Bigg Boss 13 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 13 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Bigg Boss 13 Written Update on

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Day 62
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song bluff master. They all dance.

9 AM
Paras sings and says to Mahira that why didn’t you dance with me? Mahira says you could dance alone. You don’t need me. Paras says you have been with me on this journey. Mahira says you can play alone. Paras says don’t want to talk to me? Don’t show me your attitude. Mahira says I will take care of not showing it.

Asim tells Sana that I don’t need money in life. Sana says I can feel that you were hurt. Asim says I don’t care about the value of items, he has a black heart.

1 PM
Devo asks about the bad and good qualities. Sana says selfish, I don’t get good friends. Sid says what is your level? Sana says I am a little characterless too. Sid hits him with the pillow. Paras asks what is she saying? Sana says in a good way. Devo says it’s easy going. Asim says Sana is confused.

1:45 PM
Sid comes to Rashami as she is talking to Vishal. Rashami asks him to sit. Sid says I want to listen to the speech too. Rashami says to Vishal that Sid doesn’t work but he is a good captain when he got hurt yesterday, I was concerned. I told him to reheat the tea, he is a captain but he still went out of the way, this is a different Sid in the captaincy. Sid says say more. Rashami says what else do you need? you don’t need any guidance. Sid says you think like that, it doesn’t matter. Rashami says to do something special. Vishal laughs and leaves. Rashami asks what can he do? Sid says I can give my life, anything you want. Rashami says you are a liar. Sid says tell me what lie did I say anytime? Sana sees them and leaves. Rashami says why so much love today? Sid says this is just information.
Sana asks Asim what is happening outside? They must have had a relationship. Asim says they might have broken up.
Rashami tells Sid that I have heard some stories about you. Sid says you trust those stories?
Sana asks Asim they need each other now? Asim says it’s a game.
Sid asks Rashami to say more. Rashami says I feel like we should wash the dishes. Sid says you can’t everything you want. Rashami says then don’t ask, you can’t go out of your way? Sid says not every time. Rashami says when did you do it? Sid says it’s about memories, sweet and bitter memories, I don’t forget anything, you know everything. Rashami says where are you going? Sid says you know everything but you leave things aside. You don’t have any bad quality, you always say the truth, I said it on the stage. There is no one like you. Rashami says I don’t remember it, it’s been ages. They share an eyelock. Sana and Bhau sing ankhon ki gustakhiyan. Sid says we are talking. Sana says go and find a room. Rashami says come with me to wash the dishes. Sid says you do other works fast, you have to do it alone. Rashami says so you are leaving? Sid says I left.

2 PM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates to choose two inmates for jail punishment. Sid can’t be chosen for this. Sid laughs. Bigg Boss says you have to mutually decide the names. Bigg Boss says we are giving you more time, think about it. We want to tell you that the people in jail will work in the house, nobody else will work and we will give them tasks too. They will go to jail to rest and use the washroom, they can’t use house furniture. Sid says if they can’t cook then? Bigg Boss says then others can guide them. Mahira takes Rashami and Asim’s name. Sana takes Rashami and Asim’s name. Paras takes Asim’s name and Shefali. Rashami takes Bhau’s name and Mahira’s name for being negative with her. Mahira says you don’t understand my points which are right. Sid says Asim took the fight way ahead of the topic and also Paras took it ahead without any reason. Shefali takes Paras’ name. Himanshi takes Mahira’s name. Mahira says because Asim said so? Himanshi says I was talking to you nicely but you reacted badly to me, I was just telling you that the slab was not clean and then perfume cost was used by Paras. Paras says I was just joking. Himanshi says I am not talking to you. Bhau takes Sana and Paras’ name. Asim takes Mahira’s name for being brainless. He takes Paras’ name as he is cheap and he goes personal. Paras gets angry and leaves from there. Sana asks Asim to not go there again. Mahira says I have asked him to stay away from me. Sid calls Paras back. Vishal asks Bhau to stop telling people to not fight.
Sid tells Sana that I have to take Paras’ name as they both were in the fight. Sana says Paras took the stand for you. Sid says but he was involved in the fight.
Sid tells the Bigg Boss that Asim and Paras have been chosen for jail. Bigg Boss says Sid have to make sure that they do all the work. Make them wear cuffs too.

