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Day 122
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song mujhko ko kia hua.. koi mil gaya. Vishal hugs Paras.
Paras tells Asim that it might be because of Himanshi. Asim asys no.

Sid asks Rashami and Arti to not sleep. Rashami asks him to go and wash the dishes. Sid leaves. Arti tells Rashami that if Sid goes overboard then I will be angry, he makes fun of others. Asim says it’s Sana’s birthday and we don’t feel it. Arti says to Rashami that Sana went back to Sid. Rashami looks at Mahira and says the enemy is going.

12:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time to choose a new captain but you people don’t have a good history so we are sending connections for you. They will choose the captain but till then we will have an intermediate captain, which means you get all the rights as a captain but not the immunity. Let’s meet the first connection and she will cast a vote. They see Devoleena on TV. All are excited. Devo says I am here for my best friend Rashami. Rashami says you look pretty. Bigg Boss welcomes Devo and says whom will you vote except Rashami? Devo says Sana as it’s her birthday. Sana thanks her. Devo comes into the house. Rashami runs and lifts her up. She kisses her cheek. Devo smiles and hugs everyone. She hugs Sid and asks how is his health? He says good. Sid says I thought Arhaan would be coming. Sana asks Sid who is his connection? Arti says Madhu might be coming with a bat for Vishal. All laugh.

2 PM
Rashami tells Devo that I thought you might not meet me as I might have upset you. Devo says I told you the reason for being upset. I want to tell you that you are not alone, I am there, your family is there and your mother too. Rashami says I doubt. Devo says stop thinking that you are alone. Rashami says shit has happened in my life. Devo says things will become fine after this. Rashami says I don’t want to talk to anyone for now. Devo says calm down.
Paras teases Asim for shaving as Himanshi might be coming.
Devo tells Rashami that Sana was crying for days. Rashami says yes, she was upset because of Sid. I pacified her but now they have patched up. Sid comes and asks Devo what’s going one? Devo says there is SidLeena too. Sid laughs and says that sounds so bad. Rashami laughs. Sid says what she is saying Rashami? Rashami says you have a name with everyone, good going. Sid laughs. Rashami says Paras is called a playboy but Sid has all the connections.
Arti tells Vishal that I feel out of place between Rashami and Devo.
Sid tells Rashami that I will entertain you for the audience. Rashami asks him to go and make tea. Devo says make for me too. Sid says okay.

2:15 PM
Rashami asks Devo if I am seen working? Sid says you are shown working and doing all the acts. Devo says did Sid miss me? Sid says a lot. Rashami says he didn’t take your name once. Sid says now there is no #MeeToo. Rashami says I had hidden tea because Sid misuse it and then he found it and he calls me a thief. Sid says we know everything gone will be found from Rashami’s luggage. Asim comes there and says I will have tea too from Sid. Sid says this is going on too much. Sid gives tea to Rashami. Asim tells Sid that it’s good tea.

3 PM
The TV shows Himanshi. Himanshi says I am here for Asim Riaz. Bigg Boss asks whom are you voting for except Asim? Himanshi says Sana, I didn’t talk to her much in the house but as a viewer, I feel a connection with her and she is genuine in the game. Sana says aww. Himanshi enters the house. Asim runs and hugs her. Himanshi hugs him too. All smile. Asim laughs and asks how is she? Asim whispers I love you and I missed you so much. Himanshi says I saw. Asim says it will take time, he asks everyone to leave. Himanshi says people are going crazy for us. Rashami kisses Himanshi’s cheek. Sana smiles seeing them. Rashami hugs Sana and asks if she is fine? Sana says yes. Himanshi hugs Sana and wishes for her birthday. She hugs everyone. Mahira sings koi mil gaya. Asim smiles. Himanshi tells Mahira that I met people that know you are praising you. You both look cute together. Himanshi hugs Sid and asks him to not be aggressive. Himanshi asks Sana to not cry, don’t let others affect you. Sana says I am fine now. Himanshi says you deserve a better team now.

