doesn’t want to come in limelight. Shefali says she will shift. Paras says if no one takes a stand for Shehnaaz then I will. Mahira says what? Paras says let me play now.

Arti tells Shukla that Shefali wants to play for herself but Rashami is using her mind. Shehnaaz says we have to fight today. Shukla asks them to become a first delivery girl, at worst become a second delivery girl. Shehnaaz jokes and says how you get so much confidence? She pushes him on the sofa. Shukla says you are strong.

3:45 PM
Tehseen comes to the secret room. Bigg Boss welcomes him and says you can see the inmates and know about their thinking. Tehseen thanks him.
Rashami says to Paras that I wanted to play this time, every time we become neutral. Paras says do what you think is right, just don’t let Arti and Shehnaaz become delivery girls. Tehseen watches it and says Paras is insecure.

1 PM
Buzzer plays. Paras calls and orders a fruit salad. Shukla calls and orders a fruit salad. Asim orders a fruit salad. Shefali and Shehnaaz start making the food. Rashami, Devoleena and Shefali vote for Mahira. Shehnaaz takes Arti’s name for a delivery girl. Arti says you have to listen to us also. Rashami says we are going to give chance to everyone. Shehnaaz went yesterday so let Mahira go this time.
Mahira becomes a delivery girl. Arti says my order for Shukla. She gets orders for everyone. Arti says I would give it to Asim.
Rashami tells Shefali that it’s good to take a risk.
Mahira comes and gives order to Paras, she says Shehnaaz made this for you. Paras says get out now. Tehseen watches it and says Paras is reaching out to Rashami for this game.
Rashami tells Shefali that I want Arti to go too, I will go on the third buzzer, let’s take a risk fully.

Shukla says you people didn’t fight. Arti says I fought. Shukla says Shehnaaz didn’t fight but why you need her? Arti says it was about the majority. Shukla says if we get a chance then fine but play your game. Tehseen watches it and says I will make a third group in the show.

Shefali tells Shehnaaz that I don’t have expectations from anyone but I have loyalty to them, we have to play for ourselves in this game. Shehnaaz says what to do in this game? tell me what you are doing for yourself? Shefali says I am not saying that. Shehnaaz says then let’s pack our bags. Tehseen watches it and says Shehnaaz is too good. Shehnaaz says let’s give them all points to get this game done.

Mahira gives a kiss on Shehnaaz’s cheek. Shehnaaz says I feel love for you. Mahira says to me too. Arti says because finale is near. Mahira says you think wrong about me but I like you. Arti says I have always liked Mahira. Shehnaaz says I could have not shared Paras with you but you are younger. Arti says the biggest problem is Paras. Shehnaaz says Paras told me that you have insecurity from me. Arti says Paras told me that two girls are fighting for me, what else I want? Shehnaaz says he wanted to make us jealous of each other. Arti says he said that this is the way to go ahead. Shehnaaz says you know why this started.

6 PM
Buzzer plays. Paras call and orders a Veg. burger. Shukla orders a fruit salad and Asim orders a chicken burger. Arti says I want to be a delivery girl now. Rashami says I also want to go. Shehnaaz says you promised Arti. Rashami says I am part of the task too, Arti says this is unfair. Rashami says I am fighting for myself. Arti says to me too, your girls will never vote for me. Devoleena, Mahira and Shefali vote for her. Shehnaaz takes the scooter and throws it away. Arti asks Rashami to go in the next round. Rashami says why? You played unfairly too in the ladder task. Arti says you promised, you told me I will go this time, play a one-sided game. Tehseen watches it and says don’t back out Arti, Paras will win, you are playing emotionally only. Rashami says I want a chance too. Devoleena says Rashami should have a chance too. Arti says she promised me. Shehnaaz says so we should go home?
Rashami gets the orders. Mahira gives an order for Paras and says give it to him, please.
Arti tells Shehnaaz that Rashami took my name and then back out, you didn’t take my side, the public is watching that I am fighting alone.
Rashami goes and gives the order to Paras. He hugs her.
Shehnaaz tells Shefali that you could have taken our side, Shefali says the game is not finished.

