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Day 123
2 PM
Himanshi sings koi mil gaya. Vikas jokes with them and says to Asim that I met her outside. He tells Asim that I am taking Himanshi, you can take the trophy. Asim says I want to win the trophy for Himanshi. Himanshi says I want to win.
Sana comes to Sid and says I went to the washroom but I missed you. Sid says how sweet, he hugs her. Sana says I thought you were with me. She hugs him. Sid says I am talking to Akash. Sana says you are bored with me. Sid says never. Sana kisses his cheek with her fingers.

Shahbaz tells Vishal that I never did something like this before. Shefali hugs Vikas. Shahbaz says he gets all kisses and hugs.

2:30 PM
Himanshi tells Arti that you told Sana that she was entering my relationship. She was in touch with my fiance’s family and I fought with my ex-partner for that. Salman was not right saying that Asim was responsible for that. I was not interested in Asim before, I left in a dignified way. Asim is over-excited. I told him that he is giving big promises and we have to think.

3 PM
Asim tells Vikas and Himanshi that you both are talking and I feel lost. Vikas says we wanted to talk to you. Asim says I don’t care about othes, I can be poked easily. He tells Vikas that you are bullshiting outside things. Himanshi asks what happened? Asim leaves from there. Himanshi and Vikas laugh. Asim comes there again and says he is dragging me for no reason. Himanshi says we were joking, you are creating a scene, you don’t want to talk to me? Asim says I love you and I want to sit with you, I don’t like Vikas to talk in all this. Himanshi says sorry to Vikas. Vikas says it’s okay. Himanshi says this is embarrassing. Vikas tells Asim to not be upset, I am friends with her, he leaves.
Sid tells Vikas to not enter their matter.
Himanshi asks Asim if you want me to feel bad to be here. Rashami asks Asim to calm down. Vikas asks them to end the conversation, he leaves. Himanshi asks him to not react so much. Rashami tells her that Asim doesn’t give up so don’t worry.
Sana tells Sid that you are extraordinary. Sid says I will be your ex soon. Sana says so you are my present now? Vikas tells Asim was so serious when I was joking. Think about Chao watching all that. Sid says he is insecure.

4 PM
Paras reads the task. They have said some dialogues which are trending outside so with a phone, they have to re-enact the scenes before. There will be two teams. Team A will have Sid, Rashami, Paras and Mahira. Team B will have Vishal, Sana, Asim and Arti. The guests will be judges of the videos and will announce the winners. They will get phones as a winning price.

Sid tells Mahira that we will mimic Madhu beating Vishal.

4:15 PM
Rashami and Sid mimic Madhu beating Vishal with a pan. Paras record their video.

Vishal and Sana mimic Mahira and Paras flirting.

Mahira mimics Asim’s rap.

Sid throws water on Rashami as Vishal did to Madhu. Sid laughs and brings more water. She asks him to take clean water. Vikas says they are enjoying this. Sid throws water on Rashami. Vikas stands with them. Paras and Mahira mimic Sana and Sid talking. Vikas says this is good.

5:30 PM
Sana mimics Arti. Vishal and Sana mimic Paras kissing Mahira.
Vishal and Arti mimic Sid and Rashami performing on Dil Se Dil tak song. Sid and Rashami look on. Rashami says they didn’t re-create it. Sid says yes, I have to see it. He leaves. Devo says he is a good man, you can be friends. Rashami says he is not bad but he is too sarcastic. Devo says but you answer him well.
Sid goes and watches Vishal and Arti mimicking him and Rashami then Asim enters the scene like Arhaan. Sid tells Arti that you were mimicking Rashami so put the tea back. She says yes.

6 PM
Sana asks Sid if he will not meet her later? He says you will be working. Sana says I can take out time for you. Tell me if you will meet or not so I will control my heart. Sid says so you can find another guy to cling too? Sana says you think that I am cheap. You call all the girls as a sweetheart. What am I to you? Sid says I am your servant. Sana says you are my love. Sid says you will find another outside. Sana says I am not talking to you anymore.

