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Day 91
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song baby ko bass passand hai. They all dance and wish birthday to Salman.

9:15 AM
Paras tells Sid that Arhaan is hiding grocery items. He takes Sana and shows her the hidden items. Sana takes it and hides under luggage.

Sana asks Arhaan to make breakfast. Arhaan tells Paras that you people don’t decide how many rotis to make. Paras says people die if you ask them to make 2 rotis. Arhaan says I am not your servant. Asim says we asked everyone and they don’t want to eat parathas, we don’t have flour too. Paras says don’t do a favor on me Arhaan, don’t make rotis. Arhaan asks him to get lost.

5:15 PM
Vishal tells Sana that they are not cleaning the washroom. Sana says it was Asim’s duty, he is not ready to do it. Arti says to tell him to do it. Vishal says it’s so dirty. Sana says I will clean it. Vishal says ask them to do it, you have given the duties. Sana says no one is doing it, Asim has broken hand too. Paras is doing three duties. Vishal says then punish them, this is not clean. Paras says Asim had to do it. Sana says Asim will clean the washroom. Asim tells her that I cleaned the washroom. Sana says it’s Vishal’s problem. Asim says listen to me, I cleaned the bedroom. Sana says you won’t clean the bedroom, you will clean the toilet. Arti tells Asim that you can do the gym but you can’t clean because of your arms? Sana says no one is doing any duty. Arhaan hugs her.

Sana asks Asim to clean the washroom. Asim says Arhaan is not doing his duty too, I know who is provoking you. Asim says Sid is not cleaning the bedroom also. Sid says don’t take my name, I am not scared of saying anything in front of you. Asim shouts at him. Sid says your father is a *****, you are a *****. Asim says what else? Paras shouts at Asim too. Paras says you are a coward Asim. Asim says I am better than you. Sid charges at Asim. ASim gets angry. Sid says I will beat you today. Sana tries to control Sid. Arhaan takes Asim back. Sid shouts at Asim. Bigg Boss asks them to move away from each other. They don’t and curse each other house. Asim shouts at Sid and says curse my father more. Sid asks him to get lost. Paras says he is a diaper baby. You are a cow dung Asim. Sana says you people can fight but can’t clean? Asim says tell Sid too. Sid shouts at him and curses him. Asim shouts at him and spits on the floor. They both curse each other. Bigg Boss asks Sid and Asim to move back. Sid curses Asim’s family. Asim curses him too. Bigg Boss asks them to move away. Sid charges at Asim. Paras takes Sid away. Bigg Boss asks Sid to go to the bedroom. Rashami says Sid is cursing his family. Asim tells Sana to punish him. He goes in the washroom and says this is Bigg Boss? He keeps cursing me.
Sid tells Paras that he always take my name for no reason.
Sana tells Rashami that why Asim brought Sid up? Asim says my hand is broken. Sana says clean the washroom otherwise I will punish you. You can hit the glass but you can’t work? I am giving work to everyone.

6:30 PM
Asim says to Arhaan that the only typhoid is not an illness. People can have broken hands too, the doctors are checking but Sid said *******, wow what a man you have brought in this house. Rashami says he is a zero. Asim says he is cursing my family but they shout on me? I can’t keep hearing this, Bigg Boss is not saying anything to Sid. Rashami says only we poke him, he doesn’t do anything. Asim says I can take him down in 2 minutes but Sid is a hero here.
Paras tells Sana that Asim started it today.
Asim says he is cursing my father always, he is poking me. Rashami asks him to calm down. Mahira says you take too much sympathy. Asim says the camera to focus on Mahira. Mahira asks him to fight like a man.
Paras says his hand is broken but he can work out in the gym?