3:15 PM
Sana tells Sid that I have got Himanshi back. She is my own, she said a lot to me. Sid says she is still calling me aggressive? Paras says she won’t’ say anything to Asim.

Asim kisses Himanshi. Himanshi says what happened with you? Asim says I had feelings for you and when you left me, it broke me and I became aggressive. Himanshi says Parag sent the message, I was not getting married, I was emotional and said I will get married but nothing was fixed. Asim says Salman also said that it was because of me. Himanshi says I said that soon you will get everything in your life and maybe I am your lady luck. Asim asks what is her feelings for him? Himanshi says if a guy is telling me that he likes me so my boyfriend would get protective, how would you feel? Asim says I would give you a chance. If you do a show then I won’t let you go. Himanshi says but people think that I am beautiful and he was insecure of me going away so we had arguments and we mutually ended things.
Paras tells Sid that Asim will not be aggressive, he wants immunity. Sid says why she is favoring Sana? She was cursed outside so she is washing her sins now.
Himanshi tells Asim that my partner had another point of view, we both were right so we had to end it. Asim says where is my love? Himanshi says I am standing here. My mom is very fond of you, she said to tell Asim to be calm. Asim smiles.

Sid jokes with Rashami as she is using ghee. Rashami says you ate nuggets and I didn’t say anything. Sid says Asim made them, you will beat him now? He is not yours now. He laughs. Rashami says I have Devoleena. Sid says Sana came to my side otherwise Asim would have thrown her away today.

3:30 PM
Devo asks Rashami to patch up with Sid. Rashami says I will never meet him after the show. He is not my type. Devo says Arhaan is not your type too. Rashami says I have not taken aggressive decisions. Devo asks Sid if he will have a sweet dish? I have made it. Rashami says I will bring it to Sid. Sid smiles at her. Rashami says I might mix something in it. Sid says you can put it, I will eat poison if you give it with love. Devo laughs.

Himanshi asks Vishal if his bum is good? He laughs and says fine.

Asim asks Rashami if I should tell her? Rashami says you have time to say it. Devo says I will give you some sweet dish. She makes a heart.

3:45 PM
Himanshi tells Paras and Sana that we both were hurt. I am a calm person but Sana is not, I am clear now, I was a top star when we had a controversy but I went from this house with a clear image. Sana says it’s okay. Himanshi says I want to solve it. Sana says we will talk outside the show.

4 PM
Sid tells Sana that she doesn’t listen to their rubbish. Why is she doing on TV? She can clarify later but she wants to clean her stance. She is putting you down. Sana says she is fine. Sid says you are… don’t say anything, you keep doing it. Sana says I am sorry, don’t be angry, let her do it if she wants to.

4:15 PM
Sid sings bol do na zara for Rashami as she brings a sweet dish for him. Rashami says are you eating it or not? Sid keeps singing and doesn’t eat. Rashami says you don’t eat anything I bring to you. Sid says the spoon fell down. Rashami leaves. Sid brings another spoon and eats the sweet dish. He says Devoleena makes it food. I didn’t expect this from this type of girl.

4:30 PM
Mahira’s brother is shown on TV. Sid says we should hide. He says Akash and I are Mahira’s connection. Bigg Boss asks whom are you voting for except Mahira? He says Sid, he is best for it. Akash enters the house. Mahira runs and hugs him. She cries. Akash says don’t cry. Paras goes and hugs him. Akash meets everyone.
Paras comes to Akash and says we were joking when we called you useless. Akash says I felt bad as we don’t know each other. Paras says I am sorry.
Mahira tells Sana that Akash is shy. Akash tells Sana that you look slim in real. Sid laughs.

Vishal tells Himanshi that I never fought with Asim. Asim says never.

Akash says you people called me Nalla (useless). Sid says it’s not a bad word. Paras says we were joking.

