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Day 95
7 PM
Rashami tells Asim that Himanshi had trust issues with me. Asim says before I was looking at you from Sid’s eyes, he was misleading me and said bad words about you. Rashami says but everyone says that he doesn’t talk behind my back. Asim says he would say that he knew and all that but then I started talking to you. Rashami says I told Paras that he would get physical but I told Paras that I am with him.

8:15 PM
Sana tells Vishal that Paras said that I have a problem with Mahira, I don’t say anything because they call me jealous. Vishal says Mahira is making an issue when I didn’t say anything to her. They act like they are kings of this show. Bagga says why don’t you say anything to Sid? Vishal says Sid takes their side too, you were crying so Paras said that she is doing a drama, Paras will keep Mahira above you but he will keep up with Sid so he will keep buttering him. Sana says really? Vishal says you don’t like Sid taking Mahira’s side. Sana says he is over-doing it. Vishal says you keep him on top of the priority. Sid sees them talking. Vishal hugs Sana and says don’t be sad. She cries. Bagga and Vishal hug her. Bagga says you don’t have to cry.

8:45 PM
Sid asks Sana what lecture she got? Sana says he was right, he was just talking about the personal things. Sid says fine, go to him. Sana says you said that I am jealous of Mahira. Sid says you do acts like that. Sana says you want to put Mahira above me? Sid says you go and sit with Vishal, Bagga and Rashami. I am wrong. Sana says I feel your words. Sid says you are right, I am sorry, it was my game, he leaves from there.

9:30 PM
Sid tells Sana that they might think very good of you and our strategy is to show Mahira good in front of you so do what you want. I will sleep in the captaincy room with you as I don’t want to create a drama. We are not relatives but I don’t like to keep people who don’t trust me so leave it, the people who are giving you good advice, be with them. You are a vote to me, you won’t nominate me that’s why I talk to you, you don’t matter to me. Sana says I have an attachment to you so I just asked you why you said that I am jealous of Mahira. She hugs him and says you just need reasons to not talk to me. Vishal said the right thing. Sid leaves from there.

10:15 PM
Paras asks Sid what happened to Sana? Sid says Vishal said something to Sana and she went off. Paras says I understood that her problem is she irritates others. Sid says she listens to others easily, she follows them without thinking.

Day 96
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song dekho 2000 zamana aa gya. They all dance.

10:15 AM
Sana talks to Vishal and says I nominated Rashami because her feelings look fake but I find her cute. Sid sees her talking to Vishal.
Sid tells Arti that Sana gets influenced easily. Arti says it might be her game.
Sana tells Vishal that Sid doesn’t talk to me much now. Vishal says you were with three people so your involvement in the house was less. Sana says I was with Paras and Sid but not Mahira. I do get with people and become theirs. Vishal says I am going to leave now, he leaves. Sid comes there and ignores Sana. He takes his bottle and leaves.

11:15 PM
Sana comes to Sid and says can’t I talk to someone else? Sid says don’t disturb me, go from here. Sana says I am sorry. Sid says I don’t want to talk to you. Sana hugs him. Sid says don’t do this here, I am irritated, I want to rest. Sana says you think I do it for the camera?

12:15 PM
Paras tells Sid that make Rashami the captain, she won’t leave but once she becomes the captain then I will irritate her so much. Sid asks him to relax.
Rashami is cooking. Asim is helping her in making the kheer. Sana says what about the milk? Rashami says we have milk, Mahira drinks milk only. Mahira says don’t take my name alone.

2:15 PM
Bagga reads the task. The inmates have to win the luxury task to become captains. Team A will have Sid, Shefali Zari, Sana, Paras and Arti. Team B will have Rashami, Mahira, Bagga, Asim and Vishal. Madhu will be a referee. There are 2 baskets per team. The two inmates from each team will wear these baskets on their backs and roam around in the house. There are treasure chests in the house where we will send the blocks. The people with baskets have to get the blocks before the other team, you will put the block in the basket and have to protect it. Other team can steal the blocks. The team who gets more blocks will win the items written on the boxes and also become the captaincy contenders. The winning team will decide if Madhu should get the items and become the contender or not. Paras and Rashami won’t steal or take baskets because they are injured. The inmates can change the assigned people for baskets.

