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Day 124
4 PM
Kash asks Devo if she is with us? She says yes. Kash says then add money in Kunal’s safe.

Vikas tells Himanshi that Asim, Sana and Sid are in the finale so throw the trouble makers first. Himanshi says who is a trouble maker? Vikas says Kash and Shahbaz. Himanshi says my first priority is Vishal as Asim is safe. Vikas says I accept that. Himanshi says Kunal and I are going to support each other.
Kash tells Asim that Vikas thinks too much of himself. Asim says I know that. Kash says now he will act he will give me work outside. He never gave work before.

Himanshi tells Kash that if she will flip? Kash says you have to be strong, you can’t play alone. Himanshi says I am supporting Kunal. Kash says we are supporting him too.
Vikas tells Arti that we will support you. Shahbaz tells Sana that we will support you.
Sana comes to Vikas. Vikas says Shahbaz crossed the lines first, he is cheating. Sana says he has issues with Paras and Mahira.

4:45 PM
Sid tells Sana to stay until the 5th position. Sana says listen to me. Sid says Asim might be on your side but I am not on his side. Don’t show me attitude.

5:45 PM
The buzzer plays. Arti stands on the platform. Asim says I am going first. Arti says I came first. The platform rises and Arti throws the money on the otherside of the wall. All the connections run to get the money. Shahbaz, Kash, Himanshi put money in Kunal’s safe. Shefali, Akash and Shefali put money in Vikas’ safe.

Arti tells Sid that Vikas told Kash to throw Shahbaz out of the task first. Sid says we decided to save our group first. Sana says Shefali wants to save Paras and Mahira only.

6:15 PM
The buzzer plays as the first round ends. Vikas counts his money. Shahbaz counts his. Himanshi tells Kash that Sid is already safe so there is no use, throw Paras out of the game.
Shefali tells Himanshi that try to not take my name.
Bigg Boss asks who has more money? Kunal says I have 384. Vikas says I have 420 so we won. Kunal reads with him. Mahira laughs that three people won over 5 people. Kunal says we have less money. Devo reads Kunal’s money again. Shahbaz says we have 506 money. Vikas says really? You gave another number before. Devo says there was a mistake in counting. Bigg Boss says we asked you both, what’s the final figure? Shahbaz says 506. Vikas says if it’s not correct then you are cheating. Kash says we counted again in front of you. Vikas says show me again. Bigg Boss asks them to let Vikas check the notes. Shahbaz gives money to Vikas to count but Vikas put the money in his safe and says now they are mine. Devo says this is cheating. Kash says to leave it. Shahbaz says this is ****. Devo shouts at Vikas that he is a blo*dy cheater. Arti says this is wrong. Devo says he is no mastermind, he is a ********. Vikas says they counted 384.
Rashami calms down Devo.
Sid tells Bigg Boss that Kunal’s team cheated and gave the wrong number but if they were right then you can throw Vikas and me out of the game.

7 PM
Kunal tries to take the money from Vikas’ safe. Mahira says you can’t break Bigg Boss’ property, this is our house and we will break your arm. Shahbaz says you will stop us? Paras says who are you? Break this property and we will see. Shahbaz pushes him away and says you want to touch me? You are Mahira’s pumpo. Paras asks him to get lost. Mahira shouts at him that who is he? You have no right to talk like this. Rashami asks Shahbaz to calm down. Mahira says don’t take my name. Shahbaz mimics Mahira and says Paras is a puppy. Paras says he is useless. Sana doesn’t stop Shahbaz from fighting with them. Paras tells Shahbaz that you can’t touch the property here. Shahbaz says you will tell me? Who are you? Paras says your sister was behind me first. Shahbaz says you are a *****. Come out and I will see you. You take money from girls. Paras says I have seen many like you, you are a kid, get lost. Shahbaz says you are a coward. Mahira says he is saying filth, this is your thought process. Paras says he is saying rubbish. Shefali says you relax, he is no one.