4:45 PM
Asim comes to Himanshi and sits on his knees. Asim says I love you and will you be with me for the rest of my life? Will you marry me? All cheer for them. Himanshi says you are a nice boy but we have to think about a lot of the things outside, I hope you understand. I am here for you. Asim says I love you. She takes the flower and says I need time to make you a lover. She hugs him. Rashami asks Himanshi to say it to him too. Asim says I love you, you are here for me. Sana says she is showing attitude. Himanshi says she knows me better. Asim says I will wait for you but I just want to know if you love me? Himanshi says it’s a big commitment. Asim says I will wait, just tell me if you love me? Himanshi says I love you as a friend. Asim laughs and says I will go this weekend. I love you Himanshi, I want to spend my life with you. This never happened to me before. I have never proposed anyone like this. I don’t care about others. Himanshi asks what he wants to hear? Yes, I do. Asim hugs her and says I will have to take her tantrums a lot but she is mine. He tells Sid that what I thought didn’t happen. She didn’t say anything, it’s huge for me that she is here for me. Himanshi says come with me. Asim says Sid is happy for me. Sid says good.

5 PM
Sid tells Devo that is Rashami stealing spoons? Did Arhaan take them? Rashami asks him to get lost. I remember where I have put them. Sid says did you find the house keys? He laughs.

Himanshi tells Sana that we can be emotional but we don’t have to be vocal. I am not telling anything to Asim as I want to give it some time. Asim is emotional, we will know if there is love or not later.

5:30 PM
The inmates see Kashmira on TV. She says I am here for Arti. Bigg Boss asks whom is she voting for except Arti? Kashmira says Sid as he was a good captain. Kash enters the house. Arti says oh my God. Kash runs and hugs her. Arti cries. Kash hugs Mahira. Mahira says I really like you. Kash hugs Rashami. She asks Vishal if he is in the show? He laughs. Kash says some people are good. This house is superb. She says I have seen every clip of this season. Kash tells Vishal that you still want to meet Madhu? She has swollen you already. Kash tells Sid that Arti is like my sister and I will not spare anyone. She hugs Rashami and says Rashami is like this even if on the back of others. All laugh.

6 PM
Kash asks Vishal why did you cut Arti’s hair. I like her hair.

Himanshi tells Asim that Sana fought with me and I entered here because of that so Sana made us meet. Sana tells Asim to see that I brought you your love.

Kash tells Vishal that I will get your hair cut now.

Sana says Kash is like a goon. Sid says let me tell her. Sid tells Kash that you are like a goon to Sana. Kash says I am. Sana asks Sid to stop it.

6:15 PM
Kash tells Sid that I will not spare anyone. Arti says Kash was telling me that nobody stands up for Arti when she needs it. Kash says only Sid is taking a stand for you. Sid says if you tell her something then she doesn’t listen, she has over-confident now, she is a fool. Kash says but she is lovable.

Kash asks Paras to up his game. Paras says Salman’s scolding made me lose track. Kash says I am talking about Mahira, only one has to win.

Himanshi tells Vishal that love is not one-sided. Vishal says some poetic lines too.

7 PM
Kash tells Arti that you broke Rashami’s plate in hammer task with Shefali. Arti says Rashami was miffed with me. Kash says so what? You look weak when you go to Rashami, she doesn’t fulfill her friendship, Sid saves you so be with her. They all talk behind your back. Arti gets emotional. Kash hugs her and says we clapped for you when you took a stand. You did put Sana in her place. You are a star so she can be jealous of you, we will play a game now.

Asim tells Himanshi that I am swearing my family, I entered here and they want me to win, I was alone here but it was a struggle. I know how to make it gold. I love you and nobody can come in between us. I am giving you my word. I love you forever. Himanshi says I was mentally struggling here. Outside I was supporting you and people blamed me that I was doing it for fame. If I wanted fame then I would have made a love angle with you and fought with Sana. I already had a big fan following. I talked to my partner, I never had a male friend, he was right but I didn’t want to bow down. Asim says thank you, I love you.

