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Day 122
7:45 PM
Rashami asks Sid who will come as his connection? Sid says I don’t know, I don’t have any connection, I can’t discuss it like that. Devo laughs and says you both should be seen like this.
The buzzer plays, Sid hugs and kisses Sana. The TV screen shows Vikas. Vikas Gupta says I am here as Sid’s connection. Bigg Boss asks who are you voting for except Sid? He says I am confused between Arti and Sana. I am voting for Arti as she was a good captain. Arti thanks. Sid laughs and runs to the confession room. Devo screams and hugs him. Sid acts like crying and hugs Vikas. Vikas says I missed you so much, I am back. Sid acts like a scared kid and says they were fighting with me. Devo says this is my connection.

8 PM
Vikas tells Mahira that you are a nice girl. Mahira says my brother is not telling me anything. Vikas says you look irritating on-screen. Akash says she should take credit for acts. Sana says Paras has held her, she was not strong before.

8:30 PM
All sit down in the living room. The TV screen shows Vishal’s brother Kunal. He says I am here for Vishal. Bigg Boss asks whom he is voting for except Vishal? He says I am voting for Rashami, she is a calm and sorted person. Sid looks at Rashami and acts surprised. Rashami says I am a sorted person. Sid says yes. Kunal touches Vishal’s feet. Vishal hugs him and gets emotional. He meets everyone.
Kunal tells Vishal that everything is good.

Vikas sits with Sana. Sid comes there and says don’t say anything to her, she will feel bad. Sana says there is a way to taunt or joke. If you joke with me then it’s fine with me, Vikas can scold me and I will be fine. Sid leaves from there.

Kunal tells Vishal that be honest, don’t be confused. Vishal says I wanted to get that task rejected. You should not let go of things, Vishal says I am not weak. I play the game in my trio.

Vikas tells Sana that the guests come and tell you things and you take it seriously. People love you and that is fine, focus on the game. Sana says the game has finished. Vikas says people will now decide who be in the top 3. Sana says I do things from my heart, I didn’t even listen to Sid. Vikas says you don’t get influenced. Sana says if I sit with Rashami, Asim and Vishal then I don’t accept everything they say.
Vishal asks Kunal what is happening outside? Kunal says I gave some interviews. You could have handled Madhu’s issue maturely.

Kunal tells Sid that I respect you a lot but the way you talk to others is not good. Sid says we have a different way of talking, we come from different families. I really like Vishal since the start, I invested in him but he kept doing things that I didn’t like and my respect was gone.

Sana says to Vikas that Sid doesn’t like me talking to them. Vikas says they so much worse for him so he must feel bad. Sana says I wanted him to pacify me and give me respect but he said that self-respect is in our own hands. Vikas says Sid won’t have anyone if Arti leaves. Sana says I love him a lot, I have an attachment. Vikas looks at Asim and Himanshi. Vikas says someone is waiting for Asim outside too. Sana says what? Vikas says he has a girlfriend too, they should end their current relationships before entering another one. Sana says this is like Paras.

9 PM
Shefali sitting in the confession room. All cheer for her. She says I am here for Paras. Bigg Boss welcomes Shefali back and says it’s good to see you back. Sana says it’s not. Shefali says I want to complete the circle, Arti is playing well but I called her weak. I am voting for her. Arti says I love you. Mahira runs and hugs Shefali. Himanshi runs for her too. Shefali hugs her. Paras hugs Shefali. Shefali says I am so happy to before. Sid hugs her and says you didn’t vote for me? Shefali says Asim, how are you? She goes and hugs Vikas. Shefali says hi Asim, how are you? I missed you so much. Asim says I didn’t.

Asim tells Himanshi and Sana that she was taunting me today. Himanshi says be silent. Sana says we are here only.

Sana asks Sid if he wants to change the game? You are in the form now. Sid asks if she is mad? Sana leaves from there.
Shefali hugs Sid and says don’t be a sad baby. Sid acts like crying.
Vikas tells Himanshi that you did the right thing. Asim comes there. Vikas says if you have someone outside then end it first before jumping in another relationship. You cleared it to Asim that you were in a relationship and never crossed the line. You ended your matters outside and then came back, I respect you for that. Shefali tells Asim that I was missing you. Asim says I didn’t. Himanshi asks them to stop it. Shefali tells Asim that people are missing you, you didn’t want me here again. Shefali says we will meet outside too. Himanshi asks her to let it be. Shefali says I am talking nicely, I love him. Asim says thank you. Shefali says I am here to enjoy. Sid laughs. Shefali hugs Himanshi and says I am so happy to see you.

Asim tells Devo and Rashami that we are gonna kill it.