Paras tells Mahira that this has become national news. Vishal says Shahbaz was saying that you started it Mahira. Paras says he started misbehaving. Paras asks why he is entering the fight. Mahira says your brother was fighting too. She calls Kunal. Kunal says Mahira misbehaves, this is my house and I asked him to not break the property. Vikas says Kunal didn’t say anything wrong. Mahira asks Paras to not talk to Vishal, ask your brother to not come to me. Kunal says she is mental. Mahira says Vishal is a puppy of others so I am not talking to you. She says Vishal’s brother is filthy. Kunal says to do it with your father. Mahira says don’t bring my father in this. Akash asks Kunal why he is bringing his father to this? Vishal says sorry to Akash. Kunal hints at Mahira to leave. Mahira says did I take your father’s name? Kunal says you called me filthy. Mahira leaves. Vishal tells Kunal that I told you to not say anything. Kunal goes and says sorry to Mahira.

8:30 PM
Vikas tells Paras that Kash over-reacted. Sid says I was hurt too. Sid says I was hurt with Vikas’ cheating, I was embarrassed. Vikas says they were wrong. Their notes were not correct. Asim gave them plain notes. Sid says that’s fine then.

9 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we asked the connections about their notes. They counted Vikas and Kunal’s notes. Then Vikas wanted to count Kunal’s notes and we gave permission to Vikas but Vikas stole the notes, it was a good game strategy but it was against our rules so it’s not good. You people still haven’t told us the last count so we will take the first count. Kunal had 384 notes and Vikas had 420 notes so Vikas wins. Vikas says I am throwing Sana out of the game because of Shahbaz’s game. Sana shreds her name from the task. Kash hugs Sana. Bigg Boss says now this task will be played for the captaincy announcement, two people will be out in a single round. He asks them to put all the notes in the storage box.

9:15 PM
Mahira brings the notes from Rashami’s bed. Sid says what?
Sana tells Shahbaz that you didn’t play a good game. Arti says Bigg Boss didn’t give a good decision. Sana tells Kash that I knew they would throw me out of the game. Kash says it’s okay.
Mahira asks Vikas why did he hide his money?

Sana asks Sid why he is happy? Sid tells Sana that Asim gave more notes to Kunal’s team. Vikas told me that. Sana says I thought you are happy that they threw me out of the task. Sid says Bigg Boss is not a fool.

Rashami tells Mahira that you people were fighting and we were making the notes at that time, you are looking like an idiot now. Vikas tells Devo that I was a fool to think that you are intelligent. Devo says you are a mastermind like this? You started stealing when you told us to not do that. Vishal asks Vikas what happened? We were hiding some notes so what’s the issue. Rashami tells Kash that I had hidden some money and I gave it to Mahira.

9:45 PM
Mahira comes to Kunal and says I shouldn’t have reacted that way so I am sorry. Relax and have fun here. He says it’s okay.

Sana tells Shahbaz if he did something good in the task? She asks how did he start fighting? Kunal comes there too and says I wanted to touch the safe. Paras comes to Shahbaz and says it’s okay. Paras hugs Shahbaz and says your information is wrong. Shahbaz says you started saying things to me so I reacted.

10:45 PM
Himanshi tells Asim and Vishal that Arhaan had sent a message. Asim says tell her then. Himanshi says I don’t care, he is very disturbed from her because he said that Asim remembered his friendship, Sid tore off his shirt and Rashami has forgotten that. Arhaan was crying to me, he said that I was not wrong and Rashami could have cleared it on TV but she didn’t. I don’t know what is right or wrong. Arhaan said that he didn’t need to fight with Sid but he took a stand for his girlfriend and then if Rashami had to become his friend then what was the reason for me fighting with Sid? I told Arhaan that I feel pity for him but it’s his personal matter. I used to talk about my partner here, I didn’t put him down. Rashami changes her statement. Vishal tells Asim that she says she can’t say things here, she is safe so she is playing differently.

Day 125
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song rupaiya. They all wake up and dance.

10 AM
Himanshi says to Shahbaz that Asim knew I was going, Asim was crying for me.
Vikas tells Shefali that I asked Himanshi to clear it with Asim, she has a full bloom romance, she is letting things happen but she is not sure about him. Shefali says she doesn’t want to say things on camera. Vikas says then she shouldn’t do all the other things also.
Himanshi tells Shahbaz that when I was nominated, I let Asim say everything he wanted as I didn’t know when we will meet again. It was a different feeling, I was a good listener, I was his friend too.
Shefali tells Vikas that I talked to Himanshi, she said that she is entering the house as Asim’s friend only but here they have a full romance.
Shahbaz tells Asim that your wedding is confirmed, please do call us. Himanshi says if it happens in the case. Shahbaz says Himanshi does love him. Devo says you both look good together.
Vikas tells Shefali that Himanshi was playing with Asim. Shefali says she does have feelings for him.