Paras is making tea and asks for milk. Asim says Arhaan give them milk. Arhaan shows them the milk. Sid says Asim has brought these packets? Asim shouts him. Bigg Boss asks them to move away from each other, Asim will stay in the living area only. Rashami takes Asim away. Asim says Sid is a servant. Paras asks Asim to not provoke him, I was not asking you. Asim asks them to get lost. Sid glares at Asim and says don’t mess with me. Rashami says Sid is poking Asim. Sid says you know everything. Sid tells Asim to keep writing his sympathy points. Asim says you are nothing, get lost. Sid says you are a coward. Asim laughs. Rashami asks Asim to not do anything, he is cursing Asim’s father and then say that Asim is gaining sympathy. Asim says I can say anything but there is a difference between him and me.
Sid tells Paras that Salman will take his class now, he keeps poking me, I had to curse him because I don’t know what else to do.

6:45 PM
Sana asks Sid to keep away from Asim. Paras says that guy is provoking him. Sana says Asim wants him to raise his hand and go out.

7 PM
Asim tells Sana that I have back issue, I can’t clean the washroom, I am already cleaning the bedroom. Sana says you people can fight but you can’t work? Asim says I will do what I can. Sana says I have already given you duty so you have to do it. Sid goes in the washroom and he can hit the glass but he is so fragile. Asim tells Sana that I will clean the washroom as much as I can. Sana checks the washroom and says to Asim that you have broken the gate inside. Asim says I was angry.

Asim tells Rashami that I have learned all this, I don’t know about many celebrities, I couldn’t afford a TV.
Paras says Asim is always ill but he can’t work. Shefali Zari says he did everything in Himanshi’s captaincy. Paras says she played Asim, he said he won’t do a relationship here. Sid says he said such bad words initially. Sana says he was a fool in the start.

Sid tells Shefali that he is a kid but he said things that I had to curse back. Shefali asks Sid to control. Sid says I can’t control abuses like this. Shefali says they want you to do a mistake. Sid says there is a limit to poking.

Asim says sorry to Bigg Boss for kicking the door in the washroom.

9 PM
Sana and Sid are in the bed. Sana says they are pumping you. Sid says they praise you and pump you so you change your side but I don’t. I take my stand. Rohit Shetty enters the house from the captaincy room. He comes to the living room and asks everyone to go except Sid and Asim. They all go into the bedroom. Rohit asks Sid why are you so angry? I know you both were good friends, Asim used to trust Sid only, I know you both are wrong, they are not taking Shukla’s side only, they can easily throw you out of the show, you shouldn’t say that camera people are with Sid. You have broken the circle, you are cursing the families. Asim says yes. Rohit says don’t show aggression of this level. Don’t go on a level that families can’t watch it, it is going on a different level. Don’t think that we are partial. Rohit tells Sid that you are a senior person, you have a tear in your eyes. Asim says Ia m sorry about the staff comment. Rohit says you are on a national TV, don’t make people think that they shouldn’t support you. Asim tells sorry to Sid. Rohit asks them to hug. Asim hugs Sid and says I am sorry, you are a brother, you said things and I said things too. Sid says okay. Rohit says good. He hugs them and calls everyone else. Asim says sorry to the camera.