3 PM
Asim tells Sid that I will cook or wash the dishes. Sid says his finger is hurt so just wash the dishes. Asim angrily starts throwing dishes. Sid says you have to be careful, he is hurt. Asim says I am hurt too, I do my work in pain too. Sid says just wash the dishes. I have back pain too, I do work for my love for others, if I do all the work then what will he do?

4 PM
Sid says sorry to Sana for shouting and says you have an equation with Paras, Asim was my friend but Paras said things to him so I had to take both their names. Sana says both were at mistake. Sid says if you want to be miffed then fine. Sana says I can’t. She hugs him.

4:45 PM
Sid lies with Bhau and Sana. Bigg Boss asks Sid to bring the things from the storeroom to the garden.
Sid finds many shoes and brings them to the garden area. Himanshi says they will have to polish it.

6 PM
Sid asks Rashami to polish the shoes. Rashami says you liar, I don’t trust you.
Bhau steals from Sid’s room. Himanshi asks him to hide it fast. They eat sweets from Sid’s room and laugh.
Devo comes to Bhau and asks what he is hiding? He laughs and says nothing. She takes the packet from him and puts it back in Sid’s room.

Sid asks Rashami to sit and start working. She says I can’t squat. He says you have to. Rashami says I am not. Rashami sits down and starts polishing. She says are you serious? I can’t squat. Sid laughs and says it was not for you. Rashami runs behind him and says I knew it. You liar.

6:15 PM
Bigg Boss says Paras and Asim now have to clean the shoes, only one will do it so they have to decide it. Paras asks Asim to do it as I will cook. Asim says I am already washing the dishes, I am telling you calmly that I can’t clean these shoes. Paras says you can polish the shoes too. Paras says I can cook all the food. Asim says I will do everything except this. Sana says he has decided to cook. Sana says he can just give up. Asim says you don’t talk about others. Sana says he is so aggressive. Paras starts polishing the shoes.

6:30 PM
Bhau steals from Sid’s room. Sid sees him and says now you are doing this? Bhau says I am joking. Sid says you can’t steal like this, this is not fun. Bhau says they can steal the key but I can’t? Sid says this is not right. Arti says if Bhau doesn’t get punished then Sid can’t punish anyone. Sid asks her to remain in the limit, you want some topic to fight? You can’t decide what the captain will do or not. Arti says you don’t tell me what to say. Sid says stop saying rubbish. Arti says you always say rubbish. Bhau says you didn’t have to fight. He gives the things back to Sid.
Arti tells Himanshi that Sid doesn’t have a limit. Sid says she roams around like a ghost. Arti asks him to talk with respect. Sid says keep talking here and there. Sid says don’t tell me what to do. You get angry if I don’t take a stand for you. Arti says you are no one to tell me what to do.

7 PM
Bhau hugs Himanshi and Shefali and says I was having fun only. Shefali says if you share it then they will lose luxury budget. Sana tells Paras that Bhau is taking revenge as we stole from Himanshi. Sid tells Asim that you can’t steal the items of the luxury budget. He comes to Shefali and says you think that if someone else shares the items then we will lose it?

Arti says he thinks no one can speak up. Sid says you are so shallow, you are on no side. Arti says you think you know everything, don’t talk about me. Play your game. I am not playing with you. Sid says then go and sit with people whom you curse. Arti says you did this with Asim too. Sid says you said the same thing to Asim as well, you are lost and you will always be. You are showing your real face. Arti says get lost. Sid says you don’t have anything to say but you can keep trying to be seen. Arti tells Bhau that I am done with him. Sid says don’t come back to me.