7 PM
Bigg Boss plays the videos they made. Mahira mimicking Asim’s rap plays on TV. Then Paras and Mahira mimicking Sid play on TV. They all clap. Sid and Rashami’s act of Vishal and Madhu’s fight plays. They all laugh.
Sana’s dialogues about Arti plays on TV. Then Sana and Vishal mimicking Paras and Mahira play. Then Vishal, Asim and Arti mimicking Sid, Rashami and Arhaan play. They all laugh.
Bigg Boss asks the judges to decide who has won. Shefali tells Vikas that they had to create scenes on the dialogues. Vikas says they morphed the situations a lot. Sid says it was creativity. Vishal says Sid doesn’t know anything. Shahbaz asks for the votes. Vikas says both teams have 4 votes. Bigg Boss says the judges are not putting a conclusion. All performed well in the task so no team wins this task and no one will get the gifts.

10:30 PM
Himanshi tells Sana that I wanted to cut the photo of your makeup artist who got us to fight. Sana brings the photo. Himanshi cuts the photo and tells Shahbaz that you know your sister, she was used in this situation.

Kash asks Vishal if he got up from the horse? Sid says Rashami knows that he did get up from the horse. Vishal says she will change her statement when you go away. Sid says I know that, she can bite you easily.

8:45 PM
Rashami tells Asim that why Vishal was saying that I change my words? Vishal sits with us and then he praises others. She alls Vishal and says why did you say that? Vishal says you scold me too much, you can joke with Sid but we can’t? Rashami says Sid is sarcastic so don’t give these statements. I don’t like that. Vishal says I was not taunting. Rashami says I am your friend that is why I am telling you, that was not the way to joke.

12 AM
Vishal hugs Rashami and says I am sorry. Rashami hugs him back.

12:45 AM
Kash tells Rashami that I felt you didn’t take a stand for Arti and then you say that you are her friend. Rashami says Paras commented on her and I told him that you can’t say that. Kash says you were not there for her as a friend. Rashami says she was there for me and I was there for her. I was hurt when she said that she won’t talk to me outside of here. Kash says you both should end this matter. She calls Arti and asks her to clarify here. Rashami asks Arti to say anything she wants to. Arti says it’s okay, don’t act great now, you don’t care for me. You don’t need me. Rashami says you didn’t come to me as well. Arti says you had Devo and then you were missing her but didn’t let me be closer to you. Rashami says you didn’t try anything, you are taking this forward.

1:15 AM
Sana says Shefali and Sid went to the washroom. Shefali says I liked it, his mouth was not stinking for once. Sana says his mouth doesn’t stink. Shefali says how do you know? Sana says because he talks to me closely. I can scan the person easily. All laugh. Sid asks Sana to not say that. Sana says he calls me work of art, what does that mean? Shefali says it means unique. Sana says he calls it in a sarcastic way. Himanshi laughs.

Day 124
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song paisa. They all dance.

9:30 AM
Sid tells Asim that you people are wasting tea. Mahira says don’t waste elachi. Asim says you don’t notice me, we all can eat the food here. Mahira says then throw it on yourself but elachi shouldn’t finish. Sid asks Asim to stop it, tea is still on the stove. Asim says I am taking it because of my throat.

Kash tells Arti that we can save Sid. Arti says we can save Sana. Kash says it’s time to change the game, Asim never fought with you.

1:30 PM
Shahbaz tells Sana that my father asked her to not talk to Paras and she promised on him but the moment he went out, she was talking to Paras again. All laugh.

2 PM
Devo tells Rashami that Sid is a natural here, we saw his shades but he didn’t fake it. All others are drama. Rashami says me too? Devo says my perspective is different when I went out. If I hate someone then that’s Mahira and Paras.

2:30 PM
Vikas reads the captaincy task. The house has a note printing factory. All the inmates will be workers who will print the notes. They will fill the bags and one worker will stand on a platform when the buzzer and throws the notes on the other side of the wall. The connections will have to get the notes and save it in their safes. The one with the most notes at the end of the round will take out one inmate from the task. At the end of the task, the two connections who have the most amount of notes will get some special powers.

3 PM
Vikas tells the connections that the game is not that simple. Shefali says we can’t hide it anywhere other than the safes.

Shefali tells Akash that we are together.
Vikas tells Shahbaz that I won’t flip. Shahbaz says I am flipper’s brother but I am not. Vikas tells Shefali that let’s play the two rounds. Shahbaz tells Kash we will keep it on our safe? Sid comes to them and says let’s go for the first two rounds.