Sid asks Sana what happened? Sana says it’s okay. Paras comes there and asks what happened? Be cool. Sana says let me be. Asim says what happened? Sana says I am waiting for my connection. Asim says her vibe might not be matching with new people. She has taken a lot of bullshit. Mahira asks what happened? Sana says I don’t like her vibe (Shefali). Sid asks her to not misbehave.

10:30 PM
The TV screen shows Sana’s brother Shahbaz. He says I am here for Sana. Bigg Boss welcomes him and asks whom he is voting for except Sana? He says Sid because he is a good friend of hers. Sana laughs.

Bigg Boss says as per the votes, Sid becomes the interim captain, he can have the benefits of a captain but not the immunity. Shahbaz enters the house with a cake. Sana hugs him and says the dog. Shahbaz laughs. Shahbaz meets everyone. He meets Himanshi and hugs Asim. Shahbaz asks Sana aren’t you shy? She says now I am. She cuts the cake. All clap for her. She makes Sid eat the cake first and then Shahbaz and Rashami. Bigg Boss wishes her the birthday. Asim applies cake to her.
Shahbaz asks Himanshi if she is friends with Sana now? Himanshi says yes, it’s her birthday.

Shahbaz tells Sana that I really like Arti. Sana laughs and says she is not married. Shahbaz laughs. He says I like Mahira but her brother is here. He says I like Sid. Sid says Rashami is the best. If you become her friend then she will bring out the food that she has hidden. Rashami asks Sana what he will eat? Sana says to make a lot of food for him.
Arti tells Kash that Sana’s brother praised me and they all were insecure. Kash says you are a turtle in this race so let them fight and you focus on winning.

11 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that a lot of things happened here which never happened before. You people have connections that came from the outside. They have come to give you strength and give a new point of view but they do have some restrictions in talking about the outside things. We hope that you don’t cross the line and make these days memorable. They all thank Bigg Boss. Asim hugs Himanshi.
Shahbaz tells Sana that she stay away from Rashami, she said that you are zero without Sid. Sana says really? Shahbaz says you are not zero. Sana says I wouldn’t have played without Sid if that was the case, I am attached to Sid. Shahbaz says I know, they talk good with you but then back-bite about you.

11:30 PM
Sid asks Rashami what duty she will take? Rashami says I will clean the toilet with Devo. Mahira asks Sid to give her lunch and change Paras’ duty. Sid says Paras can make tea and stuff. Mahira says Shefali can work with me. Sid says she won’t. Mahira says you can give other duties to Vishal. Sid says okay I will give toilet to Rashami. Rashami says I won’t do it. Sid says now I have fixed it, you will clean the toilet and won’t cook. Sid tells Asim that you will clean the dishes with Vishal. Rashami says I can clean the toilet with Asim as Devo has some back problems. Asim says I can do it with Himanshi also. Sid asks then what will Rashami do? Rashami says what do you want me to do? I can clean the bedroom also. Sid says I will let you know. Rashami says I won’t wash the dishes. Sid asks Asim to clean the dishes with Himanshi. Asim says no, she is not well, we will clean the toilet. Sid says someone has to do it. Asim leaves. Rashami tells Sid that I can’t clean the dishes. Sid says then tell Bigg Boss. Rashami says you are a captain so you find a solution, I have a finger issue. Sid says don’t fight. Rashami says I have sinus issues, don’t ask me how I am ill. Sid says you are always ill when I tell you to work. You were cleaning the dishes before, go to the hospital if you are ill. Rashami says Asim is helping me, I do my work.

11:45 PM
Sid tells Vishal, Shahbaz and Kunal that you people have to clean the dishes. Vishal says I can clean the living room. Sid says Sana is doing it. Vishal says I am not cleaning the dishes. Sid says I am the captain so I will decide. Vishal says there are too many dishes so I am not doing it. Sid says I might be wrong, I will live with my life but you have to do this duty. Vishal says I can’t do it. You can’t give duties to the guests. Sid says if you tell your friends to clean the dishes then I am fine with it. Sid says Arti is doing dinner, Mahira is doing lunch, Asim is doing toilet. Vikas is also cleaning the dishes but he is my connection. Vishal says so you will make rules now? Sid says you can swap your duty but I want the dishes cleaned. Vishal says why didn’t you ask me before? You are saying that you will do anything you want. Sid says this is the limit. Sid tells Vishal that you have been cleaning the dishes in other’s captaincy also. Vishal says look at your attitude, you are ordering around. Kash says I will help Vishal. I can clean the dishes for one time.

12:15 AM
Himanshi tells Asim that I was in a relationship for 9 years but he wouldn’t take care of me. I would be lying idle and he didn’t care. Then your topic would come up all the time. There was no end and I realized that I was wrong. We know our value, if I am bowing to someone then I care for them. If my in-laws had called me after I came out of the show and asked me but they didn’t. I was totally alone, they were taunting me about my comment. When I had my career set up, I could have left him but I didn’t. I still had to prove to him so I was feeling worthless. Asim says you realized after you left? Himanshi says it was not easy to shut things down. I was putting myself first. I was crying after I went from here. I begged him to come and take care of me but he didn’t.