9 PM
Shefali reads the task that they have to play a poker game. Sana and Paras have to catch the bluff of five people. There are cards of Rashami, Vikas, Arti, Vishal, and Asim on the table where three statements on each card are written. They have to find out which two are the truth and which statement is lie about these 5 inmates. Inmates will read the statements to Paras and Sana. Sid will be the judge of the task. He will have to tell whom between Sana and Paras guessed it fast. Winner will get a card that will benefit them a lot.

9:45 PM
Arti reads the statements that she used to call her father’s uncle, she stole from brother’s account and my marriage is done. Paras says first statement is wrong. Sana says yes. Arti says yes I used to call my father’s uncle and I took the money. The lie is that my marriage is fixed so you both are wrong.
Bhau reads his statements that he used to run from the school, his family doesn’t know how he earns, he goes to London. Paras says London is truth. Sana says bluff is that he used to run from the school. Bhau says London is a lie.
Asim reads the statements that he was dating two girls at a time, he still sating two girls at a time, he was a boxing trainer. Paras says trainer is a bluff. Sana says me too. Asim says I am not dating two girls right now. Sid says both are wrong.
Rashami reads the statement that she is good friends with Tina Dutta her co-star of Uttarn, her contract was not renewed because of her money demand, she went bankrupt 3 years back. Sana says you don’t look bankrupt. Sana says the first statement is a bluff. Paras says first one is a bluff. Sana says bankrupt is a bluff. Rashami says money renewal was a bluff. Both are wrong.
Vishal reads the statement that he cheated on graduation, he was married when he came in the industry and he failed his 10th standard. Paras says his marriage statement is a bluff. Sana says yes me too. Vishal says yes the second one is a bluff. Shefali says now Sid has to catch the poker face. Sid says Arti didn’t look from her card. Asim and Vishal had poker face, Asim’s bluff was not caught so he is the poker. He wins the poker card. Sid says the best bluff catcher is Paras. They get the card. Asim reads on the card that the special immunity that they have is that they can choose their own house duty which the captain can’t change. They will do that duty for a week. Asim says I and Paras will handle the rationing for this week. Mahira says I wanted to be a part of this week. Asim teases Sid. Asim tells Paras that we will do it all now.

10:15 PM
Paras tells Mahira that I thought I caught Arti. Sana says I thought that marriage was broken so she might have her marriage fixed. Bhau looks like the guy to go to London for some shady work.

Himanshi and Sid tease Bhau about his wife. Bhau says you people want to destroy me.

10:30 PM
Devo tells Arti that if you don’t have anything to say about Sid then don’t make the statement that you know about him. Sid says you said that I was barking? Arti says you talk behind the back too like me. Arti says to Sid that you say bad words about people. Sid says oh my God I am so scared, he mimics Arti’s panic and says oh I wanted to be on all sides but my plan is out, I have no strategy now.
Rashami says we should call Sid away from Arti. Shefali asks Sid to come out, she pulls him away from Arti. Arti smiles at Sid. Rashami says relax Sid, she gets panic attacks. Sid says I am getting panic attacks with her words. Rashami says she totally gets lost, there was an issue last year, there was a problem with her. Sid says I don’t know. Rashami says I don’t want to say it, understand the point I am saying, He says okay.


Bigg Boss 13 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :  Bigg Boss says this season has crossed our expectations. This season has become the most successful season of the Bigg Boss history and finale will happen.. All hoot and cheer for it.Rashami and Vishal steal and eat the pasta. Bigg Boss calls them in the confession room and says why did you steal the luxury budget?Vishal tells the inmates that they stole pasta so they will have to give away the luxury budget. Sid says you people are losers, you were so hungry? Vishal says don’t be a goon with me. Sid says stop saying rubbish.Sid is in the lounge. Salman connects the call. Sid is surprised. Salman shouts at him and says this is your tone Sid.


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