Arti tells Shehnaaz that Rashami gave a wrong commitment. Devoleena says you people stick by your team and broke my ladder because I am in another team so that team supported me, now I have to support them and choose them. Tehseen watches it and says Arti didn’t do any effort to take Devoleena and Shefali’s side.
Arti tells Devoleena that Paras is not going to take your name so make this game a tie. Shehnaaz says Paras said that he will choose Mahira and Rashami so your name is not in the picture. Devoleena says if I get two chances then I will go for a draw.

Bigg Boss asks Tehseen about his thoughts? Tehseen says it’s not a team game, Arti is playing it emotionally. Bigg Boss says soon you become a part of it.

7:15 PM
Kisari comes to the secret room. Bigg Boss welcomes him and asks him to watch inmates and their thinking.

Buzzer plays, Asim orders a Veg. burger. Paras calls and orders a fruit salad. Shukla orders a fruit salad. Majority vote for Arti’s name to be a delivery girl.
Shukla tells Arti to not trust them, they are doing this to get the last vote.

8 PM
Paras is sitting in the kitchen. He jokes with Shehnaaz. Shehnaaz says I am sick. Paras says if you talk in English then I will save you. Shehnaaz says I love you because I love the way you lie, I want to date you the way you are. Paras laughs at her dialogues.

Arti takes the order and gives it to Asim. Paras says 5 orders were delivered till now.

Bigg Boss tells inmates that the next round will be the last round of this task.

Rashami says I have already announced and I will not back out now.

Shukla asks Arti why she told them that she wants to give votes to Asim? They would have thought you would give to me.

Shefali tells Rashami that you do this last round. Devoleena says we can send you.
Paras asks Rashami to choose Devoleena as he doesn’t trust Shefali.

8:30 PM
Buzzer plays, Asim orders a fruit salad. Paras orders a pizza. Shukla orders a fruit salad. Shefali says I want to become a delivery girl. Rashami says Shehnaaz, Devoleena and Shefali want to go so all change. Arti says let Shefali go. Rashami says why you keep changing your vote? Rashami says 3 people are for Devo and 3 for Shefali. Devoleena talks to Shefali and says it’s not easy to make a decision.
Mahira tells Paras that they have decided before and now they are changing sides.
Devoleena says to Rashami that all girls should get a chance, I want input from everyone. Arti says if it was a tie then it would make sense but now everything is decided so do what you want.
Rashami says votes are tied so I think Devoleena should go so I am announcing her name. Shefali says it was about the majority since yesterday and now taking decision alone? Mahira says let Shefali go. Rashami says think finally. Rashami says I am taking Devoleena’s name. Arti says you have been talking about the majority since yesterday and now you are taking a decision alone? Shehnaaz asks Arti to talk calmly. Arti asks Shefali to take a stand. Shefali says she is changing her stance of majority thing. Shehnaaz says there is way to talk, you have made Rashami miffed.
Rashami says to Mahira that Shefali’s game is clear. Devoleena says nobody will save me but I will stand by my friends.

Devoleena asks Shefali if it was Siddharth D then would you let him choose anyone else? So what’s the big deal with Paras choosing Mahira? I am standing with my friends.

9:00 PM
Devoleena gives the last order to Paras and he wins the task. Bigg Boss asks who you are going to take to the next round? Paras says I love all girls here but I love Mahira most and I will take her forward. All clap for her. They hug Paras and Mahira. Bigg Boss says you both become the first two inmates to reach the second round of the show.

Bigg Boss asks Kisari what he thinks? Kisari says Devoleena should have left everything to the audience, I don’t think Mahira deserves to go ahead. Bigg Boss wishes him luck.

11:30 PM
Shukla asks Shehnaaz what Rashami was telling me? Shehnaaz says you ask about Rashami only? I think you had a romance with Rashami. Asim says their body language says that they had something going on. Shehnaaz says they fight like husband and wife, she asks Shukla if Rashami was his girlfriend? Shukla laughs. Shehnaaz says he still loves her. She dances in front of him. She says they must have had a court marriage. Shukla laughs.


Bigg Boss 13 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Inmates have to rank and choose who is most double-faced person in the house. Rashami says Arti is double-faced. The new inmates change their ranking. Tehseen says this dynamic will change. Shefali Zari says Shukla is not double-faced, I don’t agree with this ranking. Shukla tells Rashami that you are double-faced.


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