Vikas tells Sid that you shouldn’t curse his family. Asim’s game is poking. Sid says this is too much for me, he is poking me a lot. Vikas says you become poked a lot, they know when Sana is not with you then you are weak but now he is busy with Himanshi. Sid says he apologized to me but I don’t care. Vikas says don’t give him a reaction, they like to see you tortured.

3:45 AM
Asim and Himanshi are in bed. Asim says a long time. Himanshi says yes. Asim says I didn’t know what was happening with you but I missed you every second. Himanshi says this doesn’t feel real. Asim says the time was flying with you today.. I love you.. I love you so much and I love you forever. Himanshi smiles and says now you can see me? Asim says I just love you so much.

Day 123
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dhintik naach. They all dance.

9 AM
Asim asks Shahbaz to mimic. Shahbaz mimics Sid and Asim. Asim laughs.

9:15 AM
Kash tells Arti that don’t fight over useless topics. If you are silent then you look weak.
Paras asks for breakfast. Kash says Arhaan and Rashami used to hide so many things. Arhaan asked for the cheese and Rashami brought it so easily. Nobody had hidden it before. Paras says the right word is stealing. Kash says it doesn’t look good.

10 AM
Sid hugs Sana. Kunal says we used to watch it on TV. Sana asks Sid to hug her.

11 AM
Kash asks Arti if she likes Sid? He is a very good guy. Arti says no, I can’t match my temperament with him. Kash says yes, it’s like you will marry me. Arti laughs. Kash says do it for real, he has a connection with Sana and we shouldn’t interfere but as a sister in law if we want a husband then he is the one as he has always saved you, he has that protectiveness, he never saved Sana but you only. He does love you like a friend and you both don’t know about it. Arti says no, his temperament can’t match with me. Kash says he is a very good guy. Arti says he is a very good guy but I can never think from that angle. Kash says but we can think as a family, I will talk to him. Arti says no, no no… Kash says you choose from Sid or Vishal. Arti says no to both. Kash laughs.

11:15 AM
Sid asks Rashami to clean the bedroom and things will be done. Rashami says sit with me and I will do it. Sid says okay. Rashami says you will sit daily with me? He says no. Rashami says it gives me power-dose. Sid says don’t bore me. Rashami says you were boring me yesterday so did I say anything? Sid says I am settling the score by coming here. Rashami says okay.

Vishal tells Devo that when Sid becomes the captain then he gives priority to his friends. Devo says because they have voted for him.

Kash tells Sana that I am sorry if I have hurt you. Sana says I don’t care about others but when Sid taunts me then it hurts me. My papa asked me to not cry but I know my feelings for him.

12:30 PM
Shahbaz tells Sid and Sana that Mahira and Paras want to break you both. Their strategy is to throw Sana out and then Sid. They talk behind the backs. Sid says I never react to her when someone says something about her. She doesn’t listen to me. I have an attachment to her but she goes to the other team. Paras has a lot of rubbish for me at the start but he talks to me nicely and I talk nicely to him now. Shahbaz tells Sid and Sana that you both start fighting because of misunderstandings. Sana says to Sid that you fight with Rashami so you get angry when I sit with her? Sid says yes. Sana says the same with me. Sid says Rashami was not my friend, she says bad words about you but you sit with her and she uses you. Sana says but Paras says bad things about me too. Sid says you sit with her. He leaves. Shahbaz tells Sana that I have told Sid that you don’t like him sitting with Shefali, I have told him that he can sit with others but you can’t sit with others? You fought with Himanshi but you hugged her here, you melt in front of people, you both were wrong and when she saw you on TV, she realized that you are a good person. When Sid sees you on TV then you will realize that you both are good to each other. Don’t hurt each other.


Bigg Boss 13 30th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Vikas tells the team that the game is simple but not.Shefali tells Akash that we will steal once we save ours.Shahbaz tells Kash that Vikas will make Shefali win because he is her best friend.Vikas tells Kash that don’t trust anyone.Kash tells Arti that I don’t trust Kash. She asks Vikas to not enter my game, you can’t dictate me what to do. They all run to get the money in the task. Vikas says I have won the task. Shahbaz says I have more money than Vikas. Vikas says then show me. Shahbaz shows him his money. Vikas takes his money and puts it in his safe. Shahbaz says this is cheating. Vikas says I don’t care. Devo tells Vikas that you are a senior contestant so don’t do that, you are a cheater. Sid says if Vikas has cheated then Bigg Boss can throw me out of the task.

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