7:15 PM
Sid asks Kash if Sana is cute? I find her cute, how are her lips? Kash says I like Mahira’s lips. I like Sana’s complexion. Sid says Sana is bored. Sana says someone might come for me too, why are you attacking me Sid? Sid says you are an entertainer. Sana asks Kash to talk, talk about Krishna. Kash says to call him Krishna Ji. Sana says it would look fake. Kash says you do look fake. You do look cute also. Sana says how do I look fake? Kash says let’s talk about Krishna first. Sid says Kash talk about him when he is not around. Sana asks Kash how I look fake? I am not, you are mistaken. Kash says the whole of India is mistaken? Sid asks Sana if she is fine? Sana says you started this, don’t comment on me. She pushes him and leaves me. Sid says what did I do? Sana says leave me alone. They call me fake so what? Sid says I didn’t say it. Sana says you started it. Sid says don’t shout, chill.
Kash asks Arti if they have an affair? Rashami says no, Sana feels for him but now she has taken a step back. Kash says but we saw her with Gautam, it was very weird, then with Karthik. How can she change men if she has feelings for Sid? Will you change a man after Arhaan? I am asking. Rashami says she is just possessive. Kash says for what? If Sid saves Arti then what’s her problem? She asks Vishal to be seen. Vishal laughs.

Sana tells Sid that my mood is when it’s my birthday. Sid asks her to relax and don’t cry. What do you do on your birthday?

Kash tells Arti that SidNaaz has ended outside, it’s more like FakeNaaz. You know SidArt (Sid and Arti) was trending. I might have started it. Arti says really? Kash says people know that SidNaaz is fake but SidArt is trending and I like it.

Sana asks Sid to give her sometime. Sid says don’t do it, don’t cry darling. Sana says I will come later. She leaves.
Sana comes to the washroom area and cries. Paras asks what happened? She says nothing. Sid comes there and says I said something to her. Kash told her that she looks fake and she is hurt. Mahira laughs.

7:30 PM
Sid asks Sana to stop it, you are crying in front of everyone. Sana says because of your jokes. Sid says so I can’t have fun? Sana says people don’t like it when it’s too personal. Sid says you can’t take a joke. Asim comes there and says it’s her birthday so don’t tell her anything. Asim says she was not meeting me so Sana called her back. Asim laughs and leaves. Sid tells Sana that I can’t keep telling you when you don’t listen to me. Sana says I was crying and you didn’t even see, Bigg Boss didn’t wish me birthday, I am hurt. I don’t want to fight. Sid says then don’t, I didn’t say anything when Himanshi said all that to you. Sana says don’t joke about me.

Bigg Boss 13 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Vikas Gupta says I am here as Sid’s connection. Sid runs and hugs him.Vikas tells Sana that Asim and Himanshi are showing love and some people are waiting for them. Sana says for whom? Asim? Vikas says yes, he has someone outside too. Sana says really? What is happening here? Vikas says there is no difference between Asim and Paras.Vikas tells Asim that if you have a relationship then end it first before starting a new one. Asim says right. It means a lot is going on outside.Shefali is shown on TV. Mahira screams in happiness. Bigg Boss says it’s good to see Shefali back. Sana says it’s not. Shefali enters the house and says hi Asim. I am back. Asim tells Sana that she is back. Sana says so? We are here only.Sid hugs Shefali. Sana asks Sid if he wants to change the game? Do you want to enter a zone? Sid asks if she has gone mad?Sana’s brother Shahbaz enters the house. Sana runs and hugs him. He tells Sana that Rashami is not good, she said that Sana is zero without Sid.Shahbaz tells Sana and Sid that Paras and Mahira are trying to break your friendship. He tells Sid that Sana was always nice to you.

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