Kash calls Vikas. Sid tells Vikas that the group is Paras, Mahira, Sana and me. Throw Rashami and Asim out of the task first. Shefali says Himanshi won’t do it. Vikas says Himanshi won’t attack. Vikas says I am loyal till the fourth round. Kash asks Vikas to give money to Shahbaz. Sana says I don’t trust Shefali, she will put Mahira first. Kash says Shefali is very strong. Shahbaz tells Sid that they are playing a game. Sid tells Shahbaz that we can’t be disloyal to my people. Sana says then be with them, they will throw me out of the game. Sid asks her to stop barking, I am talking to them. Sana says why don’t you listen to me? Sid says we are not your servants.

Vikas tells Shefali that Shahbaz said he will go last, I don’t like that.
Arti tells Sid that Sana is thinking about herself only. I don’t want to be a captain. Sid asks her to be quiet when I am not talking to you. Stop saying *******. Kash asks what happened? Sid says I am asking her to be quiet.

Vikas tells Shefali that Asim, Rashami, Vishal and Mahira.
Shahbaz tells Kash that I don’t trust Vikas. Kash says me too.
Vikas tells Shefali that Paras can cheat us anytime.

3:45 PM
Paras tells Shahbaz to not let Vikas rule the game. Vikas comes there and tells Kash that we are not changing the game. Kash says we are discussing. Shahbaz is not on-board with the plan. Vikas says it was my job to bring us on-board. Kash says it’s a game so let us play. Vikas says Shahbaz is going to flip.
Vikas comes to Sid and says Shahbaz is changing the game. Sana says he doesn’t want Mahira and Paras in the game but Shefali is not letting them. Vikas goes to talk. Sana tells Sid that we are weak, we want to become the captain too. Sid says play what you like to, you think that no one is with you so do what you want, go on their side.

Vikas tells Kash that Sahhbaz is cutting me off, I can’t trust him. Sid says play for yourself, nobody is listening. Kash says we are playing so don’t be angry. Sid says don’t talk about the thing that you don’t know. Vikas asks Kash to try and convince Shahbaz. Arti says Sana doesn’t want Mahira to be saved.
Shefali tells Paras that Shahbaz can steal the money.

Sana tells Sid that you are going to take your team to the finale now?
Vikas tells Kash that I will keep the money and I won’t cheat.
Sana tells Shahbaz to do what Sid is saying. Sid asks Shahbaz if he gave her any instructions? Vikas is not following me so don’t trust him.

Kash tells Asim and Vishal that she doesn’t trust Vikas and Devo.

4 PM
Sid asks the inmates how to make the notes?

Vikas tells Himanshi and Akash that Shahbaz is not loyal so I am not keeping him in the game. Let me tell Arti. Kash comes there and says why you want to tell her? This is my game. You don’t have a right to talk to her, how can you decide for my game? Don’t enter my game. We can’t play like this, don’t dictate me what to do. Don’t try to spoil my relationship with Arti. Vikas says she is important to me. Kash says you are a flipper, you save Sid. Vikas says Sid is already in the finale so don’t worry. Kash says you think that I am not playing for Arti? Play your game and don’t tell me what to do. She is on my side, this is not ethical. Vikas says what’s the issue? Kash says you can’t talk to my family. Shefali says he was talking about himself. Kash says Shefali talk to me when I am talking to you. Shefali says we are not trying to fight, he was talking to Arti for herself. Kash asks Arti to do her job. Arti says don’t fight. Kash says how dare he to say that he is going to save you, who is he? Vikas says a friend.


Bigg Boss 13 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : They all run to get the money in the task. Vikas says I have won the task. Shahbaz says I have more money than Vikas. Vikas says then show me. Shahbaz shows him his money. Vikas takes his money and puts it in his safe. Shahbaz says this is cheating. Vikas says I don’t care. Devo tells Vikas that you are a senior contestant so don’t do that, you are a cheater. Sid says if Vikas has cheated then Bigg Boss can throw me out of the task. Mahira tells Shahbaz that he can’t break the safe. Shahbaz says I can break it if I want to. Paras asks him to back off. Shahbaz says Mahira’s pappu is here now. Mahira shouts if he has no manners of talking? Shahbaz says this Paras takes money from girls. Paras asks him to shut up.Rashami tells Himanshi that Asim loves you a lot and you don’t. Himanshi says I have got to know about a lot of things and I need clarity. Rashami says you people are not friends. Himanshi says the way Asim confessed looked very filmy and his close people have asked me to not confess.

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