10:45 AM
Kash says Rashami is low since Arhaan left. Sid says she plays in open when she has a big group. When her group was at the peak, she broke the things and all that.

11:45 AM
Himanshi tells Vikas that I don’t know about love but I will give my commitment after this show. Vikas says Asim is like a kid, he only trusts you here. If he doesn’t get clarity from you then he will go crazy. Himanshi says I know. Vikas says you are connected to him, you are giving him hopes.

12 PM
Vikas asks Arti what about the captaincy task? Vikas says it’s in Sid’s hand. I know Kash is playing for you but I will follow Sid only. Talk to him.

12:15 PM
Arti tells Sid that I don’t need to be a captain, you can become the captain. Vikas said that he will do what you say.

Vikas tells Kash that what happened yesterday was out of your love for Arti. I am playing for Sid, things happen in the game. Kash hugs him and says you are an equal. Vikas says you are such a nice person, you are a bold person. Kash says don’t make me cry. Vikas hugs her.

12:30 PM
Himanshi tells Rashami that I talked to Vikas and he said that don’t lose the respect that I earned in 5 weeks, Asim is distracted because of me. Rashami says what you feel is not clear, you are just talking about you, Asim really really loves you and you don’t, this is not a game. The way you both act is like a girlfriend and boyfriend. You feel for him so say it. His career is going up. Himanshi says the way Asim expressed his feeling was filmy and I connected with him, if I don’t care then I wouldn’t care if someone is dying but I care for Asim. But I was targeted outside, people were connected with him and cursed me for having feelings for him. Rashami says you came as a family for him. Himanshi says Asim’s close people told me to not confess here. We both are clear in our feelings. I am stuck. Rashami says what you feel for him? Tell him that you will give a commitment to him outside. Himanshi says I was excited to tell him but his people told me to not confess here. Rashami says what you want will not happen here, let’s be practical, wait for more 15 days and ask for clarity outside. Himanshi says let’s do it. Rashami says say it before going.

1 PM
Vikas tells Kash that we didn’t tell you the gameplan because Shahbaz was using you. He would have cheated you also. Kash says so what to do? Vikas says you save Sid and I will be with you.

2 PM
Kash reads that the captaincy task will start again. The connection which has more notes will take out two inmates from the task. Shahbaz is part of the task as he is a connection and only Sana is out of the task.

2;15 PM
Sana tells Kash that makes Sid the captain at any cost. Throw Paras and Mahira. She asks Kash to not enter Vikas’ game.

Himanshi tells Kunal that the notes will divide, we will play like an open contestant.
Shahbaz tells Kash that we will throw Paras and Mahira out of the task.

2:45 PM
Kunal tells Shahbaz that we will not play for Sid. Shahbaz says I am playing for Sid. Kunal says why don’t you understand.
Devo tells Sid that I don’t understand Paras and Mahira. Vikas says they added money in the bundle after the task. Himanshi did it. Devo says I didn’t know that.

Shahbaz tells Sana that they are planning to throw Sid out of the task. Sana says you tell this to Sid only. She calls Vikas and tells him that Kash is planning to throw Sid out of the task. Vikas says I won’t let them win.

3 PM
Vikas tells Himanshi that she played well yesterday. He leaves. Kash tells Himanshi that we will throw Sid and Paras out of the task.

Asim tells Sid and says we will check each other before going up. Then you blame that Rashami gave money to Devo. Mahira says so this must have happened.
Himanshi says to Vikas that I didn’t steal or give money to anyone. Vikas says Asim knew that re-counting will increase the money.
Asim tells Mahira that I will go first.

Kash asks Himanshi and Kunal to not say anything in the task. She tells Shahbaz that our target is Paras and Mahira. We will give money to each other.

3:30 PM
Asim says to Paras that you are putting money in the sack before the buzzer. He tries to take his sack.

Bigg Boss 13 1st February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Vikas wins the second round and he throws Arti out of the task.Kash tells Arti that now you know who is with you? Sana says we will play for Asim now.Asim throws the notes. Vikas and others run to get the notes. Himanshi gets hurt and faints. Asim lifts her and runs her to the confession room.

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