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Day 120
8 PM
Rashami tells Mahira that I had hidden a cup. Sid says that’s nothing new now, you should hide something big. Rashami says like a fridge or microwave? Sid says yes, these things are normal, we are used to you hiding food items. Rashami laughs. Sid says you can hide some lamps or creams. Rashami says I want to hide something bigger, you notice me too much.

10:15 PM
Sid asks Rashami what happened? Rashami walks and says you are running in my mind, you being nice to me and asking me ten times, have you forgotten that I am Rashami? You don’t like me so is this a game’s strategy? Sid says no, I am not that smart. You sit here. Rashami says no I need my space. Sid says you are already taking too much space, he laughs. Rashami tries to control her laugh and says I am thinking about other things too. Sid says you are going to beat me tonight? Rashami says I want to but I will not.

11 PM
Rashami asks Asim why he is in a bad mood? Asim says Sid keeps commenting on everything. Rashami says I asked him why he is being so nice to me. Asim says he keeps commenting on the tea to irritate me. Vishal says to keep a distance from Paras, try that.

Day 121
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song saiyyan.

9:15 AM
Sana sits with Rashami and talks to the crows. Sid asks Rashami why she is not having tea? Rashami says you might have mixed something to end me. Sid says you know me so well that’s why we are together. Rashami laughs and says you are fooling yourself. Sid says we are together for 4 months, we are playing family here. Rashami says you are lucky to live with us. Sid says yes.

9:30 AM
Asim comes to Sid and says listen, we have a wall of anger between us, I just want to say sorry. I have a vibe of fighting with each other. We will talk calmly, it’s bothering us so let’s have a good time here. Sid says watch your words. Asim says this is bothering me, we have to control our anger. Sid says okay.

1:15 PM
Sid asks Sana what happened? Sana says I am hurt. Sid says you are running to others. Sana says you are with people who are saying filth about me, I am always with you. Sid says you pushed me so harshly. Sana says Shefali was attacking me because you asked her, she was no lion. Why you have so much problem with me? Sid says you were not in my team so I asked Arti to not add eggs in your basket. Sana says I always support you in the tasks, I cry for you. Sid says you say that you don’t care about me. Sana says I respect you. Sid says it’s not about the words but actions. Sana says I know about your concern too. Asim sings do dil mil rahe hain. Sid comes there and asks Asim to not sing about him. Asim says I was just singing, I was not trying to poke you.

Sid comes to Sana and says you said that I am sitting with people that are saying filth about you but you are sitting with the people that have fought with me so much. Sana says I don’t like Paras and Mahira’s vibe. You talk to Rashami as well. I am on your side. Sid says you are fighting against me, some people throw a bone and you run to them. Sana says you are using your pawns but it hurts me. Sid says you do what you want. Sana says I don’t want to be hurt and insulted. You said that you don’t want to talk to me so leave it then. He leaves.

5 PM
Asim asks Sana to tell her gameplan, you have so much variation. Rashami says Asim is a jerk. Rashami tells Sana that I heard Sid telling her that you Sid with us people like we are bad. Asim tells Sana that he is back to you because Shefali left. Sana says I know everything.

Paras comes to the bed. He says Arti you have the blue blanket? She says yes, I like it.

6 PM
Sid lies near Sana. He says you shock me every day. Sana says I care about you only, you concentrate on your game only. Sid says beat me in the game. Sana says no one is yours here, I will never trap you and never betrayed you in the game, you would have been with Shefali but she is out so you are here. Rashami, Asim and Vishal give me attention and time, I like it. Rashami holds my hand when I need it. You can talk to me other than about the game.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Paras and Vishal’s punishment of serving others is going to end now. This punishment was to make sure that the tasks are not rejected again. Same way you people are breaking the rules and don’t listen to us. It’s important to stop this act too. Let’s see it. He plays the clip of Rashami, Asim and Vishal discussing about nominations. Asim tells Vishal that we should target Arti and Paras, they will be eliminated. Vishal says don’t give attention to Paras at all as then he will not have anything left to say. Rashami tells Asim that I don’t like Mahira misbehaving with me. Asim says there is no use in trapping Arti. The clip ends. Asim and Sana laugh seeing it. Paras tells Vishal that you people are too confident, this is zero planning. Asim says then why are you worried? Mahira says they are so confident. Paras praise Vishal so much and you do this? Vishal says I was talking Asim, what’s wrong about that? Asim says we were not talking about any footage. Paras says I can get footage without even talking to you 4. Sana says you are nothing Paras, you are the biggest fighter here. Arti says all do it here, it was Paras who said to not give content to Arti. Asim is playing a game. Mahira says we all talk behind the back but I didn’t like Vishal saying all that. Vishal says I just asked Asim to not talk to Paras as he instigates Sid. Asim says Paras said to Vishal that he made Asim and Sid fight. Paras says because I called you a follower and you started fighting with Sid after that? I don’t want to talk to you both. He tells Vishal that your thinking is out now. Asim says I am sorry Bigg Boss. Paras says now I will win this show. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you people discuss about nominations, we are not taking any action but this shouldn’t happen again as then it will be dangerous about it. Paras says I will break them apart. Vishal says sorry to the Bigg Boss. Sana asks Asim to not be scared, everybody is watching the reality.

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