10:15 PM
Rohit tells the inmates that let’s play some games. He calls Sana first and says you have to give an audition. Choose the casting first, who is the hero? Sana says Sid, he says heroine? She says Rashami. Rashami makes a dead face. Rohit says would this film be completed? Sana says I like them on a screen. She chooses Asim as a supporting actor and Vishal as a comedian. She takes Shefali Zari as a negative actor. She takes Paras as a villain. Paras says I can’t change the game alone. Rohit asks Rashami to not worry, we don’t have to do anything. Rohit says I have brought the gifts from your house. There are two teams. Team Simba includes Sana, Sid, Paras, Shefali Zari, Mahira, and Arti. Team Singham has Rashami, Asim, Arhaan, Bagga, Vishal and Madhu. Rohit says I will show you a photo, you have to press the buzzer and sing a song related to it. The first photo is of Sana with smeared lipstick. Rashami’s team sings laal laal honton. Both the teams sing songs related the weird pictures of the house. Sid’s team sings tera hone laga hoon song on Arhaan proposing Rashami. Rashami’s team sing chumma song on Rashami and Sid’s glass kiss. Sid’s team sings jumme ki din chumma. Rashami shakes her head. In the next round, he will call the inmates and other teams have to sing for them. The first inmates are Paras and Mahira. Rashami’s team sings do dil mill rahe hain. Paras says I agree with their song, we are friends. Mahira says he is my friend but they are thinking wrong. Rashami and Sid are next. Sid’s team sings do thari talwar. Rashami’s team sings mere angne mein. Rohit asks who is a talwar? Paras says Rashami. Mahira says she is useless. Rohit says just tell me what I am asking, don’t be over-efficient in front of me. Next is Vishal and Madhu. Sid’s team sings sab golmal hai. Vishal and Madhu dance. Rohit says Sid’s team is winning this round. Vishal says this is partiality. Rohit says you think all are partial against you? Salman is partial, Bigg Boss is partial, I am partial… are you guys that important? Rohit says the last round is where we will tell you the dialogues and you have to sing a song on that. They sing songs on the statements given by the inmates. On Rashami’s statement that what kind of a girl.. Sid’s team sings mei aisa kyun hoon. Rohit says I will give Paras and Asim a situation that they don’t want to clean the washroom so they have to do it in the filmy style. Asim and Paras talk like celebrities. All laugh. Rohit says now it will be a dance face-off. Vishal and Madhu dance on bolna romantically. All clap. Other couple is Sid and Sana. Sid laughs. They dance on sharbaton ka. Sana falls in front of Sid, all laugh. They both fall down and dance on the floor. Vishal and Madhu win the round.
Rohit says the team Simba won so they will get the gifts. He shows the promo of Simba and Singham movie. Rohit hugs everyone and says give the gifts to Singham too. He promotes his new movie and leaves.

11:15 PM
All are checking their gifts. Madhu hugs her family photo. Sid gets his family photo. Sana and others see it. Shefali Zari shows her baby’s photo. Sid gets emotional, Arti says your eyes are misty. Asim shows his family photo to Sid. Sid says you look different in this photo. Asim hugs him.
Arti hugs Shefali Zari.

11:30 PM
Paras tells Mahira that I like to pamper my friends so what’s the issue? Why you keep saying that they are showing us in the wrong way. Mahira says I don’t like the words you say, you said that you don’t want to join your name with anyone here, you have a girlfriend outside so you want to show her that you are not with anyone here. Paras says we are friends, why are you reacting like this? Don’t make this an issue. People can think what they want. Mahira says I want to talk to you. She takes him aside and says what do you want to say? You don’t want to join your name with anyone here? Paras says we are friends, you have a problem with anything other than friendship for us, if you don’t have a problem then say it so I will say it. I told you that I like you and I love you, I don’t have a problem with my joining my name with you, it’s your problem. Mahira says I don’t like it when you say that you don’t want to join your name with anyone here, you have a girlfriend outside. Mahira runs to the washroom and cries.

Sid reads the letter from his family and tries to control his emotions. He cries silently.
Arti tells Asim that people are here to pump you, you are doing so good so don’t cross a level, don’t curse others’ sisters. Asim says they did wrong, they now know that it hurts me when they curse my sister. Arti says if you curse back then there is no difference. Asim says I kept my patience. Arti says from tomorrow, you are not going to be abusive. Asim nods.
Sid cries. Bagga consoles him and asks if he is happy? Sana asks if there is anything negative. Sid wipes his tears. Sana hugs him and says you cry too? What did it say? Sid says it’s positive. Sana says then be happy.

12 AM
Sid reads the letter again. He cries again and thinks. Sid thanks Bigg Boss, it means a lot, I am really sorry for what happened in the afternoon.
Sid comes to Asim and hugs him, he says I am really sorry. Asim says I really respect you bro. Sid says I respect your family, I didn’t mean to say all that. Asim says it’s okay.


Bigg Boss 13 29th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Salman enters the house. All inmates are locked in the bedroom. They see Salman start cleaning the kitchen, he washes the dishes and cleans the platform. Sana says this had to happen in my captaincy only, you guys should be ashamed. The inmates request Salman to not do it. Salman goes to the washroom and cleans the toilet. The helpers assist Salman.Asim says sorry to Salman. Salman says you people have no shame, you all think too highly of yourself, people are seeing your drama.

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