Rashami tells Madhu that they will try to distract you and bring loopholes but don’t let them phase you.

Sid tells Mahira that she is not part of their team. Mahira gets angry and leaves. Sid tells Shefali Zari, Sana and Arti that you can block them.

Rashami tells her team that we have to be careful of Mahira.

Sid tells Mahira that I am sorry if you felt bad about my comment, I was just joking.

Rashami tells Vishal that the referee’s game is important.
Paras tries to hug Mrahi but she says leave me. Sid tells Mahira that I didn’t mean it. He leaves. Mahira tells Paras that I am not going to play this game for any team. Vishal comes and tries to talk to Mahira but she says I am not playing.
Vishal comes to Rashami that she is part of our team but she is not playing.
Mahira tells Paras that even if I play with their team then I won’t become the captain, they are negative so I can’t play with them.

Paras tells Mahira that do what you think is right otherwise people will say that I am giving you tips. They don’t trust you.
Madhu asks Bigg Boss that Mahira is not playing so should I take one member out from the other team as well? Paras asks Mahira to play. Mahira says I am playing. Madhu asks them to not hurt each other, I want to become the captain as well otherwise I can go against the teams.

4 PM
Sid and Sana wear the baskets. Asim and Bagga wear the baskets from their team. Madhu tells Sid that you all should stay together so I can keep an eye. Sid says we can stay anywhere we want. Madhu says I am not stopping you. Sid says Madhu has to follow the written rules only. Madhu says I am a referee so I just asked you to stand with the other team, you have clarified that you are not going to give me the captaincy. Mahira tells Asim that she is not taking their side. Asim aks her to not irritate him, you are touching me. Mahira says I am protecting your basket. Asim says you are distracting me. Sid asks Madhu to not make her own rules. Rashami calls Madhu. Sid says we should hear their planning. Vishal says stop giving speeches Sid. Sid laughs at them. Rashami says he is not sure about winning so he has to hear the planning. Sid says she will give a shit now. Rashami says at least I know where to do shit.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks them to not use another cloth to tie the basket. Asim says my basket belt is losing. Sid says I knew it, crybaby. Asim asks him to not bark right now, your father is a crybaby. Asim asks him to stop saying rubbish, you can curse my family. Shefali says who is poking right now. Sid says what did I say? Rashami says he is a coward man. Asim says you keep barking Sid. Arti tells Asim that he brought his family now. Rashami asks Asim to calm down. Arti tells Asim that you called his father a crybaby. You started it. Asim says he called me a crybaby. Asim says he can say anything but I can’t. Rashami and Mahira argue too. Mahira says Rashami has to enter every argument. Vishal asks Asim to calm down. Asim says they can throw me out of the show, he started it. Sid comes there. Asim shouts at him. Sid says you can’t do anything. Asim asks him to get lost. They both argue with each other. Vishal asks them to leave it. Sid mimics Asim. Asim says you are nothing.

Bigg Boss says the first block is in the bathroom area. All run. Sid gets it and puts it in Sana’s basket. Asim runs to get it. Zari pushes Vishal away. Vishal asks her to not push him. Sid pushes Sid away and says don’t push her. Sid shouts at Madhu. Vishal says she pushed me first. Sid says to hell with your father. Vishal says don’t talk about my father. Sid says you were pushing her. Vishal shouts at him. Sid says you are a dog, ******. Rashami says he will put himself down, leave it Vishal. Vishal calls him a ******. Sid argues with him. Paras says the referee is not doing anything. Madhu says I know my job. Sid tells Asim ******. They both argue.

4:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you can’t lose senses. Play with your senses but don’t hurt each other, we will have to cancel this task so play with the smart mind. Sid says the referee is making her own rules call her in the confession room if she can’t understand. Madhu says you think I don’t have a mind? Bigg Boss asks Madhu if she has any confusion? Sid laughs. Madhu says no. Sana says let her do her work. Vishal says Sid is saying rubbish.

5 PM
Madhu reads the instructions again with Rashami. Rashami tells Madhu that if only one person can wear the basket? Madhu asks Bigg Boss if she can come to the confession room. Bigg Boss asks her to come inside. Sid asks her to ask all the questions.
Madhu asks Bigg Boss if one can wear the basket as they are getting hurt. Bigg Boss says you are right, only one person can wear the basket, others will be tied to him.
Paras argues with Asim. Asim says Sid started it. Mahira says they become good in front of the camera, Sid is this or that. That Rashami wanted Paras then Arhaan and Asim, you old aunty. Rashami says don’t worry about me, worry about yourself. Mahira says you are always behind me, I don’t care about you. You are of no one, you are a coward. Rashami says go away. She touches Mahira’s feet and says I can’t say all this rubbish. Your voice is irritating me. Mahira says I will bless you more.

5:15 PM
Madhu says to the inmates that only one will wear the basket. Bigg Boss asks them to re-start the task. Sana and Bagga wear the baskets. Sid and Sana move away. Asim and Bagga follow them. Asim asks Sid to not step on his shoes. Sid says you mind your steps. Asim asks Sid to not block the path. The buzzer plays. Sid falls over Sana as Asim tries to move past him. Bigg Boss asks them to stop the task. Sana gets hurt. Zari asks them to move back. Vishal says Sid fell over her, we didn’t do anything. Madhu tells Sid that he can’t hover over her like that. Shefali says Vishal pulled her basket so Sid fell down. Bigg Boss calls them in the living area.
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you people are not using the senses, you might get hurt so it’s time to make a decision. We will not continue this task.

Mahira says I wanted to become the captain this time. Sana says it’s good that they stopped this task.

6 PM
Madhi says to Rashai that Sid had issues with the referee as well. Rashami tells that he thinks he is the smart one, he is a ****, he has most of the issues in this house, he puts people down, he is a 40-year-old people, people take him as an idol but see what he is doing.
Paras tells Mahira that Asim was calling me bro. Mahira says he talks to me a lot.
Asim says to Rashami that Sid always needs support because he is weak.

6:30 PM
Vishal says they are talking about characters only/.
Shefali Zari tells Paras and Sid that Rashami always b*t*hes about Sid, it was her issue with Sid. Sid says what you think happened before? Paras says I know everything because we are connected. Sid says we didn’t have a good connection before but then everything was fine and then everything was cut off. Shefali Zari says she said that you cursed her on the set. Sid says never, we didn’t have any arguments, her version is totally different. Paras says why would she continue the show like that? I told you about the driver in that way only. Sid says I don’t want to know about that, you can say anything because I don’t know you, I never had a past with you so I don’t care what you say but she smartly tells people the changed version, she does it for the camera but she doesn’t say it on my face. You know the format of the shows, I can’t give her lines to others.


Bigg Boss 13 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Asim tells Mahira that Bagga and Rashami will have rotis. Mahira says I will make roties but tell them to not waste it. Asim says talk to me nicely. Rashami tells Sana that she will make her own rotis from tomorrow. Rashami says that woman is so negative. She throws things around. Paras tries to hug her but she slaps lightly. Paras gets angry and says I don’t let any girl touch me, don’t fight me for no reason. I don’t stay near the girls who hit men.The love guru comes in the house. He tells Rashami to not let her love life affect her professional life. He tells Arti that her marriage is near, she blushes. He tells Sid that he had struggled with emotions in his life. He tells Madhu that she will have a troubled personal life.

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